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These marching performances are AMAZING

Dec 22, 2021
yeah get it with flat major scale arpeggios oh wait oh I hit that target yeah that's kick drum oh that's awesome awesome good morning ladies and gentlemen welcome to another episode of this study. My name is Adam and it's time for another episode of let's see. Thank you very much to my studio VIPs 0e percussion Roberts Homer will Flynn uh Bradley Crowley Ryan Carlile Greg Harris Arthur limner Dom's Dominic Chung the IMP a new burger and Scott Raider thank you very much for your continued support and today's studio artist is Luke Gilbreth thank you so much for joining the serial artists team and if you want to become a studio VIP or see the artists you can go to and Han or you can click here.
these marching performances are amazing
Welcome back to the show. I hope you've been doing well and yeah it's time for another video that's all about


so the let's see this show segment is all about you submitting your favorite clips to watch together on this show. I always like to look at new clips of percussion


anything you might think is interesting in the world of percussion and send it to Adam so percussion dot-com before you send slash we have a lot of submissions but of course we have always received more on the shows thats the link so a couple of weeks ago i made my first


related video on this channel and many of you were very surprised to learn that in australia marching culture is pretty much non existent you have to think about the United States. especially, but also in other countries that are bigger than Australia, there are a lot more people, there are a lot more music programs, a lot more schools, and there's definitely more decades of history of things like marching arts and band culture. .
these marching performances are amazing

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these marching performances are amazing...

I don't have here but yeah that's just to give you some context on the next few videos that we're going to watch because I'm NOT a marching expert by any means, I'm a percussionist but I'm not a marching percussionist so press good So the first thing we're going to look at is going to be a 2018 Santa Clara Vanguard marimba chamber, it's called the Babylon and I've seen this marimba in a lot of videos floating around on Facebook and stuff. It's going to be awesome so let's see oh this looks so serious put the mouse in the cradle ok here we go here we go yeah we're done here comes the race did you?
these marching performances are amazing


to say this in the first person. a flat could go well placing the cerva I got some little side rolls so quick and so accurate so relax. I'm sorry they're not allowed to wear mallet tape on their mouths by the looks of it which means you really have to close your fingers going this way and they're like a poetic and the authors this seems more interesting than the show 2017 not all folks mosaic is obviously sounding


but it definitely sounds more interesting melodically I know. They're all fixed by the same people who think it's still Paul in Sandy relic pops - Paul and Sandy are right but I think this one is definitely Wow he looks at that hidden edge of the bar like under the third deck. very interesting the marimba sounds a lot drier than i would expect and i plan on verse with all the time and this one sounds very proof it sounds more like a competition repertoire before atonal and the rhythms are so exciting check out bobby bobby head so much so that the cameras show you that they really like to hear that scream and I really like their seconds too.
these marching performances are amazing
It's amazing how they can use such simple techniques on this one okay and then the scale but it's nice that this one is so much clearer than 2017 it's so much more fun than here nice to bend the octave ok this is more of a square section it's kind of more relaxed ok a piece of flex it's fixed our pics oh ok that definitely wasn't relaxing turning after all that was a great flex until the next boat I guess this isn't the same as starting. I would have had to practice a lot on Jame's arpeggios for this session.
I really like this. It's very melodic and very memorable, okay. change it's ok it's not nice for Gemma or it's nice to roll sideways with one hand to the edge, honestly there's such a good Mele already. they stand for 400 yeah there's a good run of fast girls doing it in a nice way that sure has their initials there we go come on okay yeah yeah I think the favorite intervals of these arrangements are fifths and seconds and eighths you always say Well the left hand is always in a fifth, the markings are an eighth, but it's the permutations and rhythmic variation that make it interesting to switch from pointing to pointing.
I know all these moves are choreographed which makes everything so How much harder is the airline sounds so good every time the room is not important still sounds good oh that good sauce. I'm saving all those nether drums and Elsa, purpose is kind of Kampala. We're not going to say big push-ups this time. right oh it's a little flexible pay yeah yeah so accurate that's more I thought ok this must be the most exciting part Big Finish of life oh wow okay oh yeah coincidentally without even looking at the board one last time oh this is great I even hit the other person simple too Wow let's just knock these runs out like it's nothing there's just another one there's another look at this everything is one octave most of all compatible with other swizzle oh awesome awesome that's awesome that was definitely a step up from the 2017 ferry a lot more octaves and just a lot of flexibility that's not society the tallis murmur chamber was bad it was definitely still very impressive but This one I felt like it really got me more into the music material I guess that's ok so the second video we watched today is called metamorph by Blue Devils in 2017 many of you asked me to watch the main cam for this but since we just looked at a main cam we're going to try and watch this whole video so it's called a victory run because they already won well that's the biggest flexi bility of all, can't you imagine that atmosphere in the crowd?
Although I already know that they have won champions, yes, yes, yes. I love that the watermark on the ledge is from March 2002. I thought I had seen the wrong video to take a second look at it. Look at those perfect stones. the people who are spinning things called the color guard ok again I don't know much about marching but it's amazing that the march brings together so many different instruments and non-instrumentalists as well, man that's great. er Nate I also see those stair towers on the side I'm sure they're going to do something with them I don't know what top triangle formation oh yeah that's a lot to look at but what are they animating? really loud must be watching the audience greeting to really feel and im sad i can only do this in a video version watching this in person whoa Plus flex big draw changes like i can hear the humility gotta see the burma camp for this sometime man listen SSO good for others oh there on the stair tower oh wow amazing just a little flex there not too much flex man that trumpet solo there is like bumblebee pollen steroids this is Oh Cap'n the sound a is normal tip i guess i guess it's all so awesome you probably want to go up every five seconds that flower is crazy ph so high always ah the slow walk i feel like i shouldn't know what all these symbols in there represent but ok that's too awesome oh wow ok great visuals guys correct for this visual cue and it only had five minutes still six minutes to go so it's like the first move I feel just as the murmur flexes.
I really want to see the room become this hallway that I have. some dance solos Russ is like a Scioscia which contrasts with the first season of him. I'm learning a lot about how many changes by watching this. The stairs have mirrors on them so they can be hidden in the net. A lot of them move like very, very small amounts it's just too many techniques to look at you and people like to keep track of all this stuff it's amazing now that the bra section is amazing I mean I'm not even supposed to look in the mirror, but I like what I found. awesome i guess americans must love us too because look oh all the solar power and i guess they would have like the states i mean america's best brass musicians in this group oh so flexible amazing so they're on the ground right now, so I'm sure there will be some comments that give me some context on the idea of ​​the show and stuff like that, which is great.
I appreciate that feedback, but I also think it's great to see something without prior experience of the context because you can just enjoy it like that. Lots of things to look at the flags but amazing brass and the front set like crazy racing oh look about to cross over on the right hand side. i'd like to shake oh it's not the end yet but that's kind of like i'm happy with just those three minutes people have to train so hard for this it's ridiculous it's Rihanna ok look at that me and Bobby we should. watch more funny song but i can't save it art is a bit like a zoom thank you just like i said oh traps look at the hit but move the camera away oh yeah so many things to look at five different things happening at once hit that goal yeah oh there' It's a hype I feel it together so sharp art boss is back and the process keeps flexing and they do this beautiful slow part okay they're back yeah , on the stairs.
I like the rings all over the stadium: this is at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis. I actually went to Pasic and saw that the stadium must be huge. Are there weapons? I don't think that's right, oh wow that chord is so high. in the two SC videos we watched is that it's something Wow mumbles I like to shine a lot they're working so hard but I think everyone is looking for the lip gloss that's why I really want to see the mumble cam and another episode. it's crazy it's like things happen bang bang bang here we go finally finally sambal got his chance come on and run boss real fast valving even a kid you show oh yeah come on i'd be standing at this point to look at the crowd okay oh amazing ross just ne see stop flexing that's crazy it's still not anymore with the bluedevils tag i'll just finish oh wow that's amazing that's really amazing and it's like they already know they won and this is the second time tonight the Is the second time they do it in this stadium right after they already won and it doesn't seem less exciting.
I have to see the members camp for that. I am very happy because I feel that I missed a lot from the front team. the action feels so much brass flex I remember when I was in college I watched a lot of videos of the Blue Devils around my 2014-2015 in videos like and such and always wondered a lot about the general idea of ​​marching gear. And it wasn't until you guys helped me see more of this stuff that I thought I'd understand why it's such a big deal. I'm also kicking myself because I've been near Lucas Oil Stadium twice because of Pasic and I've never actually gone and seen any of the march. ing activities never got to see at least one show.
I really should, well anyway that was Blue Devils 2017. Thanks to everyone who suggested watching metamorph and the Babylons member cam. I really appreciate it a lot. check out these exact two shows but if you have others you'd like to suggest and have a video link for them please post them to a comm force discussion write send 'if you enjoyed this video please give me a thumbs up I really appreciate it and please leave a comment with your favorite marching performance of all time. I know this already happened in the last video so I'd love to hear your thoughts because I'm always looking for more gear stuff to watch and if you haven't.
Yay, hit the red subscribe button below to keep up with my uploads. I upload new content to this channel every week, including gear reviews. We recently made the world's largest deck bag in the latest episode. I also do presentations. Five presentations of iron pieces and other pieces. I also make videos of our tutorials on getting better on River and little tips and tricks I learned along the way as a percussionist. It's a really fun time, so if you want. to be a part of the action hit the red subscribe button below to keep up with my uploads but yeah let's see it will be every fortnight so thank you very much for supporting this segment and thank you very much for watching the video from today.
I'll see you next week for another episode of this study, yes.

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