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Jun 01, 2021
What does it say? The speed limit is eight and three quarters. That's like Harry Potter. Eight. What the hell is eight three quarters? This is what is happening. Do you think this might be too much? Book a hotel room. I said it landed in a Terry Pratchett novel. Look at this place. I feel like I'm in Wind Wind's library or something. Why is everything so yellow here, not your teeth? Oh, very. It's funny, why is there a seal on the door? That's weird, it's quite nice. Look at that old school phone. Alright. Tomorrow I'm going to go to sleep with a long day ahead of me.
the undefeated grand champion bbq challenge the trip to bristol pt 2
Well, thanks to uh, ma'am, there's a lot of snow around here. I almost do it. I don't know, I got two hours of sleep last night, but luckily I'm fueled by uh, I don't know, six espressos this morning, so I'm ready for this one, although I'm a little nervous because there are hundreds of


people. I've been asked to do it and I don't want to be too graphic but not much of yesterday's


has left my body so fingers crossed it's all good, it looks delicious so I'm sure I'll do it . I'll do very well so today I'm at uh Bear Grylls in Bristol, named after the explorer.
the undefeated grand champion bbq challenge the trip to bristol pt 2

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the undefeated grand champion bbq challenge the trip to bristol pt 2...

It's not like a forest game. I'm a big fan of Bear Grylls Bonia. Anyway, I'm doing your uh. has a name like a special name or just


just the Bear Grylls challenge he says just the Bear Grylls challenge look at the size this is huge you have 60 minutes to get it right 60 minutes an hour on the clock yes no It's 45 pounds yes , okay and they put you like a little shrine somewhere, I guess because no one has done it yet. I hope I can be the first because it looks delicious. I can't wait to dive into all of this. right, oh yeah, and the bread too, okay, let's get going, what's up?
the undefeated grand champion bbq challenge the trip to bristol pt 2
A bit of the army, welcome back to episode number two of what I guess you could call the


to Bristol miniseries. I know it doesn't sound that glamorous, but anyway. This is the one I think everyone has been waiting for. I think over 400 people must have tagged me in this on social media, so I figured you know what we're going to do. Half the shelf too anyway, yeah this has been all over social media. I'd be surprised if you were watching this now and haven't seen it at some point. It's been around for a uh, I don't know. when I say like a quarter of a year maybe maybe a little bit more, but it's a place called Bear Grylls in Bristol they have a couple of other locations.
the undefeated grand champion bbq challenge the trip to bristol pt 2
I'm not sure if the other locations do this particular challenge, but either way. is


, right, and everything seems to be that the consensus online is that this can't be done right, so I figured you know what I need to get there and at least you know how to try, so that's what I'm doing this today . I can't really detail every single thing, as you can see it's got a huge burger, a full rack of ribs which I'm getting stuck into right now, some chicken wings, pulled pork brisket, burnt ends. different types of fries, I think one bowl had cheese and bacon on it, the other one I forgot and some bagels for no reason, bagels in there, I don't know why, but also onion rings and you have an hour to do it if you finish it, You won't get a t-shirt, but you will get free food.
You're supposed to cheer me up with this. Oh man, it's six minutes in seven minutes. I think it's a little early. Relying on Mrs. Bid for cheerleading duties, but I have a decent amount. I forgot that I also forgot the hot links, the sausages and of course the corn on the cob, they are really crispy wings, so you can "Em, it's hard, yeah, they wouldn't succumb to my magic technique. They were delicious, although I really enjoyed the wings. What question is my beard? Okay, Lindsay not really, but it'll do, I'm telling you right now in comparison.
Until the end of this video, this looks positively slick in comparison because it's starting to get a little hectic. You I warn you, but I'm making a good rhythm right now. I'm still enjoying it at this point, but let me tell you. You fries, you wouldn't believe how many fries are in those bowls over there, it's ridiculous so far, I'm fine, um, I don't really know what this is, they call it a Patty Adam burger, I think just succumbing to a temporary retrograde culinary amnesia right there, I think what I meant was I don't know what's in it, turns out it was pretty standard stuff, Crispy onions, a little bbq sauce, bacon cheese, the bbq sauce was delicious. although it was almost a little bit gingery, very spicy, but you know, it was very nice, there's some green stuff in there too.
I mean, I've had enough of that this month, but yeah, it's pretty good. I just noticed it has a burnt end on top not surprising lady beard has never heard of burnt ends before she doesn't like barbecue cooking or you know something other than potato but yeah , burnt ends, there were a lot more of these in my food than pictured. but I'm not complaining, they were pretty good, I feel like a dog, you know, one of those dog toothbrush things, I'm telling you, it's late, okay, if you say so, boss, sure, just to feel better, I'm going to put it all in. on a tray apart from the corn at least it looks like I've already eaten something, oh man, a lot of them look at the size of the pile, although yeah, this is the point I'm thinking about, I remember it very clearly, I'm thinking, oh this.
It's going to end up very, very bleak because that's a lot of fries, right, and that's not the only portion, there's another one to go and they weren't bad as far as fries go, but I knew it was going to get very, very tough. in the end oh man that car is going to smell so bad on the way up my problem is once i've eaten yeah this is one of those if you're going to do this one i mean i would recommend maybe if this If it's your first food challenge, don't try this one because you know it's one of the best, but, yeah, the worst part is looking at that psychologically, that does bad things when you just finished a big stack of fries and then you know You pour the next bowl and there you are back in one again, there's another pile of starch in front of you.
I did, I enjoyed the toppings, although one of them had natural style cheese with bacon, I forgot. the other, but it was rich and creamy, so at least that helped him swallow dry chips. This is what remains. I've been like this for half an hour and 28 minutes. Yeah, at this point, I think Lindsay thinks I am. I'm going to dust this off in about five minutes, but I know that even with 30 minutes left this is going to be difficult. I forgot about the second portion of burnt ends. Even more burnt ends. There are burnt ends everywhere.
I kept finding little pieces of meat. I dont complain. although the burn is actually one of my favorite constituent parts, they were almost a little sweet in a strange way, but very pleasant actually in the midst of all this starch, um, getting a little bit of flavor wasn't a bad thing, what is this? Seriously, what do you want me to do? Can I have a diet coke and some napkins? Please thanks. Listen. I know there are some sticklers out there who will be thinking. What about the butter I checked? I checked the butter which is not included.
I don't have to eat the butter as part of the challenge. I'm getting desperate now. Yes, you can pretty safely assume that when Diet Coke comes out, things will start to look a little bleak. Look how slow it is to gather here, that's crazy. I thought too. I better move a little faster on this part because it's not pretty to look at, I'm just like smashing spineless balls in my face, but I mean, I guess that's my modus operandi most of the time, anyway, oh man, I remember feeling looking at these crusty rolls thinking, oh, anything else, I want to prefer mushrooms to this stuff because my jaw just wore out, but it has to be done, frankly, I'm just trying not to get my pants off, I'm concentrating on trying not to do it. do that, yeah, the spare underwear wasn't really a comfort.
I can shoot both of my mini muffins whole. I have no idea what he's doing there. I think you've been seeing too much of Bob's egregious yelling. uh, one bite challenges because there's no way. I could even take one of these in two or three bites anyway. I remember you know about this point. I'm thinking I mentioned Randy Santelli. I don't know if you watch any of his videos, but I mentioned it in the last one. Um, last video and I remember at this point I'm thinking, wow, there's one thing I know Randy can do better than any other type of food challenge on the planet and that's eat day after day, yet you know it so well, I mean.
For me, if I ate the day before and that completely rules me out, especially as I get older, this was really, really hard for me right now, why, because it's so nice? Yeah, on this point, I'm thinking, ah, I wish this were like that. a team challenge because even mrs bid could have eaten these muffins faster than I'm eating them right now second kind of diet coke this is real desperation okay let's go though let's go I mean to be honest no I think I would have done this without Lindsay there in my corner because I was in a position to quit several times in this challenge, but she kept me ahead so I thank her for that, I'm just winging it, sorry but this was Anyway, This was super difficult.
This is old fashioned dramatic music, so I'll give them a try. I hope you enjoyed the video and I'll let you watch the dramatic conclusion in peace. Six minutes left. I don't know if they are. I'm going to have to judge what constitutes a clean cobra. I'm eating paper now, but whatever it is, yeah, oh my God, oh, I'm a messenger, oh, I'm so sorry, it's an honor, look at this, you gotta push me, push me.

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