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Jun 01, 2021
hello and welcome to the first Westie Awards of 2019 2020 it's great to be here it's great to be here we're in the school auditorium it's just us here and i'll comment on the air conditioners not here you know it's really been a bad choice really good for us to do the tuxedo because I feel like our kids deserve it but we're absolutely going to be grounded absolutely I'm a little too chubby for this weather as you know I'm Greg Johnson your athletic director and I'm Matthew L your principal. It is a real pleasure to make these awards.
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Obviously, we can't do the end-of-year Spring Sports Awards, so we got to thinking about how we can honor our kids and bring not just sports athletes, but everyone throughout the year, that's when We talked about that when we first talked about wanting to give awards that reflect who we are as a show, yeah, and I'm really excited about that. He got the idea that Westies like SPC, so we're excited. I think I can come to you. I didn't think of all the thanks. I appreciate that. Wasn't it like a long process today? Before we start let's thank a few people so first our administration at West Florence High School and this is a credit to you and further up the food chain but amazingly supportive of student athletes yes supportive of me , so let's start at the top dr.
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O'Malley, he knows his fantastic facility improvements that we've had at this location, not only that, but he knows the support that comes to games and that kind of thing, yeah he gets it, he sees the A's play a very important role in our community. porch to the right of the school that is exactly wrong i also thank our principal mr. Matthew Dowdell does a fantastic job telling us to do it and win do what it takes do it the right way dr. Mr. Greene Sinclair Mr. Coleman, Miss Young, not to be missed Brisbane, Miss Brittany Harris Davis, now Davis, Miss Davis, now married.
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Giving again this year, they broke last year's record, so our Athletic Booster Club does more for our student athletes than anyone could imagine, and that's going directly to the student. The absolute percentage of that stuff goes to student athletes. It's not fantastic. the parents do a great job supporting our programs they all have agreed they do a great job our coaches have done a fantastic job they couldn't be happier and of course our student athlete so thanks to all of you it's not us without you how about an announcement that you want to make the announcement yes we're excited so it's an announcement and you know we're sad to see one go but we're happy to see we gain a new member in our co nation member of mmunity yes go along Going into next year we're going to turn things around Coach Richmond will still be here and he'll slowly go through the countries right in the fall he'll still be here to help we're excited about that. but we have been able to hire a new social studies teacher and track coach and Richard Wiseman is coming to us from Darlington a Chihuahua coming from Darlington couldn't be more excited yes his cross country teams have won five regional championships in a row .
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I think their track team has won four straight regional championships recently, we were there for a basketball game this year and they capped off that they had an athlete who won the state championship five different years, that's every year from eighth grade to but very , very excited for Coach Robin. I am also excited about the classroom. He will help us in Jewish history. He earned excellent approval scores from the EEOC in Darlington. winning stuff too so yeah a fantastic hire we are very excited to have Coach Wadman on board we would also be remiss if we didn't mention Coach Wilson yes Bob Wilson the idea of ​​RIT South Florence has been announced to be retiring at the end of this school year and we will really miss him because the knowledge that he brought to both of us yeah and this district was fantastic he has really worked all three schools he made a mistake again but he retired to south florence bruin and thank you for all you have shared with us we really appreciate the friendship we had through this and when i first took this job coach wilson has been instrumental thats not a good enough word its really taking me under his protection and he has done a lot, not only for me, but for us and for our student-athletes and that must be remembered that he must be this is the one I have the greatest respect for the ent Renador Wilson absolutely painted a basketball for his trophy case he was part of the 1986 state cham The pionship team here did a fantastic job so Coach Wilson will be missed.
I will miss you personally and can't wait for you to take me out to breakfast next year. Let's continue with the awards ceremony. What do you think I think I am? ok ok our first award we're going to give out we've never given it before my wife hates hates the name of this award she thought it was stupid she didn't get it but i totally get it thank you so much imagine the lunch award is given to the male and female athlete at West Lawrence high school who have shown may be the strongest work ethic and just going beyond reps before practice, reps after practice, leadership on the field, but this is this the lunch box award as i see it is i'm from blue-collar city Pittsburgh these are the people who did everything right and short didn't get the credit when it was absolutely necessary but they worked harder than anyone ok, let's get into this why are you before me do that I want I want to tell everyone how these were voted out huh so we take the nominations from each head coach once they meet We animated the nominations, we sent them back, everyone voted, and these are sort of consensus elections.
So why not announce our Lunch Box Athlete Female Athlete of the Year receiving our Lunch Box Awards? Miss Kinsley Benson Kenzie Benson has played softball here for 68 years I think she's been here forever has played a multitude of positions Coach Perkins Yeah I don't know yet I'm still going to box up and she told us Kenzie Benson needs this award . Good afternoon, Gentlemen, just fool Perkins here, head softball coach for your Lady Knights. Congratulations to all the award winners. she hits our war lunch box congratulations KB we love you and she deserves it she has done an outstanding job in the classroom too hard work translates you know classroom that absolu community service that kind of thing and so Kinsley congratulations congratulations Kinsley deserved our male athlete of the year has trouble getting on a plane with TSA I could see people think he's smuggling basketballs on his shoulders yeah this time last year he looked like a broom standing side by side and pose that the room weights works out he's lifted her name avianna McBride AV in her sophomore year for us she's grown from maybe six two to six six all of a sudden and she's got muscles she looks looks like a man she's completing her jersey yeah she's done a Absolutely outstanding job for us, you've really set the tone and it's hard for a kid to set the tone, but it is especially so if I was in, say, a is second year student. tone especially in basketball and also another boy in the class who is doing it Thank you commercial props to Avion congratulations aka V so we got a lot of rescue out of the way let's talk about some performances of the year we are I'm going to give an individual performance of the year boys and girls but let's talk about some of the coolest moments of the year maybe the team performance yeah so I think back to when we were in South Florence and our girls were playing first in the crowd there and enthusiastic.
Myself, Florencia, back and forth, back and forth, I lost a huge lead, I lost it when extra time came. yeah just fantastic when they're on our girls basketball team they doubled their win total from last year and made the playoffs so that was a fantastic effort on their part it was a really great night yeah the fight they had after having tested the sprint. yeah plenty of recovery great for performances of the year team wise like a week later the men's basketball team beat Conway yeah in overtime here at the castle another outstanding Conway I think which was six m. maybe 7th in the state, they were a roller, yeah their basketball team ended up playing for the chef of the station, Emily, yeah, Dutch to us and we were, I mean, the only team that beat them when they had everyone, yeah, so they lost some. games at Christmas when Tonka, which was the region all year and everywhere he didn't play, was in three all-star games where he was pretty good. an absolute egg instead, but then he came back here and took care of business, so that was a really cool win.
Pierson Mixon won the regional cross country championship. can drive yes performance of the year women's soccer won their pre season tournament which was great forints a big win for them. We don't have two great moments I think the best moment of the year I'm probably biased the home opener on campus yeah it was a great night it was a great line and again this all goes back to the crowd the atmosphere, nope it's not just the game it's all these things it's the high school experience yeah let's talk about some individual performance of the year let's just say fast individual performance is linear ok as far as females I don't know if you know how volleyball works You know, Holly Ball Score works.
I made 225 games, you'd have to win three, and so to beat a team, you essentially score 75 points one night we were playing South Florence and Emmy Rollins scored 20, she had 24 kills and went up twenty-four kills. she equates to about a third of our points that night, she absolutely hit the ball and points if we win so on Rollins I'm going to show our stats here on the chart unless you read them but it was an amazing night. Jimmy had a great year. she was allsta the look just great i was also kind of the topic here great student-athlete yeah hi my name is warren coker and i am the girls volleyball coach and boys tennis coach here was florence high school i would like to congratulate Jimmy Rollins for being named female performance player of the year and I think that's what we wanted to get across in all of this absolutely these guys are great students but they're also great athletes as well as helping the community an absolute listen everything here is talking about it a lot guys are male performance of the year this is a basketball game we had to win to finish second in region it was a great game he was in our shoes i remember tweeting that night and i tweeted this kid's name a lot and it was in all caps when i typed the first three letters it's a cheeky popup all caps now i have to go back to cam biarlo chris brigman vs carolina forest got a million points yeah i had a fantastic night t the team on his back great performance from him so chris brigman and emmy rollins are individual performances congratulations from you two you've earned it great and again it's about your best teammate and you really make us proud of you guys as individuals and as West Point students Jake Jack we give out some great awards we never give coaches love and these awards every they know and work very hard, we put in the hours that they do, they also teach a lot, but they do it. a very, very good job we want to recognize our assistant coach of the year this year the head coaches get a lot of love and deservedly so you know i feel like there are a lot of people behind the scenes going above and beyond this year's assistant coach of the years mr.
Doron Devlin, can you think of anyone more deserving in our school building? No I think you know it starts at 7:30 with him getting here helping out in the cafeteria helping out or whatever we need he does a great job in our PE department standing up great job in the weight room he does a great no wait for all the programs that asked him if he does if it is he stays he stays he comes early he stays late he does it this year he volunteered to coach the JV boys tennis yes he started JV men's tennis program by what Coach Devlin has taken the norm and expectations are already high for us yes and even higher cinema Coach Devlin congratulations you did an outstanding job and all you do. the top, thanks guys, we really appreciate you before we go any further.
I think we should explain our hair because we are going to see this 20 years ago. I am very grateful to have onerelatively close. so there's a wedding the day we went out six weeks with our hair down atrociously. I am aware that someone told me that he had let me loose here at this point. Let the record go that we haven't been to school for six weeks and the whole world is shut down for the 19 covid scare, so hopefully 20 years from now I'll look back and absolutely laugh. I think in 20 years I won't have you breaking a sweat starting the show at mine so let's talk community service athletes of the year I mean where do we start?
I just think of a world world when I first started this journey, sure, a few years ago, the amount of community service. that we've given back to the schools, to the different organizations around Florence, it's just tremendous and it just goes to show that it starts with Greg's vision, our is our athletic director and plans all of this, but our head coaches and coaches are all on board with this and again with this it wouldn't be possible without our student-athlete for sure when I drop my daughter off at Royal on Fridays and watch our team there is nothing that brings me a bigger smile than being able to see them do this and give back to the community and you know friday readers schedule a thing and what we started doing because we want to help the younger generation yeah it ended up in our kids like doing that more than i think skates and all those other kids like our kids are having more fun, that's their time to shine, that's right, but they are also understanding the importance of the future generation who are understanding being a good citizen so that's great i can tell my daughter loves it she doesn't like the kids that come to her school so much she loves the cheerleaders when they come and she loves the volleyball players and later but a couple of people They have shown an exceptional community. service, yes, girls first.
I couldn't decide on one of the girls which is that there are so many people out there inside our woman. Sure Kevin Robinson was our net women's basketball coach Tichenor and he not only went above and beyond but we tell every coach on the show. you have to pick a community service project you have to run it this is your own tell me what it's going to be not to do it and he was so excited to be here he did about seven and so they did everything from Friday Readers one day at Christmas they went to Sam's and they rang the doorbell literally all day yesterday.
I remember in God that they fed the homeless that they had and cooked the food for them and took it away to serve and just an unlimited amount of things. you did for the community you really did go above and beyond so we decided to give our women's community service athlete of the year the women's basketball team award so congratulations to you guys and again there's no one more deserving . your hard work throughout this school year we absolutely appreciate the boys award because it wasn't even Harvard to give it we had so many athletes that went and did Friday and Readers I think at one point we had over 70 coming out oh that was very lonely, you know a guy like clark triggers that he has 25 things on his syllabus and root for unreal clark but i thought this kid really went all out and the other part of it is he's like i've matured so much in two years that i wanted I can't say enough about how much this kid has grown and I think community service has really taught him some of that and not only what he's doing is not just for him but it's about the whole community so Nick Edik has gone further.
I've personally seen him going to Carver Elementary School and reading yeah and you know, sitting on the floor with them and reading books to them and signing autographs, which is cool. I know that just makes him say he's rock, I mean, and his hair is already cheese, cheese, and crackers, but Nick, we're so proud of you. You have done an exceptional job. John Mack is our Male Community Service Athlete of the Year. Congrats one of my favorite words to give us two academic awards I couldn't agree more I'm sorry our kids do the work they've done it's fair when I tell people other athletic writers there are numbers to this they are impressed yes our team GPA for the second year in a row, take all the athletes, add them up, add up the GPAs, average a 4.0 out of a 4.0, for the second year in a row, yes, I'm going to pause because at home under your applause or not. enough with the shocked support, not only outstanding work by our student-athletes and outstanding work by our coaches to do that, we have some teachers in the building that go above and beyond to help our kids and volunteer their time and not you can thank them and honor that that's so really, all of that shows that our teachers care about the kids, yeah, so when I'm recognized for the sport that had the highest GPA, voila, you'll see the support.
I will say the name. Let's start with joy, joy K Jase, let's go with volleyball. in me I believe Emmy Rollins Henry Rollins congratulations cross country girls CC Colosseo Cecilia is her real name but Cecilia colosseo congratulations yes let's go box country boys cross country boys it was Connor Bailey whose GPA is higher than my cu current weight but the code is good let's go girls win girls swim it was miss Mariah Daugherty congratulations mariah the boy swims the boy swam was Jordan berry Jordan great job let's move on to girls tennis girls tennis was miss Kate Sainsbury excellency very good girls golf with Coach Wagner girls girls golf golf lady Julia Klein with an awesome 477 excellent cheer congratulations let's go to the almighty women's basketball team women's basketball was miss Samara Burgess aka Taylor that's great that's fantastic absolutely it's men's basketball men's basketball was Shaquille white should kill won this award two years in around outstanding work and that was actually competitive that was career many of these were but Shaquille Anna from brother Shakeel they both signed to play college basketball there will be last week so congratulations congratulations to our schools on have two great youngsters yes straight A's who turned out to be very good basketball absolutely fine let's get back to this let's go softball Sydney Netherlands also second year in a row congratulations baseball I heard we have a new a little a freshman max Faith who was a freshman year he entered and made the universal team sitario played a good time and preseason in the early season games and won the academic award so mac has a chance to win it before years in a row congratulations young mac let's make that happen yeah alright we're moving on to the girls track Sara McCallum just an outstanding GPA yes she's over five yes she's doing a great job boys track too Connor Bailey he's won two of these congratulations Connor How can we forget our women's soccer team mr. jordan cook outstanding grade point average this was probably the most competitive and girls soccer they had five more girls if i win oh yeah a soccer girl definitely girls tennis those get really tough girls tennis was the highest team GPA stop again yes but listen we are i promised coach sullivan that other people were catching without a doubt without a doubt let's go boys soccer mr.
Robert Spence thief Spence another set of twins how he does a fantastic job bathroom also very competitive yes so the last one is very interesting because we have someone who has won all three sports us Sports athlete won all three mr. Hamill Emerson wins football academic award for a kids golf golf and kids tennis so outstanding job. Hale was an All-State tennis player and academic award winner for three different sports. you want to add academically because you are the principal well first i would love or i would love to thank the teachers first because without them this would not be possible and they come early they stay late they know when things are in season and students have to leave early they are there like bending over backwards to help these kids and again the coaches keep on top of their grades because Johnson does great weekly checks to make sure we're on top of this so it's really all encompassing it's the effort I put in for me what makes the place special absolutely that's what we and again without these kids this would be possible thanks to you and your parents for making an academy microphones are a priority because we know how far they can go after this absolutely guys They have done us proud with this.
I consider this to be one of our top honors, yes absolutely for the year, yes let's talk about teammates of the year. Another big one is a new category that we came up with and I thought it was important because sports especially in the heavy 2020 year has a tendency to be very individually focused so yeah you and you know all this travel ball stuff . I believe that social networks are independent, that's right. the coolest thing so what we're talking about here is I asked each coach to nominate someone from their team that would be the teammate of the year so that the person who puts the success of the team above the success of himself I didn't have to. being a senior he just wanted someone on his team who represented everything we stand for as a program.
I want these kids to reflect that in a similar way to a lunch box, but this is so much more. Many of these children were starters. It doesn't matter it just means you absolutely outclassed everyone so we've got some videos of coaches coming across here also talking about their sons yeah but let's talk about let's go over the top football Stevens now Stephenson L was the kicker and an outstanding good football player also absolutely he was absolutely you know a lot of kickers sit on the end of the bench and don't watch the game Stephen was there he was cheering on his knobs outstanding job but i see him here practicing all the time like good cheer on Lily Williams congratulations Lily did a great job you were the first person on the team yes absolutely congratulations to Lily Williams for being our cheer teammate of the year you exemplify all the great qualities it takes to be a great teammate thank you for always being willing to help thank you for your good heart, your sweet words, your ability to get along with others in c Whatever the situation, you are an amazing cheerleader, but even more so an amazing person, I am so grateful.
I've been able to coach her I look forward to all the many years to come that we can stay in touch go to Knights volleyball I can still hear Cammy rookie group screaming in my nightmares Jenny Niles is that strong in the game or not ,she's just yelling so volleyball and softball are those sports that are very loud yea she's on her way to being named teammate volleyball player of the year cami did an outstanding job she was a soccer player for four years, he had never played soccer before. year volleyball player was very involved in the team did a great job that was also a close race yes great job cami let's go girls cross country miss jordan roberts did a fantastic job coached richard I think he described her as a leader yes Jordan Roberts Jordan you've been a great teammate you've been a leader you've always cared about your fellow runners and tried to make sure everyone did what they had to do and cheer everyone on I felt so bad for you I pale To thank you Beat for being a great teammate and congratulations stay safe guys country.
I've seen his name become quite a surprise here. Connor Bailey, man, Connor did a good job. I saw him, he and Pearson mixed both. cross country yes he took them he took all the young wimps under his wings and really ran with him cross country the award goes to Connor Bailey congratulations Connor you have always been a wonderful teammate you have been in the program for a long time. You have always put teammates first. You've always cared about how the show is going and making sure everything goes smoothly. You have helped me a lot. I practice when I need to.
Connor. I want to thank you for being such a valued teammate to you. me and my fellow runners go Knights Connor was also an all region player yeah girls one saw this name before to miss Mariah Daugherty yeah its a coincidence teammates work hard too it just shows you that your job is if the voice when tummy resident prominent team supporter that guy by the pool is a cool sport to watch we went to the house we met this year with francis marion to watch and all the guys at the end of the pool talking laps left the problem is your air con is there same thing horses dude it was wet there that's a human we've seen this before girls tennis petite sainsbury played number one academic award winner great teammatewell done team hey guys I'm Coach Sullivan and I wanted to take this moment to congratulate you on being teammate of the year.
They chose you for this award because you are motivating. % during games and practice times congratulations on being chosen and nominated for teammate of the year during the 1920s school year girls golf Trinity Chapman another great teammate she is how many golf mates he went where we went and you cant really cheer golf games but she sure trinity did a great job straight licensed trinity girls basketball shocker here whos the most team oriented in this whole school an alias code I cant name one if If we had another girls sport, I'd probably play that one too, but not only that, remember when we'd do it and do outdoor duty when we were driving to the end of Scalia, who was always the first person we saw cook finally get here at 6:45 every day greets us with coffee and absolutely digs at the job great teammate great teammate and member of the three sports in softball she had an absolutely disgusting ankle injury her ankle was this big and she was trying to get onto the field for Jerry's teammates are so good to her she's fantastic you may not have seen this next one, I don't know if we were here, no scholar saw it because she was here for this.
Remember? It was a basketball game. I don't know who we were playing. It was quite an important game. they're absolutely dominating a game of basketball, yeah, and I think we're up there 20 younger guys come in and the older guys are on the bench and I look up and I'm sitting on the side of the bench and Braxton Taylor has our guys in sync. they dance with their finger tapping to get through there I actually remember the camera more than anything Braxton Taylor also went to the Hornets we had the Hornets game it was a plain good time of the year the Hornets are here on one of those birds scooters yes no one yes if you know braxton you know exactly why he wins this award as 1st boy on team and you also don't say it proud enough how far he is.
I was going to say that it has developed from where he started and to the west. is ending we couldn't do more pr Actice than also really bad names. You still don't look any better to me, so he keeps trying, let's get on the line. Everything is soccer. Miss Aaron and Huggins. She was a junior this year. good job huggie bear great attitude great attitude absolutely baseball one of my favorite toys come on clark clark driggers clark i dont see it in my mouth clark has been at west florence high school for years has said seven words to me yes thats right hello seven different times that's all he's a man of very few words but a man of tremendous leadership even he was a peep for the baseball team and when he wasn't pitching i've seen clark driggers drag a baseball field he's helped me paint lines before on the baseball field in basketball he's that weird kid who can play five positions on the court how the paint lines go without communication that's interesting she just says let's keep going girls clue kumari good kumari also sign i got a college scholarship last week i wonder run again columbia college is going to be a koala the prize is coming argument congratulations kumari thank you for being a teammate ta n valued on the track team for always putting your teammates before yourself for being dedicated to the sport doing your best and giving it your all whether it be practice or meeting congratulations and stay safe and hope everyone has a nice break guys drink but corey brown when i sent this email to the coaches coach eagles was the first to reply he said but corey brown stays every day and cleans up.
He stacks obstacles. Arrives early. I love to say this, but yeah, girl, miss soccer. the injured volunteers really liked it a lot she said hey i'll get out of the little kids play that kind of thing so i saw what success i want to see where she put really three more times i'm going to show you this no one did it then mr. Roberts Pitts as we think another Mr. Spence award wins academic or academic and teammate of the year award guys golf no surprise here another great kid Lane Jersey Lane wants a special award for us at the ceremony winter by the spirit of the spirit of West I was going to say, I mean if he is, if he's not on the golf course, he's on one of these like a Bannister, he's leading it, we went to the Charleston golf tournament this year, yeah, Lane wasn't playing particularly well that first day, he still had a lot of love for him. his teammates keep giving advice that kind of thing absolutely for guys tennis michael aspirin michael casper played doubles for us last year was playing some singles stuff this year tremendous teammate tremendous work ethic very proud that michael asper is one of ours Mike Casper for being named tennis player of the year teammate I like the idea teammate of the year who would be his top assistant team interview oh man I don't think that would put me in a bind it would probably create five positions for that and I would name them all because they each do one individual thing or many individual things for me or for our school every day so I didn't really get to hear a quote last week and it was like the one percent of all is better than a hundred percent of a person and I thought they were great quotes I love it when a plan goes right I love it when teammates love each other mr.
Doll just commented to me that our ceremonies take a long time and she's right but before a good reason quicker than an hour and usually a test usually I'm an hour on the dot and here's what not punishes them. 95 degree weather we're dealing with y'all too can watch him have dinner at home whatever so you're enjoying it let's talk about the Neville files Memorial Scholarship can't rave enough about the Neville files and what he does with the base who sat here i always tell my funny story about the coach files right here i am ready for the coach files and my dad was a roommate at the university of south carolina. there and my dad somehow knows these people so I'm a 20 year old.
I need a job. a job that is help, well, what do you do? I said my dad told me to call you to sleep you don't I said Alan Johnson said your honor come on that's how I got to West Florence mm or not so coach fouled for which I had the pleasure of work. he was absolutely true to the rules and a lot of fun being around a guy, but no one reflected what this place wants to reflect more than Coach Foust. I loved it, everyone here did an outstanding job. with our show was the ad here I think for 14 or 15 years yeah she did a super super job before that she was a football coach that's the reason why this award here means so much absolutely it especially means a lot to me as we met yesterday we had a two hour meeting on this yesterday and yes what we talked about at the end of the day these kids reflect what the coaching files would have wanted so our Athletic Booster Club awards this scholarship these are $500 scholarships a pretty good chunk of change to take to college with you so abso luckily let's move on to the price of Shanthi Prashanthi.
Wouldn't West Florence miss out this year? She's like homecoming queen. I believe that at one point she was Miss West Farm. other students look up to Absolute she's totally for the right reason we don't have a better reflection of West Florence and Ashanti Bryce yes she's for the right reasons she appreciated a leader among leaders yes just a super super Career: Shante's trainer, Foust. I would have loved to then, we talked about it before, why not talk about him again? he yelled at Clark for not having the straight line or not from the baseball field. Clark was cut off.
He was a trainer. wonderful job clark congratulations clark no follow we have kinsley ben so she won the lunch box earlier she had a good night so far kinsley tremendous softball player tremendous she did great work ethic obviously and those coach files would put a lot of weight on those things Kinsley did a lot of extracurricular activities. I think she had the most extracurricular stuff in her ossification application. Speaking of applying, just so you're aware of this process, children apply. I have to write an essay. very much like GPA but I can get involved aesthetically in that sort of thing and so the committee would call these complete guys like my waist right now and last but not least Emily Barnett Howie said that she never again today we also estimate the year for girls soccer emily burnett just again a lot of community service how classroom performance right on my team first type of girl so forward to shante clark kinsley and emily job well done coach archives I've been so proud congratulations guys hello Gentlemen congratulations troll West Lawrence high school athletes of the year I'd like to congratulate all of our West Florence high school athletes who won awards here tonight hello cute Congratulations to the honorees of this year congratulations to our West Florence High School Athletes of the Year hello Gentlemen congratulations to our athletes of the year West Florence High School Goals of the Year hello Knights congratulations to our West Lawrence High School School Athletes of the Year congratulations High School Athletes of the Year hey Knights it's Coach Bregman with the West Florence Boys and Girls Golf Teams we want to congratulate everyone our West Florence Athletes of the Year hey guys I'm Coach Sullivan and I'm here to congratulate you on being West Florence Athlete of the Year hello gentlemen congratulations to our West High School Athletes of the Year hello gentlemen I'm the coach AND coach of rews boys varsity soccer congratulations to our west florence high school athletes of the year hello gentlemen this is your favorite football coach along with the newest member of our family of gentlemen congratulations to all of usa.
Forest High School Student Athlete of the Year Hello Gentlemen, congratulations to our West Florence High School Athlete of the Year, you were chosen because you represent our program, our school and our community better than anyone. They've helped prove that West is the best they've got. you have helped prove that west florence is better west is better you know thank you for showing that west is better you have proven that west is better once again you have helped prove that west is better you have helped prove that west is better you have helped prove that West is the best have you helped prove that west is the best have you helped prove that west is the best prove the hashtag west is the best if they will prove that west is the best good luck florence law schools athlete of the year athlete female of the year this is the cream of the crop we talk about it with every boy we mention tonight big boy yeah these are the best of the best so absentee bounty we want him to be the representative of our program.
The best representation of us is community service in the classroom being a grown man and minding your own business right so relationship success yes they had to showcase their skills so these kids will be our West representatives Florence, you're going to compete against Wilson and South. Florence and Florence one of the athletes in your competition later in May yeah Cooper Wallace my senior take Thompson's 1 out of 4 I think Malachi Goodman won this award part of the elite so these will be um, there's a nice plaque in the front office that says this will continue if it's hanging there with the right next to it yeah so these kids represent well I want to talk about the process of choosing this every head coach in the school gets nominated one once the nominations come in we compiled a list of stats and achievements and all this kind of stuff and what we voted on it and this is it the girls were unanimous the boys we had i think seven people nominated one guy and it was one vote difference , yeah, the guys were very close, so good, the woman and the female athlete of the year.
I'll get to the performance stuff later, talk about her as a kid, so she's been here. This is her third year. two years. here and she is one of those girls who lights up the halls with her smile and her personality is so cheerful the teachers love her other students love her I just cant think of a better person to have won this in an absolute senior year though, this girl this year served in the I don't mean this wrong, she was an officer in JROTC, yes, lieutenant commander, I think that was the title she had.
She played volleyball in the fall. the highlight of the volleyball season one night we were playing against someone andI think she had like nine aces in a row, kind of ridiculous during basketball, she kindly, I wrote this on her in her newsroom, plus saving the book for basketball. team doing laundry swe running around the court she literally stole hot dogs at halftime for the basketball team yeah she did it for everyone else but she wanted to go to the park because her dad might even make her but just a tremendous turnout, tremendous in the community, she is that girl that all the fans when they arrived. at the door I knew her she spoke to them by name yeah all that while she was a big big sister what kind of thing she also has a 49 GPA in classroom well done she is though let's talk of athletic achievements. she as a junior as a sophomore won the state championship in the 400 meter hurdles last year as a junior finished third in the state breaking a school record for either the hundred meter or the 400 meter hurdles Miss Lauren Gordon is our wife from West Florence High School here and very, very well deserved congratulations Lauren, we know you will be bringing this tradition to the Carolina coast next year.
CeCe you know how we know you got a scholarship there and we are so proud of all that you have done for us even though we had you for two years you have to come and win this award being a two year student here just absolutely phenomenal it's you you've made your reputation that's right and i have absolutely no doubt she's going to crush it the seaside girl i completely agree with crush it lauren congratulations we're working for you all the way yes great our male athlete here is another boy doing it I'm serious he's just one of those students who walks down the halls and people know who he is no matter his friends are gone because he's that kind student who walks around Petra and talks to people and his teachers love him and I have seen his dedication and his work, I know a big brother.
I know his parents and the whole family does an amazing job. Sure this kid, plus you know the type of this isn't a requirement for this award, but they all start out in the National Honor Society, yeah. Beta Club you I know Club X Y Z I've never heard of but they're involved in this guy, he had his hand in all of that and he did all of that. He was a volunteer for the Special Olympics. Florence Country Club yeah just an outstanding high school run but athletically that's all important but I want to tell a story about this guy that I can't wait to hear so last year we said goodbye for recruiting everyone in the country I think he scored something ridiculous like 34 touchdowns or something like that he had more rushing yards and I had to do the job yeah absolutely I think he ran like 2400 yards but every touchdown he scored every touchdown he scored Cooper, who scored the first child in the video. to congratulate that the guy who scored the touchdown was this kid without fail in college, questions would call and say to these kids every day. the team that his own success he was also a three sport athlete this year which is pretty rare yeah you don't come across all three I think we had three in school this year yeah Pearson Wyatt and Hale yes wyatt emerson is our male athlete of the year wyatt congratulations also second year in a row tremendous out here which is tremendous got going tremendous wyatt on top of being an all state tennis player last year finished nineteen and t i did the individual state tournament.
I went to the third round of the playoffs. Why is a team first. I told you the story of touchdown celebrations and that's what I like. teammate you've done an absolutely amazing job representing us congratulations this is a good awards night it was different it was different and as much as we want to bestow these accolades on these students we want to let them know we absolutely miss them. the snow is not the same without you here in these walls it is not the same without the teachers and that says a lot about our community and that says a lot about our culture i am not sure i want our students to come back during this difficult time we are so proud of the effort that you guys have given us, obviously in these sports, but also academically, and we want this to take us even stronger next year, we know that we can't be physically in the r oom weight, we can't be physically together practicing, but the we urge you to get out there, make sure you stay active, talk to your teammates, you know you can still text your coaches because that's where we're going next year. and i can't wait for athletic free time oh tell holy smokes he's awesome i am so excited to be back just you know i come to the office every day and all i think about is seeing things on the wall no I can wait for that to happen absolutely, you know, even the Mon guy, annoying stuff.
I miss going to Sam's every day, I actually say things, we know you were adopted. Skyler Waze is missing Sam's Pizza, that's been the hardest part of all this for her. I think our children will come. come back resilient right now we get a lot of questions about when we will return no one knows no one has any idea we don't know where this is going i think the main priority is everyone's help yes everyone's sanity and so at the end of the day more Lau lo de ren goes anywhere West Lawrence sports ain't going anywhere once we know something you guys will absolutely know something even if you know football season is delayed volleyball season is delayed two weeks whatever but I think which is also important to mention being thankful for which you're right because they're going to go in a flash ask the senior class this year yeah and it's devastating for them and they walk in and we want to make sure they walk out on a special note sure with graduation and we're going to be announcing a few things here in the next few days to make sure we honor you and how you feel you should be honored because you guys have been here my whole career one foot fundamental part of the why of our culture.
This way for sure you really feed the school and it feeds us to want to work harder and we want to thank you for that, we will all be forever indebted to everything you have given us absolutely absolutely Wilson anything to the contrary, no, I just want, you know thanks for doing an amazing job these things always run smoothly and i dont really have to do much except talk we did all this in one take everyone knows i like to talk they dont. i have to reset anything this is how we do greetings the caller was our videographer DAO director of athletic operations and thankful she's here you know no one has it better than us that's until next time thanks guys whoo the diamonds are forever and he was a westie too never forget it's the best thing happening today athletes now that the awards show is over you have nothing else to do why don't you tweet us a victory speech and we will retweet it on Twitter?

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