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The Wiggles: Wiggledancing Live In The USA 2006 Full DVD Rip

Apr 12, 2023
thank you thank you thank you hello we are The Wiggles I'm Greg I'm Anthony I'm Barry let's wake him up together when I count three are you ready one two three thanks for waking me up y'all thank you really y'all now we're on our way to the wiggle show yeah foreigner all day has so much food he loves it yes he is eating apples and oranges all day hi everyone it's great to be in Wallingford Connecticut yes hi everyone welcome to today's show we're The Wiggles I'm Murray I'm Greg I'm Jeff I'm Anthony and everyone you probably know. that we love to go for a drive in our big red car oh yeah we really like it but we also like to walk walking is great exercise and you never know what you might see when you are out and taking a walk if you go for a walk and You need to cross the street, well you better make sure you stop at the light and look both ways, Greg we're walking through Waterford Connecticut we want to cross the street what do we do mate?
the wiggles wiggledancing live in the usa 2006 full dvd rip
So cross the street with a friend let's see everybody stop at the lights famous again this afternoon hello everybody with a friend hello everybody today is all about having a good time so if you feel like singing we'd love to hear you sing, sing as loud as you want. you feel like dancing we would love to see you dance as fast as you want or as slow as you want everyone and also if you feel like waking up jeff well i think you have a chance if you see jeff falling asleep you tell us because jeff yes old friend we want to keep you awake.
the wiggles wiggledancing live in the usa 2006 full dvd rip

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the wiggles wiggledancing live in the usa 2006 full dvd rip...

Beauty, man, everybody, let's sing together Rock-a-Bye, your man, thumbs up, everybody, let's rock back and forth and I'll sing Rock-a-Bye, your bed, great idea, Anthony, everybody. clap your hands and everyone says next to you and then you turn around shh man let's sway back and forth hey jeff you're still up buddy oh i'm still up y'all glad y'all sing now sleep y'all tell us something what it's about something yeah, well, I don't believe it, you're right, everyone, Jeffries, always falls asleep, and you know what, we have a lot more songs to sing. All right, this is what we'll do when I count three.
the wiggles wiggledancing live in the usa 2006 full dvd rip
We'll all say wake up, Jeff, and hope


y that will wake up our sleeping friend. Let's try it together. yes yes thanks for waking me up everyone yes yes Anthony is happy about that too everyone well now that I'm awake I have a question for you guys feel free to answer it as loud as you want. Here is my question. They would like to? meet a friend from home would you like to meet a friend of ours would you like to meet Dorothy the Dinosaur well everyone I was wondering would you like to meet a friend of ours would you like to meet a friend of ours would you like to Meet Wax the dog everyone.
the wiggles wiggledancing live in the usa 2006 full dvd rip
I have a question. Would you like to meet a friend of ours? Would you like to meet a friend of ours? Would you like to meet Captain Featherside, the friendly pirate? would you like to meet a friend of ours whom you would like to meet would you like to meet me would you like to meet me I will come back would you like to meet to do it would you like to eat would you like to eat how do you do me hey here is the question let's see how much Henry the octopus yes wow Anthony gotta tell you buddy that was really something greg not even bloated i can't see anthony hats off to you my friend thanks well if y'all wanna meet our friends we'll bring 'em in with a great song called lights camera action


oh yeah we need your help on this song everyone when we sing lights camera action we need you. everyone to put your hands on the edges like this and see what we're going so let's try together now we're looking at lights camera action that's the way we're all going to get ready to go go go come on everyone so we're together with everyone welcome to our show chill tv oh wax start captain right now y'all it's a good time to wave your arms like henry oh that's right y'all wave your arms like henry keep moving wave your arms. your hands like henry shake your hands please twice as fast henry henry wonderful dance thank you all for dancing too because you're fantastic but now let's say goodbye and a good old henry well you've moved your arms like henry but now you can point your finger and you do the twist oh yeah let's all get ready to point fingers and we'll do the twist here we go we're all doing the trees what can you stand here turn around great listening to everyone yeah great dancing everyone good I realize, looking out there, a lot of people love to dance and you know that we really love to dance.
Another person who loves to dance is Dorothy the dinosaur. Dorothy loves to dance and one of her favorite types of dance is ballet. Dorothy loves ballet here she comes everyone she has her beautiful


ballet going on she is ready to dance ballet we would love for you all to join in dancing along with Dorothy a Music Box Dancer foreign that's all keep dancing the ballet with Dorothy foreign foreign oh no Check out Jeff y'all he's done it again he's always following his dream well you know this time when we wake Jeff up let's wake him up much stronger than before maybe that way he could stay awake for the rest of the show everyone do that Greg said if we wake him up hard he'll stay up for the rest of the show now absolutely fine we better wake him up real hard and maybe just maybe uh Jeffrey will wake up and he could say thank you for exhorting me thank you for waking me up loud and then i might say poop hello can i ask y'all a question and then i could say would you like to do a polka dance with me and maybe y'all say i hope you all go? yeah, yeah, and if they all say yes, the chip will go well, pokey, pokey, pokey, oh, if I go home and he's going to dance down the hall, down the stairs, to the upper section, and he gives them shake hands everyone there, what do you think, yeah, wow, us?
I think that's great, Anthony, I heard this right, I'm just going to wake up, he's going to ask everyone if they want to polka. the top there and wave everybody's hands yeah that's right Murray and when I say pulkey pokey pokey you'll do a little dance like this well pokey pokey pokey that's cool. I can't wait to hear that and see that especially. for a big foreigner i could be wrong but i think jeff is falling asleep laughing oh no murray you are not wrong at all. wake him up y'all jeff success Porky pokey pokey dancing all the way to the top depends on how loud you answer his question would you like to polka dance with me when he says that? let's see what's up are you ready one two three thanks for waking me up loud i'd like to ask you a question would you like to do a polka dance with me oh good pokey pokey pokey i'd love to do that slap him Dancing foreign oh hello tonight wait , there's a trumpet blower, yeah, I'm in Connecticut, I'm in Connecticut, I'm here, we better wake him up, are you ready, everybody, one, two, three? he's awake and he's doing the monkey dance let's all do the monkey dance together alright everyone here are some of our favorite animals let's move like them here we go here we go let's do the monkeys everything is good here comes an elephant everyone elephant that's good get ready to jump everyone here we go let's jump front and back come on and jump front and back yes let's jump front and back everything is fine here comes a tiger snarling until the tiger tiger is ok get ready to jump the game here we are going to jump front and back yes we are going to jump front and back because it's ok he's coming like a crazy monkey again monkeys a big animal dancing everyone well done everyone the next song we're going to sing is a traditional folk song and comes from the Caribbean.
In this song one of our Wiggly dancers is dressed in a beautiful brown dress her name is Lucy so when you see Lucy walk through the door in that brown dress you might want to wave to her and say hello because she looks fantastic. and a plum Plum plum dance to the rhythm of the music dance to the music dance to the music cross the ocean jump the ocean jump the ocean looks like a sugar and a plum plum do the locomotion do the commotion of love looks like a sugar and a plum plum looks like a sugar and a plum Plum Plum let's clap our hands Lucy everyone looks like a sugar and a plum Plum Plum clap your hands a lot everyone that was fun well done well i don't know about you all but all the singing and dancing give me a little hungry is there anyone hungry out there? yes we are going to try to fix that we are going to serve everyone some food in the form of a song that we are going to sing about a certain type of food that is very good for you this is healthy food for everyone but not just because it tastes delicious delicious does anyone know what food i'm talking about do you want fruit salad fruit salad delicious delicious fruit salad delicious delicious fruit salad delicious delicious delicious delicious delicious let's make a fruit salad today it's fun to do it it's the healthy way take all whatever fruit you want to eat cut some apples cut some melons give everyone a plate and a spoon delicious delicious salad today do it all again very soon delicious delicious fruit salad delicious delicious fruit salad delicious delicious delicious delicious delicious delicious delicious delicious delicious salad delicious yummy fruit salad yummy yummy we love everyone right now we'd like you to welcome that wonderful friendly pirate to the stage here he comes everyone it's Captain Featherstone and let's say everyone captain feather swords Captain welcome to Connecticut oh yes beautiful Connecticut beautiful yesterday very beautiful Oh Captain look up someone is waving to you Captain look over there someone is waving to you Oh there too Captain look at the audience everyone is waving to you how are you there?
Everyone nothing. Everybody loves it. You are a very funny pirate. Oh yeah. we asked Captain. thanks wait yeah um some people say you dropped your cake over here captain and your solid pen oh i didn't mean to do that i didn't mean to drop that you dropped your pirate house captain your feather pirate head oh my god really captain wait I'll give you this marvelous feathered sword for a second so your pirate head doesn't fall off oh that's a great idea Anthony would you do us a big favor Captain sure sure yes uh if we count to three, would you take three steps back?
Well, definitely okay, let's count three, all set, why two, three, great? He now stretches out his arms to catch the wonderful feathered sword. For good luck, I'll pass this feathered sword to the captain and he'll catch it and we'll carry on with the rest of the show. Let's be captains, looks like you've got a little trouble with that head of yours, so yeah, how about you try this hat on? This one has a lot of flags from all over the world and it sounds fantastic, aren't they great? thank you all let's give it a great Captain Feather song yeah yeah y'all the captain has a hat with flags of the world on it yeah and that reminds me we're about to go sailing around the world, sailing around of the world with Captain Feather.
We saw we ask everyone to put on their own boating hats put them on the tide everyone we're going to go over some lovely shapes that's all and when we get to the different countries you'll see different flags from different countries all now if they see their favourite. flag, will you let us know by clapping very loudly? You can even tell us that's my favorite flag or just clap your hands, we'll know, but now we're going sailing across the world. the sun is the captain in is we'll visit jamaica yes tasmania sydney father oh it looks so nice here we go again welcome to come come come with me i got a good chance one two three four navigating all the way. from sydney harbor to beautiful connecticut everyone and we couldn't be happier cheers for the fantastic that's right you all know we love sailing and we would love for you to come sailing with us right now because we are all on our way . to wiggle bay we're on our way just a few steps away it's a lovely lovely holiday wiggly wiggly everyone here's the challenge can you put your hands up and do the hula out there and under you you better come back? nice place to stay but just shake it off you're right we come on we love to move pay thank you guys and we love to sweep like a fish.
You would like to swim like a fish. This is what you should do. Can you put a hand like that? Such a hand. swim like this swim like this were you ready to swim like a fish? everyone keep looking for our friendly and friendly ben fish oh yeah he comes out and swims too bright colored with a bright orange face but y'all now let's swim like fish y'all stand up for a swim as a please. Come on everyone let's dance with squishy wow it's so much fun swimming like a baby sweet hearts but now it's time for some amazing fish wow it was great dancing with the big fish but now it's time to clean up the covers. aboard the SS feather sword and to do that we're going to have to mop my mop to the mop song here we go now um foreigner foreigner cross your fingers fantastic somersaults captain thank you jeff hello everyone we are here in wiggle bay yeswe are and there are sand hills here let's try running down the sand hills good idea jeff hey that looks like fun jeff that's fun greg good and you know what else it's fun it's fun to roll back down the sand hill yeah let's roll the sandals well thinking are you ok?
I'm fine because the sand here is so soft good for you Jeff and the sand is a great place to dance let's all dance on the sand and rock Bay chasing waves up and down left three times. three times we say come back oh so much fun dancing well done well now we have all sailed around the world and we have ended up in a beautiful country this is a very old country called Greece now the people of Greece love to sing and dance like we do and when they listen to music they clap to the beat of the music so in the next song we need your help to clap to the beat of the music however the music will get faster and faster and faster and faster and faster and faster fast so wow as the music gets faster we'll have to clap faster to keep up with the music this should be kind of fun actually talk about fun if you have fun with this song. only other people from greece do it if they are having fun they yell yeah let's try that together are you ready?
Look at the back here. writing on it and that sign says it in this song when you see Captain feather sword hold that sign above his head make sure you yell as loud as you can let's try now Captain hold that sign fantastic listen to the bazooki sounds all the world that's a big guitar that's the Bouzouki right now and here comes Anthony and the billowing dancers in their Greek dance costumes ah come on get ready land of history let's clap everyone oh yeah oh we love Athens land of history it also means goodbye with you oh we love Adventures Land Of History oh it's getting a little faster we love it it happens yeah hey buddy look at the dancers here they come oh yeah it's party time everyone get ready here we go one two three hey everyone keep dancing cause it's time to dance relax to the dog here he comes now Bow Wow everyone great foreign dance everyone great dance from the youtube eggs that was fantastic now wax loves to dance everyone also loves to eat bones and i know sometimes people bring buns for Wags if you have I have oh I can see quite a few bones laying around if you have bones for wax just hold on to them for now just stay where you are a little later we'll go out and collect those bones the weekly dances will go out and collect all the bones for Wags and the roses for Dorothy just before we go, although before the wax goes, there's a fantastic bone down here.
Would you like to give it to Wags? wonderful bone relax it's kind of a bone pillow so it works you can dream of eating bones while you sleep on your pillow we're all going to say goodbye now we'll see you a bit later thank you it's a lucky dog ​​and thank you Reena for that beautiful bone for Wags thank you everyone who brought bones or wax that's fantastic everyone it's a special time now it's a really special time it's time for music with Murray great and today at music with Murray we're going to play our guitars now I've got my guitar here.
Can you get your guitar out? Everyone, get out your guitar and put it on. Put the strap over your shoulder like Jeff and Greg are doing. Play a little tune to make sure the guitars work here we go oh yeah I think those guitars work for everyone right now it's time to play your guitar with Murray hey it's me guys sorry come on y'all , his name is Murray and he rocks, look, he's up to it. he already has his own stats play your guitar with him again thank you it's so much fun to play guitar but we couldn't have done it without everyone's help give a big round of applause y'all are awesome y'all it's time to go sailing around the world again in song form and help us sing a song about our hometown of Sydney.
We would like to share with you with the teacher. everyone's voice is very sweet and beautiful now, if you would like to sing along with the song, we encourage you to listen to the music as well, he could sway back and forth, just grab the arm with the person next to you, let's see everyone swaying from side to side that's all on the first two thank you teacher sing to us sydney it's alright anthony places to play foreign foreign foreign right now we would like you to welcome back on stage a wonderful friend of ours she yelled she has spots yellow she loves today she loves to do pink let's give her a big round of applause around the stars in the dinosaurs Dorothy it's great to see you again summon the top is waving to you hello waving there hello hello there actually every one Matt Dorothy yes I wonder you are your favorite thing in the whole world what would you say I love you so much Dorothy take a look at everyone if you bought roses for Dorothy could you do us a big favor hold them up in the air for Dorothy to see they don't look at the roses thank you all , they're beautiful, everyone give a big block, they're absolutely wonderful and Jonathan, people have brought you roses from the garden, uh, paper roses, and I'm going to take your hand and point it out. the direction of this beautiful portrait of a rose someone drew a rose and it says Dorothy Love from and I just can't see the love from me now it's fruit love from Nell Ellie love from Ellie Dorothy thank you Ellie it's beautiful thank you Ellie and lots of multi colored flowers and I tell you what Dorothy to collect all the roses well it will probably take you a long time to do so what we are going to do is ask our dancing friends to collect the roses for you we have Ryan to collect the roses , Lucy, Professor Adrian and Ben are going to collect the roses, but Professor, before you click on that, bro, we could ask that girl to present the rose to Dorothy on everyone's behalf, yes, now here we go.
I'm going to find out who it is Layla Dorothy Layla everyone what I'm going to do I'm going to grab Dorothy's tail Dorothy will lean safely towards Layla Layla will give her that rose on behalf of everyone that bouquet of roses here we go well what would you say to Layla Dorothy? Thank you very much Layla I'm happy for Layla Buddy the roses are on behalf of all of us above we are here and home too everyone so thank you Dorothy but ok now I'll take the roses give them to Jeff to put on the bars.
Let's dance, all right, Darthy, you got it, dance with me. I want your life to dance with me. the dances don't have enough time to pick up the rose y'all could you buy two at the end of the show leave the roses somewhere Dorothy can get them a little later thank you all again right now let's make sure I have them right Everybody in Right now, we'd like you to sing the following song, dance, clap, quack, it's Captain Felicide with that wonderful song. buttons can sing any way you can think of and in various situations watch what happens when i press the top button the captain can quack quack quack walking on the wonderful sand on the beach oh yes he will really sing like a robot quack quack quack quack quack quack quack quack quack quack quack quack quack will be in the jungle wading through the bushes singing the quack quack song Quack Quack Quack like an ant running across the kitchen floor wow wow now the Captain is something else whatever your swords of feathers yes yes I have a wonderful one that they usually use to tickle everyone that's right yes but with the help of magic buttons if I press this button like this I have to do it like this yes captain that feather sword he will play the quack quack song like a country guitarist ok see you in the jungle quack quack s this is what he says quack quack quack quack quack or a country guitarist in the jungle yourself lets say that one more time thanks captain that it was great hi everyone we are going to have a hot potato called spaghetti and mashed banana right now hot potato hot potato hot potato hot potato hot potato hot potato hot potato potato potato count spaghetti cold spaghetti golden spaghetti spaghetti spaghetti spaghetti spaghetti spaghetti spaghetti spaghetti whoa bananas thank you Hot Potato Hot Potato Hot Potato Hot Potato Hot Potato Hot Potato well done everyone give a big round of applause well we are all almost at the end of the show we have one more great song and dance before we do though i saw a couple of signs there is one right in the back and it says Jordan, Robert, Justin, they love you, thank you very much, one says we love to move.
Alyssa Love The Wiggles lots of signs I love Murray thanks for that Adam and Rory love the wheels so many signs everyone there's a wonderful one around here and this is coming from maxia Mexico and it says hello friends again you've been before the mexico wiggle show let's give a big round of applause to our mexican friends everyone and Julius ready to wiggle with mags thanks Brian and Alex they're wiggling too and we're wearing


that's fantastic that's great everyone has been a fantastic audience and Anthony there top Anthony loves The Wiggles and Anthony may I say you have a wonderful name?
It's fantastic. We would like to thank everyone, all the moms and dads, grandparents, aunt uncles for making the show so special to us, but especially the stars of the show. The Children of Connecticut, that's right, Anthony, we've been looking at it in the audience and we've seen a lot of great dancing and that gave us an idea for the last song. We thought that to make this last song really special, we might ask. everyone stand up and dance exhausted kids all Murray that's exactly what we were thinking my friend and look around that's what's happening people everywhere are getting up to dance with the kids which is great to see before before we do that last one sing and dance we'll all get everyone to their feet we'll all get ready to go go go go let's stick our fingers in the twist again someone help that chicken please by the sea so it collapses three times with arms like Henry Move your arms like Henry.
I want to shake hands like Henry. Shake hands like Henry. Everybody knows children. That was a fantastic crowd we had a great time today we hope you all had fun too now once again let's go sailing around the world oh you're driving around the world once again together better so I am a good opportunity. thank you again everyone we'll see you again let's say goodbye to each other bye bye today captain feather saw the wavy dancers and all the wiggles of all everyone please let's listen to the wavy dancer yeah see you bye bye bye bye everyone thank you again for coming to the show tonight, we hope you had a great time, see you next time we're here in Connecticut, until then take care to come home and have a great night, bye us. see you next time thanks for coming everyone foreigner thank you thank foreigner foreigner thank you foreigner

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