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The Wiggles: LIVE Hot Potatoes! (2005)

Apr 12, 2023
no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no foreigner foreigner all day has so much food eats apples and oranges we "I'm going to traveling all day driving all the big red cars. We traveled here. Hi everyone, it's great to be in Sydney. Welcome to the Wiggle show. We're The Wiggles. I'm Murray. I'm Jeff. I'm Anthony and you." You're probably wondering where Greg is, well he's parking the big red car right now and I think in about three seconds he's going to go through these beautiful blue curtains and when he does don't forget to give him a big round of applause everyone here he comes. one two three hello everybody hello everybody today is all about having fun so if you feel like singing we'd love for you to sing if you feel like dancing we'd love for you to dance if you feel like waking up chip up we'd love to wake up jeff and everyone if feel like rocking out Here Comes Rockabye Your Bear Arms up everyone let's rock back and forth and sing rockets by your bed great idea everyone flat everyone clap and everyone sing everyone i can hear someone hoarse yes we can hear someone snoring too where does that snoring come from i don't think so you're right everyone jeffries always falls asleep and they know we have a lot more songs to sing we need jeff i think we are going to have to wake up our sleeping friend so this is what we're going to do when I count three, lets say wake up jeff and hopefully that will wake up jeff let's try it together oh one two three champs you did it. big round of applause thanks for Wiki Jimbo oh yeah and how about a big round of applause for wavy orchestra look everyone comes the conductor of the weekly orchestra and when he loses his baton the whole wavy orchestra plays beautiful music there is a piano can you hear the piano but my my favorite instrument is yes my favorite instrument is yes yes my instrument favorite is yes oh no Jeff fell asleep and we can't figure out what his favorite instrument is maybe if we wake up Jeff we'll find out what it is let's wake him up together one two three Jeff everyone woke you up what is your favorite instrument my favorite instrument is the drums let's play the drums everyone it's fun that's oh let's listen to the drums we all love the drums well everyone i have a question for all of you and feel free to answer this question as loud as you want the question is this would you like to meet a friend of ours would you like to meet Captain Featherside the friendly pirate I have another question for everyone and the question would you like to meet a friend of ours?
the wiggles live hot potatoes 2005
Would you like to meet Dorothy the dinosaur? Well everyone, I was wondering, would you like to meet a friend of ours? Would you like to meet the wax doll? i know henry the octopus that's fantastic you heard everyone wants meat wags everyone wants to be dorothy everyone talks captain everyone wants to meet henry greg one question the question is this what are we doing great what do we do what do we do what do we do what we do fred what are we doing dude Anthony that's a very good question, yeah before you answer that question I better walk musically to that side of the stage, okay everyone I'll just take a second to walk musically. there uh let's listen to Anthony's wall of music thank you all so much welcome to the show greg great well y'all it won't stop no oh keep going greg ok now y'all i think we should be all yours, Greg, okay, all, hey, I think we should bring. out our wonderful friends with that great song turn on the camera action yeah that's it guys and we need your help on this song everyone when we see light camera action we need everyone to put your hands up in the air like this and say they are moving. let's try now turn on the camera action little beauty let's all get ready to go on our tv show everybody we're going on a tv show everyone the crew lights camera action it's good to be here but you . i know who else is here so let's meet everyone welcome to our tv show bye it's so much fun watching the lights camera action what's that are you right? pick it up a little harder, would you mind doing it?
the wiggles live hot potatoes 2005

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So what do we do when I say one, two, three? Wake him up so hard that maybe Jeff will do some fun stuff y'all yeah Jeff might wake up and go Hoop-Dee-Doo and he might be so happy you woke him up he'll run over here and wave to everyone within a side yeah and then he'll be so happy you woke him up he'll run across the stage and do a summer soul, summer soul yeah and then he could run over here say hello to everyone and then come back center stage and do three Summer Souls, three somersaults, yeah, and then he might do a handstand, a handstand, yeah, and then while he's doing the handstand, Jeff might say whoop-dee. -doo thanks for waking me up 52 my name is jeff hoop-dee-doo i wear purple and white for this so could you tell if i love sydney yeah well we all love sydney and you know what i think if jeff does all that we better give him a big round of applause and a chair because that would be great let's wake up jeff and see what he does one two three 52. it has foreign music this kind of music is today 50 to dance here dance there everyone put on a really big clown and keep clapping because here comes dorothy the dinosaur thank you hello everyone hello hello everyone hello hello everyone now if you are looking for the best day darthy someone is waving to you hi Dorothy look in there someone is waving to you like Well Dorothy look in there people are waving to you actually , look everywhere everyone is saying hello to therapy, now Dorothy if I ask you what is your favorite thing in the world what would you say?
the wiggles live hot potatoes 2005
Well some wonderful people have bought you roses if you have bought. roses for Dorothy would you all mind just holding them in the air so we can see where they are there are a lot of roses in the audience Murray is going to the audience right now to pick them up from the sides and we could ask Larissa our weekly dancer and Franco our dancer Wiggly to go in the middle and pick up the roses for Dorothy meanwhile Dorothy would you like to say something to everyone for the roses oh thank you I love roses and we love you Dorothy and now it's time to dance with everyone ?
the wiggles live hot potatoes 2005
Dorothy welfare eating all our red roses foreign moment when the music stops you dance you dance on the floor she is my favorite dinosaur the queen of roses well everyone look at the beautiful roses and here we have a beautiful portrait of all the Wiggles there is Greg and they are Murray and Anthony and Jeff these are absolutely beautiful and everyone has to see this this is a beautiful origami of some wonderful Japanese friends that we have in the audience and they are traditionally dressed in the kimono everyone here we go see this and they wonder but let's give them a big clown is that thank you thank you very much and look this is magic for Greg and lots of roses for Dorothy and lots of pictures um for our wonderful friends everyone until we see Dorothy again let's say goodbye to Dorothy bye bye Dorothy everyone dance Dorothy bye bye well it's all Dorothy walks off stage with those beautiful roses you know it's time to cross over to wiggly tv screens because at this very moment Captain Venusaur is on the beach at Wiggle Bay and doing some exercises there.
I thought it would be fun if we could all join in on the Captain's feathered sword drills, so let's say Ahoy, Captain, ah, it's fun to roll around Sandhills, why keep rolling? y'all let's do it again get the sentence wow so much fun rolling up sand hills y'all fun running up to them too let's finish the flip flops wow oh that was great to run out of sandhills sean hardies but why not us? go roll down the sand dunes again everyone christmas day is just a few days away now does anyone know who wears red for christmas they also have a big white beard and they hand out presents does anyone know who that is so is santa claus and he is in on my way to the show hi everyone sorry to interrupt but jeff just mentioned santa claus well jeff he is on his way but its sad news he seems to be lost oh his trusty reindeer stopped by for carrots and new carrots, a big win. it exploded and pushed them off course jeff can you find santa and show him the way to the show?
Sure Dorothy thanks Jeff this is Dorothy the dinosaur coming out thanks for that Dorothy everyone there's exciting news you see Santa Claus is on his way. for the show there's a little bit of sadness you see um santa claus is a little lost it doesn't matter because there's some fantastic news jeff has gone looking for santa oh yeah and while we wait for that to happen y'all can try this with us can you all please point your finger and do the flip? Oh yeah, let's all get ready to point the finger and we'll do the twist here we go, twins, see a further experiment on one foot and shake your hands, shake your hands, all you foreigners doing a little dance. a little slower maybe you would like to sit for this or dance we don't depend on all of you this kind of dance is called ballet and it is absolutely beautiful Dorothy is wonderful she is a wonderful ballerina and she has a beautiful ballet dress it is a tutu she looks wonderful and here she comes to perform her butterfly ballet it's foreign Dorothy divided from flower to flower dancing her way happy watching these videos oh what beautiful butterflies everywhere beautiful colors I love dancing with butterflies oh what beautiful wings thank you darthy butterflies divided from flower to flowers and now it's just Dorothy and her beautiful ballet.
I think she's wonderful, what do you all think? Dorothy oh thank you Dorothy look what Murray bought you Dorothy it's absolutely wonderful Dorothy all the wonderful people in Sydney gave you all these roses and there's more in the back you're such a lucky dinosaur here you are Dorothy enjoy those roses murray you left a long time ago i was there and met many many people the whole room was great dorothy would you like to say something to everyone for the beautiful roses oh thank you i love roses and we love dorothy let's give big round of applause everyone goodbye beautiful ballet beautiful roses everyone it's an exciting time now it's time to cross over to the weekly news desk and greg wiggle hello and welcome to the


The news I'm Greg Wiggle as you're making headlines today is the merry gentlemen in red none other than Santa Claus yes he's on his way to the show today unfortunately he's a bit lost but We're going to cruise


via satellite with Jeff Wiggle. for an update on this amazing story Jeff, are you there? Can you tell us what's going on, buddy? Hi Greg, yes I'm here, but where is here? I think I've lost Greg. but give us a hint where you are, any ideas or was it ok? try to figure this out everyone and while we're doing that, why don't we cross over the captain's feather sword and wavy weather? woohoo well my wonderful weather sword tells me there will be a lot of changes in the weather today at first its going to be a beautiful sunny start to the day and we may see some daffodils tap dancing woof woof later in the afternoon in my hearts it goes there will be a change in the weather and we will see It will be snowing wobbly camels meeting lovely camels bye- bye wow wobbly camels who would have thought but then wake me up with excitement last but not least at night we will see another change and it will rain puppies, nothing to fear only from puppies and yes, that is the Wavy weather today is also the wavy news and just recapitulating our main story.
Wavy Jeff in his search for Santa Claus seems to be a bit lost, so if we need to bring Santa Claus to the show, we need to find Jeff first. everyone that's today's news this is greg wiggle your great news thanks you heard the news everyone jeff is lost we don't know where he is we really need your help finding jeff y'all can keep the Open eyes. take care of jeff you know what he looks like good in case you forgot what he looks like let me describe it for you jeff has black hair wears a purple shirt black pants black shoes and a


belt oh murray don't forget this because i think this is really important, see, jeff likes to sleep a lot, so he might be sleeping somewhere, who knows right, greg, oh, and anthony, what do you have there? for asking Captain, this is a Jeff balloon a Jeff balloon, yes, when this um is inflated with air, what fills with air will go straight up to the sky, it will be about five meters high, yes, and it will looks like jeff too. so you all can remember what jeff looks like oh wow that's a great idea anthony i think i have something else that might help too you see the wavy dancers have dressed as jeff come out folks see what happens now . that the wavy dances look like jeff and anthony have their huge chef balloon if anyone sees jeffin the audience i'll go jeff balloon dances jeff balloon dances that's jeff fantastic so y'all got the plan come squirrel you see the wavy dances then you might find the real jeff yes don't forget to yell that's death and we'll know you've seen the real jeff whileSo let's pick up this balloon of chips and come on guys wow what do you think of that?
Everyone, well everyone, the last question is where is Jeff on the field. questions to meet me everyone wow great to see you jeff we all have a little problem now we have the balloon jeff and we have to get the balloon jet down yes captain can you be the security captain oh absolutely anthony what in egypt well first of all let me tell you everyone that it's very safe for jeff's balloon it's just made out of a bear and rubber so if it falls on someone it won't, it won't hurt them captain ok now all i need you to do captain, raise your head and catch the hot air balloon.
I'm ready, Anthony, put it down. Are you okay, captain? Oh Anthony I'm fine it's just a balloon two right Captain two right well everyone it's music time with Murray and today at music with Murray he plays guitar now I have my guitar here but you can use your mock guitars for everyone to pull out your printed mock guitars and let's put them on are you ready? let's strum them a bit to see if they work that's great that's good Now it's time to play guitar with Murray. That's me. It's time to play and sing. Let's go everyone.
One more time. A great guitar. Hello everyone. a real neat class yeah alright y'all here are some of our favorite animals like them here we go yeah alright get ready to jump y'all here we go the tiger the tiger old MacDonald well we love wild animals like monkeys, tigers and elephants but also. I love pets like cats, dogs, fish and birds, and we especially love dancing dogs. Now we have a friend who is a dancing dog. Do you know who I'm talking about? Of course I thought you would know that he is Wags The Dog. you can shake your hips like Wags the dog oh that's cool you can turn your head and dance fantastic you can shake your hands and move your knees ah now we're dancing like Wags well now everybody it's time to shake your hips with wax a dog cause you got 'em there wave your hands and move your knees foreign is huge it's about this big everyone now it's coming from someone here at the front who's from Anthony what's your name McLean I tell you what would you do I wonder if you can make it and I will, um , no, you couldn't go that far, Jeff, if you wouldn't mind holding cables and Wags, can all these McLeans come over here and we'll see if we can get him to Wags? fantastic thank you cera thank you McLean until we see Wags again let's say goodbye to Wags everyone Greg wants to dance and he loves to eat those big bones but he also loves to play in the park and you know there are many wonderful parks all over the world world you know that there's a park called Central Park in New York City and you know something about New York City sometimes they call it the Big Apple Murray you said the Big Apple check out this Big Apple wait Anthony that's the biggest apple I've ever seen I love Apple's Murray.
This is the best apple. The biggest apple. It will take me four years to eat it. crosses over to our satellite screens we're going to meet a friend of ours from New York City he's a firefighter and he's going to tell us all about New York City the Big Apple hello Australia I'm a firefighter from New York City there are a lot of great things to do in new york city it's a beautiful city why don't you come visit us and you can take a ride in our fire truck we can even visit our beautiful central park why don't we all go to central park?
Let's go together, everybody, let's have a dance in Central Park, New York, let's go to the other side, Central Park, New York, so the squirrels can talk. someone down here said santa probably means santa is on his way sounds like santa's sleigh bells why don't we help sander and his reindeer on their way by doing a reindeer dance? a reindeer dance together great idea Murray hey y'all can try this dance this is called the shimmy belt buckle oh i like that big shimmy belt buckle yeah and you can try this my hearts can do the wobbly wobbly dance the wobbly wobbly now can everyone try the christmas picnic dance that goes like this yeah well everyone after you've done all those dances don't forget to keep looking for santa claus and if you see santa claus just wave your arms in the air.
Can everyone? Do that, can you raise your arms? When you do, we'll know you've seen Santa Claus and we'll do the same here, guys. In the meantime, the reindeer are coming here soon and you know that everyone is cleaning the chimney. Christmas here comes Santa too let's sing again Santa Claus oh hello my friends it's great to be in Sydney hello there hello there too friends Merry Christmas to you and your families Merry Christmas to you too Center and thanks for coming all the way to Sydney from the North Pole now Santa we know it was a very long trip and you must be very hungry so we prepared our favorite dessert for you fruit salad Oh Captain it's my favorite too I love fruit salad hey let's eat this Dessert healthy christmas, say it's time for a fruit salad, yummy, yummy, salad, yummy, yummy, french salad, yummy, yummy, fruit salad, yummy, yummy, delicious, yummy, fruit salad. over here oh well folks i'll be back a little bit later till then and bye everyone bye bye bye santa claus it's always exciting to meet santa claus and something else that's very exciting is singing and dancing like captain spade of feathers. sing quack quack quack oh that's my favorite song Let's all sing together my hearts let's try again but we're bringing our wonderful music director Dom here and Sam our singer from Wiggly if you don't mind coming here too.
Now guys, what we're going to do here has never been attempted before. I'm going to press three buttons. Captain, the new touch to Dom on the shoulder. them, but that's all you got, isn't it? Oh no, it looks like you've missed one of the buttons. Anthony, a very important button too. What button have I missed? Captain, we've missed the king. king Wonder Hill Eagle Rock button that's right, would you like to hear King Mondo Eagle Rock, everyone, can you do us all a big favor? I'll tell them what I'm going to have to do is set up the microphone for King Mondo Eagle Rock. and I tell you what everyone when you hear the Eagle Rock make sure you sing along and clap your hands too because we need your help right now this mic is very special and we are going to ask Murray to tell you all about the Eagle Rock mic yes Anthony this is the Eagle Rock Mark III it's a supersonic stereo microphone and this button here is the supersonic button so it's specially formulated to help Captain Feather Sword see the wonderful Eagle Rock now Captain Feather Sword needs this microphone , absolutely everyone, it's my duty uh musically Walk The Eagle Rock button uh magic mic towards the captain so get ready for this this will be something Regal something Royal as I take the beautiful Eagle Rock mic to the sword Captain Fever here we go how beautiful mic all i gotta do now everybody press the button don't forget to clap and sing good luck captain thank you eagle rock oh yeah here we got me baby foreign say i'm crazy the way we move everyone oh yeah i'm crazy foreign gold Eagle Rocky, I'm crazy, I'm ready now, well done, fantastic dance, well, you know, now everyone, I thought it would be a fantastic time to tell you who played for you today in the wonderful Wiggly Orchestra.
Henry oh yeah on base guitar y'all it's jono Grady on electric guitar it's none other than Rex wow it's not the keyboards looting up front here it's Tony Gardner in the backing vocals in the coat blue, it's Greg Truman on trumpet and backing vocals Sam Moran hello everyone on percussion keyboards saxophone flute and soprano saxophone I'm Craig Abercrombie oh Sydney oh yeah and up front here everyone a very important person actually wearing his white suit and his top hat has been playing trumpet and keyboards he is our musical director dom lindsay yeah great job quick orchestra well done hey now tom there is a question i have for you my friend good during the show i noticed you are here you have ​​been waving my arms and swinging the baton and it seems like everything I want the orchestra to do, have them do it waving the baton here, that's right, that's right, I thought that was it, well done, I think it looks like a lot of fun And you know I was wondering if I could try. doing that please really wow he said i can try y'all look at this i have dom's baton and with this i can conduct the wavy orchestra but i can't do it on my own i need your help to do this y'all can get your batons out and hold them in the air that it's the great way we can conduct the orchestra together now it's so easy all you have to do is wave your arms and swing your baton that's great you all are doing great Hey I wonder what could happen if we wave our arms and swing our heads batons very slowly.
We should try and find ourselves well. Let's greet Albert slowly. Here we go. Hey, did you notice that the orchestra is playing very slowly? Do you think it could happen if we wave our arms and swing our batons too fast? Let's try to find out if the orchestra is ready. Oh, this is so much fun, okay. Let's go back to normal speed now. Everyone, this is so much fun, let's get ready to wave our arms and swing our poles. I wave my arms and swing the bats in the swing for when I'm good. Wiggly Orchestra, let's get ready for an instrumental break.
Captain you know it seems like every time you waved at the top yeah the officer does whatever you do that's right Captain it's a lot of fun it looks like fun do you think I could try please of course , you can never go Captain, okay, yeah then, if I clean the stick slow, they'll play slow, well, why don't you try and see Captain? Oh okay let's see oh have a good captain oh wow they pull over and if I get on one are you okay captain? hey greg i don't seem to be very good at this directing thing you don't think you're very good at that no captain you're fantastic look what the judges are saying up there wow 10 10 and 10 yeah you did a great work captain that was a lot of fun thanks greg that was fun but i'll leave it to you anyway okay thanks captain.
Hey everyone, let's conduct the orchestra for the last time. two one two three give a big round of applause great directing everyone Potato Hot Potato Hot Potato Hot Potato Hot Potato Hot Potato Hot Potato


wow foreigners for coming today thank you so much to all the adults and especially the kids for dancing for singing forgiving Dorothy the Roses Wags the big dog bone for dressing up for being such a brilliant audience give yourself a big round of applause everyone and you know what i noticed here during the show all the kids were standing up and dancing they had big smiles on their faces looked like they were having a good time brilliant.
I thought for this last song we should ask everyone to stand up and dance with the children. dance oh this is fantastic Sydney is Dance City well it's almost Christmas everyone so right now let's sing some Christmas songs together merry Christmas everyone a very Merry Christmas have a very Merry Christmas have A very Merry Christmas Day, oh Christmas and we're all singing. have a very merry christmas day merry christmas everyone danger merry christmas here we go following the drama guys let's see jingle bells running through jingle bells jingle bells jingle all the way it's time to do a yule dance with henry let's dance with henry because it's almost christmas day let's take a chance hands on your head that's awesome thanks for joining everyone you've been a fantastic audience we had a great time today we hope you guys had fun too now it's time time to say goodbye bye bye everyone bye bye bye bye my life Merry Christmas foreigner everyone let's hear it one more time for The Wiggles foreign foreign foreign thank you foreign

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