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The Wii Sports Resort Iceberg, Explained

Nov 10, 2021
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of it Wii Sports Resort is a 2009 video game that seemingly established itself as one of Nintendo's most acclaimed releases. The game features a plethora of new mechanics and the continuation of its Wii Sports predecessor that allows for a higher replay value and more different activities, although unsurprisingly it doesn't reach the same level of popularity as wii


, wii



's still remarkably wide scope coupled with the amount of content means there's a surprising amount of trivia interesting and game related media with a wide variety of levels of darkness unlike my last


video I have made this graphic myself due to my surprisingly great knowledge and passion for the game as well as the surprising non-existence of an iceberg from wii sports


before its my first time making one of these so apologies if certain data location seems to you unusual.
the wii sports resort iceberg explained
Now I will explain each point on the iceberg that is descending downward. With information, even casual gamers will likely be aware of two extremely obscure or bizarre pieces of Wii Sports Resort material. Timestamps for each level are provided in the description. level one popularity as mentioned above. Wii Sports Resort failed to eclipse the popularity of its predecessor. Wii Sports sold 82.9 million copies, making it not only the best-selling Wii game of all time, but also the fourth best-selling video game of all time. its first day of release in Japan woohoo island woohoo island is the name of the island where the various sports and activities take place, it features a variety of different landmarks that can be seen in the island flyover game which is essentially free roam and plane across the island woohoo island is based on the island that sets up the jogging and we fit minigame aptly titled we fit island in the wufoo island will be discussed in more detail later The new Sports Bowling and Golf carry over from Wii Sports to Wii Sports Resort along with 10 new sports Fencing Wakeboarding Frisbee Archery Basketball Table Tennis Motor Cruise Boating Cycling and Air Sports Each of these sports contains one to three subsequent modes New Me's The Game also features 40 new Me's CPUs along with the original 60 from Wii Sports.
the wii sports resort iceberg explained

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the wii sports resort iceberg explained...

These are customizable humanoid characters that appear in many games. nintendo os debuting wii in wii sports resort cpu pre-made i.e. computer controlled glitches appear as competitors in single player games while the yo introduced in wii sports are infinitely more well known such as matt abby and lucia , a handful of wii sports resorts have gained similar recognition, such as tommy wii motion plus, wii motion plus is an expansion device that plugs into the bottom of the wii remote, it allows for more complex movement than had been available previously and its use debuted with the release of wii sports resort later, a variant of the wiimote known as the wiimote plus was introduced with motion plus technology pre-built within how-to videos on first boot of the game, a series of how-to videos will play automatically To demonstrate how to use the new Wii Motion Plus as such, almost everyone who has played the game has seen at least one of them. e videos and have also gained a significant amount of infamy due to their wordy way of explaining a relatively simple process that can also not be skipped in gameplay pooh fisher pooh fescher is a gaming youtuber who is well known for playing nintendo games , particularly mainline Wii series titles such as Wii Sports Resort, with a notable portion of his Wii Sports Resort videos gaining millions of views as well as his problems with basketball and table tennis games, it's safe to say that they are some One of the best known wii sports resort based youtube contents.
the wii sports resort iceberg explained
Existing Main Theme This theme is melodically similar to that of Wii Sports but with additional instruments and an overall more tropical feel to match the game's setting. It sounds every time wii sports resort is launched and is therefore associated with nostalgia for many people. who played the game when they were younger, though not as popular as its older brothers' opening theme, it has still enjoyed re-uploads and remixes that have racked up hundreds of thousands of views and users commenting on nostalgia and level. of quality two jay schlatt jay schleither is also a gaming and commentary youtuber who is notable for having played wii games on his channel in the past.
the wii sports resort iceberg explained
He has produced two videos in which he plays wii sports resort, both of which have surpassed 1 million views, though not as amazing as the professor's view. counts j schlatt seems to be more colloquially known as wedge island wedge island is another island featured in wii sports resort used as the setting for t The Game of Golf Anyone who has played golf has seen silence, even if does not know its specific name which justifies its position We are resorting to violence We are resorting to violence as a semi-popular meme featuring an edited version of the wii sports resort cover, though now showing goria iterations of all four activities originally seen on he though emerged from r gaming in may 2020 the meme appears to have enjoyed peak popularity in early 2021 often used as a reaction image albeit with the bottom half removed and altered added after the original creation of the wuhu island image in other games wuhu island or at least parts of it have appeared in a variety of other games.
Nintendo OS since the release of Wii Sports Resort, particularly Smash Bros 4U, Smash Bros Ultimate, Mario Kart 7, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and the Wii Fit sequels, we fit more and we fit you again. I'll mention woohoo island a few times later, but for more on this topic I recommend watching ing nintendo heroes the story of wuhu island speedrunning the game has a surprisingly large speedrunning community, particularly in the game of golf, this is fairly well known information due in part to the salt summoning video on the subject stamps wii sports resort contains an achievement system known as stamps which is exclusive to the game completing a difficult or unique feat detailed on a stamp that stamp is unlocked and congratulated to the player congratulations there is a total of 100 stamps to collect in the game to my knowledge the stamp system has not been reset yet -they pop up in any subsequent nintendo game level three other videos there are many other generic wii sports resort games on youtube which are not really worth individual points probably created due to the success of some of the videos mentioned above ados or to exploit Nostalgia for the game.
However, there is also a handful of interesting content about the game, such as Nintendo heroes and soul summoning. ng with psylocke hawks a video about whisper resort and she says its limit breaks the game storm island storm island is a relatively well known mod for the game that allows for custom music text textures and island models along with a variety of other features professional class Professional class rewards are a ranking of one thousand experience points or more and are used to unlock a variety of in-game rewards. The professional class is obtained when the player beats the most skilled champion or CPU in any game, for example the seal will last me standing or there can only be one that is unlocked by beating the champion and the swordsmanship dual mode teases a reward this reward is the unlocking of samurai armor for the main character once the player obtains the professional class and table tennis with a Between the Select Me screen and the black warning screen that follows, the use of a shoe will be allowed as palette.
A purple sword and sword jewel can also be unlocked using the same sword method. the tiebreaker if a drawer is scored in each of the three rounds of a jewel or if each player gets a win and a tie a bonus final showdown is unlocked which sees players enter a sudden death round on top of the small blue arena centerpiece this phenomenon is relatively well known among the player base and can also end in a draw resulting in a complete draw of the jewel and possessing a seal secret strike secret strike is probably the best known easter egg in wii sports resort and can be achieved in the 100 pin bowling game mode more specifically if a player rolls the ball along one of the gutter guards an off screen switch is activated causing an explosion that knock down all 100 pins win a hit in the game as if it were normal and a stamp miguel's plane miguel is a me debuting on we sportszor fly a plane on a flyover on the island that will lead to the information points that the player needs to collect in the game or vantage points as they are more commonly known n his own plane is also a vantage point while miguel's game can be attracted with a flare that is activated by pressing 1 on the wii remote and is the only other plane on the map that emits a trail of smoke its surface is still relatively dark Pilot Wings Resort Pilot Wings Resort is a semi-dark Nintendo 3DS game that takes place on the island of Woohoo while technically being the third installment in the piloting series following Pilotwings for the SNES and Pilotwing 64 for the N64.
The resemblance to Wii Sports Resort is great. steeper essentially works as a continuation of the air sports game mode miguel's plane also appears in the game's free flight mode level four is unlocked by having two rewards similar to the pro class though slightly lesser known are You can unlock a variety of additional features through holding down the two buttons between the selection screen and the black warning screen in many of the games, for example, this cheat can be used to play a sword duel at the same time. sunset play a game of basketball at night play an 11 point game in table tennis instead of a six point game hide all balloons and viewpoints on the ireland flyover play the introductory skydiving event in skydive hide the aiming and archery circle and to hide the information on the screen in both golf and frisbee golf bowling ball multi icolor in a similar vein the color of the bowling ball in any bowling mode can be changed by pressing a certain direction on the d-pad during the same charging time between screens up for blue down for green left for red and right for gold a star covered bowling ball is also available upon reaching pro class in bowling pin slash dart fencing speed chop mode puts the player against a cpu in a battle to see who can chop an object determined in the right direction faster, while conventionally the player would move the wiimote to cut items, the remote can also be pushed forward, which pushes the item and ca. uses it to get pushed into the mate trainer, this serves no purpose and will essentially make you lose the round, but it's not something most people know about this, it can also be done to the opponent in a fencing duel for a Sealed jazz cover on both the menu settings and game option screens, a slower, jazzier version of the Wii Sports Resort theme song can be heard, however, since the game option screens often skip very quickly and most players don't use the settings menu, not many know about it, other islands there are a handful of other islands that make up the wuhu archipelago, besides the name sekuhu island and the aforementioned wedge island, the least notable ones are two small islands called fireworks launch zone a and fireworks launch zone b from which, as expected, fireworks are launched during the night mode of the s Overflight of the island there is also another uninhabited island aptly named desert island which mees and wales occasionally visit the last island is a private island after the collection of ati points a small holiday home appears on the island for the player to surrender percent gif percent is the best known category extension of wii sports resort golf speedrunning instead of completing all holes as quickly as possible a runner must finish an 18 hole course with the worst possible score of 144 points to do this, a player must miss the shot so many times that the game will automatically cause them to give up each hole and incur a penalty, racing is a well-known category of memes and is often only played for comedic purposes or to optimize the main races due to its tedious nature 20 everything accomplished in table tennis 20 everything is similar to sparring draw only more difficult and darker as res ult in order to achieve the perfectly matched seal or a worthy opponent in the friend version, a score of 20 must be created in a single player mode, which makes the match moredeclare a draw as per house rules, however this can easily be obtained by playing against a very weak CPU and alternating winning and losing, albeit monotonously, either way this is still a rare occurrence. of anyone currently discussed in a little over two and a half million one of his most popular videos sees him play the various games available on wii sports resort and also creates an unusual looking meme character called i want to die who has since become a mascot of the channel although many are familiar with the video itself due to its popularity it is a little less well known that rt considers wii sports resort their favorite game they have streamed what was your favorite game you streamed i like to give it to wii sports resort because i think it was the perfect stream huh everything that could have gone right went right woohoo island in times square july 15 2009 nintendo d announcement we would be turning military island and times square into a miniature woohoo island like a promotional event for the esports complex that was to launch in the United States the same month.
This event was held on July 23 from 9am to 3pm with 50 tons of sand to form an artificial beach a small pool kiosks to try out the various sports free tropical drinks and an appearance by gossip girlschase crawford actor we basically bought to live with a sports complex here in the middle of the times we have transformed the military island into the wuhu island that appears in the response complex we truck 50 tons of sand many palm trees level five morse code messages when piloting near from the great lighthouse on wuhu island called the sail a morse code beep can be heard overflight of the island the three unique messages have been translated and seem to take the style of an initial transmission and a subsequent reply the messages say why someone uses the morse code and answer good question the morse code takes forever to answer I sure do and does anyone know the morse code and reply? sorry use your radio akira is better than lucia this is essentially a general statement based mostly on the title of youtuber nikovita's video of his gameplay. whisper that was this guy is better than lucia i changed my mind in reference to cpu yo akira lucia is the champion of table tennis game e and akita is a me ranked slightly below her well as i mentioned nikovita is the main reason for the minor popularity of this statement, many have experienced remarkable difficulty in overcoming it.
Air sports cruise and table tennis turned into sword fighting, sea bike, sky, leisure and ping pong respectively cut games in an email interview for Wired Wii Sports Resort producer Katsuya iguchi revealed that the fishing and waterslide activity were considered as events for the final game that the development team had also created a prototype for a game of kendama, essentially the Japanese variant of a cup and ball game, however this was discarded because it didn't fit with the theme of the resort hidden targets each stage of the archery game has at least one hidden target in addition to the main one which is often a piece of fruit or other food that hits the hidden target scores 10 points just like a bullseye would on th The normal target, but they are notoriously hard to find without consulting an outside source let alone aim and hit wii sports p Lus Wii Sports Resort Wii Sports Plus Wii Sports Resort is an obscure version of Wii Sports Resorts apparently released for friends only in late 2009 that includes both games bundled on a single disc when the disc is started, a screen appears prompting the player than select the game you would like to play other than there is no difference between the original version and the bundled version of wii sports resort but a lot of people don't know basket bike basket bike is a custom bike that is supposedly unlocked by reaching pro status and riding a bike and holding one between the select me screen and the black warning screen similar to the previously mentioned unlockables despite being perpetuated by various online sources notably ign the easter egg seems not exist and only npcs can use the basket bike this information was popularized in the d-pad game rs video about eggs easter wii sports resort which also spawned a lot of speculation and jokes regarding the basket bike in the comment section world edition level 6 another dark variant of wii sports resort this one is apparently identical to the original game so for quote there are no region restrictions, the wii is region locked which means that games produced specifically for a certain region may not necessarily work in another. various types of ntsc cover asia, north america and a bit of south america while power covers the rest along with europe, australasia and africa, what is the exact purpose? the world edition of the game serves, so it's not clear, a small circle on the bottom right of the cover lists the territories saudi arabia, malaysia, singapore and the united arab emirates, all of which are covered by ntscu and should work with US produced games also retails for 100 again for unknown reasons as there is very little information available about this supposed wak edition without using eboarding routes Wastewats Resort wakeboarding mode sees the player do tricks from the trail produced by a motorboat following a set route an in-game fire called ws2 underline wkb underline island.pnp stores these routes in-game it also contains assets called wakeboard 4 wakeboard 5 and wakeboard 8, which are three routes that They don't appear in the final game but still remain within their code Wakeboard 4 is currently shown in a screen trace studio back in February. 2019 a research paper titled effect of wii sports resort in Improvement in attention processing speed and working memory and moderate stroke was published.
It describes how, although video games have been used in stroke victims for physical rehabilitation, their efficacy has rarely been studied. processing speed 15 of whom were in an intervention group playing wiesford's resort three days a week across eight weeks and the other 15 in a control group which, as expected, the intervention group achieved better results and, although more studies are needed, the results seem encouraging. 2006 along with the announcement of wii sports and early versions of the baseball, golf and tennis games that would later appear in the final product wii sports airplane consists of an airplane controlled by the wii mode that flies around a primitive island of wuhu via rings for points and was originally intended to appear in wii sports however it was later removed for unknown reasons and later appeared in the sports complex when the island flies over the game mode the scoring rings also resembled to the rings that later appeared in pilotwings resort vr remake. a reddit post that appeared in december 2020 on r slash oculus titled preview of our wii sports resort vr remake coupled with a screenshot of a vr version of the wuhu city wishing fountain, the profile that the created usa polybox games has been dormant since name searching reveals the domain indicating that the game will see Matt receive a spam email that transports him back to the island of Wuhu, forcing him to complete your various activities to pay the bill that the vacation incurs.
The website claims that only five percent of the game has been completed with no release date. I personally contacted the email address listed on the website and using polybox gaming account gets a response from sid account about a week later they write completed xd not in development and going strong heck yeah 5th june 2009 when entering input a b down 1 2 up minus plus minus plus on home screen this status will be displayed along with the text product us and time 1225 while the user who described this hack on youtube eclio claims that this is the release date of the game thi This is not the case.
Wii Sports Resort was released on June 25, 2009. The US version was released in July. He owned a powerful copy of the game. I decided to try to recreate this hack in the different version. The exact same text appeared, however the EU replaced us at the top. line I'm still not sure how important the state is, but it seems to remain constant across all versions of the game. Level seven internal document leak. The Nintendo Data Leak 2020 was a series of leaks that appeared on 4chan from April to December of the same year. a variety of source code demo assets and various other data from a plethora of nintendo games a particularly large leak in this series occurred in the second week of september notably containing the everlasting docs for wii sports and wii sports resort while all these documents are relatively hard to locate now that there is this leaked image showing a scrapped version of one of the menu screens unused music there are two pieces of unused music c that have been found within the game code when a player starts any certain archery stage, a short jingle will be played each stage has a unique jingle with the exception of the first one where the standard archery theme will be played, however a jingle endemic to the first stage still exists in the game files titled arc underscore stage underscore normal dot ry.32 the second piece called fld underscore jsk und erscore result underscore win dot ride.32.brs appears to be associated with the frisbee dog game, but the exact purpose remains unclear Debug Menus The game contains three unique debug menus, one for wakeboarding, one for air sports, and one for power cruisers in these menus, a variety of options can be selected with respect to each respective game, most of which would not normally be available, while most are simply assumed to be.
In-game camera tests and redirects the player to a hodgepodge of buggy assets upon selection, some are a bit more noticeable, for example freemode or tui mordor in ja. The panel can be accessed in the esports menu at Instead of seeing the player collect views under a time limit, the timer is immediately locked, essentially allowing for an infinitely long exploration of Wuhu Island. Also of interest is the fact that these menus are only accessible in ntscj, the Japanese version, and opening the menus in the US variant replaces the Japanese text with nonsense strings. the rabbit hole it implies could be a video itself so i'll summarize my findings the game released about a year after all other regions in June 2010 the largest documentation for the game is a series of pages in the equivalent Korean from the official Nintendo website, however this page was removed sometime during 2020 for unknown reasons, it can still be accessed via the Wayback Mach Although with limitations depending on what has been archived, the website contains a 15-second commercial and a fuller trailer of just under three minutes, essentially a longer version of the former, although I don't speak Korean, it seems to be a mirror of the other. trailers detailing all 12 sports as well as an overview of the game itself and conclude with an image of the game's box this may be the only image of the physical game known to exist this multicolored logo appearing on the box also appears in the documented korean version of wii sports and means hangul version hangul being the korean alphabet the website also contains promotional material such as a map of wuhu island indicating where each sport is geographically however due to road machine limitations and my inability to understand Korean a lot of the related content may still be lost or at least too isolated to stay within the scope of this video, the wii sports wiki states that I am h and their names changed in the Korean version, however, this information does not include the quote from the website, which may be more knowledgeable in English, redirects to an e-mail Error trying to access my knowledge.
There is no physical copy of this game. However, there is a list. for a combined korean version of wii sports and wii sports resort on korean shopping website 11th street, while this area near the bottom is dimly visible as the hangul version symbol, the legitimacy of this product is certainly questionable and even if it was real it is a combined version rather than the korean version of wii sports resort alone the 18 hole incident although it may seem like a common gag to iceberg chant at first this is a real incident which in fact , it happened during the development of wii sports resort iwata question isa series of interviews conducted by famed former Nintendo CEO Satoru Iwata ultimately proved to be one of the most insightful windows into the inside. how nintendo works and its games iwata talked to his colleagues about the various games the company had developed from 2006 until his death from a tumor in his bile duct in 2015. it is a well-known fact that the interview on whispers recurs revealed that the gulf it was almost not included in the game.
Game designer Shigiro Miyamoto had mentioned in an interview at E3 2008 that the roundness of golf shots would now be determined by the player's backswing, although a game of golf and we changed resorts didn't exist at all until Miyamoto returned to Japan and infamously declared that he knew that we now included golf. What far fewer players know about is the 18th hole incident, a similar event that is more of an inside joke among the developers than something with significant repercussions for the team. Developers of the Wii Motion Plus technology were having a hard time keeping moisture out of one of its senses by trying a variety of bizarre remedies like pressure cooking the device, while this meant the originally planned Christmas release was delayed, time off it also allowed the game's development team to institute new features. the agreement that the golf will be 18 holes after all its status as an incident stems from the fact that this was a lie to goad the team into building a bigger course; however, with free time, this was successfully achieved and then some. that everyone, to quote developer takayuhi shimaura, ended up feeling very positive about the blue club motion plus set the blue club nintendo japan wii sports resort motion plus set is an extremely obscure piece of merchandise related to wii sports resort the package contains a nunchuck motion plus sky blue and wiimote which are inscribed with japanese text this text apparently discusses wearing the strap and how to hold the remote control these outfits were created as part of a japan exclusive giveaway pre-order wassful resort between june 25 and on August 1, 2009 through the nintendo japan club website and you entered the draw to win one of the sets which were five thousand produced and their niche and scarcity has made them an obscure collector's item the fact that that this was the only way to get a blu-ray remote at the time and even now its the only way to get a blue jacket going and also n contributed the most extensive documentation available comes from you, slash anna ismai siegel, who is nearing purchases set for 150 on ebay after supposedly six years of searching for seemingly no other set. they are available for sale now and there you have it wii sports resort iceberg


that this is by far my longest video date but i also had a lot of fun researching and writing and hope you all had a good time too thank you

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