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The Undefeated | WESTERN MOVIE | John Wayne | HD 1080p | Full Length Classic Western Film

May 29, 2021
It doesn't make sense. Why would he have come? you with such a lie, yes, captain, for what reason, son of Slade, will we stay the night? Thank you Margaret, place this young man, join us for dinner during the day. I went with the men who were in front of the column, two men in the rear and two men in each. flank yes sir good night captain good night sir Oh brother, yes sir, give me half an hour three days, you know, I've been thinking a lot about home. I have too many, why did he ask me?
the undefeated western movie john wayne hd 1080p full length classic western film
Wait, I'm glad you're young. It's more time to be together oh, I'll always be young if I always feel the way I feel now we're back into territory me, take me now tonight you're going to bed, but for my Crimmins I'd like a Kansas City steak. -Done, you're going to hell, but John Henry, did you ever hear about that girl from st. Louis, she had the most terrible itch of the day, shut up, we're nearing the end now that we've lost 500 horses between here and the border and I don't think it's very funny that we lose more and someone's going to be convicted. awkward, you know what I think, John Henry got scared, how about some coffee and got worried?
the undefeated western movie john wayne hd 1080p full length classic western film

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the undefeated western movie john wayne hd 1080p full length classic western film...

I wanted to say, well, you're the worst Lara I've ever come across. John Henry, blue boy, that's who, well, should have caught up with us three days ago. I don't think he ever crossed paths with Bannister. You know, I think he's too smart for that. You know what he would be thinking. If I were you I'd think he ran away from that little red girl and I'd be thinking he was about to hit the Rio Grande at that moment that's all I've been thinking oh he wouldn't do that oh you wouldn't do that thank you I sure have changed my mind Oh, oh, here they are ready, boy, they are all ready to make the sofa, sir.
the undefeated western movie john wayne hd 1080p full length classic western film
Thomas, well, he's coming down the road, well, no losing club where he beat the horses is here, how about that money? Oh, he is coming for a special messenger with an endless troop of cavalry, you are supposed to push him, how soon will that special messenger arrive? We do a count, why not such a simple union, two thousand five hundred and five horses, it surprises me, sir. Thomas, how are you? I thought you'd lose more on a long trip like that. Well, I had no understanding with my men. I asked them not to lose more and they didn't.
the undefeated western movie john wayne hd 1080p full length classic western film
How long will we be here, John Henry, until it hits us? the money my men have not been home for four years we are a little anxious so it won't be difficult to meet we will be skilled a compliment sir colonel james langdon sir confederate states army my adjutant captain anderson general my name is na zdorov'e in name from our Emperor Maximilian I welcome you to our window, happy Perry, welcome banquet to you and your people, Colonel Langton, please do us the honor of extending our invitation to those who are part of your party. Thank you so much.
Vegas. Thank you very much, they consider themselves prisoners of the revolution. I will demonstrate before the Emperor Maximilian, sir. We do not receive orders from Maximilian. Colonel Langdon. Our president is in Benito Juárez. The vicuña drums of Mexico. Colonel, please change. You are going to scare us with threats, General Uns Tomatoes, no, Colonel Landon, we have estimated you very well, apart from the men in your group, there are 32 women and 17 children, your friends for Maximilian, he brought the French to our country and they tried it with a wide shot. much that Tamina has taught you shortens the Americans in our country because they can no longer get help from Napoleon these French kill the entire population of a small village every man woman and child massacred that's what happens colonel invader so my country my people you are not invaders you are here and you are different so many media outlets but we are not your enemies what are you one of us general our forces need horses colonel not far from here there is a herd of 3,000 yes Thomas, I'm afraid not ?
I understand, General, you will deliver this to Thomas. I'll be damned if I do. I think you were a colonel. Our revolution needs these courses. Benito Juárez needs those courses. I am a Confederate officer. You can't expect me to go begging from those Yankees. Whatever comes first, second place, they wouldn't do it, they don't have to care what happens to us, general, that man, Thomas, would spit in my face, you'll do what I tell you, well, everyone shut up. I'm not going to ask any Yankee. Uh-oh, general. I'm going to be progressive like a release on a muscle.
You will have the horses in this place tomorrow at noon or they will shoot you all, don't leave me, please, okay, get up, yes, I told you so. turn something up, come on, get up, listen Johnny, yeah, we've got company. Thank my Lord. McCartney, what is all this? We found, this man found me, you caught me here in time, I told you Cooper gets in trouble, mr. McCartney, you have your coffee ready in the morning, yes, wake up, little coffee, anyone, calm down, you can tell us what it is. They didn't give me any other option, that's why I'm here, my family, everyone will be killed, all my people in their hands when we arrived at the Ranga they gave us party people that they deceived us my people are prisoners of war Easter general I didn't want to come here I didn't want to cause them more hell will read this General Rojas is more eloquent than me it's good coffee as you think it's a safe game how do you want to play it?
John Henry We've been dealt a lot of tough hands since the summer of '61. I wish we could fast, but let's hold nothing back. John Henry, we never had anything, anyway, wait a minute, Bobby Joe, you mean you're willing to give them all those horses? Johnny Reb's, well I'm not a Christian, but my mom was John Henry, remember when I lost my horse there in Pittsburgh. Lindy, yes, there I was without a horse behind that log. Nimrod was done, but there was one that had no weapon, let me tell you about that one that came crawling towards me behind that log, yeah, but what does that have to do with this?
Well, this. Reb said that he was completely exhausted and that he wanted to turn himself in, don't even... go down there. I didn't know what he told me, you have me, whether you want me or not, it's okay. Looks like you're stuck with us John Henry, well we gotta get there before noon, short meal, you better throw in a couple of escorts from where we started, no rest, camp flashes to divide us and even eat us The Waris, boom. I see cilantro a parfait but I said I did very well. I am six years old. Jesus really found it from here.
I thought we would run away from all that. How about a John Henry? It seems like we got into someone else's war, yes. I'm sure we're going to do something new, well that's already decided, bring it to the Chuck wagons here and fill them with men and ride Hawk, but we'll give you a taste of General Sherman's war. I remember and get a little closer, yeah, done. diary read it directly to the side try to move McCartney take care of it for me I said many many words that a boy you sure have maybe damn you make steps for a while okay I I I I I I okay, I would love to come back Hyannis was a bit of a tomboy, you can complete your mission Colonel Langdon, thank you John Henry, you must be Ross, general laugh, you must be John Henry Thomas, we drive with a tough deal, General Wars, war colonel, you must know that yes, yes, win one, lose one, it's the cognac the only one. the good that the French have brought to my country.
May I propose that we toast the health and success of my president Don Benito Juárez, the Revolution and the future of Mexico in general? Can I propose a toast to the United States of America not even for 3,000 horses? to the United States of America John Henry what about the Indian children and the tensions? Probably embarrassing colonel, but what he will do to her is not what she did to him. It's not like the old days, gentlemen, no, it's not like the old times. Sir. newbie, what are you planning to do once we get back home?
Well, the only place where one man can cause more hell and Kennen of War in the House of Representatives. No friend of mine once told me that people like to vote for Heroes, so I guess that's how it is. What I'll do, that team working, okay, I'm sure you'll go back there, there are a lot of women there. Nice contrast, let's say Zuri heads out into the Pacific Ocean, mostly good land for farming, raising livestock, and raising a family. You're going to make Solomon fat, right? he plays with any other yankee, you will surely miss mr.
Micawber yes, but not how to cook. Put a feather in his hat.

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