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The Wiggles Top of the Tots (2003 Canadian VHS).mp4

Apr 12, 2023
oh my dears welcome to the top of the pie today here's cool Wiggles a yellow shirt where it's booing and of course Murray that wonderful guitarist playing guitar in red and then there's Jeff who he always falls asleep in his purple shirt and, of course, Wiggles' friends. here's Dorothy the dinosaur legged wonder Henry the octopus and of course the top of the pie ain't the top of the pie without the Ryan dancers to go and of course the wonderful Lucy oh , and don't forget me, Captain Feathersword, without further ado, let's go see give him the cow's phone give him the phone everyone knows you keep it here the bhagavad give him a fishbone everyone knows the time on TV Wow but you won't sing it again you give a Cowabunga key to the horse Epona everyone knows you gave me everybody we go to Central Park New York via satellite spirits rise eye squirrels yeah shapes of see this try oh we'll take a love get down can i squeeze it young you crave new york best democrat lob several ways it can take a friend of yours get ice squirrels put on your western gear when you're safe and you'll ride no big hats singing a westers song ha boys and cow items come on all cats and dogs every school used to be the son make sure your hats are tied cause the window so day and the kids and the cow everyone a shovel the sky through the sky they fly through the sky the sky through the sky to the sky they fly through the sky the controls are the big baby air the windows on each side taking over here consuming wait Memphis we go well through the sky to across the sky sky across the sky across the sky fly across the sky the plane runs on Thais fuel take them it's made of aluminum put away your bags take a seat buckle up ready for the sky across the sky across the sky across the sky fly across the sky across the sky across the sky across the sky across the sky across the sky across the sky everyone get your vents ready it's time to lead the orchestra that I've waved my arms and waved my arms and rocked the orchestra he's right you know you wave your thumbs and rock your bedtime wave your kids and wave your baton in the orchestra play they follow you lead the man or orchestra Chaffin wave my arms and swing my bets in his spare time he waves his kids and sways he's a tongue when the orchestra is in place if so i hope it's time to cross back to new york city hello everyone my name It's Frank I'm a New York City firefighter with Brooklyn tangent company two to seven and I love my job but to do my job I need to wear special clothing to protect myself for starters I have steel toe boots and more to protect it the pants are protective fire protection with knee pads attacked my knees my jacket is also fire protection with reflectors so that all firefighters can see us when we were operating.
the wiggles top of the tots 2003 canadian vhs mp4
I have a light for us to be in dark rooms. We could try to see where we're going. What I have here is a mask that we wear our own. air to a fire so that we can breathe when it is smoking we also have hoods that will protect our ears and neck from the heat and fire and lastly we have our helmet to protect our heads and that is the very interesting New York City firefighter uniform until a little one to get to a fire we have a fire truck it carries all the firefighters it has everything we need to fight a fire water hoses ladders it has lights and sirens so people know we are coming and can get out of our way so we can go to the fire putting on your black boots black jacket i resisted jack my crash helmet very protective dressed like hell and waiting for the belt riding to the scene firefighter pulling out five places over the weekend climbing the stairs climbing the line sliding down the pole sliding down the pole chef nicola hosen checking all the holes and sway getting ready to go ride the engine to the scene turning off sleeping on the fire until the bell rings i'm turning on the siren turning on the siren best new when you hear it Street by Do you like picking flowers?
the wiggles top of the tots 2003 canadian vhs mp4

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the wiggles top of the tots 2003 canadian vhs mp4...

We love picking flowers captain flower sword you are certainly a beautiful flower captain flower sword I know a pirate who looks like you but has a feather sword yes I can see I have a feeling captain flower sword he is trying to trick me here oh yeah but anyway let's pick some flowers together let's pick some flowers put them in ours to brighten our room always pee flower boy my favorite ah beautiful petunias always a horticulturist i am always be a regular botanist please we all love mary go and they smell together these are two cuts honest lover he's a regular botanist beautiful petunia he's a horticulturist he's a regular botanist he's a horticulturist sometimes when you're looking you might need to visit the doctor but you know something funny sometimes you need to visit the doctor even when you're not around trying to tell us more here is dr. pam via satellite hi


hi everyone i'm dr.
the wiggles top of the tots 2003 canadian vhs mp4
Pam, sometimes when you come to the doctor you might feel really sick, other times you just come in for a checkup, oh I see what kind of things the mayan doctor uses to find out what's wrong with someone when you come to the doctor, There are things that we use. to know how you are one of these is a thermometer and we put this thermometer in your ear to tell your temperature Wow for Mahler tell us more this is a stethoscope we put it in our ears and listen to your chest to listen to your heart and listen to your breathing sometimes when we put it on his chest it feels a bit cold oh gold it might tickle - anything else doctor this is a tongue depressor we put it on his tongue and ask him to say ah so we can get a little peek down his throat thank you dr. bread check mouths and you can say they are at the doctor at the doctor's you can open mouths and you can say they are at the doctors and the doctors have just had dinner many times in the waiting room and the doctor said the doctors there are many toys in the living room wait on the dock things to do garment briefly need to feel better dawkins oh it's all good tom you were such a good boy have a jellybean thank you dr.
the wiggles top of the tots 2003 canadian vhs mp4
Bread everyone I feel very happy today and when I'm happy I love to sing lala lala well a Greg kills everyone oh I'm happy too and when I'm happy I like to flap my wings and go chirpy chirpy chirpy chirpy cheep cheep chirpy chirpy chirpy chirpy chip chip wow that's great jeff but you know i don't know what the next song is about. Can you tell everyone the name of the next song? jamaica trading some good legs its stripes its hot nests scratch sweet bacon pecs struts its water nests scratches its weight indeed just like that they are hopping people singing a bird pecks at their trucks its a list stretches and tweets bacon pigs and struts and swamp and miss stretch and tweet impact like a little bird JJ JJ JJ up and down like a bird HIV HIV sang a good Impex struts gone and dirty scratches and tweets and eggs and struts and soft scratchy sweet indeed leaves your wings oh geez just jimmy jimmy jimmy chicken wings like jake bird you're hungry everyone you're so cute and you know the best thing when you're hungry is to eat oh it's fruit fruity tooty and it's good news cause right now we're gonna talk via satellite with a wonderful fruit er er Gabrielle hi Gabrielle good eye Anthony good day everyone look at it this beautiful fresh fruit and vegetable what is your favorite any fruit and vegetable I love everything Gabrielle I love apples oranges bananas or onions zucchini potatoes but my favorite I think i said it before my favorite is apples fruit d2d i love apples they are my favorite apples i have a lot of a rope and a poke here Anthony he has one Wow a fruity satellite apple Tooty let's see let's eat fruits and vegetables fresh to the same fruit in the back let's say let's eat fresh fruit and vegetables let's never see fruit in the back zucchini potatoes tomatoes and onions you will find this everyone here in the ice cream shop the scales are full weighing the countess forbade let's all sing the fruit or a child at the same time eat fresh fruits and vegetables let's eat quack let's say fresh fruits and vegetables Tennessee made the zucchini potatoes tomatoes and onions you will find the sole here in the free store the scales weigh a lot that countess pay let's sing all the fruits are anyway let's eat fresh content pages missing let's say let's say tennessee fresh fruit and veggies ending again she's going to sing let us see back let us see fresh fruit and veggies fruit in the pan see benji's let us see noop hello everyone I'm Henry the octopus and I love swimming oh I always try to stay safe when I swim so I swim with a friend and you should too he's swimming olympic gold medalist Kieren Perkins Australia to tell you all about swimming haha ​​everyone when it's hot outside it's a good time to go swimming and a lot of people go swimming in their backyard pool or you know down the road is the big municipal swimming pool or they have a dam in the country they may have a dam or stream to swim in but When you're swimming, there are a few things to think about, you know for sure, it's a lot of fun to swim, right?
Don't get me wrong but there are some safety things that you should all think about, yes you need to think about them well to help us think about those things and also the fun things about swimming. We have the best swimming family in the world. The Perkins family is here. this is Kieran and Samantha Harry and Georgia good morning guys ok ok now we are talking about swimming now Samantha what are some of the fun things about swimming? What do you like about swimming and that the whole family is swimming well? I think it's something that's really fun for the whole family, but there are a couple of serious things for Anthony and that is that no matter how old your children are as parents, we have to get them to learn to swim now, the good time is probably the summer of their 1st birthday and just take them there take them to the local pool this should be learning how to swim the other thing is also besides learning how to swim it's important to dress well for swimming because in australia the sun is very hot that's right . you have your togs or bathers depending on which state you come from queensland or new south wales a hatch what else do we wear when we go swimming bathing shorts and what does that mean thats right sand cream we always put a little cream on our faces dont we it's true?
Wendy goes swimming if she swims alone or if she should go with a friend or make sure the adults are like mom or dad. Many parents sometimes think that I seem that the children can swim now they will be fine by themselves in the pool, but actually it is never a good idea to leave children alone, we always watch children even if they are just in an inflatable pool in the front yard when weirdly we've never actually had a pool in our house so we used to buy the little inflatable pool and always take care of the kids even if the water was only a couple feet deep because kids can drown in any amount of water so it's great to have fun but you always have to keep an eye out because if you teach them how to swim they might be a lifeguard one day Karen after all the hard work and training you've been through the Olympics and you have done a lot of brilliant things, can you tell everyone about it?
In my career, I've been to three Olympics and I've won two golds and two silvers and actually I can medal in three Olympics in the 1500m freestyle in a row I broke 11 world records two world championships some gold medals from the Commonwealth Games too and Pan Pacific titles too they're all not that amazing hey let's go swimming get your teeth on put some sunscreen on your skin dip your toes it's time to swim, let's swing. it was also great swimming let's go waters also great let's go waters too cool off splash this specified world far away it's a lot of fun silly-willy roads the water is true too everyone there's a lot of excitement Greg and Jeff are in China it's certainly Anthony they are checking out the brick that makes up the Great Wall of China Wow, well let's use the satellite to cross the boys and Greg Jeff, are you there?
Hey Marie Anthony, we're here, check this out, we're here on the Great Wall of China. China, yeah wow, the Great Wall of China, I look, this wall is ten thousand kilometers long, that's long, that's very long and look at all the bricks here, there must be millions of bricks here, it would have to be imagine how many. Masons would have been needed to build this wall. Thanks guys, Sheamus for introducing the water. The stores here are closed right now, so I don't know where I can get some milk from. Do you have any idea where I could find some milk?
Midcourse cows give you milk, but of course where can I find a cow on a farm? great idea on our dairy farm we milk up to 2,000 cows go to the barn we put the cups on the cows and the milk comes out before the cups we used to milk the cows by handbut it took a long time as you see in baby a lot of milk because it's one we do now alright Gigi now oh yeah so they told us we have a lot of milk here in case baby downfield would be calling us so long ago we have some news why we need you like this i'm calling it's on the wall racing in wales everybody time day and night to decide tick tock tick tock take off hansen 112 it takes 12 hours round and round a cuckoo everybody time and why this never stops pigpigOh, working so hard and we have to do a lot to do that i used during the meat with a watering can.
God, nature makes us feel good. loving making makes us feel in the sunshine hello everyone we're here with some bread i really love bread you guys like bread like i'm dead you know do you know what you call the person who makes bread that's bakers but no can you make credit? You could call them a shift and that's a shift change yes you can make bread at home - I love bread Doh Doh Doh Doh Doh Doh Doh Doh Doh we need Dulli we're going to need some time to grow make this bread together to make it work let's take it nice and slow some clown bees we need sir no I don't know Oh No pretty shocking marry me and it's done there's only one thing left to do cut it to pieces we can share cause there's enough for me until we don't know Doh doh-doh Doh Doh Doh Doh Doh Doh Doh Doh Doh Doh doh-doh the when we get back No to keep your teeth really healthy you need to visit a dentist let's take a look at the wavy satellite tell us what happens at the dentist a dentist tells people after his teeth when i look at his teeth and oh wait gloves so i spray any germs tell us more well one question that bill.
I'll get him in. I'll ask you to open wide or look inside and see beautiful teeth and Dorothy so I can get in. and take a look at your teeth. I use a mirror. Wow, that's tiny. Michael, here's your song from that dentist, great, comes a dentist song, open wide, looked in, clean those teeth, then the locality can hide my gaze inside my teeth, always stop, yeah, get out of That brunch in front of the flowers, please, very smart, you are a star. cleanest teeth you've ever seen almost even locally oh thank you face new watch issei macrinus tv the cleanest TTC well we had a great time here today and hope you did too but now it's time to say goodbye to all the Wiggles Dorothea Henry wags and the dancers from Captain the Redcoat and all our friends at the front were fantastic and you were fantastic too see you next time bye in the morning with some butter and something and if you said go go buy and catch the fish now when you put the key in you put it in the fridge oh yeah somewhere between the stars the


have conquered the world and now they are moving through outer space so this is what we look like in the strains of Jeff so if we're in a dream, anything is possible, right, right, if I'm not mistaken, it's a spaceship.
Wow, a spaceship in wiggle house. We'd like to welcome you to the gloom world, but we never welcome anyone. dancing hit entertainment is out of this world but ready to move with anthony murray craig and jeff oh there's fun in the sun and rolling music by the sea barbies on the beach everyone who says swim like a future rolling adventure where it came from that and the billowing mystery or two Hey look what this is it's a bottle Anthony it looks like a litter later in a bottle hey I think I found something hey meet Magdalena the mermaid so move to Move Bay, Move Bay in a home video of your friends in the hitch. entertainment it's a great day to snuggle up with a book books are fun or to put on your dancing shoes with me dance with me on a home video of your entertainment from your friends it's entertainment barney's best manners your invitation to the fun oh there you are welcome the big party is absolutely all started with a party invite dear barney here is my new book of manners for kids i hope you enjoy it to celebrate i am having a party at my house today get ready we practiced using good manners very well and we learned manners in Alice and her friends in Wonderland parties, excuse me, did you see a white rabbit running down this road when Calais was in Wonderland?
What do you think she found? party wear the only thing that could make a party like this better is sharing it with good friends and here's your invite and i hope we'll see you here soon best barney manners your invite to your friends fun get entertainment and now it's time to all about animals with your host tipper what a beautiful day lesson number one Birds what birds eat worms yes it's great up here isn't it I can see my house oh look it's Brutus from worm what for lesson number two mice I'm sure that i fixed you look someone put a hole in my toy box hello hello do you mind i'm trying to get some sleep and lesson number three peretz is so smart he could repeat anything you say cute critter lessons for the day to learn more about these and other animals look for cute creatures starring kippur the dog now on home video from your friends on hit entertainment you too

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