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The Walking Dead Timeline...So Far | Cinematica

Mar 01, 2020
- The last decade has been all kinds of crazy, but it hasn't been "The Walking Dead" wild. Through all the zombies and bloodshed, AMC's hit show has survived for 10 years in the ravaged wasteland that is cable TV. "The Walking Dead" has had some of the most lopsided and confusing time jumps around, so we've torn it all apart and reassembled it into one digestible


. Just in time for the second half of Season 10! This one won't cover most of the spinoff series, "Fear the Walking Dead," but leave a comment if that's something you want to see in the future. (film reel buzz) Pre-shoot.
the walking dead timeline so far cinematica
In World War II, Rick Grimes's grandfather was a soldier. Every day, he went to war thinking he was already a


man. When the war came to an end, he allowed himself to come back to life. Growing up, Rick would ask his grandfather questions about his time abroad, and these conversations would later inform Rick's survival in the apocalypse. Merle and Daryl Dixon have no such role models. They lose their mother in a house fire, leaving them alone with their abusive father. He is so negligent that he doesn't even notice when Daryl disappears into the woods for nine days.
the walking dead timeline so far cinematica

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the walking dead timeline so far cinematica...

Finally, Merle has enough and moves out, leaving Daryl the sole focus of his father's abuse. The two brothers rekindle their relationship later and lead a low life of crime and substance abuse. More than 150 years before the zombie apocalypse, the Greene family bought a farm. It has been in the family for generations and is now run by Hershel Greene. He is a clumsy alcoholic, but stops drinking the day his daughter Maggie is born. His first wife, Josephine, dies, so he remarries Annette and they have a daughter named Beth. Also, Annette has a son named Shawn but he, like so many Walking Dead characters, doesn't really matter.
the walking dead timeline so far cinematica
Last on the main character's background list, we have Michonne. She lives with her boyfriend Mike and her son Andre, and probably collects statues of rainbow cats. 131 days before the global outbreak, the CDC detects the first case of the zombie virus. They name it Wildfire and begin to study its reanimating effects on the human brain. On the other hand, Rick has become a policeman and lives in Georgia with his wife Lori and his son Carl. He and his son take walks that Carl will remember for the rest of his life. In 2010, while on patrol with his partner Shane, Rick is shot and falls into a coma.
the walking dead timeline so far cinematica
Shane breaks the bad news to Lori, then continues to keep an eye on her and Carl in Rick's absence. As the zombie outbreak spreads, there are reports of inhumane assaults in five states. In due time, it reaches the rest of the country. Day zero to day 83: Last day. The infection goes global. Shane rushes back to the hospital to collect Rick's comatose body, but the military beat him to it. They are shooting the survivors on sight, so Shane locks the door to Rick's room and walks out of there. He picks up Lori and Carl and they head towards a refugee camp, but the road there is completely blocked.
As Shane and Lori head out to investigate, the military rains down napalm on Atlanta. The bombing kills all the evacuated patients from Grady Memorial Hospital who were outside. With nowhere else to go, Shane and the team set up shop at the quarry on the outskirts of town. They are joined by Carol Peletier and her family. Shane and Lore realize that Rick is


, so at some point they start sleeping together. Meanwhile, in Baltimore, Lydia and her parents take refuge in an emergency shelter. Weeks go by without anyone coming to look for them. Tensions build until Lydia's mother loses her mind, kills her husband, then runs off with her daughter.
Around this time, Michonne, Andre, Mike, and their friend Terry also take shelter at a survivor camp. He is assaulted by walkers who kill everyone except Michonne. She blames Mike and Terry for Andre's death, so she cuts off their arms and jaws with a katana and uses them as zombie shields. She then loses her mind and goes to the desert. Nearly two months after the outbreak began, Rick finally wakes up. He is simply the most confused anyone has ever been. Don't die, open up inside, now what does that mean? After leaving the hospital, he meets Morgan and Duane Jones.
They inform him about the total hell that is the world, oh and now there are zombies here. The three load up on weapons at the police station and split up, with Rick heading to Atlanta to look for his family. He doesn't find them at first, but he finds a filthy tank. He then finds himself trapped inside of it, trapped by the walkers. Fortunately, another survivor, Glenn, guides him over the radio, and Rick joins Glenn's group. - Hey idiot. Yes, you in the tank. Cozy there? -They are also part of the quarry group, so they give Rick back to his family and it's an overall happy ending, in the micro sense.
In the big picture, the camp is overrun by walkers, killing some of the survivors, including Carol's abusive husband, well. The surviving survivors head to the Center for Disease Control for some safety and shelter. Well, they arrive, and Dr. Jenner has no security or sanctuary at all. In fact, he tells Rick that everyone is infected and the world is lost, and then he blows the whole place to pieces. With no idea what awaits them, the survivors hit the road again. As the group searches for supplies on a deserted road, they are ambushed by a swarm of walkers.
Sophia flees into the woods and disappears, so the others go looking for her. As Carl searches for her, he is accidentally shot by a farmer named Otis. Rick and the others take Carl back to Hershel's farm for medical attention. The rest of the group moves there and continues the search for Sophia. Little do they know, they don't have to look far; Otis already found it turned into a walker and put it in the barn. In a separate supply run, Shane kills Otis and then loses his mind over it, while Glenn and Maggie Greene hook up. Rick discovers that Lori has been sleeping with Shane and is now pregnant with her baby.
After Rick and Shane argue about it, Sophia's containment in the barn, and their treatment of a hostage named Randall, Shane finally pulls a gun on Rick. Rick is forced to kill his old friend, then Carl leaves Shane's reanimated corpse. The shot draws in a horde of walkers who demolish the Greene family farm and throw our group off course. Bad timing, too; winter is coming. Day 84 to Day 321: Ascent of the Governor. After getting separated from the pack, Andrea meets Michonne, who is still out in the wild. The two endure the season, while the rest of the survivors move from one place to another.
Between supply shortages and Lori's pregnancy, they decide to re-inhabit an old prison. While cleaning the facility, Hershel is bitten by a walker and Rick amputates his leg. That will spoil Spaghetti Tuesdays. They also meet this set of prisoners who don't really matter and they all die within a few weeks. One of them manages to lure a swarm of walkers into the prison, resulting in the deaths of Lori and T-Dog. Maggie is able to perform a C-section on Lori, saving baby Judith. Before Lori turns into a zombie, Carl shoots her. After learning about Lori's death, Rick loses his mind for a while as he does a few things and also a few things.
Simultaneously, Andrea and Michonne come across a town full of survivors called Woodbury, led by a man known as the Governor. Merle has been there all this time, now sporting a sharp prosthetic arm and working as the Governor's henchman. Michonne finds all of this quite suspicious, but Andrea isn't too concerned. After all, the Governor isn't overtly evil, I mean, maybe if he had an eyepatch or something, it'd clear that up, but hey, does he seem okay? It's not like he keeps his zombified daughter in a dungeon or anything. Unconvinced, Michonne leaves town. Merle and a few other red shirts give chase, but instead they run into Glenn and Maggie.
Michonne sees them get captured and informs Rick at the prison. On the rescue mission, Michonne gets separated from the squad and finds the Governor's zombified daughter in the dungeon, and is later found by the Governor. They fight, the Governor loses an eye and yes, he loses his head too. Okay, now I'm convinced that he's evil. After the invasion of Woodbury, the Governor campaigns to destroy Rick's group. Andrea doesn't want her former team killed, so she acts as a mediator, setting up a meeting so the two sides can discuss their differences. The Governor gives Rick the chance to give up Michonne and avoid war, but he has no plans to follow through on that deal.
When Andrea learns of the Governor's true intentions, she tries to warn Rick's group, but the Governor imprisons her. She leads an army into the prison, but Rick's group ambushes them, driving off most of the survivors. With their numbers dwindling, the Governor flees. But by the time the group reaches Andrea, she has already been bitten. Michonne stays with her as she dies, and in her honor, Rick absorbs the people of Woodbury into her community, including Tyreese and Sasha Williams. Day 321 to day 554: Life between them. After his failure in prison, the Governor's followers abandon him. He wanders aimlessly for two filler episodes before meeting Tara Chambler and her family.
Using his bright personality, he is able to convince them to once again attack the prison. Morgan Jones is also lonely, having lost his mind after Duane's death. He meets a man named Eastman and his goat Tabitha, who teach him the art of Aikido. Yes, yes, this happened. They spend a couple of months in prison and Rick considers giving it all up and living a simple life as a farmer. His group and the people of Woodbury enjoy a period of harmony until about the 500th day of the apocalypse in 2011-2012. They present a questionnaire that they use to recruit new survivors: how many walkers have you killed, how many people and why?
The Governor returns for a second round of invasion, this time taking Michonne and Hershel hostage. Rick tries to negotiate his return, but the Governor decides that he has gone too far and beheads the farmer. Now Christmas is ruined forever. The ensuing battle demolishes the prison and divides the group. Rick and Michonne stay behind to finish off the Governor, then join up with Carl and his pudding bucket. Over the next week, everyone has their own solo missions: Carol goes "Of Mice and Men" with a psychotic girl, Daryl and Beth are attacked with moonshine and commit arson, Rick rips out a guy's throat, and Maggie, Sasha, Bob, Glenn and Tara meet Abraham, Rosita and Eugene.
Those three are on a mission to save the world. Spoilers, it doesn't work. Also, Beth is kidnapped by cops and wakes up in a hospital to "Everybody Hates Chris." All roads lead them to Terminus, a cannibal commune that holds them hostage in a boxcar. However, the termites are all dead and gone in just a few episodes, since, take it off, Rick. - You're with the wrong crowd. - Morgan is still kicking it with Eastman and Tabitha. However, they are both killed by walkers, which sends Morgan on a journey to find his new family. After dispatching the cannibals and meeting Father Gabriel, the group resumes their search for Beth.
The trail leads them to Grady Memorial Hospital, but their hostage trade goes awry and Beth ends up dead. Tyreese follows suit, sinking the group to their lowest point yet. Just when it seems so, in fact. - We are the


dead. -Rick and his friends are saved by Aaron. He leads them to the Alexandria Safe Zone, a fortified town that has been able to survive this year and a half of apocalypse. Spoilers, it doesn't work. Day 584 to 628: Total War. It takes about a month for the survivors to settle in Alexandria. Carl heals nicely from his stray gunshot wound and begins wearing a bandage for his diseased eye, while Rick and Michonne live in the best relationship since Glenn and Maggie.
Sorry, Abrasita and Betil fans. During a supply run, Daryl and Rick meet Jesus, a member of the neighboring Hilltop colony. He warns them about a rival faction called the Saviors. They have this whole "A Bug's Life" grasshopper deal with the Hilltop where they oppress them and take half their supplies in exchange for not squashing them. So, Jesus enlists Flick, I mean Rick, and his gang of circus bugs to help defend him. Rick and his team are used to this kind of thing, so they raid a Savior outpost. During the assault, Carol burns a bunch of people alive and loses her mind over it.
She wanders on her own, unwilling to be part of the cycle of violence any longer. She also picked a good time, because the Saviors find out about the outpost and they are angry. Which, come on, is kind of justified given that Rick murdered his people in cold blood. They block Rick and the entire A-Team from reaching the Hilltop Colony, leading them to a clearing. The king of saviors, Negan, has been waiting for them there, and he's got his head-banging pants on. To make a statement, he prepares his bat Lucille, counts aeenie-meenie-miney-mo and kill. I've been your host, Marcus, and be sure to subscribe.
It is not a joke. He kills Glenn and Abraham and it's super gross. The group is traumatized and agrees to join Negan's grasshopper program. After a full week of that, Michonne declares that they can no longer live under the Saviors' yoke, so she convinces Rick to start a rebellion. Meanwhile, Carol and Morgan discover a community called the Kingdom, ruled by the quixotic king Ezekiel, while Tara stumbles across Oceanside. Also Heath disappears to do a spin-off of 24 and never comes back. He probably died along with that program. Rick tries to appeal to the other colonies to help in the war, but no one bites.
Even the scavengers, these strange denizens of the garbage-hipsters with their own language, are already in cahoots with Negan. Side note, if he invents his own language after only two years of the apocalypse, he probably ran into trouble before the zombies showed up. Regardless, Spencer tries to collude with Negan, since Rick's reign over Alexandria hasn't been very good for his family. Negan sees him and kills him, leading Rosita to shoot Negan. She only punches Lucille, but she inadvertently reveals that Eugene can make bullets. The Saviors catch him by their own nefarious means. However, Rosita is still not happy with how alive Negan is, so she joins Sasha and they sneak into the Sanctuary.
Sasha is captured and imprisoned, but she convinces Eugene to help her. He gives her a cyanide pill, turning her into a zombie bomb that explodes on Negan. The attempt is unsuccessful, but gives the Alexandrians a chance to attack. However, Negan shuts down that operation pretty quickly. He is about to kill Carl when the Kingdom and the Hilltop make their dramatic entrances! Maybe Shiva could have picked a better person to kill her, but you know, she's still great. After that long week, not good, very bad, the survivors call for total war. The plan is to take out more of Salvador's outposts and then eventually attack Sanctuary head on.
Maggie takes over as leader of the Hillside Colony and begins consulting with Georgie. She is from a sophisticated community with technological advances far beyond the means of our military. Elsewhere, the Kingdom suffers heavy losses. But no death hits harder than Carl's. He doesn't even die in the war; they bite him while he rescues Siddiq from the walkers. The poor kid is only like 13 years old. (audience gasps) - Ooh. - Apparently. But Carl's legacy is that there is more to life than going to war over and over again. That resonates with Rick as the militia and the Saviors enter their final battle.
Eugene finally makes himself useful and sabotages the Saviors' bullets, paralyzing them. Then, Oceanside arrives to clean them up. Elsewhere, Rick and Negan fight hand to hand. Negan has him on the ropes, but Rick outsmarts him and slits his throat. Remembering Carl's last wishes, Rick forgives Negan. In total, the all-out war lasted about seven days. Really, this whole Negan debacle happened over the course of a month and they stretched it out over two seasons. Two whole seasons. Day 628 to Day 1,448: The Bridge. About a year after the war, Lydia and her mother meet Beta in an abandoned hospital.
They have a cute encounter that kills the walkers, which inspires them to start The Whisperers. These stinky nomads wear meat masks and live among the zombies in the wild! Morgan takes advantage of this time to head off into the desert, then ends up on "Fear the Walking Dead" and messes it up. Elsewhere, the remaining Saviors have joined the militia under Daryl's watch, but it's not all peach and cream between them. Negan is still alive, hanging out in a cell. People like Maggie and Daryl aren't happy with Rick's decision to spare him, while the Saviors see it as a sign that the war isn't over.
However, Rick doesn't realize all of this; he is simply determined to fulfill Carl's dream. He directs the construction of a bridge that will expedite travel between the communities. Nobody really wants to make it, but they go along with the plan because, I don't know, you want to say no to Rick? Remember that time he ripped out that guy's throat with his teeth? But Maggie has a son of her own now, little Hershel Rhee, and she decides enough is enough. She asks Daryl to distract Rick so he can get into Negan's cell and give him the old Glenn treatment.
Once she sees the sad and sorry state Negan is in, she chooses to forgive him as well. Meanwhile, Rick stumbles across a herd of walkers heading straight for the community. And oh my gosh, they can use the bridge as a direct route there! What a horrible and unintended consequence of connectivity! To save the family from him, Rick blows up the bridge while he is still on it. From his point of view, it looks like it exploded with it, but in reality it just flies off and floats down the river a bit. Rick washes up on a nearby shore, conveniently in the same spot where the Trash Queen is calling for a shuttle.
The helicopter descends and takes them both to the wonderful land of spinoff movie trilogies. For months, Daryl and Michonne scavenge the riverbank for Rick's skin or hair. Unfortunately, they only find his weapon. During this vulnerable moment, Michonne receives a visit from her old friend Jocelyn of hers. She welcomes Alexandria but discovers that Jocelyn has been raising an army of feral children. That's weird, she didn't used to do that. To protect Judith from a Lord of the Flies nightmare, Michonne kills the children and is so traumatized that she blocks out Alexandria's walls entirely. Day 1448 to day 3607: The Whisperer War.
The communities have existed like this for six years. During that time, the Kingdom begins to fall apart, Daryl heads into the desert with a dog, Maggie takes a year off with Georgie, and Michonne gives birth to Rick's bastard son, so good times everyone! By the way, six years is almost double the amount of time he's spent on the rest of the show so far. To help repair the Kingdom's crumbling infrastructure and rekindle the alliance between the communities, Ezekiel begins planning a fair. The only question is whether or not Michonne will allow Alexandria to participate. Well, Judith is all grown up now and the little kicker decides it's time to open the gates of Alexandria again.
She invites newbies Connie, Kelly, Magna, Yumiko, and Luke to stay in town, much to Michonne's chagrin. As she relocates them to the Hilltop Colony, a newly re-civilized Daryl and his gang cross paths with the Whisperers. They kill Jesus, but the team takes Alpha's daughter, Lydia, captive. In her custody, Lydia bonds with Henry and decides to give normal life a chance. Alpha is not happy with that decision. She infiltrates the Kingdom fair and kidnaps Siddiq, Tara, Enid, Henry, and seven other random people, then beheads them before Siddiq's eyes. She loses her mind so much that she represses the fact that one of her lackeys held him, a new face in the Whisperer clan.
Alpha mounts the heads on pikes, then shows Daryl the huge walker horde nuke that the Whisperers have been building. Months go by and finally Alexandria welcomes a new survivor named Dante, who is totally normal and not even suspicious. He joins Siddiq in the infirmary. Not long after that, the Kingdom collapses and Carol and Ezekiel's romance breaks up with him. Several more months pass, bringing us to roughly day 3600, or year 10. The remaining communities have come together in a coalition to stop future Negans, Governors, or Alphas. Rosita gives birth to his and Siddiq's baby, a girl named Coco.
We finally have a son with two parents alive in the program! After a day of training, Judith discovers a Whisperer mask washed up on the beach. She sends everyone into a frenzy, but no one quite like Carol. She seeks revenge after Henry's death, so she loses her mind, starts taking pills and hallucinates her dead children. The Whisperers employ other psychological warfare tactics, such as a recurring onslaught of walkers and . - Someone's poisoned water well. - Totally Normal Guy Dante sabotages the filtration system, causing a large portion of the Alexandrians to become ill. When Siddiq finally realizes what's going on, Dante kills him.
Oh shoot, sorry Coco, I spoke too soon. Aaron has been having secret meetings with a Whisperer named Mary, and she reveals the location of Alpha's horde. So, as Michonne sets sail for a naval base to retrieve supplies for the war, Daryl and Carol lead a team of warriors into the horde. When they arrive at the location, it is completely barren, except for Alpha. Carol chases her into a dark pit and the rest of the group follows her. Now trapped at the bottom of a cave, the survivors face a huge herd of walkers with their backs against the wall.
And that's where "The Walking Dead" ends. What are your predictions for the rest of Season 10? Let us know in the comments. I've been your host, Marcus, and be sure to subscribe to Cinematica for more


s like this. Thanks for watching.

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