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This 1996 PC Was Obsolete Before You Got It Home: AST Advantage 622

Apr 25, 2024
- Alright. Kenny ruined it. - What happens when you break a bone? - You end up like Kenny. The broken shell of a child. Well, enough of the nonsense. It's time to install something of your own. Alright,


is going to be interesting because of the very nature of


system setup. As admirably correct as the early


period is, it means you can't do much, and many of my favorite games simply aren't an option. So, for example, graphical problems start with something like "Need for Speed: Special Edition", which is simply broken graphically. UbiSoft's "POD" refuses to even install due to lack of RAM. 10 is the minimum, and this computer only has 8. "Empires Age", same thing.
this 1996 pc was obsolete before you got it home ast advantage 622
It needs at least 16 megabytes. We are only halfway there. "Jazz Jackrabbit 2" offers a nonsensical graphical effect similar to that of "Need for Speed." It's just garbage. Even "Quake" won't do it. To start, at least the DOS version fails with a general protection flaw. Clearly, we just need to use some SoftRAM. "Yeah, just dump more RAM in there. So we'll stick to some games that are actually playable, like "Oregon Trail II." Yeah, buddy. We're already in a river, huh? We lost a lot of stuff, 38 pounds of bacon. So yeah, this kind of thing, oh man, it brings back memories, you know, playing on your cheap computers of stuff to upgrade this.
this 1996 pc was obsolete before you got it home ast advantage 622

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this 1996 pc was obsolete before you got it home ast advantage 622...

Double, triple, quadruple the RAM. Obviously that would make a big difference and lighten up the swap file and hard drive usage every time you try to do anything. But no, I'll leave it as is. I don't have too many computers of this low spec. , it brings back some strangely specific memories of just tapping stuff on whatever you had and you drove it. You know, a 100 megahertz Pentium is fine though, you could put a lot of other stuff in there. L2. And of course, let's try wading again. There is also video memory. There's only one megabyte on board and there are outlets where you can double it to two.
this 1996 pc was obsolete before you got it home ast advantage 622
But even then, you know, that won't make this thing scream. But oh no! Well, I guess my followers will live to see another day. Another one that will of course be fine here is "Raptor", a classic DOS shareware game, "Call of the Shadows". Yeah, it's also nice to hear some of that interesting ESS FM synth. But yeah, if you think of this as, you know, less like a Pentium or Windows 95 type computer, which it is, but think of it more like a fast 486. And yes, I mean, he's perfectly capable in that sense. DOS games, especially those from before


this 1996 pc was obsolete before you got it home ast advantage 622
There are a ton of them to play and pretty much all of them will work fine. This game is amazing. Here we go. Well, anyway, yeah, in terms of DOS, it's pretty capable, like I said. And you know, the fact that it's so compatible in terms of sound chip is fantastic. I mean, it's pretty much already set up what everything will look for. Sound Blaster, supports AdLib for music, and Sound Blaster is just your standard 220, 5, 1 kind of setup. Just think of it as a Sound Blaster. Naturally, this also means that "Duke 3D" is a good choice.
Well, you know. Maybe not a great choice. That was the slowest presentation I've ever seen. Well. Oh, this poor lack of RAM, that swap file and the hard drive and everything that conspires against it. I'm sure once I get the stuff... Damn, those alien bastards will pay for shooting me. - Loaded, everything will probably be fine. Oh darling. - Even choppy, I can still kick ass. - See you in hell. - Oh. Oh boy! Interesting dips and spikes: in performance. Every time you try to bring in new monsters or sound effects, that's when it starts to... really work.
I feel you, Duke. This is sad. Oh! Yeah, that's... Wow. OK that's fine. Well, forget it. I mean, this is playable, but let's set it to 32. Alright, reset. Let's see how this goes. - Damn, those alien bastards are going to pay for shooting me. - Well... Ugh. - Cool. - Could be nominally better. - I'm going to slap this on your butt. - Let's say it's nominally better. Yeah, it's definitely improved, I guess. I don't know. It's hard to count. Things loaded into virtual memory, perhaps. Obviously, it would also be improved with more L2 cache or just, you know, installing that module.
Like I said, it's fascinating to come back to this kind of experience, because honestly, you forget that every other DOS machine I have is so up-to-date and optimized for one thing or another that it's like, you know, kind of a peak of what there would be. been in the past, whereas this is just the lower middle ground, the in-between kind of thing. And yeah, on that note, how about "Quake," okay? "Quake" is a good test. As I said, the DOS version wouldn't work at all for some reason. "WinQuake", on the other hand, huh? Yes. Well, here we go.
Alright, well... Here's "Quake," as it is, running on a 100-megahertz Pentium with eight megabytes of RAM and a one-megabyte integrated graphics chip. Yeah. Another one of those where, once things are loaded for the first time, assets and all that, it becomes more fluid. Honestly, pretty playable all things considered, at least when there's only one enemy in a small room. You know, it's not the worst I've seen, but it's also not the best by any means for 1996-late 1995, whatever. Definitely one of those machines that just exemplifies... You know, it's


when you take it off the lot and put it in your car to take it


Yes. Oh, boy. It's holding up a little better than I thought. Yeah, those groups of guys here at the end always make this drink, but... Not as much as I thought. Honestly, "Duke 3D" felt more inconsistent. And because this is from the era it is, the original "Tomb Raider" for DOS. Hell yeah, interlaced video, streamed straight from the CD, running that four-speed unit, the four Xs doing their thing. FMV. Alright, let's get to the game. See those polygons in all their glory. Here we go. You can count those pixels. So yes, another one that can be played, but perhaps not the most.
Well I do not know. It is exact to the time. Let's put it that way. If you didn't have any kind of powerful gaming computer, then that's probably how you played. That is not the correct button. It reminds me of going to a friend of a friend's house, and they had this thing going, and... It worked like shit. I didn't care, I thought it looked amazing. Yeah, way beyond anything I could do with my Packard Bell 486, so yeah, whatever. Performance? I didn't really know what that was. Oh yeah. Let's get into those single-digit frames. Well, anyway, the games in 1996.
Oh yeah, this is pretty accurate, for better or worse. And I think that's valuable in its own way, having a computer on hand that's very representative of what a group of people had. I admit, a lot of my pleasure in revisiting old computers is experiencing the things I never did or rarely did, you know, the really expensive, high-performance, specialized stuff, equipment I could only dream of, that kind of thing. However, I definitely find increasing value in things that are undervalued, especially when they are basically like new. I'm still a little bummed because it's missing some of the things it was supposed to come with, and it's definitely been used.
It wasn't exactly new since they sold me, but whatever, man. It's really a pleasure to go back and experience this kind of thing again, because it really is a bit rare these days that I get to try and play again with a computer that was slow even when it came out. Like I said, that's something I was most familiar with and used most often back then, a computer that was impressive for the fact that it was a computer, not because it was the fastest or had any kind of performance, actually. . It would simply have multimedia capabilities, a CD-ROM drive, a sound card.
Wow, Pentium? That's crazy. It doesn't matter that all of this was intermediate or inferior, it just was what it was, a computer, and that alone was exciting, at least for a while, when I was a kid. Of course, you run into limitations when you try to go much further than 1996, especially with that small amount of RAM there. That's probably something I'll update a little bit, at least bring it up to 16 so I can have the option to run some 97 stuff. Anyway, yeah, that's it for this video. And I hope you enjoyed seeing it all together and revisiting that Windows PC vibe from 1995 and 1996.
And if you liked this, then great. You might want to check out some of my other videos that look at all kinds of computers from the '90s and such. And stay. There are always other things in the works here at "LGR". And as always, thanks for watching.

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