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The Web of Cogs and Oil - Fangame Review

Jun 07, 2021
So if you've ever played Five Nights at Freddy's Fan Game, chances are you've come across someone's fnaf, an alternate universe or canon that builds on the original games to create something new that justifies why you should give it a watch. of the series. some games aren't known for changing things up story-wise, while others keep things super short and sweet, really giving you only what you need to understand the context of your immediate surroundings and some one night games, but what What if I completely abandoned the need? to the story, there's no rhyme or reason as to why you're punching through seemingly unconnected mechanics or tasks, you're just kicking around a chunk-sized collection of experiences, but for nothing more than kicking around the web of gears and oil, surprisingly Hey, is this match exactly what I just described at least on New Year's Eve 2019 by Lazy the Potato or is this nothing more than a small pack of mini-games, each of which features a creepy and funny face with the to face each other face to face. in fact, the game throws you into the action almost immediately.
the web of cogs and oil   fangame review
Clicking on the credits takes you straight to the selection screen illuminated by the hazy orange glow of a series of candles amongst roughly plastered wool, so hey, let's see what we've got here, shall we? There seem to be more than four of these little scoundrels to attack, but hey, quality of a quantity, I guess they all feature familiar faces too, but they apparently avoid any of the quote unquote main fnaf characters and I appreciate that that keeps things fresh and original anyway. Time to go to the chippy, mop up the broth, put some vinegar on my prawns, pick out my hot chips, give those bad boys some horseradish and go to town, corpse here, apparently we're tired of towing with a more realistic interpretation of rot. michael afton shows us through sister's location custom night scenes trapped in a chilli freezer as will be the case with most of these mini games the goal here is pretty clear stinky little mickey here doesn't seem to like the lights on, So you have to generate power by turning a crank to keep them in order and burn and orbit Billy away from you, however, you can't let him get too cold in the freezer.
the web of cogs and oil   fangame review

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the web of cogs and oil fangame review...

God forbid the dyno nuggets stay safe for consumption so you have to keep things cool by turning to regulate the temperature to raise it above 30 degrees it's a balancing act really keeping the zombie away from you contemplate why North America still uses degrees Fahrenheit keep it up for three minutes and voila, it's one at four done this It was a pretty tense little experience actually, but definitely a good test of endurance. Michael barely moves, but he's always a little bit out of sight and that's a little scary. He gets faster too and almost catches me before I slip and get a good one-handed peek at that guy.
the web of cogs and oil   fangame review
Next done and dusted is the trickster which features a character who seemingly has no relation to FNAF until you take a look at the poster featured in the teaser image for the pizzeria simulator, it's the guy, it's him and this little nugget is definitely more of a threat than it is. a game of hide and seek, you can't let the flashlight run out of power, but you must keep a close eye on this clown, don't let him get too close to you or get too far away from you, allowing him to hit either end, which will cause your death.
the web of cogs and oil   fangame review
He will either fade out of the screen or try to do so with the help of an audio queue to alert you to his presence. There's usually a couple of two stupid little boxes with a pair of stupid little feet that will throw you off track as you try to get your attention away from the real threat and boy, what, are they really awesome? This is a creepy little bastard. Two small, featureless eyeballs. A stupidly creepy smile. I never felt the same genuine tension that I felt with Michael, but while he was screwing Zowie, this was a bit.
It made me panic. I barely had enough power to make it through this thing alive, so of course I did the only thing anyone with a sane mind would do and wasted the rest for the last three seconds of the game to see what would happen. Anyway, the void is a powerful little concept, as is the corpse. I got through this on my first try. I am certainly a challenge. They were both short and sweet little experiences that were snappy and easy to understand and made it clear what to do. Oh, Chip's getting a little cold.
The demon is apparently a metallic spaghetti monster based on the aftermath of the old FNAF world. This is a big animated experience and that's okay, so here we have three little tasks to take care of to keep this candle burning. so I'm monochromatic balloon boy don't blow out these candles here if that happens like the candles again if all the candles are blown out the aforementioned demon will escape from the paint he will corpore and slowly make his way towards you now that's simple Problem enough is that task number three requires you to darken this little old pentagram over the lol here, which I don't know what that means you give someone else the funny little like on the change, so I go to the quick ones, I click on him and hardly anything happens and I die almost instantly.
What's going on here, so apparently you have to click and hold. Oh yeah, this was pretty poorly communicated. You made me intentionally leave this candle unlit to keep the room darker. I mean, surely that's what going dark means, right? I don't know, this is literally the only minigame I lost in, I mean, once I figured out how to beat that damn thing, I kind of survived, so that's the biggest thing I take away from this is that this is surely The most eventful basement I've ever been a prisoner in, so boom, hey, we've got three down and one to go to the machine, and hey, here we have a character that most people will be a little more familiar with The junk, honey, is she less of a threat? than ever, so the loud song in this collection is more or less a game, as Simon says that you have an original tablet here with a map of the building that has been locked.
Your goal here is to match the arrow keys with the flashing arrow on your monitor. To unlock a series of doors to open the way to safety and escape from the scrap baby, after all, you are in the building with her, except you can't take your eyes off her for long, you must slam the monitor to make sure she is You don't get too close to the glass and, if it ever comes to that, you have a limited use taser to put it back into position, except the challenge here is minimal, it felt too easy to twist and press a arrow key. backtrack for instant replays until it's time to unlock the door on the right and even here, well, she seems to get a little more aggressive, but never to the point where it felt like she was in real danger and you have four and a half minutes.
To complete this like I ever needed that much time, at least the environment here is super cool and conceptually I like the idea of ​​it all, not only is it executed super well or at least not in a way that had me on edge. From where I sit asking for mercy, I definitely think more could have been done to significantly increase the difficulty. What you have here feels like it's halfway done if there was another task to take care of and if it was balanced well enough I feel like that would be We've made a better final challenge because right now the difficulty curve feels a bit and well, that's all there is to offer in this little collection of minigames and that's really what this whole thing is is a set of disjointed spooky experiences that vary just enough to feel. interesting but they have ties to the feel of any of the original freddies games and isn't that what every minigame collection of four fnat themed games should try to do?
I really love the overall theme here too, although almost as if each mini Well, you could argue that they have absolutely nothing to do with each other, they seem to share a very subtle underlying gothic horror feel from the selection screen to the entirety of the demon , even in the small menu of extras this thing offers to the building you're locked in. The machine features some miniature tombs and some internal organs spilled out and hidden from view during gameplay, so Weber generally denies what I think of this, it's a bit buggy, but beyond that, it's pretty much the typical fan game with fat decorations and a concentrated collection. of tension and terror, at least some of the underappreciated characters get a chance to take the spotlight here.
This is just a cool package with controller support. Surprisingly, you're not sure why you want to use the controller with this, but hey, whatever. I guess it floats your boat anyway, especially in the spirit of Halloween, go to the game Joe, grab this thing and give it some play, honestly I'd have more to say right now, but drinking 30 pounds of horseradish does something to it A person. Go wash my mouth out for the next few days.

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