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The Wiggles: Cold Spaghetti Western (2004)

Apr 12, 2023
um we are the cowboys we are the cowboys we love to sing all day and we ride our horses this way sometimes on the road we like to sing we eat fresh fruit when we can we wet cowboy shirts we like cowboy boots cowboys sometimes we love to do the things the cowboy way where the cowboys are the cowboys we brush our teeth every day cowboys hello everyone we're the


I'm greg I'm anthony I'm jeff I'm murray and welcome to wiggly there There are so many great things to do on our farm. There are many animals.
the wiggles cold spaghetti western 2004
Hey, look, it's a cow. She'd better go and surround her. farm check out this beautiful my favorite apples i love apples yeah wow there's a lot going on here are you ready yeah let's get the mail hey look at this wow it's a reminder of the town fair but it doesn't say when it's on everyone you can hear some beeps you're right makes murray everyone says sounds like your boots are beeping anthony that's my new invention tell me what i have to do today good morning you asked me to remind you today is city day take me to the fans Yes, it says that today is the city fair.
the wiggles cold spaghetti western 2004

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the wiggles cold spaghetti western 2004...

Great, I love the fair. There are games. to do things, yeah, me too, I've been working on this new gadget. here in the west oh hot and dry murray hot and dry that's good sometimes it's hard to find water but did you know that if you dig deep into the ground you can often find water oh it's like when you dig a big hole in the sand at the beach , that's right, jeff, now this is a portable pump that digs deep into the ground, finds water, and brings it to the surface. It started going up and down like this, yeah, like that, yeah, and then there's water coming out of the spout, yeah, no water coming out, murray, it's not really working, it looks like it's back to the old drawing board, never mind, murray, better Good luck next year, look at us.
the wiggles cold spaghetti western 2004
We'd better get going, otherwise we'll miss out on the biggest competition at the show. The great cook of the country. The Cook. the best alfonso makes pasta pasta pasta you like pasta yum i eat


oh boy it makes me hungry just thinking about it yeah why don't you come over? all our friends are going to be there wag the dog henry the octopus and dorothy the dinosaur the wags are too big oh no oh what ain't there a big red car you're right it's just there greg yeah remember the pranksters took dorothy and henry to the city ​​to help alfonso the great italian chef in the great cafe del oeste oh yes here in the range everything is horses and donkeys yes and speaking of horses and donkeys look over there taking care of the horses and donkeys fernando fernandito julio and clara come on um we are the ranchers we'll be around when you need a horse or a donkey or even a duck a duck see a duck ducks donkeys horses horses donkeys ducks this is what we do quack quack oh oh oh foreigner quack quack everyone quack quack quack quack wow esther never went suddenly to the murray look it's mari's invention let's go tell murray the pump works perfectly hey everyone why don't you saddle up and come with us?
the wiggles cold spaghetti western 2004
We are about to take a walk up the undulating path to the donkey. Let's go for a walk, skip and jump along the wavy and flap too. The cows eat grass from the and the tree there's lots of fun and what to do in the wavy magpies sing and the kangaroos delicious things to eat in the wavy trailer and you'll hear the cowboy yeah in the wavy tree all this walking is getting really tired I hope it's not too much further out of town i'll check my home map home map yes does that measure distances in meters or feet? take it north or that it must be uh that way or maybe it is that way oh i'll check my burt murray compass to go north i have to turn to you maybe i should have put new batteries in it i won't mind murray maybe you can help us all which way do you think we should go hey craig yes you can hear i'm trying to hear it anthony no no no there's no drums there you can't hear them can you hear the drums fernando he can hear them ah or maybe we should ask the drummer which way to go he might know the way to town that's a great idea greg drummers are very helpful people yeah yeah yeah let's leave the donkeys here and go on foot okay come on wiggle I'm late I'm going to play come on Look, it's Captain Featherstone, the friendly pirate, listen to the drama, listen to the drama. in a sizzling heart playing his hey captain that was a great drumming oh hello my friends what brings you here to my secret place of percussion well captain we were wondering if you could help us you see we were going to town for the fair but then we got lost oh murray of course i can help you the captain is always ready oh great map ok captain maybe you can tell us how far it is from here to here from there to there about that far greg everything it does is go this way. to the end and then you go that way ah thanks captain yeah yeah see you later i see your cats there.
I'm going to wait here and practice my percussion for the fair tonight. Did he say this way or did he say this way? I think he said that way. Are you sure? Yeah, I'm sure that's fine that way, come on. uh, that way, yeah, that way running a cafe can be really hard work, you're right Dorothy, I think we really deserve a break. cafe wow no customers since alfonso the chef ran out of the secret ingredient for his pasta maestro omg yeah i know if we don't get some customers soon we may have to close the cafe oh god but what can happen? maybe the


can get an idea i wonder where they could be hey we're here yeah but it's too quiet hello hello hello someone there someone there someone there fade out here oh sure anthony oh did you follow my instructions yeah huh but we take a wrong turn? everyone is done at the fair greg oh except wags henry dorothy oh and of course the master pasta maker are at the great west cafe oh alfonso the great west cafe that sounds like fun come on everyone let's go to the cafe friendly smiles everywhere thats it what we gonna do let's go big and drink some more water that's what we gonna do let's go to the great west fun let's have some fun the great west fun everyone come on to the great west fun hey look they're all our friends don't do the dinosaur wax the dog can henry the octopus let's say hello to our friends hello wiggles wow it's very quiet here too quiet ah remember what captain sword feather said everyone is at the fair of course yes it has been like this for a while.
We may have to close the cafe. cook-off can't get the secret ingredient for his special master pasta anymore that's why we don't have customers meat and potato eat some potato it's just that i can cook without my ingredients ziggly alfonso my friends we can't believe it i'm not going to the country cooking competition i can't without my secret ingredients oh gee but the country cooking competition is the biggest event in town fair the big russian cooking bars break out that's a bush oh and stanley sembal the champion of asian food and pierre bonbon the french master oh oh great chefs themselves and they're all competing for the prize in the country's great cooking contest but alfonso is as good as any of them hey maybe that's all i thought so why please cook in the cooking contest if you want to win everyone will know that the best food is in the great cafe in the west yes anthony I'm afraid alfonso doesn't believe in himself anymore so he won't enter the great country cooking contest no not even a superhero could help us now who are you?
I'm the food man. Sustenance superhero. Wow, guys, our very own superhero. What are you talking about? Anthony. You can't see a superhero. He will solve all our problems. That's me when it's time to cook and you need a little cooking. the man who comes out can show you the way every day oh i love healthy food, would you like a good sounding food citizens? but now we have to find a way to save the great west a food man says alfonso should try to make his pasta maestro but i can't i don't have the secret ingredient the food man says let me be the judge of that let him be the judge of that oh please alfonso it's ok for my friends i'll try to make italy maker italy maker he is the master maker ok hey from italy i see food the man says this isn't master pasta, it's disaster pasta, i can't do the master. pasta without the secret ingredients all is not lost all we have to do is find the ingredient what do we do now murray food the man says all is not lost all we have to do is find a secret ingredient it's not possible for sure it's just tell us what the secret ingredient is if i tell you it won't be the secret ingredient it will be the non-secret ingredient i can never say the word it will never pass my lips maybe if you draw it maybe i think it will be complicated not impossible how will we find it in time to the quiz the food man says trust your senses spell sight and taste the food man says he'll be back anthony i don't know what this is about the food man but his advice i mean your advice is good we we are going to have to find the secret ingredient so that alfonso can go to the cooking competition yes hey afonso don't worry we will find the secret ingredient come on we are all going to have to move in movement time yes we are going to do this job good luck you can do it where we're going i don't know hear a bird what the birdie says anthony the birdie wants to know what's wrong with our sources so i'm too upset aren't you?
Tell me, oh, what did the bird say? That clever little bird knows where to find the secret ingredient. Fantastic foreign feet. All foreigners quickly. I have to figure this out guys yeah I think we are going to need help with this can you help us find the secret ingredient? Oh good well here's a drawing of what it looks like hey greg everyone it looks like an olive tree. that's right anthony and that's where you get the olive oil and that's the secret ingredient yeah hey can you help us? Have you seen an olive tree that looks like that? that and it's there yeah they say it's there murray let's take a look ok it's not there now they say it's there let me get this straight you're saying the olive tree is here now you. they're saying that ok let's take a look guys wait now they say it's behind us oh behind us yeah yeah well done y'all that's the secret tree yeah wait guys what how are we going to get the olive oil out of the olives hmm you know what murray it's a shame you don't have a contraption to pump the oil out of the olives yeah a bit like the contraption you designed for uh to pump the water out of the ground hey maybe just maybe see the pump murray the pump now murray let me get this straight you're going to use that contraption to pump the olive oil out of the olives that's right anthony i'm going to use this pump to pump the olive oil out of the olives you better get to work yeah yeah twice as fast time wavy come on it's working yeah it's fantastic wow bye murray you did it. pasta for the cooking competition, yes, come on, oh, alfonso looks so sad, yes, captain, we have found the olive oil, oh, fantastic, alfonso must be very happy.
You know it's a party he just wants to see yesterday Don't you know it's time for a party? This is going to be a lot of fun guys, but first things first, we have to find alfonso, everyone spread out, um, no. that's not what i meant, well everyone look for alfonso, whatever he does, don't get distracted by fun and games. mechanical bow best invention 60 pounds fastest banana in the west competition fastest banana competition in the west i love bananas there is only room in this town for a great banana captain feather stone better luck next time old friend here we go alfonso cheer up look we found some olive oil everyone my friend finally alfonso now you can make your master pasta come on come on come on they should be here any minute oh here they come help oh my beautiful olive oil make some potatoes Fried, oh, it comes from the trees. borks i'm so nervous i'm so tense i'm so hungry now that the tasting is over now it's time for the judges to think about their scores thank you music please okay time's up judges now it's time to see the score break from one to ten the higher the score the better plate ready buddy spark sports got a seven 9. wow and nine well that's going to be hard to beat alfonso will need a perfect score a 10 if he's going to win and i don't know if that will be has done it before in the history of great country kitchen rolls please alfonso did it scored it wasn't a great i think the great west cafe will stay open now thanks to alfonso and greg wiggles everyone this calls for a celebration a celebration we have a party we have a party hey we have a party we have a party i love to dance let's dance jump over everyone we have a party we have a party hey everyone let's do a foreign concave let's sing now it's everyone here we go from new foreign foreign are you ready foreign one more time everyone come on wiggles we have a great day tomorrow fromback at wiggly homestead what a great day thanks for coming with us yeah and thanks for helping us find the secret ingredient and save the great west cafe oh and thanks to that wonderful superfood hero food man oh come on , anthony you can drop that now that we all know there's no food but greg great but greg look over there very tray but now it's time to go see you at the next wiggle show pretty good and bye to the wavy trail everyone and bye bye windy tread we rode the trail we had fun together but now it's time to go see you at the next wiggle show great and bye bye weekly tow train well as the wavy sun goes down it's time to say goodbye from all of us to all of you see you later my hearts we are the cowboys where the cowboys all day you

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