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The Wiggles Here Comes The Big Red Car 2006 US DVD Rip

Apr 12, 2023
thanks hi we are The Wiggles I am Greg I am Anthony I am Jeff and I am Murray and we would love for you all to fasten your seatbelts and come with us for a ride in the Big Red Car I am going for a ride in our big red car and we can ride all day jump in the car buckle up and we can ride all day straight into town walk down the street get back in the car and buckle up get in my seat yeah that's how we do it riding in our big big car red red car we can ride on vacation let's go to the beach i get back in the car and buckle up in my seat because that's a great way time i'll be ready ok y'all wags and i have a question for you guys can you point the finger and do the spin ok ok you can try this one you can stand on one foot and wave that's cool Wags can do it I can do it y'all can do it we all point our toes and do the spins together , okay everyone, let's get ready to point the finger and we'll do the twist,


we go again. everybody's spinning Great can you find your fingers and do the spin we're all spinning our fingers and do the spin I'm doing a spin around you can point your fingers and to the spin hey everyone look at our friend Jeff he's back to sleep I can't believe we're going to have to wake him up one more time would you help us one two three wake up hey thanks for waking me up everyone hey jeff why do you always fall asleep why are you so tired I'm tired because t


was a dog barking all night last night and not even I couldn't even sleep oh I see uh Jeff uh was that dog about this oh yeah he was so tall uh-huh um he did he had a big shiny black nose he had a big shiny black nose I see he had big floppy ears he had big ears big and droopy huh Jeff by chance that dog had a big letter W on his chest that's right Greg had a big letter W on his chest Jeff is the dog behind you right now the dog behind me hey it's Wags The Dog let's say woof to Wags well Wags we know how much you like to dance we also know you love to bark all day and all night Here Comes way of waxed he eats so much his tummy drags all day and night runs and picks up the floor plays with the bones and makes this sound he barks all day and night i love wax but all night i hear him while i'm lying on my face i want to sleep i can't sleep will you stop barking if i give him something to eat box all day at night night so much my dog ​​


day and night oh my god he looks all day at night foreigners all around the world people love kangaroos they jump everywhere and they are absolutely beautiful now kangaroos have baby kangaroos and in australia we call them Joey and here's a song about five little Joeys jumping on a kangaroo bed five little Joeys jumping on the bed one fell and hit his head we called the doctor the doctor said no more on the bed three little Joeys jumping on the bed one fell and hit his head we called the doctor the doctor said no more Joey jumps on the bed two little Joeys jumping on the bed one fell and hit the tent we called the doctor the doctor said no more Joe is jumping on the bed foreigner a silly doctor jumping on the bed he fell and hit his head called Joey's the Joey said no foolish doctors jumping on the bed oh foreigner I'm here with our friend Claire hello Claire hello everyone now it's clear who is a wonderful Irish dancer and is dressed in her Irish dance clothes.
the wiggles here comes the big red car 2006 us dvd rip
He has a beautiful black dress with flowers and flowers in his hair. He has dancing shoes, they are soft dancing shoes that you can have. hard dance shoes or soft dance shoes and Claire is going to show us some wonderful Irish dance moves what are you going to show us today? they are called twists all the twists are very difficult they are very difficult she is a very skilled dancer and right now we are going to watch Claire and her friends Molly Dana and Rachel dance to die dicky doodle died um thank you guide them even though I'm a cow hi everyone we are about to do a very fun dance called the flap let's learn together first you raise your hands then lower them then raise them again and shake them we go high we go down. so guess what we're doing the flap let's all flap flap flap together everyone it's a dance called flap let's do it together here we go first you put your hands up then you put them down you put them up again and shake them all around let's go high let's go low then guess what we're flapping now we're flapping a b we're flapping doing the ass we're flapping now we're flapping now you put your hands up then put them down put them back down and turn around come on high let's go down oh then Guess what we're doing the flap we're doing the fl a b we're doing the flat doing the flap we' are doing the flap now we're doing the flap uh Dorothy you're flapping around well and you Henry the octopus you have a flap too oh I can't stop laughing captain feather i saw you flapping over there okay let's flap The Wiggles in a plane too how about we're doing the plane doing the flap we're doing the flap now we're going to roll our arms up now and then bring them down we're doing the flap now we're doing the slab we have made myself foreign outback head flap that keeps the sun off my face covered beauty when i'm riding a horse i wear my scatterbrain cowboy hat and yes when i go boating i wear my cowboy hat sailor when I'm marching I wear my marching hat yeah oh I love to wear a hat on my head, hide on my head, it's sunny today, my hat is on my head, it's sunny today, I'll be fine, I'll put my raincoat over the raincoat, it's starting to rain, it's starting to rain in my raincoat it's starting to rain I'll be fine ah it seems the rain is stopping hey the sun is coming up behind that cloud I better take my raincoat off I won't need it anymore I'll take it off the raincoat raincoat from it's sunny again take my raincoat off it's sunny again i feel good we feel good and he looks like a sugar and a plum plum plum we're all about to sing this great song called brown girl in the ring


from a traditional caribbean game you know no matter who is in the middle of the Ring he can sing any words you want so let's all unite brown girl in the ring brown girl in the Rings dance to the music dance to the they are from music and it looks like a sugar. and a plum Plum plums to the music jump to the music sing to the music sing to the music listen to the wind in the trees see the leaves falling feel the soft rain on your face as you walk smell the flower sweet scent taste the food I bring to daddy here with you now and it's your son that i sing to hey everyone come on the ss feathered sword with captain feathered sword and his friendly pirate crew where we will meet the admiral nice guy he really is a nice guy my hearts i'm the captain feather sword, the friendly pirate, and this is my friendly pirate crew.
the wiggles here comes the big red car 2006 us dvd rip

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the wiggles here comes the big red car 2006 us dvd rip...

Popular admiral in the fleet he has a big and beautiful house he has a beautiful uniform and he has a very special jacket oh maybe that's why he's so popular his jacket is fantastic the best jacket I've ever seen they are oh and maybe that's why at the people like him so much when he wears that jacket they just love him and they love the jokes he tells hold those shiny buttons those medals those epaulettes oh he really is the best jacket and that jacket belongs to the admiral nice blog he really is a guy to my friends , we need to find a way to get the nice guy admiral and his jacket here in a pirate park we could use the SS feathered sword but that's being cleaned up oh we need to find another way to transport the admiral across the water, sounds like you did.
the wiggles here comes the big red car 2006 us dvd rip
It's a problem, Captain, so I'm here to help. I'll swim to a nice guy's house. I'll meet with the Admiral. I'll put it on my back and swim over here. Captain, it could be a gallon of George. volunteer to bring the admiral here, but he could get very wet and he could also get very tired, and I don't think that's a very safe idea, no man, it's not very safe, Benny Bandicoot is the right captain, we need another idea, um, hey we need another great boat idea Katarina, our good friend Bill O'Reilly has a great boat we can borrow.
the wiggles here comes the big red car 2006 us dvd rip
Oh, not really, O'Reilly. Uh oh Katarina Lucia that's a wonderful suggestion but Bill O'Reilly is in New Zealand at the moment so he can't even if he uses his boat I wonder if there's anyone else who can pick up Admiral's good blog geez oh my gosh the nice guy admiral is such an important person and he is such a nice guy. I really hate to be disappointed Hardies and we throw this wonderful party full of beautiful food food someone said food Captain never fear Anthony is here so is Captain we will pick up the Admiral bye to you in the wonderful big red boat oh Anthony so Greg drives a big red car and you you drive the big red boat almost captain i drive the big red boat oh they're big well knock me down i gotta stop saying that you gotta stop saying what captain i gotta stop saying beat me well it will We better pick up your good friend Admiral Blake before you fall again oh yeah oh yeah bye captain and bye crew bye Anthony and just follow me Hardies whenever we have an important visitor we like the crew inspected so they we can make sure everyone is happy admiral nice guy please inspect the crew oh my gosh don't worry captain your crew looked so happy.
I guess because they are close, they are a friendly taxi driver. He really is a nice guy, knock knock who's there. Phyllis, fill us a glass of water, please, friend. your name sir thank you for asking my name is Dave Dave knock knock who's there yeah yeah wow Dave. I didn't know you were a cowboy. He is really like Emerald. If he could wear that jacket, I mean, after all, it's the most wonderful, amazing, nautical, pirate, fantastic jacket on the seven seas. Oh, I want to wear that jacket abroad. I want to wear the jacket tonight.
So much so that I wrote a good book for Lend me your jacket now to see if it works my heart I'm going to tell some jokes What do you do if a truck runs over your toe? You call a toll on drugs. Oh, the jacket is working. I say. say, say, what do you get when you cross a sheep with a kangaroo? O wool jumper! It really is a good bike. Captain you don't need the jacket to be funny you are the friendliest pirate captain whether you wear the jacket or not oh seriously I'm still so friendly and funny with or without the jacket yeah wow Blow Me Down , foreigner, oh.
I have to stop saying oh captain everybody tells a pirate story about the Captain's feathered sword and when his ship was rocking on the sea these pirate ships really rock the friendly pirate ship is the ship friendly pirate rocking in the sea. we're all getting cursed when the storm falls again alien let's visit captain feather sword and his friendly pirate crew at his pirate school nikki nakinaki noo hands on my head what's that here new just wanted to see at my private school got my chin what is it that's here that's my Chick-fil-A what's that here guys my Pirates go that's on my toes what's that here that's my pirate school last time goodness hello everyone I'm wearing my dance clothes because I'm going to Dorothy's dance party, the dinosaurs.
I'm also going to Dorothy's dance party, the dinosaurs. Hey, guess where I'm going, everyone. I'm going after Dorothy's dance party, the dinosaurs. let's go to Dorothy's dance party, everyone, it's great to see you, it's my dance party and everyone's invited, it's a dance party, dance party, everyone's invited, so come to Dorothy's dance party, come on everybody let's shake let's yell drink get in and out and around everyone is invited to this dinosaur party let's dance dance party star of this dance party everyone is invited so come to dorothy's dance party come on let's shake let's yell we're jumping in and out and flipping everyone's invited to this dinosaur party you're at the party party at everyone's invited so come on over to Dorothy's dance party it's a dance party everyone it's time to get on board the SS feather sword and set sail with captain feather sword and his Pirate friends today the captain has a lot of accidents and everyone says sorry and sorry again it's so much fun let's get on on board oh oh wait my hearts what a beautiful day the sun is shining the birds are singing and the bugs are dancing and today is a special day for me Hearties because today is shoe inspection day on the SS feather sword and that's it when I, the good Captain Feathersword, inspect the crew to make sure all their shoes are neat and clean.
Clean shoes are very important. inspect crew oh don't feed me parties please I'll forward a clean shoe hello hello oh Betty Bandicoot look at your foot it's covered in a suit oh sorry captain your mind for beating me on head and be sad, but next time. I'll really shine my shoes, oh, Benny, thanks for saying thatI'm sorry. but it's your clean shoe I want to see see wow Alfonso I'm excited it's so clean well done me Hardy fantastic abroad thanks for saying sorry oh I know you didn't mean to drop me and saying sorry makes me feel so much better and now for having shoes so clean here is your reward is a cookbook oh yes indeed terrius is gone now the leather of your shoes is not clean in this weather yes clean clean clean captain oh i love your clean shoes and your smiling face but take a look Look at that undone cord, sorry captain for the oversight, I'll patch it up and fix it, oops captain I'm so sorry it fell in there oh we left Darius. sorry, well it made the old Captain feel special, sorry that's such a nice word, isn't it strange? there's one thing there's a lot of things we always like to say we always say will you accept my forgiveness and say i'm forgiven i tried and i tried sorry buddy sorry again sorry buddy oh that's ok sorry again wow come on and make it a dance with me henry the octopus henry the octopus a very special friend to me henry the octopus i have a big dance for you to see well tell us now henry what should we all do tell us now henry we want to dance as you clap your hands above your head and sway from side by side start the ball up and down now let's go around and now the octopus a very special friend to me Henry the octopus I have a great dance for you to see well tell us now Henry what we do everything should tell us now Henry we want to dance like you you clap your hands over your head and sway from side to side you start to fall up and down now he's been around the octopus a very special friend to me henry the octopus thank you all for dancing with me thank you all for dancing with me everyone for dancing with me well we all had a lot of fun today we sang some songs that helped wake me up we went in the big red car but now it's time to say goodbye um foreigner thank you thank you

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