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The Worst YouTube Mom of All Time: Ruby Franke (8 Passengers)

Sep 06, 2023


s I have to neglect the kids, I'm telling you Chad, I'm so glad you're home, our house is so much better with you here, but there's a part of me that really hates that you're here. Personally, I think all families do vlogging. You need to delete the YouTube channel. I don't care because ten


s out of 10 these parents treat their children like and exploit them for money and this is exactly what Ruby Frank from the Family Channel Eight Passengers was doing to her children and For Those Who Aren't aware of the situation, I will show you exactly why she was arrested, why she was charged, and why she will never be released on bail.
the worst youtube mom of all time ruby franke 8 passengers
First of all, Ruby is an incredibly selfish person, she exploited her children to make money online. all the money for herself and then she refused to buy the kids she is exploiting in these videos clothes for work and school do you want to work at Taco Bell? I don't know if you want to be like that because I need to buy clothes and mom it's like I'm not buying clothes for you, you have to buy your own clothes because Ruby, it's like you yourself saying that you're literally making millions from these videos, he clearly wanted to get a job because you refuse to support them, but you couldn't.
the worst youtube mom of all time ruby franke 8 passengers

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the worst youtube mom of all time ruby franke 8 passengers...

I didn't even help him do that. Me and I tell you that he was making millions and I left him, so why were you neglecting the needs of your 16 year old son? There was a time when her daughter's vision was becoming worryingly blurry and, as you will hear. In the video, she literally acknowledges that her daughter's vision is getting worse than usual, but that is not a cause for concern for her, she does not care and therefore, under the recommendation of her husband, who by the way, he He is as guilty as she is. He suggests they take her to the ER and you want to know what she does.
the worst youtube mom of all time ruby franke 8 passengers
She starts cleaning the house. She cleans the bathrooms and mops the floors to stop. She literally says that she in her own words is doing this. by the way I'm cleaning the sink I'm cleaning the counters mopping the floor I'm stagnating but that wasn't enough because after doing unnecessary cleaning she then goes to shower and puts on some lip gloss I'm ready to I put on some lip gloss and that's going to be the highlight I can go, so she woke up this morning and she's like mom, my vision is really blurry, blurrier than normal. Kevin just came in and he's like me.
the worst youtube mom of all time ruby franke 8 passengers
I think we need to take Sherry to the emergency room. I said, well, let me take a shower and then I'll come out. It's been an hour, so you're literally getting ready to take your daughter to the hospital whenever she needs it. see as soon as he told you his vision was getting worse and this one made me incredibly angry and that's saying a lot because we're not done with this video yet but on August 28th of last year I woke up feeling like the


I've ever felt in all my life and I will probably feel all my life.
I'm not going to get into that, but I needed to go to the emergency room right away and you want to know what my parents did, they dropped everything. immediately to take me to the hospital I don't think they had eaten and I don't think they had showered I don't think the house was even clean but they didn't care they rushed me to that hospital as fast as humanly possible because that's what you're supposed to do when You're a parent, this is how you're supposed to treat your sick child, you don't feel happy for an hour straight while your child struggles in the other room.
Don't clean the house because you want to delay the help your daughter needs. Now we move on to the next clip. I don't know what father in his right mind would do something like this, but his son excelled at soccer. It seems to me that he could have been a future star player, but since football was the only thing he was responsible for and the only thing he showed up for, she took that away from him and made her son get rid of it. only one he had. the world he was passionate about, I have a pretty controversial experience that, when I share it, people are kind of like, um, we had a kid who appeared dishonest, irresponsible, not humble at home, dishonest, irresponsible, not humble at school , dishonest, irresponsible, not humble in Pierce at home, but there was one place where he always showed up and it was football, his favorite sport, and he did exactly what the coaches told him, if the coaches told him to do something, he did it. he did and would do something extra if he, um, if it's not his teammates that were upset, he'd get them together, he showed up on time for practice, he stayed and helped clean up, I mean, the coaches loved him, the teammates they loved him, he showed up and performed exactly as expected in the games and I remember the day I had a change of perspective and it was like because that's the only place where he appears responsible, that's the only thing he needs to get rid of.
Ruby robbed her own son of a possible future scholarship to a very good college, oh the chances of playing in the big leagues simply because she wanted to have more control over him, any other parent would say this as an opportunity to support their son and encourage it because that is the only thing they are passionate about. So you support them in the only thing they are passionate about and then she had the audacity to say that he was manipulating her. You have to get him out because they are compartmentalizing him and manipulating him because he obviously knows how to be responsible because he is being responsible he just doesn't want to show a response he just doesn't want to show himself. responsible not willing to be honest responsible for his thoughts, his feelings and his choices everywhere else he's just doing what he wants and it just happened to him I want to be above and beyond in football why because that's where he was getting his value and that's why when we take away football we take away his value that's what it felt like for him mom and dad are taking away my birth who am I without football? son, that's exactly it, we're going to take it away from you, you literally said that football was the only thing that gave him value, so you needed to take that value away from him so that he would do what you wanted and act the way you wanted.
The act is that it's not textbook manipulation and it just gets worse because she doesn't respect her son's wishes or his privacy, why in the first clip Ruby's daughter explicitly asks not to be filmed but Ruby doesn't care because she keeps recording regardless of how her daughter feels about it, um, so wow, you're not rejected, she has no idea what I'm going to say, it's like thinking she's outlining the


things in her head because they'll probably be the Worst things in my head. and in the next clip, which was admittedly very difficult for me to watch because it's an incredibly strange clip, but she is making her daughter feel uncomfortable by recording a conversation that should be had privately with her mother or an older sister by broadcasting it to the whole world and Julie has been asking all summer if she can shave her legs and armpits Julie Julie I think your armpits need shaving more than your legs when you start let me think when you start having Bo you are embarrassing her and you are prioritizing creating content about helping your daughter, you don't need to film every little conversation you have with your children, that's something that should be private, here's the deal, everything that comes into this house belongs to who, yes, it belongs.
I all so you don't have a cell phone you have access to a phone I know Chad doesn't have a cell phone that I took from him he has access what benefits were taken away look look how that works here oh he doesn't have access to his farm well you don't have access to any of their future grandchildren you don't have access to their future weddings you don't have access to their future homes during the holidays my mom bought me these headphones two years ago for Christmas and has she ever taken them away from me, no, no, why, because when you buy something from someone it is no longer yours, surely if your child guarantees that he cleans his room, you can take his phone only until he has cleaned his room. and then you give it back to them not only because it's their property but because they literally did what they were told and this continues in the next point because Ruby has a twisted obsession with claiming everything as hers because in a video one of her children made where she was responding a question where someone asked her what she was excited about about the new house and she said she was looking forward to her new room, like every child who moves into a new house: are you looking forward to it? to the max in the new house, surely my new room, not my room, mom's room that she lets me have or use in a world, have you ever heard something as strange as that, when I was a kid, my mom I would say things like my house, my rules but she would never and would never say anything like my bedroom, my brother's bedroom or my sister's bedroom were all hers and she just let us use them.
You don't let your child have a bedroom because you chose to have this child, which means. It is your responsibility to take care of them, which means housing them, you don't let your child have a room, they deserve that room, they are owed that room because you put them here and speaking of rooms, did you know that Ruby literally took your son? She had my dorm privileges taken away for seven months because of a simple prank she played on her brother, something all brothers have done to each other since the beginning of time. They took away my bedroom for seven months and then they gave it back to me for like a couple of weeks.
I don't think our viewers know this, please, about two weeks ago. Oh, I'll give you the reason I lost my room. I think so and this is why. At least this is the reason I sleep in my head. It's quite fun. but now I look back and it's pretty depressing, no, we never told our viewers that I was going to get up at two in the morning and we told them we were going to Disneyland and he had to pack his bags and you caught him and made his bed with all care. and then she packed all her clothes in the suitcase and then she walked out the door and I'm like Russell, he's happy, he has his sunglasses on and then when he starts laughing because his brothers are also laughing at the harmless joke that she threat. taking his room away from him again after making him sleep on a bean bag for over half a year, do you think that's funny because then I'm leaving?
If you think it's funny, then that was seven months ago, maybe you need more time without a dorm and it wasn't funny, you know how you know how you handled all that, hey, your brother is really upset because you pranked him last night, so please don't do that again or you won't be able to go out to the movies like you want this weekend, that's how you handle that situation, without taking away his basic rights by making him sleep on the floor, but that's not even the only time she made one of her children slept on the floor, she did too.
She was too lazy to change her daughter's sheets when they needed to be changed, so she suggested that her daughter go to sleep in the bathroom instead of giving her clean sheets, like 99 of her parents do. Eve came and climbed into bed with me around two in the morning. like mom, i wet the bed, which is not like her, she pees in the bed maybe once every eight months, like it's been a long time since she wet the bed. I was like, oh damn, okay, just go sleep on the floor in the bathroom, oh, I could have at least taken the bed off, thrown the sheets in the washing machine and said, “okay, how about "You're coming to sleep with me in my bed tonight and in the morning I'll make your bed nice and cool?", okay, but no, it was sleeping on the cold, hard tiles of our bathroom while I went back to bed in a nice, warm and cozy plush mattress with blankets and pillows, but it doesn't end there, it doesn't end with these two kids because it just keeps going.
The way she treats her kids when they're sick is absolutely horrible. Her son was vomiting. Okay, and her soul's solution to his vomiting is to make him sleep on the bathroom floor, right next to the toilet. We'll put a pillow and blanket next to the bathroom and you can camp out in the bathroom, okay, how could I sleep at night knowing that her son, who is already in immense pain, is sleeping on the bathroom floor? You know what you do in that situation, you grab a towel and you put it right next to the bed and then you put a bucket on top of that towel because then if he feels like throwing up, he could do it on his bed and he doesn't have to run over. bed. bathroom or sleep on the bathroom floor right next to the toilet and he can actually sleep in his own bed, maybe you could have gone to get him some medication he needed and then take care of him for about 15 to 25 minutes before returning to bed just to making sure he doesn't throw up again and just to make sure he goes back to sleep.
Now the next video infuriates me because she's talking about her two youngest children like they're 21, so she basically totally stole both of hers. The younger kids come back at Christmas because they were being selfish and unwilling to repent and since someone on Tick Tock said they were eight, what do they have to repent of? The two youngest are showing long patterns of selfishness. They've been showing um. through their decisions, their unwillingness to repent, their unwillingness to feel sorry for some pretty atrocious decisions they've made, sothat Kevin and I have decided that we are going to give them the gift of Truth this year for Christmas, we will give them the gift of boundaries and we will give them the gift of repentance.
We made it very clear and told them that this year they will not be. Santa Claus will visit them on Christmas morning, so the older brothers will receive Christmas gifts to open and they will receive the gift of love from their father and me because we want them to really have a visceral experience that hits them. She stole these two children from them. during Christmas and still continued to give gifts to her other four children, she excluded those children, made them watch their brothers open the gifts that were for them under the Christmas tree, while they received nothing except the gift of love when you are a parent love is not a gift of love it is mandatory now i want to discuss the fact that


​​and kevin not only pulled their son out of football and therefore took away his opportunity for a future scholarship but they threw his homework in a bag and they said the only way he could get that homework back is if he paid for it.
What I did was walk around the house. Yes, that is my task. I need to deliver it tomorrow. No I'm serious. That's like half my grade now. Yes. I don't know, I'll throw this away, so if you have something in the bag that you would like to take out, you can pay cash for it to know the value of your items. He had to pay for the homework he receives at school. free and if they don't pay at the end of the day they throw it in the trash and everything that is not claimed at the end of the day goes in the trash.
An intern throws his homework in the trash and says he has to pay for it even though he gets it for free at school, do you know what this kid needs to be successful? Did you even think about the fact that if he goes to school the next day without his homework, he's the one who gets in trouble? and it continues because she deliberately deprives her children of food food is a necessity we need food to survive if we don't eat food we will literally starve and she uses that against them in this video her little boy is crying and so she tells her little boy If you don't stop crying you won't be able to eat, we bless the food, but we need family prayer, stop crying or I will make you go upstairs and you will have nothing. breakfast is fine, not only is it disgusting, do you know how much trouble you are going to cause this little girl in the future by telling her that if she doesn't stop crying she will starve to death?
Do you know what that will do to her brain when she grows up and I can't watch this video again because it literally made me cry. This child has the darkest bags under his eyes. He looks exhausted and he is just asking for some food and she denies him the food saying that he doesn't need it. and oh my god, oh my god, can you give me some breakfast? You don't need food and then you get a phone call from your nine year old son because he has nothing to eat and therefore the natural conclusion that all the kids would go call my mom to see if she can bring me something from home to that he can eat, but she lets him go hungry because, oh, you forgot to pack your lunch and you forgot to bring lunch money. nine nine you're not supposed to pack him lunch he's nine and he forgot to bring his own lunch money again and I'm going to reiterate this he's nine what money does he have unless you find a friend? who is willing to share some of their food with you I don't think you can eat, but if you are not responsible for your lunch and lunch money, that is the natural consequence and I am really sorry, you are learning this the hard way and then she also says, oh, maybe someone else is willing to give you food.
He shouldn't have to rely on his peers and classmates to feed him. I just received a text message from use teacher. and she said that Eve didn't pack a lunch today and that I can bring a lunch to school. Because I know her teacher is uncomfortable with her being hungry and not having a lunch would alleviate her discomfort if I came to school with lunch, but I responded and just said that Eve is responsible for preparing her lunches in the morning, so the The natural outcome is that she'll just need to be hungry and hopefully no one will give her food and no one will step in and give her a lunch, oh, sure, but. when she literally says through her youngest daughter if you don't rub my back you're not going to eat and then when her daughter says sorry, I don't care, Eve jumps up, massages my back, okay, massages my back, it stings .
She scratches my head, yeah, come on, you have to earn your keep, you won't get breakfast if you don't, if you don't massage my back, you're so bad. I guess you're not getting food today and then in this video she says she's going to stop waking her daughter up completely because she wakes up in a bad mood and she literally has to drag her out of bed and she can get ready on her own no she can't, He's five years old, he's in preschool, he can't get out of bed, he doesn't have an alarm, brother, he woke up and I thought: you know what?
I'm not going to wake her up because every time I wake her up she gets super grumpy and upset and I literally have to drag her away. and she gets her dress and she's old enough to do it herself and she skipped preschool she slept late and she woke up and she says I'm ready to go to preschool I said you know what preschool is over you overslept I'm sorry and she says what and I told him you have to get up and get ready if you're going to go to Peaceful because I'm not going to get you out of bed and I never told him that when he wakes up apparently he can't because I will.
No matter how grumpy she is with you in the mornings, kids are like that, no matter how you feel like it's your job to take your daughter to preschool, you can't expect a five-year-old to function like a drug addict. student, but even in the video she is recording you can clearly see that her children are doing her job for her because here you have a girl and she is straightening her brothers' hair and then you have the eldest daughter literally grooming the youngest for school again. that's what you're supposed to do because that's your job, you're making these kids raise each other or how about when their kids were literally playing on the floor, they were clearly just fighting, neither of them got hurt, they were both laughing, both?
They had smiles on her face and here she comes, oh, if you don't stop, you'll lose the privilege of dinner tonight, you're torturing him, stop it, I know, but it seems like Crystal, I'll just say it. one more time and then you will lose the privilege of dining. What can these children do? Do you take away their televisions? You take away their ability to have friends. You take away their phones. I don't know, tell me what? I feel angry, angry because I won't really get anything by summer. I won't be able to go anywhere. No, I don't have friends.
I don't have an iPad. Smart TV. Nothing like what they can have. They hack. They can't even fight together. the floor and play together, what do you want them to do? I couldn't be happier that these children are away from her mother and will never have to see her again in her lives. That's the biggest relief I've heard all year. I wish this woman the worst for the rest of her life in prison and that's all I have to say.

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