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The Wiggles | Hoop Dee Doo! LIVE! | WiggleDancing Live in The USA! (2006)

Apr 12, 2023
oh, jeff, oh no, look at jeff, everyone, he's done it again, he's always falling asleep. rest of the show everyone did that greg said if we wake him up loud he'll stay up for the rest of the show now that'll be fine we better wake him up real loud and maybe just maybe jeffrey will wake up and he could go do thanks for waking me up thank you for waking me up out loud and then i could say yes hey can i ask y'all a question and then i could say would you like to do a poker dance with me and maybe everyone says hopefully? y'all gonna say yes and if y'all say yes jeff it's gonna go alright poke punky polky i'm leaving and he'll dance down the aisle and up the stairs to the top section and shake hands with everyone there what do you think so? wow i think that's great anthony i heard right he's just going to wake up he's going to ask everyone if they want to polka hopefully they'll all say yes then he'll say pocky-pocky-pocky and he'll dance all the way I walk up to the top and shake everyone's hand yeah that's right murray and when I say pulkey-pokey-pokey you'll do a little dance like this well pokey pocky ponky oh that's cool I can't wait to hear that. and look at that especially it's going to be great ninja wait everyone i could be wrong but i think jeff is falling asleep laughing oh no murray you're not wrong at all my friend is definitely falling asleep laughing take a look at that he must be having a funny dream well you know when we wake him up everyone jeff pokey pokey pokey success dancing to the top depends on how loud you answer his question would you like to dance with me when he says that? make sure you say a big strong yes and let's see what happens are you ready? one two three wake up thanks for waking me up everyone i hope you will thanks for waking me up loud i would like to ask you a question would you like to do a poker dance with me alright pokey pokey pokey i would love to do it alright let's clap these wonderful pokemons can you clap them dance and sing with you this kind of my wish oh hello whenever yes this kind of music is i'm in connecticut i'm in connecticut i'm here tonight how who made it answers katie benny again i can hear him snoring i better wake him up is y'all ready one two three thanks for waking up jeff everyone is up and doing the monkey dance let's do the monkey dance together.
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