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The Wiggles: Yule Be Wiggling

Apr 12, 2023
everyone is dancing hello everyone we are the Wiggles I'm Greg I'm Mary I'm Jeff and I'm Anthony and we'd like to do a Christmas ball instead of your Christmas son doing the dance we're having a dance we're having a Christmas everyone's dancing because it's Christmas something we love to dance swaying we're doing it we're doing it on Christmas day it's free POTUS Nancy because it's Christmas day we're doing a Christmas dance hop we're doing we're doing a Christmas dance everyone's dancing because it's Christmas there No i cant wait for christmas day everyone all that beautiful food christmas i love it i love that food i cant wait to get a lot of sleep on christmas day omg i cant wait to play my guitar and sing lots of carols on christmas day.
the wiggles yule be wiggling
I really want to spend the whole day with my family and friends. Well it's Christmas and the world is moving and as you can see when you dance around them you decorate a Christmas tree that moves and we can't wait for Christmas wait for Christmas day Murray and Brick are having fun hanging the star from Christmas, you can wax the dog for his Christmas song, no, we backtracked again, we just wait for Christmas, father, stop, we do Henry, you dance like wax, so we do the pirate jig, we do the hot potato, good, Chris, come , they say we just came, wait for Christmas day, everyone is. a very exciting moment i am excited are you excited?
the wiggles yule be wiggling

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the wiggles yule be wiggling...

Santa Claus is on his way to move well, we've got some great songs and dances to do to help her on her way, but right now, Captain, he says he needs to shut down the radar. your house, could you tell everyone where Santa Claus is right now? Oh sorry oh Grand Canyon Anthony in America fantastic it's on its way we all have a dance to do can you do this to help Center on his way. It's the reindeer. you can do it? you're doing it that's all santa is loves to dance oh yeah dance so everyone does he keep it up keep it up oh that's a beauty alright captain yeah how's that radar going where is santa now alright y'all alright we have another dance so y'all help santa it's the shiny ticket buckle very easy to do that's all yes now captain where are you now because you must be getting closer? oh you know what well that's real close sydney australia everyone if you see santa give a big round of applause because here comes santa claus and here come the reindeer they come - red is friendly it rains sad lately raking it pulling the sleigh with the spinner in the presence to eat bring you christmas cheer shining santa claus smiling head up funny please can't it's the best time of year for everyone to be afraid of the reindeer coming so your attitude becomes an israeli baby reindeer chilling the sleigh with the spinner in the presence of a jumper ring too deep to bring you christmas cheer here we are outside the fireplace i bet you me hanging christmas coffee stop going to bed and make a wish that my time be true everyone sing it's over it's raining here he comes santa claus comes here he comes one of the wonderful things about christmas is that people gather all over the world to celebrate in australia it's very hot at christmas but in the part North of the world it is very cold, sometimes it even snows.
the wiggles yule be wiggling
Christmas is a special time and the world is one on a Christmas morning for Christmas on the way. world one on a Christmas morning from Bethlehem hey Lovejoy very new or in the manger Americans and the world is another Christmas morning they see the virus Tinka lobby everywhere Australian Christmas we celebrate this way and the world is one at Christmas and the world one on a Christmas morning that sounds good yes I'll take it back Merry Christmas everyone hello my weekly friend Anna hello Santa. them to me hello my little elf friends Mari what are you doing there Vanna it's a special Christmas ball for you and everyone try to dance and Santa is learning to bend his knees while your arms lawyer Willie's reindeer skipping all the news from world dancing even though the wind was cold remembered hinting at Murray's son to keep his while he was flying in the sleigh Alvin is coming rocking right now we would all like you to meet a friend of ours who lives at the North Pole I'm not talking about Santa Claus he's one of Santa's helpers he's an elf and his name is Jimmy the elf now Jimmy has a little problem because he can't stop sneezing all day he sneezes and it really interrupts his work so let's meet him now here he comes it's jimmy the pumper elf sure it's cold and a lot of work to do at christmas we love it well jimmy would have the most please all the way up and down the north pole coast around christmas, this egg keep your ear to the floor walking out of the bedroom you will hear this powerful sound everyone next song kuru kuru the birds carol comes from ireland and to help us sing this song we have a friend from ireland morgan crowley hi everyone morgan would you like to tell everyone in your mother tongue irish all about kuru kuru solo song? all the little birds came to baby Jesus to sing songs that's fantastic too Morgan could you wish everyone a Merry Christmas you didn't relieve Anthony you don't like dazzle honey which means merry Christmas everyone very good now we invite everyone to join me Morgan singing kuru kuru because many birds woke up and flew for me, right, with wandering on christmas day, morning, diaper and saw darling on christmas day.
the wiggles yule be wiggling
BL was there with me, a white slime. with us and saw sweet mary signed on christmas day morning oh and age on christmas day santa claus needs our help this week to deliver all the prisons to the boys and girls yeah so we have loaded the big red car full of presents and off we go wake up jess around the world where the trees are picking up the presents for the boys and girls we are helping old santa claus around the world around there are many things to see along the way many countries where they dance and play let's take a look see what we can see a tarantella in victor marie singing is wonderful dancing in ireland let's cheer in argentina tango speak let's get on our knees in london city in new york city the fruit is famous we are in a trip around the world collecting the presses for the boys and girls we are helping old Santa around the world all over the world Greg could sing again we are on a trip around the world collecting the presses for the boys and girls we are helping the old Santa in everything hey Marie hey Marie I'm starting to like everyone it's a great time now because it's time to meet a friend of ours who is a great dancer a fantastic singer and gives concerts for everyone when he wants you should know who I speak is a dancing dog I speak shakes the dog from head to toe for dancing with his dog a bear and we say shake shake Wacks loves music but makes him love he likes your head too Sebastian bye no one loves to dance all true your pants are still doing that we say shake shake shake shake Christmas everyone join in the fun let's give this doll the money they love to do the shake she stuck to the sounds in the lobby she is giving a Christmas present to all the people at the Christmas show Banksy dance on the street and join in and we say hm we shake shake Christmastime at Christmastime now that will be planned for this wonderful day everyone's Christmas has waxed the dog good news everyone Morgan's back but this time he's wearing his singing teacher outfit and that's because you've been giving Captain Feathersword some singing lessons, how did it go?
Morgan, Captain Feathersword, he's a great student, Greg, he's the best student, but I think I need to give him one more lesson, okay, let's bring him in and see how he goes. Oh, Captain, Captain, I heard your singing lessons went really well, but Morgan just has to give you one last lesson, so I'll leave you alone. Okay, you sure are a little nervous, Morgan, just remember what we told everyone, we're going to sing jingle those, okay, and I think the best way to sing jingle bells is just to imagine that you're a Bell, yeah , so if you close your eyes that's easy captain I have the word easy everyone is that we are going to cut our hand to change the dial everyone is fine sweetly look and that joy Maria sends why this exultation why your joyful force Sehwa let the news be the ones that inspire heavenly song come to Bethlehem and see him for whose birth the angel sings come worship on your knees Christ under Ponte hey Sara we all know you are great at giving presents at Christmas but I have heard that You're pretty good at doing a dance called the Polka.
Now what I'm wondering is this, can we all try doing the Polka right now with you? Oh yeah little Greg, let's start this polka on the right leg. Where did it start? Christmas. I sit with your chin. Look who it is. walking through the door the world knows and we like it the Pope is going to tell us now so hit start staying before you go take your partner's hand don't see circle down to the side the rubber ready, why, how, brandy, come on? start christmas again all three sunfish aw thank you santa bunker closed thanks santa i have a great idea to make this christmas a little different why don't i turn into a singing and dancing christmas tree? the captain wants to beat a colorful dancing christmas tree he'll be one of those he sighs seeing i just need help covering up our gallant captain number see he does a couple christmas trees now he gives busting pics to ugly hungarians the signal captain makes up a stinger caught him so launch captain spins around we can hang christmas lights daddy christmas what a star up there i got tinsel everywhere thank you now i'll stay put till eve New Years everyone with some special friends of ours this is Erin and this is Jessica and they have some special dresses that they are wearing and that is because they are going to dance now Erin can you tell us about your dress?
This girl is a boy in dress and it's Tibor was ever caught asking if she's down to earth that's the pattern on her skirt it's really fantastic and Jessica you're also wearing a very special dress can you tell us about your dress? My dress is an Irish dance dress and I wear it. to the competitions fantastic now we have two special dances here Erin is a Scottish dancer as you can see and Jessica is an Irish dancer and they are going to show us some moves that they are going to do we are going to see a dance soon and they are going to show us some moves now can you show us the step that you are going to do there and what is it called wing cuts?
Ok let's see there I like the wing cuts that's fantastic and Jessica can you show us the stride? what are you going to do oh that was pretty fancy and what is the name of that jessica with that is fantastic we have other friends here we are just going to talk to them now and they will help us with the dance we are also here with dom maja great and maria son members of the wiggly orchestra ever yeah tell us about the instruments ok Jeff this is a violin mm-hmm he has a cello that's a lot bigger it sure is and Dom has a nice shiny trumpet now what can you do with the violin Maria Jeff today let's go to dance to a jig and the fiddle can play the tune Wow and what can you do Margit Jeff I can do this and I can do this what is it I have a much lower and sillier sound Jeff I'm going to play a rolling fanfare Wow well we have To the dancers, we've got the orchestra undulating, sing the music and all the dancing, oh oh I know you're wonderful at flying through the sky in your snub and you give all those gifts to everyone but Shanna you can dance tap oh tap dance I'll take a chance Oh tap dance I'll tap dance on my chicken step hey cap I love tap oh yeah if you like this tapping feel free to start clapping to get the chat started let's start with a twist come on everyone hi everyone , I'm here with Dorothy, the dinosaur.
Merry christmas. in the next song there are some great dancers for you to do so dance with everyone and i can guarantee by the end of the song you will be moving into christmas and feel like you have to move hah what are you aunt bragg keep going counting. something got you in the christmas mood like a bird shaking your way and everyone started dancing and you'll be moving to write you subscribed everyone is dancing to the beat be sweating in the aussie lots of Lego Angela fingers also everyone is dancing and you yoky move willow wait wait it will go down round and round we go sponges to a point where everyone is dancing and you are all dancing everyone is dancing come on come on well we had a great time here today with all our friends and all of you we hope you have a wonderful Christmas and a very Happy New Year until next time we hope you

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