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There's Only One Barry Fry

May 05, 2020
Football has been in my blood for as long as I can remember and it continues to disappoint me, excite me, excite me, it gives me all the emotions of the game. I've been in it my whole life and loved every minute of it. Being a football coach is a very stressful business FRA should know that he said two heart attacks, but last year he doubled his burden by becoming the game's first owner and manager. He joined second division side Peterborough United after being sacked and paid by Birmingham City. Season ticket sales doubled, but what he could.
there s only one barry fry
I did not foresee from the beginning the dramatic events that were to come. This is his story. I see. I've got some Bobs that were laid off and I'm willing to put that in Peterborough to make it a success. I want to put something back into football because it has been good with three people don't change three people don't change your brand is in the goalkeeper the goalkeepers a is standing from any corner, I have great ideas and now that I am the owner to put those into practice ideas have to work because I risked everything I achieved it now we need a little luck but life is full of pleasant surprises so today off the field I would like to bring some financial stability for this club on the field I want to win the championship second division, come on baby, come on boy, let's make my cap happen and in a minute Oh we're in trouble, a Ledge chef well done, positive, coming out hitting, it's coming out crouching good closer desperate up this is a defender offices of tacking your big bold mark three times or not inspecting your nose do you know why run 70 yards up run for long shot and you get ready to air and we've gone out between us three times three times we have a giant what are you going to get in there?
there s only one barry fry

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there s only one barry fry...

He's special, you're allowing him, Fred is here, jump around frantically with him, I want you to chat with him, don't shoot me. speed situations a bully I'm a bit I'm never satisfied even if we win six to zero I'm not satisfied why did you miss that goal you know we should score 10 and stuff like that but all I want to do is get the best out of your players consistently well. I'll take the arm, we feel completely dry. I've kicked every bone, added it and let it go. I have lived every minute and I get very excited there. you say I live it, there's no way to suppress it Chrissy, okay, passionate again, okay, passionate about my club and I wouldn't be successful in Latin when it's not successful and I feel very responsible when you're not successful.
there s only one barry fry
I blame yourself. Thank you. Podrick reaches some kind of happy agenda well done chef Mike well done mark for Mickey Bodley fish well done mate super chrishi you never stop running more than seven Scott be honest we never look like woodland cubs well then we didn't seem to concede today well done The right team have managed just three wins out of 17, not exactly the promotion push they promised at the start of the season and certainly not the kind of forum to impress the bank manager, the fans or the press, where it is the first time I've been. happy to draw no, no, give everyone a drink, he appears without all the garbage, how can he use an absolute dream?
there s only one barry fry
I'm a pig, the man is available at any time of the day, at any time of the night, he always returns your calls, which is quite unusual for a football manager you can say what you want about him you can say what you want about him team remains the same the next day I don't think anyone would say he is a master tactician players included although I am absolutely Mehcad, I won I don't sleep tonight, I have big problems insulting this side, there is no doubt about that, not


do I have a lot of big problems and tidying up the side, oh I have big problems, in short, in a club, fun in the morning, this room makes the PR ninja very fun in the morning, the top thread and it is the morning team, yes, today is very Friday Mooney Mooney, you ladies, not Harold, a friend of mine, all the fries, join us and first of all, Berry got a call from one of our listeners named Simon, where he lives.
Paston, yes, and he called to say what went wrong against Notts County in midweek and you'll fix it tomorrow. I will give up. It's a test and yes, goals, goals, but they are going to come in from both ends all night. Well, when I got to Pete very close. I promised entertainment and many goals. What I didn't promise was in which final the goals would be scored. We need a question. You are going to ask yourself a question. Thurston is my best son-in-law, no. There's no question about it and then they'll go home and you know, it doesn't matter, I'm her and the kids picked me up and to be honest, if I didn't have that, I'd shoot my brains out.
Call the 2h or 2h number or get Darlin and bury Fry like it's always been a pleasure Frank's we're getting into the middle go back to sleep now okay yeah, struggling to get up and it's not yo-yo, you know, the typical book very scary, haha, straight down. pop food, look back, my good Bobby at training camp, he's back to basics, rest may be needed next time, then vice principal lil de chiloƩ and coach Mikkel, so try to instill more aggression into the defense with the worst record in the league our problem is you you you you you no matter what four out of eight game back we don't do it individually and we don't do it collectively you just have a destruction the team is a puzzle and you are not in the puzzle to create things, you are there to destroy, we are ready gentlemen, let's just call the meeting to order, we have a good amount in the boardroom, businessman Barry Frye has to change his game plan when he arrived. agreed to take on debts of six hundred and fifty thousand pounds in exchange for shares in the club he now discovers that the debts are much greater his own accountants have reviewed the books what he discovered could mean financial ruin for FRA and his family


an idiot like me could walk in a club without knowing all the financial implications.
You know I came here. I didn't have any help. I never brought anyone with me and that was a big mistake. I just took everyone at face value and the information I got was absolutely diabolical. We have now clearly established what the financial situation is 10 assets the board called for layoffs and drastic expense cuts we know we have to cut the operating budget per week to get back to our income do you think it is a realistic option? figure of 15,000 pounds a week I simply feel that all the figures that have been given to me since I have been here scare me and that figure France maybe I am in the business of the Ryudo people in addition to the debts that Frye guaranteed to Toulon the club 210,000 pounds using your home as collateral could lose everything.
I go home and take it. You know, I'll get up at 2 3 4 in the morning and you know, while before I was worried about football, worried about the financial figures my briefcase is gone I'm looking at the figures all the time I'm sick and tired of looking at the figures good afternoon in tears Freeman's friend yes, it's definitely on there's no cuisine selection at all the sun is shining It's a beautiful night and yes, he continues as his team falls deeper into Maya Fry's miseries, which are completed by having to suck off her assistant principal and coach to save money.
Now he really is a one-man show. They are a pair of yours, they are your Titan. so at Bloody Wood that's what we've missed, now we'll be music, less your knees will penalize your budget, eventually, the penalties are, you say that, far from the dramatic events in the boardroom, it's business as usual against Gillingham, loving, really, he's the only one present in this. year, all together in the trenches, let's give up, come on, Royce, yes, come on, let's continue six months into his reign and Frey still hasn't been paid, his team is on the worst streak of results in the history of the club nine games Without winning these are desperate times, yes, oh, joy, ah, he is a dear Dutchman, Jenny, friend, Joe from Minerva, will someone prove that we have passed 10 games and each one makes that, from being in the top 5 or top 6, obviously we have fallen to the last 4? a nightmare situation looking at the worst case scenario, you know, the fancy ones could go bankrupt and then they would come for my guarantee or 210,000 alone, but we came out with Allied Dunbar, as I say, the only security of the guys on my property, so they looked at the worst way. get my property back my wife always said she would live with me temporarily she might well have the chance Oh Ted, I forgot to tell you I spoke to the bank manager, Jeff Cope, this morning, he did about this revised cash flow stuff, the UH us perspective Frye is spending as much time with his accountant as he is with his players, now finding out that he is not the owner of the club after the entire formal transfer of shares was blocked due to tax and legal complications, all the deals began to look dubious.
I went from football manager to owner without really having any business experience and to be honest, looking back, I got out of debt without success. At a time when I found the lowest ebb, but in saying that I can't complain because he has given me a great life. Let's give my family a great life and despite all the aggravation, I wouldn't change it many times. Jessie Football now turns on the lights or Blake never felt like quitting and leaving football and doing anything else, and I'm just what you would call a football fan, what do you want?
Come on, young Adam, go find Tom Dick Harry, if anyone's missing from the other night, someone went down with a dreaded Lurky or anything else. Saint Janey, same submarines, it's Christmas, halfway there. in the season and the injuries are taking their toll ah, how good to see you, how good, what's going on, how do you accept fry and your team is still fourth from the bottom and the last four are going down, as long as you are optimistic, the game of tonight against Burnley is a potential turning point, all pliers and I'm very very sure the second half was a better season or it will give them many more wins and shots on the table please damn them have a beautiful Christmas, a better new year and I hope you enjoyed the night, thank you.
Much once again Oh, run for relegation to promotion, second off the season, it's done before it rains, fly, turn off your light, your playoff wing is still winning and Merry Christmas, but will it be a happy new year new? January, frozen pitch, frozen asset crisis, Peter Bri United club. debts amount to three million pounds the place is plagued by rumors of an imminent takeover bid after seven months of negotiations the agreement to give manager Barry Frye ownership of the club ultimately failed to progress further the club will have to be sold and as long as it's for the benefit of PR, one night for the loot, then I support you 100%.
The man most likely to come to his rescue is the millionaire founder of the Pizza Express restaurant. Chairman Peter Boy's, oh, he's been in secret talks with the board the whole time. the day ready means having an appointment we are a very good team our governor or not well I am a small you or I do not expect to be very good we consider you as our secret weapon the man who is going to take us to talk we need a leader we need someone to fix things and a figure of eight and this gentleman is everything and I hope to God he has his end in his butt pocket and at this time James plus son to see you and your She want to see you looking so good could Frey take over or not Invoke the act of old friends to invite Jimmy Greaves to London Road for a sportsman's dinner.
Are the games on hold? It is an opportunity to bring in some much needed money after the postponements and there is a danger that the club will not be able to pay the players' salaries, thank you and good evening fellow athletes. I was talking to John, you silly old snorers, the other week and we played five seasons for Chelsea boogers and I and we sorted it out. that in five seasons we earned five thousand four hundred pounds and I understand that Viale now earns thirty thousand dollars a week there and I can't express how delighted I am, oh yes, he washed the flat, she tidied the kitchen and it turned out lovely. you take a photo for me brilliant oh you're a good cartoonist did you teach yourself tender you're a good cartoonist damn shameless I love my time with my family I've always said above a soccer ball first second third and fourth but I think it's one thing to be here in Peterborough taught me that I'm wrong to do what could put you down if you wanted my wife and kids are 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th and I've put them in danger of losing their home and everything.
Should I have done that? And you know, I regret making them, but I'll have my problems, like, will you hurry up? Oh, good morning, get out of the bread. I'll have a good day, it varies, fry, you come, one of the best-known figures. in football the whole country laser and goes for the fryer today's announcement clarifies the future whose own plan has fun the pizza man delivers to the boys Oh acquisition agreement goes through United's debts and they no longer worry about the fries their houses They are no longer at risk personally I think about He had a Boeing 707 on his shoulders and he flew somewhere.
I don't feel young again. I threw away all my papers and I love it. I stood on the pillar and nowI'll have three or four hours instead of none. An era has come and new money to relieve the club's crippling debts, even the bank managers smile at a manager, the famous bank manager, oh yeah, you're touching that on that long bank manager, Barry Frey, has received the feared vote of confidence from the new owner. But despite that, he is convinced that he is here to stay. House, thank you. You've got a good crowd there, yeah, February and it's the biggest game of the season on London roads so far.
The FA Cup fourth round before I. Victory over Wrexham tonight will mean an emotional return. to Birmingham the club that sacked him nine months ago anyway we are fine he will play with the best Wrexham and we never have black rights oh my god all the injury reserves have been robbed of three of his most experienced players but the fans They trust that he around seven atmospheres of laughter also seven Ralph is very good, very good, now delighted and we have postponed the kick-off to first. He had 10 coaches full. We were just saying we have to do something about the turnstiles and the way they come in. that loads faster it's a little difficult and it makes me stand in line it's more money Gardner more money not just to put the trainers in the legs we have those four minutes - we have to run they were stolen before the joy God is going to Shoot , Kenny, don't you like it?
Mikey, evolution, good luck, okay, shake, she gave us a name, she, go to the back door, where was your left back, come back for more feyza, you never left your gun in her ass behind, get your man , is smoking outside. true, it's not a big hamburger you, you don't want her hand. I'll go out and do yours myself, stay away, we're starting to fall to spit it out, do your job, a lot of people care, you're your money. Although mrs. kappa, you let that bleak father theory about gas drop again today, defender, bounce, nonsense, oh well, you have to do your own work, find out about other people's, do yours first, we all go out and 45 minutes go by without enough character set in any game, he's been budgeted, come on guys, oh come on, pick him up, you should come too.
I have to play with passion, come on, that's a foul, why don't we finish with you, boy? Come on, damn it, Cup competitions erase the time you have. I'm going to the hospital today for a heart problem for about five nine ten years and I have to go for check-ups every six months and with this one it's different because it's the club that wants to insure me for a quarter of a million so if you turn it off there, you know , they won't leave them there, you know, too much, he'll have a quarter of a million.
I thought it was a first place for them, so it's a different doctor. He had never, at least, been a doctor before us. He just left me love, I have to see him without a name. I have seen many doctors, the first Street doctor and the gentleman from Papworth also said that I was in a game that I liked and seemed to think that he had done more good to my arm, so there was never any danger of it going to behave badly as a football coach. Oh well, I only have a week, so you better make the most of me and make sure the premiums are paid now.
He just examined me everything like he always did he took the sample the blood fun my throat my ankles my knees they said I was a fat bastard other than that I was fine is he good on and off the court do you know he's honest and lives and dies? for voices as simple as that, he keeps going a week after that demoralizing cook beats and smashes him with a bucket at London Road for a vital league match. Barry's blood pressure is about to be tested once again. I can come look as soon as you do your work. in his two hours on set, he's this guy and I, but obviously we're doing this season, it's always a good change, win or lose at halftime, something happens, don't you understand you said goodbye? the coach knows which players he can do it sir, which Rosie, he can't read me the white flag, yes, Rodman has come to blows, another Chinese that we buried, well, they would make a little man and he will be where when we were in players and some players respond differently, you know, but everything is forgotten as if it buried you after the game.
The lady forgot that he will never grow old. We are fighting for our lives and we have to get out of the bottom four because financially there is no disaster. son, I got over it and I got robbed, it ends and my players have their hands up, you know, we're in this together, we're a team together, we succeed or fail together, that's going well, nightmare dream. so responsible for everyone, now entertainment feels private. I am requesting a third division. I certainly can, so Nepal doesn't want a damn team in the third division and then there is a newspaper about the fans and they are again restless, frustrated, distraught, going crazy with the results.
Look where we have good players, but we're not really consistent enough, not enough in games, we don't maintain it, why don't we make them think about bloody clothes? We're really aiming for a crazy, crazy season some more. I won't get anything. This time it's you, but I'll need your signature on a couple of contracts, possibly later, but I'll call you and let you know 24 hours before the transfer deadline or you can tell him and his fries the last chance to strengthen his team for the relegation battle coming up, we have made a deal, we will bury me for Otto and Castle and we have just agreed our personal terms with the two players involved, they are sure they are right, any manager who comes for me. the press or the television don't bother will sign it, yes, certainly, on my chairs, my main name is fine, it's fine, perceive it later then or what, it's fine, no problem, it's fine, run if you do, desert the girls will probably be a reception with a gentle indignation today oh it's terrible until then bring it please yes no problem yes the first of many years it's been a damn 15, 24 hours to do it oh dear , next on their wanted list is Wickham striker Miguel de Souza, oh I hope you come down. drop us hello buddy oh you're in for a tough negotiation who's talking man yeah I think we're really looking at 850, 950 and 1050 no you're going to get that unusual combination.
I'm desperate, people, and then I know, first year, 550, second year, six. third year 650 plus ten grand for 30 goals or competitions each season, let's assume that another survival bonus makes that survival bonus that is new. I would love to and March if we buy games, yeah, how much ten thousand imagine a March reach? Well you can something. There are five, so that's your only sticking point. Well done, I bought my Manchester lien. A million thanks. I am going to marry. Boy, I sculpt a fat bastard in a blue jacket like Mike. Thank you so much. So we do it to each other, friend.
I need to see you. Shandy Monday, yes, 8 matches left and Friday find a winning formula before it's too late, okay, make the font gamepad a nightmare, vital, will we get free points? Give us a chance for Monday, good as followers, many, oh, I don't have a maken. Panic movie Okay I'm having fun Okay sit down for a minute guys any innings Easter any innings Peterborough United are now third from bottom in the second division today they face Bristol Rovers can the new signings help the manager Barry Fry to avoid relegation Miguel? they could confront them and shoot, I don't care where I go on the street, be positive, confront them and get in there, hey, relax, take the pressure off, but everyone has already written you off, but we owe it to ourselves to go out and give it. our best chance for the remaining eight matches, well, that's what we'll do, Phil, hey, if you can win the one-on-one, then we'll win the match.
Phil Meal, the former Liverpool defender and England manager, has been recruited as a new recruit. Number two, there is a new optimism about where you can't rely too much in this game, but I think we have three or four new Flyers at the right time, they have fresh legs, they are fast and I think they will give us different options, hopefully they will breed Well to the rest of the team, as a crab hunting shows a polymix seven driving 473 to see, don't wait. Oh Miguel, my bad, prize, the slippery surface of the field took us 20 minutes to get used to. after that we have done well three or four hey, if we come with free charges, no one can complain hmm, but it's not over yet, we still have a battle eight, but we have strength, we have rhythm, we have power.
I have a little skill, let's combine everything and we can go ahead and win the game. Seven games on the left wing. We are seeing a miracle, but it happened from time to time. Go and get dressed. Today I am the manager, it is my responsibility and it hurts a lot to think that we could be falling, won't you tell me? 2:28 I can't sleep chisel, it's no use being depressed Prague it's good to show up depressed in the morning and showing a lot of being cocky I have to be confident I have to hold our failure inside God be positive God will be bouncing I have to lift him up they will feel like If I were King Jim Gutted they want tomorrow to be another day another fight another war they'll try to get five minutes of work whatever it takes three games to go and for the Peterborough faithful a daunting journey to the top of the table Burak undefeated at home all season three hours until kickoff from the team hotel is a calm before the storm they could imagine, no one wants to miss I scratch myself, it's a big ball, donkeys dig for gold.
Yes, Barry may not be feeling particularly well, but he is a manager and he has to keep our spirits up. He is our father and he knows that we do have a mind in our heads. I will prepare to do what we have to do today. He knows we can get a result, but he equally knows that like our day, you know we couldn't catch a cold, so this little thing will have to wait until 3 o'clock. and find out what everyone's first touch is like statistically we have no chance but wow good guys - football tactics - arm - Spice Girls absolutely nothing I love him great let's bring the night to Tom Petri I don't think he knows how to motivate a player who plays soccer.
I've been watching people at night for 14 years. Coming home one way and falling is simply devastating. I'd really appreciate you trying, but goodbye, Barry Miguel de Souza accent. Oh yeah, not bad. We could. We would do it. let's go to one today you see, cut my soldiers let's go in a box come on, what a way sorry, Gaga will take my tag exactly at five o'clock sports report in third place three brothel immunities three berry 1 peterborough united to make Chesterfield one move all the new Julie to other resorts they have moved on they are still alive hey, life is full of pleasant surprises, it's not over yet until the fat lady sings after the game, you're not going to like this, win, lose or draw, do a lap for the fans, were you doing that?
Otherwise the police say there will be a long storm on the pitch, so let's be brave and go there, the last home game of the season, they will face Luton, it's life or death. There goes the saying, I think it's all over and it's now, but come back next year, we'll be looking forward to it, buddy, I can't hold back a good man.

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