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This is all YOUR fault - LG Wing Review

Apr 13, 2024
About a month ago, I made two very bad decisions in a row. First I went swimming with my cell phone. And then, second, I asked you guys to pick a replacement for me. From the start, the winner was clear and I got to work migrating my life to the Fairphone 5. Which, hey! Ah, Reddit. What did you do? The LG


? You got me, guys. But for better or worse, I'm a man of my word, so I've actually driven


vehicle daily for the last month. And there are a lot of things I hate, absolute trolls. Unexpectedly, though, there were a few things I really liked, even if none of them had to do with the unique design of the screen or our sponsor.
this is all your fault   lg wing review
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? Have you ever wished you had a selfie stick that was about three inches long and permanently attached to your phone? Well, congratulations! You just invented the LG wing. I think it's fair to say that calling the secondary screen a bit useless would be an act of generosity on par with declaring Jibo the invention of the year.
this is all your fault   lg wing review

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this is all your fault lg wing review...

TRUE. The best thing I can say about the rotating screen feature is that it was relatively easy to ignore. Or at least it would have been, if the phone it was connected to wasn't so bad. But we'll come back to that in a moment, because things actually started off pretty well. The first legitimate use I found for the wing form factor was watching TV on the top screen while scrolling through the news at the bottom. A 50% increase in real-world usable screen real estate. Unfortunately, that only kept me entertained for about 10 to 15 minutes before I realized, wait, I don't like reading on the old CRT TV format.
this is all your fault   lg wing review
I want to go back to portraiture and use picture-in-picture like I always have. One thing I couldn't get enough of, though, was using the wing to show my phone to other people. This is objectively much easier than this. Or at least it is until you want to try changing the volume. Back here? Actually? Another nice thing, however, is that it fits nicely in a cup holder. Okay, but seriously. I was surprised how much LG clearly thought about developing not just the hardware, but even the software that could take advantage of it. Look at this. The first time you implement the screen, you'll receive a tutorial explaining all the different cool ways you can use it.
this is all your fault   lg wing review
Adding your favorite landscape apps to the rotating menu, setting them up to use the second screen in multiple ways, opening two apps at the same time - more on that later - or even expanding individual apps to the second screen, which is objectively great. Cold. Or, I don't know, at least it would be if the experience wasn't comically bad every time I tried to use it. To be clear, LG's own apps can be a good experience. The camera app, for example, has this gimbal mode that mimics the experience of using a camera on a motorized stabilizer mount.
Pretty nice, right? I mean, in practice the resolution of the resulting video is quite low since LG is using digital zoom to allow for software stabilization, but it definitely achieves a different look compared to a typical phone camera, and it has a handle incorporated. The problem is that third-party apps, even some that were included in the rotating menu by de


, have difficulty using the Wing's unique screen layout. YouTube, for example, is obviously designed to run in vertical format. I mean, look at all this white space as you navigate through the content and landscape. And no effort has been made to move child elements, like comments, for example, to the bottom screen.
And that's far from the worst. See what happens when I try to return from a full-screen video with my side-swipe navigation gesture. UM Hello? Absolutely hilarious. Maps is fine, though, at least until you go looking for a destination. Mmmm, ergonomic. And it gets even worse. After struggling to think of any other app that could benefit from launching in landscape mode all the time, I settled on TeamViewer, only to quickly notice LG's warning about unpredictable behavior in unoptimized apps and, if you remember, that that's all. , was well justified. My fingerprint was not read. More on that later.
And I couldn't find any way to open the numeric keypad, which completely locked me out of the app. No. But Linus, what about the two separate applications? I actually found this one much more practical. I mean, who can hate having extra screen real estate? Now, obviously, it is not the same as a folding one, where you can easily expand your work space. But there were times when I was very grateful to have the interior screen. Well, do you know that it has gone out of style to allow you to copy some of the text in a messaging app?
Well, with Wing, if someone sends me a phone number or an address, for example, I can simply display their message on one screen and then transcribe it directly to my Maps app on the other. Unfortunately, that's it. Or, well, not entirely. There is this trackpad mode on the bottom screen and you can have the mouse cursor on top. It's great to get back to a remote desktop. But I'd say that any productivity gains from this are probably offset by the fact that the keyboard doesn't automatically open to the bottom screen, but opens like this, giving you a little space to work with.
Automatically speaking, Android Auto didn't work for me at all. The message to connect would appear, but then the Wing would just sit there and hum uselessly until it got bored. And I tried everything. Reboot phone, restart car, different cable, force uninstall updates and then reapply them. I finally gave up. And then three days later a message randomly popped up when I plugged it into my car just to charge it, and it's been working perfectly ever since. I have no other explanation for that other than, I don't know, maybe it just got an update. But I was actually pleasantly surprised to find that Wing not only runs Android 13, but it also receives fairly regular patches.
I got two while he was wearing it! Now, you may remember that LG exited the phone game back in 2021, but they promised Wing owners at least three OS updates plus patches, and they seem to be keeping their word. Overall, the operating system was quite responsive and I didn't encounter any unexpected compatibility issues, even when using apps on the Wing display. If it works in landscape, it works in the Wing. They also took a really great approach to bloatware from vendors and manufacturers. As part of the setup process, you simply opt out of receiving anything you don't want, rather than having to find and neutralize them in the app tray later.
And this is an approach I'd love to see phone makers that still exist take. Which begs the question: if they can offer up-to-date software, why don't they exist yet? Well, the thing is, updated software does not mean good software. There was no shadow quick access icon for the hotspot feature, so you have to explore the menu like a commoner if you want to share your connection. The phone app is very enthusiastic and turns off the screen the moment you initiate a call, regardless of the state of the proximity sensor. So if you need to enter an extension, or zero-mash trying to reach a human on a phone tree, you have to convince the Wing to turn the screen back on and allow your entry, which, by the way, was a serious problem .
Problem with the device the entire time I had it. I don't know if we'll be able to capture this on B-roll, but I felt like a solid 25% of the time I wanted to activate the device, I had to press the damn button two or three times to get it to actually accept a fingerprint input. Look, I did it this time. Of course it does the moment I turn on the camera. Sorting your apps in the drawer also seems a bit complicated. You can sort them alphabetically, like any other phone, but everything installed afterward will end up out of order until you manually sort them again.
Genius. Speaking of apps, while the software that comes with the phone works quite well in this single aspect ratio, anything else you download will be quite hit and miss. Some apps just don't scale well to the smaller screen and most of them don't have native multi-screen support. Uninstalling apps also had its drawbacks, although it's hard to tell if this is an LG thing or just not Samsung. When I delete an app from the app drawer, I'm just unceremoniously returned to the home screen. Every time. I can see that if you delete just one app it's probably fine, but if you're like me and only periodically clean unnecessary apps off your phone, it can get a little annoying after the third or fourth time. that you're reopening the app drawer and getting back to where you want to be.
I guess good job Samsung, and everyone else does better. Especially LG. My biggest problem with the Wing software was the nightly reboots. It happened about three times during my month that the phone would just randomly reboot in the middle of the night, which shouldn't be a big deal. I mean, a lot of phones reboot at night to install updates and stuff like that. Except on the Wing, my notifications would simply stop working until I unlocked the phone again in the morning. At the time, all my notifications were coming in in droves, causing me to miss a couple of morning meetings.
But that's probably enough time spent bashing the software, given that I also need to save some time for badmouthing the hardware. Like most foldable phones, the Wing is heavy and I understand that. You should have enough structure in there to keep not one, but two screens rigid, but then with all the work you put into it, how does it end up feeling so loose? I mean, seriously, guys, we went out of our way to get a new device to make sure the previous owner didn't break the hinge. After just a month of this, typing with the phone closed causes a noticeable noise under your fingers, and even just holding it causes the front screen to move a bit under your fingers.
Not just the way it's supposed to swing, but also in the other direction. It almost makes me want to go in with an LTT screwdriver and tighten things up. Oh, and don't get me started on the fingerprint sensor. This might be the worst fingerprint sensor I've ever encountered. It's working fine right now, because of course it is. I'm trying to show you something. But your fingers should be exactly the same level of cleanliness and hydration as when you first set them up, and you should know the placement, and sometimes even the pressure seemed perfect to me.
Seriously, unlocking this phone worked for me maybe 50% of the time. And that includes five attempts, as if you often have to enter the pin. And if you open the wing screen, well, that just bumps the difficulty up to hard mode, as it seemed to struggle especially when you tried to use it in a different orientation than the original scan. It also reveals another problem. The design of this phone, even if it was practical, captures a ton of dust here on the inside screen and then on the back of the top screen, especially here where the earpiece is.
That crap then scrapes the crap off of these slides around the edges of the top screen and into the bezels of the bottom screen, and even though this phone was brand new, out of the box when we received it, after just a month, not only does it We have scratches there, but even some that are starting to form here on the bottom screen? That's pretty brutal. And although we have it flipped, by the way, now seems like a good time to check out the physical buttons. Using them with the screen open is basically impossible, especially if you have thicker fingers.
And to make matters worse, the thing is not even friendly for the restless. I mean, you can open it with one hand, but close it again? It's a challenge, especially if you have smaller hands. Look, I can do it, but wow, is that ever a risky move? The thing is, if the Wing were a great phone with this trick, I wouldn't even complain. But using it this last month has been a nightmare. It's full of compromises, even compared to my old Samsung Note 9. It has a weak mono speaker, no headphone jack, this strange ripple effect on the screen that is especially noticeable on light backgrounds, and although they have created enough space for three Rear cameras, are they all wide angle?
What's up with that? The cameraPop-up front is kind of nifty, but it's also one of the most reported pain points with the device, which feels like an especially unnecessary cell phone when they could have, I don't know, kept the front-facing camera. front camera behind the rotating screen, next to the earpiece speaker. Which, well, isn't really a great solution. Not everyone wants to take a selfie with a screen and scenery like this, but it highlights an interesting design compromise that was made to accommodate the sliding screen. Look how thin that front screen is. That is crazy. There's no room to put a camera in there, not even a speaker.
So what they did was they put the speaker here, and then they just cut a hole in the front screen and did the engineering equivalent of putting your hand on it. Absolute genius. At least the battery life was okay. Not good. Okay, which I guess will have to pass as a high note for leaving the video off. Honestly, I'm glad the month is over and I can finally move on to my choice, the Fairphone 5. And you guys can finally continue this transition to our sponsor.Dennis, where's your computer? The tournament will start soon. I need more time!
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