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TheGNShow S19 E03 Ricky Gervais, Eric Bana and more

Dec 24, 2021
it's movie night so many movie stars on tonight's show and so many great movies to talk about i'm here with my date Dame Helen Mirren hmm i'm ready i got my popcorn i got my drink all i need right now is a kiss with my date charming the world oh thank you nice to see you all thank you for being here great show tonight of course the great lady herself is here plus a whole host of movie shots i tell you there are


stars on that couch than a tax office in Panama, not really me.
thegnshow s19 e03 ricky gervais eric bana and more
I checked how I did that. No, I'm fine, yes, very exciting because later on we have a real treat making her first appearance on the show. hilarious shot at stardom this man has won bafta golden globes and emmy awards and is one of britain's biggest comedy exports please welcome mr.



special correspondents this man is one of australia's best actors he saw in munich start in troy and black hawk down his mr. Eric Bana went from Trainspotting to Moulin Rouge to Star Wars as young obi-wan Kenobi now stars in Carrie's new thriller our kind of traitor is Ewan McGregor Oh ah back to true acting royalty it's the Tony every oscar- win Give me those colors dark tonight that was a good choice lovely stand out get up and that they ain't cramming you in there in the so for the boys I wish he would make me go up but keep going down order something good not because men like it do the manspring thing he can crush a lady yeah look even here i'm sitting good so my legs sing you're - yeah my couch never leaves at the knicks game in nyc basketball right in the front row great seats this side of me was your partner, Hugh Jackman, on the right, and Jack Thomas, Riley, yes, you're alive, yes, you're my girlfriend, Jane was here and with her Evander.
thegnshow s19 e03 ricky gervais eric bana and more

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thegnshow s19 e03 ricky gervais eric bana and more...

Holyfield came and sat down and she's huge and she's gone, her thigh is in the middle of mice, her thigh was like that, right? I'm tight. I said I'm not going to say anything. Wolverine wouldn't help me with that. i have tiny testicles i thought


annuus because you both ride motorcycles you are a little bit prone ya saddles but i actually had an incident last week i was at a football game and i had a foot spreader on a foot spreader next to me and de I actually found myself quite angry about it because he, like Ricky, had invaded my space to the point where I couldn't get my dog ​​to a neutral posture. to hit him better and I just couldn't get him back and it took up to 3/4 of the time I had to wait until he went to the bathroom and then I said oh it's a heated comeback so I couldn't actually claim anything buried by the opposition so I I was just trying to be nice because now that you're a student you see the motorcycle thing but it also killed yeah I would have thought it would encourage the separation of the man since you know what you would do why would you do that to a school? you got enough change in your sporran to weigh it down it's an understatement what is foreign money change your resignation yeah like a little pocket it's like a look you know it's not all remarry original original fanny pack yeah yeah yeah from your traditional heaven standby brave uh i demanded back the other thing is to touch people what it is to touch at different times at different times lovely ok hello how are you doing you see the politicians doing this you see them fighting to be the first to touch the other one because they touch one thing of power though is yes if I touch you and I'm not being nice to you and when I say exactly it's quite a moody sight as a foreigner now hey we've got a lot of movies to talk about. tonight so let's start with gimme hell new film which is eye in the sky and i love this which is proper a biting thrilling drama about modern drone warfare opening next friday before we talk about it this clip really sets the tone central moral dilemma in that kind of war, you are the colonel, she stopped the left, we have this opportunity, let's not lose it, ma'am, you are selling bread, jesus's men are about to disperse, no, ma'am, i understand that we have Clarence.
thegnshow s19 e03 ricky gervais eric bana and more
I would fire if I see the HD eyes move or when this girl is out of the frag radius, but I want to give her a chance to get out of the way. She has authorization. There is much


at stake than what you see here, ma'am. I need you to. rerun the collateral damage estimate with this girl up ross the situation hasn't changed lieutenant you are licensed to be involved in a lot of movies try to be uptight i mean this is and it holds you out of the hole it really does it takes place in real time the two hours that this this operation takes to complete is exactly the kind of two hours in the movie, so it's sort of a forensic examination of all the decisions that they have to make in something yeah extraordinary I didn't know about this I think most of the audience you won't know Understand that in an attack like this specifically like this this is exactly what would happen in terms of the chain of command going all the way to the prime minister if necessary and no one as seen in the film wants to take a decision it's a great class of Am


an and British actors and we must mention in the lake the great Alan Rickman who was perfect yes fantastic it's a final performance b brilliant and fitting I think it's a movie that you would be very proud of in the sense that you would appreciate what the movie is about and the way it tells its story it doesn't take sides by the way it doesn't make moral decisions it just asks moral questions but what I love the movie is that it's Alan like I met Alan and you know, I mean he was a brilliant character actor and we see him in Harry Potter and he's just dying to play these extraordinary characters that is Alan, the way he really is. there's action in this movie even though you know you're in that room and you've made it a little big you actually did you know the red string yeah and now I hear I have no background what you're targeting. being in a big action franchise yes fast and furious i would love to be in fast and furious no no of course it's unbelievably fun to make those movies they're not there i mean they're there like you don't act how are you? dude yeah it's amazing that they put all these things up and things just explode around you and oh it's just amazing fun and for cars to be like that would be my dream come true.
thegnshow s19 e03 ricky gervais eric bana and more
I didn't know you loved cars and I love cars. Do not believe it. i like to drive i'm not into cars cars you guys are right some of you if your a race car driver yeah i love it i love cars but i don't like them i never want to make a movie where you pretend to race cars because it would turn me crazy oh I like it I'd be really offended oh there's a the guy come say now you're familiar with a manual transmission yeah but you can't if you don't drive at all uh-huh no but you know I've seen people do it but you know what you know the license ain't right you can't drink and drive so what's the point that's pretty much why I taught myself drinking there will be a couple times for like the porch ain't worth it Helen you've done stunt driving in the movies i did stunt driving believe it or not in the Queen i was i know you think that doesn't count as stunt driving but i had to do a take while my fellow actors will know the cameras they were c They were placed all over the front of the car so I couldn't see a thing and had to drive pretty fast through the countryside, not even groomed roads, just back, back, you know the tracks. in scotland so i think thats what it categorizes as can stunt drive fast and furious easy twisty experience i also broke a camera on the side of a car when i was stunt driving once oh i totally forgot it was on the side oh yeah , you know, just put it on the side of the car and I was alone in the car and I went around a corner real quick, but of course I forgot the camera, I completely wrecked it. in another way, when they put us in the cars and asked us to drive with cameras on the road and we also act that's quite, exactly, it's impossible to open the door, yes, yes, I'm how to open the door becomes real, you know what?
I have something different well what I can't do in a movie is park a car like I'm a good driver and I can park a car like the best ever but then there's a camera but when there's a camera crew there you can . Don't park a car I was right now I was being just need to worry there are soldiers behind park a car with someone looking for Ricky and Eric your new movies special correspondents that Eric you drove all by yourself in that though yeah there wasn't much there was just one thing The one where we have a little getaway and some people you know say they're nervous passengers in their car, some guy or whatever, and I care to scare them, but the genuine Ricky was very convincing in describing to me how scared I am scared of a really, really scared now so look i'm scared of roads and speed and all that and guns i'm scared of guns and either real on shoot we're gonna jump in a jeep i had to found it i didn't even know who's a pilot runs when I wrote the scene and then that worried me but he was really good if I was going to know he was so I went the other way.
I thought he would really freak out he did try to plan so I actually took it really easy actually because I was worried you would go to his trailer and just not come back yeah he was driving one hand and the other hand just he comforted me, the man reached out I know he's playing I said okay but we're making the movie. I found very exciting special correspondents. This is passion. New ladies, gentlemen. the people what it's about and what it's about i play a bit of a radio nerd i'm an engineer eric plays cute guy we flip a coin he plays the tall the cute radio journalist guy and i admire him but he thinks I'm an idiot and intimidates me and we're together and we intended to go and cover up the Civil War but because I'm having a really bad time I lose my tickets and passport and we have to hide in a Spanish restaurant and we are trying to figure out how we get out of this and i think this is you have a clip now we have the clip of you and the people in spanish fight yeah we are trying to figure out how to get out of this situation now because we are expecting to do a report of Ecuador in a few hours and obviously we are not there here we are going to meet to brainstorm next brinstar what is I love these two debates but they are not the store it is totally the box they are two geniuses other people Ones are going instead of you, of course not, you can cover a different story, no, it has to be that story, it has to be Ecuador and it has to be us.
I got it going you can use someone else's passports ours is always ok no cheese ok ok you can save money for new tickets and by then bus port over a year or I'll be done thats well then not for us but for the people less will die yeah well well they are thinking of the people less will you die I will die even though I will kill you you guys haven't worked together before so Eric how do you expect Ricky to be as a director? call saying you know Ricky is doing this project and blah blah blah and you know we'll send you the script I'm like oh yeah you know I'm a fan.
I would love to read what he will do next. What's the point of me reading the script? And of course, he wants you to be in it and I was literally like fucking expensive. I do not know who I am. Does he know that I exist? I thought you were that cool, some kind of brooding Thesbian. I saw you in Munich and it was Hulk and all this and I thought we had a lot of action here kind of screwed up and I said on the first day that you did it because you know I did comedy and I didn't, he started in comedy in Australia in a very similar to mine you did a little sketch show and then you got your own show and then you went and became a handsome action hero just like me i didn't but i didn't i didn't and i found out he was a jerk like me , he was brilliant, he's not great at all, he's a jerk w We talk about nothing but our balls.
Is that true and why we did it, but with a funny Russian accent. Hello, your balls, my balls. I don't know how it happened. It just morphed into why it would have to be Russian. he would come to work and leave and here comes mr. barrel with his big balls mr. Gervais with these balls suspiciously around you're not Croatian yes but not Russian I can't do any accent sounds different that's all he had to play America and I didn't want to play American I did Kelly with I'll play American everyone is American except me. I just wrote it.
He's reading so a minimal ordinary grounder was a stand-up but I didn't know you Helen worked as a carny like at a carnival well Southend castle in C which is sadly closed now , but it was a you know it was a fun fair ok what did you do which I think is common there not really but you know I had pain in the south of the sea you know the British cities of St Tropez and how you cheered people toIt says yes. did you read what i wrote today i said no and this went on and finally star ted reading to my daughter it was like three every night and finally my wife told me she said look she's in her room reading she has to go and finally i said yes too you have to go so he left he left what he had written and went to arizona and he was working in a chinese restaurant if you have ever worked in a chinese restaurant washing dishes there are a lot of them tommy said have you read it?
Read what I wrote. I said no. I would really like you more. because I'm cold I'm working in this place and I have to kill raccoons and work in this Chinese restaurant and uh and I said I sent him a sleeping bag I sent him things and he said yes he read what I finally read it and it was Dances with Wolves yes and When you have that situation, someone you know you start with, I've never been so proud of someone. I said you did it, man you really did it. I know how I'm going to do it, but I'm going to make it into a movie and that was a st For much of my career, a lot of those movies that I pushed really well had to push them to the plate killing raccoons and washing dishes to win a sweepstakes, I was already awesome before the joke, yeah yeah, it was funny, I never helped. the people in the dvd extras is one thing where you're directing the movie but this part where you have to direct wolves yeah i knew you didn't like animating lana sit well yeah you know you I say I remember. when we got these rules or we rule wilson i don't know do you ever think of salesmen that like you you know carpet with vacuum rug you always see them and they come into your house and they throw ashes and so and they see so and on it and it clean perfectly and then you call your friends and throw away the same shirt and floor and stain is there i have the guy with the Wolves he showed me how they would behave you know i would press a button and the wolf would come here when i went out too i didn't So, I was, I was ten days ahead of schedule, 30 days after the movie, and I, and they said, well, what are you going to do?
I said, well, I'm not going to change the name. For the sake of the movie, I have to figure out how to pair up some dogs. You know this is miniature money. You do everything how you do them. rubbed that's true not everyone yes yes yes no no the walls did he have a girlfriend got me a present to go with these wolves they weren't tame but they were socialized and there wasn't that means they just don't kill you yes that was huge and they like it get their tummy rubbed. I was tickled in the belly of a wolf.
Was it the belly? I mean you were really you were th The pioneer of that whole movement, I mean we wouldn't have a better movie if it wasn't for the work you had done back then, well thank you you know that was a highlight for me and I went out. and i tell you what was really weird my parents came to see me like me when i was a little kid playing sports i used to be a bit embarrassed about it but it was kind of interesting i went there my first day to direct and my parents had taken a trailer to south dakota and they said we want my mom said to go away we won't be on the road we won't bother you come and i'm leaving jesus christ are you really coming they say yes but we won't bother you so i remember my first day straight out and up a hill my mom and dad had put up a trailer and they had their two lawn chairs and my mom who I was talking to.
Some of the team and I said that obviously we're all Kevin Costner fans here, but is the story about getting the call from Stephen Hawk true? Yes, yes, well, I did. I received such a call. How did you know it was him? and they took him out i was like nine people and he walks into my living room and i really didn't know how to talk to him i mean he has a high Q 169 i have an IQ of 69 and he's trying to have a conversation but it's really was hard and i finally kind of got used to everything i said so whats up man we are really what do you want to know the only good and he wanted to know about whitney in the bodyguard and i said ok no so let's talk about it because if that's what this is about then that's what we're gonna do and that's what we did so we talked about Whitney for a while and then she said she was going to go dancing that's one of the other stories this is this is amazing this is this is like a real chat show like tractor if this was in america we'd be dressed as dancing wolves for a youtube hit the net great idea listen kevin good luck with the criminal thank you so much for coming this is kevin foster everyone ok this grammy award artist got into our heads with a hit single all on that basis tonight she will perform when you are single no its Meghan Trainor everyone nothing is so sweet how are you with your friends and friendly to deal with to talk to me but let me stop you there Hobie for your speech my name is no my sign is no my number is you don't have to let it go you have to let it go I need to let it go my name is no my sign is no my number is you don't have to let it go you're going to say you're not running the game thinking i'm believing every call me beautiful oh so smart don't tell me all night girls i was in my zone before you got here i don't think lately you should go i'd be like say yes my name is not my sign is no my number is you don't have to let it go you have to let it go No what If there's things I don't wanna do I don't need your hands then I'm getting man but it's never my fry I was on my phone before I didn't you can, I don't want you to take this. person no, i'll say yes, my name is no, my sign is no, my number is no, you must let it go, you must let it go, you must let it go, you must let it go and find me. untouchable untouchable untouchable untouchable untouchable you No you gotta let it go let it go to you you gotta let it go so long Oh oh sit down that's Meghan Trainor everyone else waving waving waving Now I have a paper here oh yeah I do got and that's the new single no right and that's out there out right now yeah okay but the album coming out on may 13th yeah pre-order right now and get this song and another one that seized her.
Meghan Trainor ok you've been exhausted after that yes I'm not in shape hardly today yes I'm in shape but I like it ok that's enough thank you I'm sorry we can't chat anymore but I was out of time. It's been an epic talk tonight, so that's about it. I'm afraid there's no time for red chairs either. I don't want to see one of the comrades there. We will come from the flower chair. Please thank my guests tonight. Meghan Trainor, get a roller coaster doing Jade in these Kili holes. see you then bye almost naked chef hardy

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