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The Wiggles Splish Splash Big Red Boat

Apr 12, 2023
hi we're the


i'm greg i'm murray anthony and y'all we'd love for you to come take a ride with us in the big red


let's have fun yeah sailing how many friends stay afloat sailing in the how many friends one two three and four full of friends how many friends hanging around how many friends how many friends dorothy the dinosaur is green and yellow hey hello everyone it's great to see you jeffrey wiggle is a sleepy guy one two three wake up murray wears red and plays his guitar loves to sing twinkle twinkle little star twinkle twinkle little star how i wonder what you are above the world as high as a diamond in the sky twinkle twinkle little star how i wonder what you are everyone say hello to our friend wag good morning everyone i am wag ruff dog henry has eight tentacles can carry eight bags hello everyone captain feather sword sails his ship in the ocean goes round and round with an up and down motion my name is anthony and i'm wearing blue and i just want to say hello hello we all love to dress up you like Dressing up yeah that's fun isn't it we're dressing up right now I've got my red hardhat and I've got my wide brimmed sun hat I like that jeff and I've got a wonderful special captain's hat I've got my yellow tennis player visor anyone for tennis oh greg i'm putting on my doctor's coach grabbing my doctor's bag and my stethoscope i'm dressing up i'm putting on my riding hat i've got my costume it's so much fun well you can dress as anyone you can wear any clothes you can find I'm putting on my big black boots my red hat and my fire suit is dress up it's so much fun you can dress like anyone you can wear whatever clothes you fight in I'm putting on my doctor's coat grab my doctor's bag and my stethoscope I'm getting dressed putting on my big black boots we all go to see the mariachi wiggle sing songs in spanish let's go a bear i and spanish anthony what song are you singing today that wonderful song the song of the fruit salad oh anthony you mean enceland the fruit clade is foreign is foreign bananas come on hi everyone welcome to the wiggle house Have you ever wondered what


do during the day?
the wiggles splish splash big red boat
Well, sometimes we do things together, and sometimes, like everyone else, we like to do things alone. Today, Greg is doing something wonderful by himself. Take a look at this. day night and day action and adventure action and adventure oh wait this book has given me a great idea wait just a second oh yeah i were to play play can you guess what jeff likes to do best in the exchange house? you're right he loves to sleep all the time and right now i think that's what he's getting ready to do take a look at this i love to sleep i love to sleep all day all day i'm sleepy i'm sleepy singing this song singing this song well jeff loves to sleep and i love to eat fruity fruit salad you can't beat it yeah i love to eat i love to eat all day, all day, fruit salad, fruit salad, salad of fruits, you can't go wrong, you can't go wrong. yeah delicious when murray plays the guitar and the sounds start playing you'll know why he's called the king of guitar i love music i love music i play and sing i play and sing when i play my guitar when i play my guitar i'm the king i'm the king get ready to move we've been ready for so long get ready to move when you move you can't go wrong get ready to move move will make you big and strong get ready to move come on move to this song move to this song we're ready to move move your fingers high in the sky we're ready to move move your ears and move your eyes we're ready to move move your hair and move your nose we're ready to move come on wiggle all ten toes wiggle all ten toes and move with me that's right move with me ok everyone is in therapy yes he is a very friendly dinosaur. hard in the garden when the music starts she dances on the floor dorothy the dinosaur hey come on let's all dance and sing with our french my friendly pirate crew don't seem to be happy why the grim faces oh mate captain we have no music no music oh why no oh my friend friend my my friend the radio is broken oh the pirate radio is broken well how it happened a wave came over the ss feather sword and drenched the radio now it won't work when it can it won't fix it i tried to fix it captain, unfortunately it's not good, it will need a lot of new parts which we don't have at the moment. buttons, now what would you like to hear first on pirate radio?
the wiggles splish splash big red boat

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the wiggles splish splash big red boat...

My hearts, I miss the captain of the opera, the beautiful sweet sounds of hopper, oh well then we'll just push this button here and now we'll hear from the wonderful ones. sounds of polo piano forte ooh paolo piero forte i'm such a fan i'm singing lovely oprah i'm singing a lovely oprah i'm singing a lovely oprah lovely lovely lovely lovely horror bravo bravo captain that was really really touching oh my delight dave now what else would you like to hear on pirate radio? Hey, Captain, Dad, oh, I want to be jumping like a cat on a hot tin roof with some whiny rockabilly.
the wiggles splish splash big red boat
Listened to some good rock and roll daddy-o ho-ho-ho oh sure my hearts well I'll just push this button and it's oh you captain rock uh-huh captain you and your magic buttons have done so well, do you think? could you help play my favorite country singer becky bluegrass i'll see katarina all the magic buttons don't work oh katarina i'm sorry but after all that rock and roll singing and opera singing i think the magic buttons need a little bit of a break oh unless we can get becky bluegrass here to the pirate park i can't give you your picnics egg captain it's true you need help transporting someone to the old pirate park oh yeah anthony and jeff we need to get becky bluegrass here so she can sing something country music for katarina and crew, then off to the big red


to bring becky anthony and jeff back wow that's amazing anthony and jack appeared out of nowhere and now they've gone looking for becky bluegrass captain sorry i'm here so late sorry i took so long too captain there was a holdup at parramatta point near good old para mundy beach and here's becky g'day everybody good morning it's nice to be here , I wait for you. everyone will join in this song everyone clap everyone sing bears now asleep then you roll over everyone just fell asleep are you ready to wake him up one two three wake up yeah thanks for waking me up everyone give a big round of applause pirate crew you guys were great and so were you thanks becky thank you captain what a great day it was even more fun without our pirate radio your magic buttons anthony and jeff save the day what would we do without those magic buttons what will happen when you press the second button buttons what will happen when you press the second button what will happen when you press the third button what will happen when you press the buttons what will happen when you press the first button what happens oh these are the best magic buttons i've ever had they're all coming with us for a ride on the big red ship around beautiful sydney harbor i'm going to put in The big red ship is running oh that's so much fun here we go try again the big red ship won't start oh no greg murray jeff any ideas any ideas, well we need a different form of transportation, another way of getting around each other, ah, let's see, do we have a bike?
the wiggles splish splash big red boat
No, how about a train? Do we have a plane? red car hooray hey wiggles let's go for a ride in the big red car let's take a trip to the country let's take a look at all the scenery enjoy the open spaces and the trees driving over hills and mountains where the roads twist and turn we'll drive through the sun, the rain or the fog, we're driving on the big red carpet, we'll be driving through towns and cities, officer, waves of people, traffic, we'll all wave her too high above the people, we'll drive on fears that our good friends will wax the dog we are driving in the big red car we are not driving in our car driving in our car oh no jeff is falling asleep let's wake him up let's not let him sleep sweet dreams jeff it's so exciting it's time to go and watch the mariachi rock sing songs in spanish mariachis wiggle sings songs and spanish anthony what song are they singing today greg is a song about going up ten steps is um yeah foreigner hello everyone and welcome to the wiggle house you know we're about to have a rehearsal that's where we practice the songs we play we are always playing music but you know what we still have to practice so let's get started jeff are you ready im ready greg cool murray are you ready im ready greg great murray how about you anthony oh yeah greg im ready check this out huh huh huh anthony what are you doing murray good question i'm playing my drums yes anthony you might think you're playing drums but i can't hear anything well that's because it's very quiet drums anthony it's not quiet drums you don't have any drums well i hoped you wouldn't notice a greg, of course we noticed anthony, where have your drums gone? oh no well what oh no oh what oh no oh what i just remembered where my drums are where anthony where long after our last show i gave the drums to my friend bill o'reilly so he could use them at his school destination who you said you gave your drums to a bill o'reilly oh not really o'reilly so where are you now anthony well i really don't know greg i better call him on the phone oh thanks greg hi bill old friend on the drums oh you don't say don't say bye, where are the drums?
Anthony, well, you didn't say that it's going to be very difficult to play this song without drums. What do we do? What do we do? What will we do? i bet they're my old friends bill o'reilly oh not really oh o'reilly i'll go get it guys this is bill bill greg murray jeff known collectively as the g'day wiggles g'day wiggles bill anthony sorry i didn't return that battery earlier i gave it to my sister elise o'reilly for her band to use oh no oh riley elise is done so i got your drum kit back well everything seems to be set how about you? ready anthony are you ready jeff ok are you ready murray um i'm not really sorry guys where's your guitar murray well bill's band was playing another gig and well i lent my guitar to bill o'reilly oh not really oh riley well everybody now la band is ready to play i'm gonna wave my arms and swing my baton to lead the band and you can lead the band too the whole orchestra everyone jeff fell asleep in the big red boat and you know what it's time to do the owl what do we do ? greg, what do we do right?
I think we're going to have to wake up jeff everyone, but we need your help, so let's wake him up together. You ready one two three wake up jeff whoo the owl is a type of bird found all over the world. food they come out in the moonlight that's when they find their food so spread your silent wings let's do it they live in a cave or in a tree they use their big eyes to see fly from tree to tree foodie pirate And you know that I am the luckiest pirate in the world? He would be lucky because I have the best crew, the best from countries all over the world like Greece, Mexico and of course Australia.
Good day friend. to learn a wonderful pirate dance called nikki nakinakinu nikkinaki banging new oh you can join me too darlings can you put your hands on your head? knee lifters oh yeah and lastly the toe tapping that's fantastic to me folks now that you know how to sing nikki nakinakinu why don't we go back to the pirate park and join our friends and we sing nikki nakinaki? hands on head what's that here that's my head play my mom that's what they teach me and my pirates what's that that's what they teach me at my pirate school hands on toes what's that here that's what they teach me at my pirate school last time and get yourselves a big black me hearts get ready everyone let's go see the mariachi wiggle sing songs in spanish come on a bear i lost my right wiggle jeff what song are you going to sing we are moving the arms like henry foreign arms oh it's henry foreign henry good morning shake hey y'all playing music that's great i was outside and it's such a beautiful day i thought we could sing a song yeah let's sing where's thunkin's where's thunkin's here i'm here i'm how are you today sir very well thank you run away run away oh yes that was fantastic today is such a wonderful day i think i'm going to sing it all oh wow hello my hearts oh hello captain featherstone oh i just came to ask you a question ask your question ask your question my friend true my friend true what is his favorite color anthony's favorite color is blue is blue oh blue oh that's all i needed to know thank you very much greg i love that song and you know our wonderful friends franco and maria are coming all the way from italy to be in the tarantella festival i'm sure you'd love to hear a special song do you know a song in italian could you sing ah murray i don't mean i wish i could sing you a song but i don't know how to sing an italian gregtwo word teacher sings a lot of songs now he is a wonderful teacher music teacher he will teach you to sing in all languages ​​you want to see an italian look he will teach you anthony that is a great idea and it might work hello teacher hello how are you how are you good i need sing an italian i can sing italian i teach you i teach you thank you teacher that would be great you see we have our friends franco and maria they are coming for a talentella dance festival and i want to sing them something to greet them when they walk in the door what can i do ok craig i just sing this it's ah thank you teacher that's going to work well it could be them now i'll just go find them hey they're all our friends from italy franco and maria let's sing the song for them yeah and look who else is here everybody it's the teacher sing a lots of songs and captain feather sword, let's sing another song in italian, la la la, watching the ponies galloping, throwing their tails in the air, going swish, swish, the hooves are doing as they ride. to the brown farmer's house watching the ponies gallop home the tails in the air the hooves are doing as they ride to the brown farmer's house oh ahoy there my hearts I'm captain feather sword the friendly pirate and this is my friend move the dog let's all say wolf to wags woof wags oh one day the wags went shopping at the wags store oh you can get anything there you can get guitar strings you can get pillows you can get food oh but instead of me telling you, let's take a look ruff g' wiggles the day guys is there any chance you guys have some apples.
I am very hungry. I need apples to eat. get more from the store a wahoo store let's go right now oh wait a minute my friend come back here not so fast we might need more stuff from the store let's find out murray is there anything you need from the store yeah greg i need some guitar strings new guitar strings ok alright murray i think i better write this down yeah let's start making a wavy shopping list at least a list great idea so nothing gets lost exactly anthony that's it you hit him right on the head , my friend now. jeff is there anything you need from the program oh no oh what oh no what oh no why jeff fell asleep and we have to finish the shopping list can you all help us wake up jeff when i count to three let's say everyone wake up jeff are you ready one two three hey thanks for waking me up everyone jeff my sleepy friend we are making a shopping list is there anything you need from the store oh yes please greg i need two new pillows for my chair so i can sleep even more peacefully great jeff two new pillows for my friend slept great great everyone now we have our billowing shopping list let's go through it to make sure we have everything we need first of all we need four apple crisp four apple crisp six guitar strings six guitar strings and lastly two pillows for jeffrey two pillows for jeffrey that's great ok wiggles what we need now is two shopping bags to carry our wavy groceries in two shopping bags don't worry alright wiggles and let's go to the stores with our wavy shopping bags and our shopping list wavy beauty mate how can i help you wags i say i say wax how's business going it's tough so much fun anthony hey wax i can guess who your favorite band is the rolling bones that's funny murray i say i say wags on christmas may we wish you a merry christmas and a happy new year thats funny jeff hey wiggles those jokes are great but you know what we better get back to shopping ok wiggles my good furry friend we brought our shopping list with us and i hope you can help us with these things we need first of all we need four apples crisp four apple crisp wow four apple crisp six guitar strings six guitar strings six guitar strings and finally we need two pillows for jeffrey two pillows for jeffrey he likes to sleep wow two pillows for jeff wow thanks kidding now how much we owe you for all these five wavy coins please greg certainly kidding let's count them one two three four five thanks waxy thank you so much looks like fun anthony oh wow it happened again jeff fell asleep in the big red boat oh well we need him for the song but dance what a song and dance murray alright anthony it's almost time to move like an emu emu emu emu greg how do we wake him up what to do we do we need y'all to help us when i count to three let's wake up jeff everyone one two three wake up chad take aim you remy romeo raise your hand in air like an emu make a beak to scoop everywhere scoop everywhere that's what we do when we move stretch out your long legs scratch with your feet fluff your feathers shake your wings and run raise your hand in the air like an emu i mean anthony greg i'm so excited yeah yeah well let's go on a picnic and you know what that means yeah it means lots of fun hey look at this i got a big picnic rug yeah that's big enough for all of us to sit on i got a big bottle of water a huge bottle of apple juice which should be enough for all of us if we're thirsty and i have glasses for us all to drink well that sounds like so much fun yeah yeah anthony what are you bringing to the picnic my friend glad you asked greg food food food yeah i love food and picnics you can eat a lot check this out a beautiful carrot a beautiful fresh fruit salad a tasty apple and don't forget a delicious sandwich oh this is going to be the tastiest picnic I've ever been to well anthony , that's certainly delicious delicious food but you know what I don't think you have enough food in there oh greg there's plenty of food for me in there I'll eat all of that and it's enough for me yes anthony that's the point is there's enough food for you, there just isn't enough food to go around, what are the rest of us going to eat? food for everyone oh greg thanks for telling me i'll go get some more food ok see you later buddy bye greg good morning guys hey jeff are you ready to go on a picnic oh don't you worry greg i got a new pillow to lie on after lunch i think i'm going to be very comfortable that's great jeff but i don't think you have enough pillows oh yeah greg oh a lot this is all I need, jeff, it can be all of you.
I need, but what about the rest of us? Oh no I don't have enough for you guys hey greg leave it to me and there will be enough pillows for everyone. i love playing the guitar yes of course murray you are the king of guitars. but you know maybe you could bring some sports gear so we can play some games together great idea greg i'm going to run and buy some right now wow well you know what at first it looked like we weren't going to have enough stuff on this picnic but now the guys are having enough this is going to be great hey wiggles it's time to go greg come and take a look in the kitchen greg take a look yeah you'll see what i mean i made enough food for everyone wow anthony that's awesome thank you greg greg me i'm ready too come in the living room and you'll see everyone will be comfortable now greg here's a pillow for anthony here's a pillow for murray here's a pillow for you and here's another and another wow that's amazing jeff thank you greg hey greg greg look there's enough equipment here for everyone to play something wow look you can play tennis or football cricket and this and this and whoa yeah look at this well i'll tell you what at first we didn't have enough things to take to the picnic but now i'm afraid we have too much Well, you've all done very well, but you know what, I'm afraid we have too many things to take out. at a picnic don't worry guys let's have a picnic right here great idea jeff we have enough of everything for an indoor picnic there is enough food to feed everyone but you can't have a picnic without some ants to eat the crumbs that fall on the ground, So why don't we sing a song about the little brown ants, the little brown eggs that work so hard?
How many legs do you have? How many legs in my backyard? I have one two three four five six legs it's an exciting time now it's time to go see the mariachis wiggles sing songs in spanish mama bear i lost my bows wiggles in spanish jeff what song are they singing oh mate they're singing quack quack quack quack quack Quack quack quack quack quack um uh Good morning, welcome everyone to beautiful Sydney Harbour. It's absolutely wonderful. The sun is shining and that is why Captain Feather Sword and I have put on our hats and put on some sunscreen to protect our skin.
Now it is very exciting. The captain has his pirate telescope. and he's taking a look, what can you see out there, captain? oh anthony i was looking out over the harbor but i cant really see everything i want to look at so i was thinking yeah i could go out into the harbor myself what a close look at everything oh yeah indeed anthony ok you're going on the ss feathered sword oh anthony unfortunately the ss feathered sword is being cleaned but fear not I've got another pyretic vehicle to ride across the water a surprise pirate nautical vessel to cross the harbor with that's anthony a surprise for a radical nautical vehicle to cross the harbor in go away catboy wow look everyone the captain enjoying the beautiful views of sydney harbor oh look captain the wonderful harbor bridge is like a coat hanger sydney the locals call it the big coat rack lots of people walk on the beautiful harbor bridge and there are trains running across the bridge day and night check out the ferries sydney ferries bury people across the harbor transfer across the harbor on a sydney ferry have a look what the captain is looking at now it's beautiful the sydney opera house the sydney opera house is shaped like shells it's white with tiles oh many beautiful singers have sung there lovely music coming out of the opera house day and night the captain enjoys the view looks at him, the captain looks in amazement at the beautiful anzac bridge, it's a great suspension bridge, people spend all day and all night again driving over that beautiful bridge and of course , driving their boats under the bridge too, watch out, captain, there's a wave, oh he. looks like he's having fun doesn't he the captain he loves touring sydney harbor look at all the fishing boats look at that smiley face that's luna park sydney's original amusement park people have so much fun captain have you watched around sydney harbor isnt it beautiful?
What do you think? Captain, what do you think?, what do you think? that there's a gift for you and me and just like that step step stand clap clap clap shake your hips like at that party now there my friends i'm captain deer the friendly pirate oh have you ever been to the doctor? go to the doctor if we feel good just for a little check up and other times we have to go to the doctor if we feel a bit unwell oh we go to the wiggle house where anthony is about to see the doctor oh good day everyone im making a special dish for the boys wiggles love their food especially anthony he loves to eat mmm ok what are you cooking my friend that smells great greg it's a special dish i call murray noodles surprise wow that sounds tasty can hardly wait don't worry jeff there's enough to go around but i'll feed anthony last to make sure you guys have enough you know how much anthony loves his food actually murray i'm not hungry i don't want any food at all huh anthony you just say you don't want any food at all um you don't want any food for dinner tonight good greg old friend greg greg yellow greg your auditory senses are working properly you heard good anthony no food I don't want any anything at all I'm not hungry anthony lo i'm sorry maybe i could make something different for you not everyone likes the same kind of food oh no thanks murray thanks for the offer of the different dishes but it's not it's just i don't feel like eating anything at all what my blue shorts friend no hot fries no no cold spaghetti no anthony not even fruit salad murray no not even fruit salad oh no oh god his appetite oh no oh that's true murray I just don't feel like eating anymore hello dorothy hello murray hello wiggles hello dorothy there is something wrong anthony you don't look like your usual happiness yes dorothy I just don't feel like eating anything hmm that's unusual could there are several reasons why that is the case but since Anthony is not feeling well I think it's better if we call the doctor Very good.
She can check if everything is ok. anthony uh ok ok thanks see you soon bye the dr very good she said she will be here as soon as she can to check on Anthony could that be the doctor now wow she is very good hello wiggles hello very good hello anthony hello doctor let's run some tests to see if we can figure out what's wrong with you let's start with this this is a tongue depressor i'm going to put this on your tongue so we can take a look at your throat are you ready hmm very good very good now I'm going to put the stethoscope on so i can hear anthony's heart and chest take a deep breath in and out very well now i'm going to take his temperature with my thermometer place thisin your mouth, let's take a look, hmm, very good, now I could take your blood pressure, this won't hurt, can I make your arm feel good, very good, very good, doctor? you have done all your medical examinations, tests and procedures on anthony, what do you think is the problem? well i can't find anything wrong with anthony but he's not feeling well so i might ask him a couple of questions and see if we can now anthony how were you feeling yesterday? oh, good question, doctor, I was feeling great yesterday, so what did you do today?
Well today let me think yes wax the dog came this morning and we sat down and ate a beautiful cream pie. together well then our friend dorothy the dinosaur came you know yellow green spots and we had beautiful pink tea well not just pink tea we also had her special cream of pink cake and it was delicious too very good very good , but that's not all doctor. the meal continued henry the octopus came over and bought some beautiful octopus and you know it was a big cake and i was supposed to share it with all the wiggle boys you know purple yellow red not just blue but i ate it all myself and it was delicious and that was that that's eating very well very well i think i know exactly what happened here anthony ate with henry the octopus dorothy the dinosaur wags the dog and he's just anthony he's not sick he just ate too much oh you're right doctor i've eaten too much oh so i'm not really sick after all well that's good thank you so much doctor sorry we brought you here for no reason not anthony dorothy and the wiggles did exactly the right thing if you don't feel good always you better investigate so what you did was very good very good so bye wiggles oh guys dr very good it was very good it wasn't her muffins someone oh anthony come on we all go to the doctors you can open your mouth and you can say it's ok the doctors in the doctor's office listen to the footsteps there are many toys in the waiting room at the doctors at the doctors you can always they are in many colors like purple green or red the hats are great you wear them on your head the hats are in many colors , like purple, green or red, oh, when I wear my music hat, I'm the leader of a band and when I wear a police hat, I can stop traffic with my hand. wear them on your head the hats are many colors like purple, green or red oh when i wear my fireman hat you can hear the sirens wail, when i wear my captain hat i can get on that sail it's really cool you wear them on your head the hats are many colors like purple, green or red, oh there are bowlers, top hats, boater hats, you can wear a slouch hat, a fez, a swagman hat, a cricketer hat, a cowboy hat, a hat, a sun hat, a beret, a chef hat, a top hat, a cap, a beanie, a bike helmet, lots of hats, everyone, we had a lot of fun in the big red boat oh yes we sail the blue ocean dance with dorothy and captain featherstone and sing with the marachi wiggles right now though it's time to say goodbye bye to all bye bye foreigner so mi tan one plus one you

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