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The Wiggles: Rock-A-Bye Your Bear (Live) (2006)

Apr 15, 2023
everyone today is about having a good time so if you feel like singing we would love to hear you sing sing as loud as you want if you feel like dancing we would love to see you dance as fast as you want or as slow as you want everyone and also if You feel like waking up Jeff, well I think you have a chance if you see Jeff fall asleep, will you tell us why Jeff, yeah old man, we want to keep you awake, beauty, man, everybody, let's sing Rock-a- Goodbye, man together thumbs up everyone let's


back and forth and I'll sing Rock-a-Bye




idea Anthony everyone clap next to you then you turn around bye I'm still up everyone happy and everyone. singing everybody is telling us something what something is about so
the wiggles rock a bye your bear live 2006

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