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The Worst YouTuber Apology Ever

Apr 12, 2024
Well guys, you probably thought it couldn't get any worse. We've had the Hall of Fame of bad apologies. We have had vague and generic apologies. We had an interpretive dance. We have given away Amazon gift codes as an


. I apologize and give you these Amazon gift cards, and yet one was uploaded that absolutely takes the cake for the




I've probably


seen, especially for someone who's been on YouTube for as long as Colleen Ballinger. Yes, that's right, this is Miranda Sings. I know a lot of you probably know what's going on and a lot of you don't, and you might be surprised to see the person behind Miranda Sings after all this time in the spotlight once again and wonder what she did , long story.
the worst youtuber apology ever
In short, she's a weirdo, she sucks, she's basically the embodiment of that Radiohead song. I'm a weirdo, essentially during his Prime on YouTube and in his 20s and 30s, he was in group chats with a group of minors who were his fans. There's something to be said here about the unhealthy relationships creators can have with their fans. fans and this really takes it to a new level, so she was in group chats with her fans, which is already a bit strange and inappropriate, and especially the fact that a lot of these fans were miners while she was in her 20s and 30 years.
the worst youtuber apology ever

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the worst youtuber apology ever...

I don't know exactly how old she is, but she's too old to be in group chats with minors, she's fine and, essentially, she overshared, she shared some weird things. These miners like what their favorite sexual position is, something super strange that was undoubtedly demonstrated with screenshots, and since it was a group chat, many other people in those group chats confirmed their behavior and how strange it was, and you know , So. This is not fake, this is not made up, these are not doctored screenshots, you know, this is a real thing that happened and another time she was live streaming with her friend and she was joking and actually sent lingerie to one of the miners. . in the mail, super weird guy, super weird, you want the brown panties tweet right now, oh my god, yeah Adam, let me know what you want, he's from Ireland, okay, I'll send him something, okay, like Maybe he wants the panties, although then his parents will do it.
the worst youtuber apology ever
Be like you're not allowed to see who's sitting in your panties, mom, don't worry. I first saw a guy online. If you want to find out more about what exactly happened, I recommend you go to the source on Adam McIntyre's channel, he really explains


ything. it happened and you know oh but Colleen finally responded and the apology video may not be what you expected and one of the reasons I wanted to make a video was because you know some things are too embarrassing to watch on your own as you. I need to watch it on proxy with someone else on the internet so I'm here to be that vessel for you today so buckle up because holy shit I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw this so first the video is titled hello and we get.
the worst youtuber apology ever
This really you know, a sad and depressed screenshot at the beginning here of her and right now you might be thinking: Is she going to get the dog out of him? Are you going out with a dog? What's going on here? She'll be like oh God I'm so sorry, oh man, oh I'm so sorry and then she'll cry, yeah, yeah, yeah, dude, yeah, dude, we're getting off the ukulele. Let's watch an apology video for being weird with minors. Hey, it's been a while since I've seen my face. I took a little break so a lot of people are saying some things about me that aren't entirely true, it doesn't matter if it's true as long as it's entertaining to talk about your face, um I know this is a weird way to start this video, but it's one of the first things I noticed when I started watching this: there's a filter on his face, like there's a softening filter on his face and the only reason I say this is because I've used this filter before.
Client Videos When I did videography for clients, you can see the texture of their face compared to the rest of their skin and just the color that's a little bit off and I know it could be makeup, but it's just the texture, the softening , I know. how this video filter works and I feel like she's using it and the fact that she mentioned her face I just had to say it okay I just had to say it and right out the door she comes out saying there's a lot of misinformation being spread about I, but who but you don't care if it's true as long as it's entertaining.
Many people are saying some things about me that are not entirely true. It doesn't matter if it's true, as long as it's entertaining. The problem is that everything is true. What are you talking about? There are screenshots. There is a live broadcast that proves that you sent this lingerie to a minor. What are you talking about? Maybe she will explain it to you, but not. aboard the toxic gossip train, all aboard, what a way to start a song, man, what in the millennium am I watching here at the tunation station, amazing toxic train, timing it to the tracks and stalking me about my past?
These rumors seem fact if not It doesn't matter that the spaces are leaving Queen, so here we have the jingle, here we have the chorus, this, this, don't worry, she will repeat it, uh, because it's a chorus, because it's a song, so he released Colleen's 10-minute version. Alright, here you know Taylor's version recorded at Live Pond uh Studios of this apology, everyone aboard the toxic gossip train, uh, you know who cares about apologizing when they can show off those nice, beautiful pipes, ya You know, hello to everyone I've been to. I want to connect and talk to you about some things.
Even though my team has strongly advised me not to say what I want to say, I recently realized that they never said I couldn't sing what I want to sing, they never said. I couldn't tell those vibes, you should have listened to your team I don't know what in the decades that this woman has been on YouTube and with the teams she has worked with she has not learned anything about being criticized. online or being exposed for being a weirdo weirdo a weirdo um today I just want to talk about the facts so I hope you're willing to listen.
I'm listening, give us the facts, you know, this is this video. full of facts logical information screenshots maybe test explanation many years ago I used to message my fans uh but not in a creepy way like many of you are trying to suggest it was more of a loser way but just I was trying to be best friends with everyone, it's like when you go to a family reunion, you know, and there's this weird ant that keeps coming up to you and saying, hey girl, what's the team? That was me, but in group chats with my fans, it was weird, that's probably the most real thing in this video, maybe understating it a little bit, actually quite a bit, but still it definitely gives creepy ants vibes, no doubt about that, but at the beginning from my career I didn't really understand that. maybe there should be some limits there were times when the dams that I did, the ones in my life, which was strange of me.
I haven't done that for a year, so here's the first mistake: It was early in his career, it wasn't. maybe it started at the beginning of his career, but all of this happened at least until 2017, which was about five or six years ago, and let's look up, which you still know a considerable amount of time ago, but then you realize. How old are you? He's 36, so five or six years ago he was still 30 when he was doing this. That's still weird. It's still super weird. I haven't done that in years because I changed my behavior and took responsibility like because it's supposed to be me looking for responsibility but that's not very interesting so let's go to the toxic gossip tray she's acting like we all like her just to entertain us um yeah this is extremely entertaining actually unfortunately I don't think people are making this up: you were a grown woman in these group chats and you apologize with a ukulele solo like this is one of your live shows in all seriousness , so I think it's very important to sustain it. people responsible for their mistakes, you know, we should hope that everyone can learn from their mistakes, grow, change their behavior and be a better person.
This is something I have always tried to do when I make mistakes, it is something I will continue. to try to do what oh you don't care ok I thought you wanted me to take responsibility that's not the point the point is your mom and your mom don't know what your goal is to ruin the person's life that you despise while Dramatizing your lies and monetizing their demise. The goal is not for mob mentality to make her take responsibility for her actions, no, it is to ruin the lives of those you despise, by being her, while dramatizing your lies to monetize them, as if they were us.
I only do this for money. I admit that it will be fun to make this video and I will make AdSense from it, so yeah, but that's not the point here nor does it take away from the fact that you're kind of a I'm definitely making this video to entertain, but in no way do I think that people are dramatizing their lies, especially when they are screenshots and proof of what happened there. I thought you wanted me to take responsibility but that's not the point and yes they they want you to take responsibility but this is the way you're doing it.
I don't see what's wrong here. What are you talking about? I thought you wanted me to take responsibility. Hmm, I'm not even going to try. I'm just going to do it. Write a little song like When did you take responsibility? I'm so confused because it wasn't years ago when all this came to light, isn't it now when I'm sure you may have changed your behavior from five years ago, but I still need to approach it in a better way considering you had the least 30 years. I can already hear the comments in this video. She is manipulating.
Oh, she's a narcissist. and if she is a rat, she is so narcissistic that she makes you look that way. I can't believe she didn't really listen to anyone before posting this and I like that it's funny that she mentions something like, "people are going to say me." I'm being manipulative because when people say things like that it just makes them seem manipulative. manipulative in itself and I don't even know if this is manipulative Colleen this is so bad I don't think it's manipulative it's just bad. Sorry, I didn't realize that you all are perfect, so please criticize me.
Take out the daggers made from your perfect past and stab me repeatedly in my bony little back. Do you think this will get people on your side because it's not? And he mentions it at the end, but I definitely want to say that some people criticize too much. He projects his own problems onto other people as if they have never done anything wrong, this is definitely not one of those times. I think even if you're an imperfect person, we're all imperfect people, we've all made mistakes, we've all made mistakes. stupid and serious mistakes that keep us up at night we can still criticize other people, especially in a situation like this, where it makes a lot of sense to criticize.
I don't know if you made up for the class. Colleen, can't you see everyone in her? past so everyone gathers cause we're about to attack something yeah you don't need any armor you were 30 on the toxic gossip train my reputation died and so did I because of all these bad lines talk about that girl Miranda Sings you know , yes, she is PG-13. She says that on my website and it's always been that way and that's why you won't find my videos on the YouTube kids app anyway, so she mentions Miranda Canta, the character she used. play and that she's PG-13 and she's not responsible for kids watching that content and parents thinking it's inappropriate because you know it's not her job to raise other people's kids, sure where that came from, that has never been the point here, the problem is It's not that you had children for your audience, that was never the problem, the problem is the strange relationship you had with them.
I understand it can be hard to sort through the hate comments, DMS, and all the noise, but I feel that way. situation, it's pretty clear what bothers people is not that you have kids as fans no, I don't think you have a mob of parents chasing you telling you that you were a terrible influence on their kids no, you're a terrible influence on kids because you sent them messages directly and met them in real life and made them do unpaid work to manage your social media accounts. I have not made some jokes or in bad taste.
Yeah, I haven't made many stupid mistakes. Yes, I'm sad about that. There are some fans who feel betrayed. Yes, it was my intention to manipulate. No, your intent doesn't negate the harm, unfortunately, so I don't know how you can sit there and say I didn't mean to hurt anyone. Well, the problem is. You did that and you should apologize for that if I accidentally step on someone's foot I'm not going to sit there and say no I'm sorry I didn't mean to step on your foot God no I'm going to apologize for stepping on your foot I didn't mean to. , but I still regret having youhurt my foot, that's how it happens, you can't just sit there and I said, "I've made some bad jokes, yes, but I didn't mean to." It doesn't really matter what my intention was because it seems like everyone has already decided that she was so close, that she was so close, it doesn't matter that these things are not true, everyone just believes that you are the type of person who manipulates and abuses others. children once again.
These are screenshots, I don't know what else to say, it's very clear, there's just not much room for bad faith interpretations, I'm not a hairdresser, I'm just a loser who didn't understand, I shouldn't respond. To the fans, even though I know this video won't change anyone's opinion of me, I still felt it was important to come here and stand up for myself a little bit and take responsibility so that she recognizes that this little jingle isn't going to change people's minds. , but she thought she would come here to defend herself. I don't know anything about this song that would be even semi-substantial in defending you.
You just said I was a little wrong, but not really, and I'm not sorry either. and I'm also not going to provide any proof that these things are not true. I never had bad intentions. Sorry don't worry guys she feels bad but she ain't sorry oh yeah this is where the filter is. undeniable is undeniable in an apology video really actually you know oh don't worry there's an encore there's more we're getting the extended version here sometimes people make a mistake and they do it and it makes them a horrible person whoa sometimes people don't It's whoa whoa whoa whoa I just don't have the whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa just the whoa whoa whoa whoa and make a mistake and they're still a crazy good person.
I know sometimes people can make a mistake and you don't have to make a mistake. he grinds it up and adds some lies to it and pulverizes it and I would love to know what lies. She keeps talking about misinformation and lies, but she doesn't actually tell us what they are or provide any proof or explanation as to why. he thinks they're lies I don't even know what he's talking about right now like what lies are you talking about sometimes people make mistakes just because they made a mistake well, getting on that F they made a mistake this is very theater thank you your steak doesn't turn them into a terrible human being, yes, of course, making a serious mistake in your past does not make you a terrible person.
You may not be a terrible person, but you did something terrible. Are you still not taking responsibility or a dressing? because it just makes them I'm a human, do I know myself well? That was supposed to be fun in the end g g seven I poured my heart out to see friends, but at the beginning of my career I didn't really do it, whatever this note is the toxic concentrate you were over 30 years old talking to miners what are you doing you had more than 30 years. This is beyond a mystic you did when you were 12 you were super weird in our eyes what am I doing? weird ending to a video, ten minutes where you are weird and avoid all the questions and accusations.
Oh, if you want the tablature for that song, I found out the chords in their version and it's j G7 C and whatever, they just leave out the second one. Worry with the C still there, so it becomes a 7th chord, but I don't really know what I think it's like a B or something, so there you go, what a weird apology video, probably the video from sorry for the funniest YouTuber I have. I've seen to be honest, congratulations, you've really taken the cake on this. I know this came off as harsh, but your video was a joke, so I'm going to treat it as such.
I know this is probably one of the harshest videos I've ever made with someone where I'm actually being a little bit ruthless but you make a joke. I'll treat it as a joke, so that's it. I hope you grow as a real person. Leave a comment below. your favorite part of this video. I don't think I had any favorite parts anyway, thanks to my sponsors, I appreciate it. You're getting two videos this week, so be sure to subscribe. Definitely subscribe so you can monetize this like she said. I'm going to take advantage of it and monetize it and that's exactly what I'm going to do, so make sure you subscribe, thank you.
Bye bye.

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