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The Wiggles Yummy Yummy 1998(US Version) Part 7

Apr 19, 2023
Miss Joni works with I'd rather spend she goes to sleep wake up everyone that was great you know what you're right Thomas look here everyone Geoff is asleep we better wake him up a ring one two what are you doing I just dreamed I was a monkey and he was doing a monkey dance like this let's do the monkey monkey those are all elephants that's okay let's jump to the front and back jump to that's okay Tyger Tyger Tyger Tyger jump to the front and back jump - jump back from deal with the elephant the tiger tiger we are making munchy crisp honey cakes and we have our friend Paula cooking here to help us out captain feathersword i love honey cakes too prince monty yes captain but we are making some more crisp honey cakes for you you can eat them later, oh, ok, great, we have some milk, some flour, some mueslix flakes and some baby ingredients with honey, we also have some spoons.
the wiggles yummy yummy 1998 us version part 7

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