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The Ugly Side of the Beauty World

May 31, 2021
He is also thinking about trying it. I know we are down. to the wire why things I&E but like different spiral and different in the spiral there were other options that are hypnotic because it's almost a sweet read for me I think that hypnotic thing is like I think we have this under control now thank God, like I think we're there, yeah, but I made this so cool. Check out the drop and print size of blind bags. What do you think? I love the spiral. I'm not trying to be negative, I'm just a bit like me.
the ugly side of the beauty world
I mean, super honestly, I don't think he's vibing with any of us. I don't know what to do. Okay, big love, honesty, yes, I love you. I don't love it in the box. I love you. I love you. I know, you like. glass idea for some reason the fronts aren't there like let's say, let's say what the backrest is, you know, I've done this before. Well, actually, this is the team and I like everything, it's scary because then the next lap it's like we have to choose. one, yeah, I don't like the front of this deck, even if it were, it's just not there.
the ugly side of the beauty world

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the ugly side of the beauty world...

I don't gag. I'm not like, wow, this whole idea. I'm completely there and completely hard. I am god. spitting I'm drowning I've seen a complete vision of what this is it's just not working out okay this is weird and this is no longer in my house yes but and yes and it's not possible drunk I guess but what If it was like the shape of a eye and then the fact that I was smart, you showed me a photo of a spiral. I'm in your city for the first time, I don't know if that works, let's do it for a laugh, something different, okay?
the ugly side of the beauty world
I think I'm going to do it myself, so I'm going to go real fast. Diarrhea, diarrhea, there's so many things here that this is giving me, yeah, and then the next two were really cool because they gave me the last logo and you know, logos. done, yeah, yeah, that's amazing, well that's crazy, yeah, the line is a little tricky, but I really wanted to make sure, so that's the first round. I think all the seals are approved. This is crazy, like when you see a product. I think a lot of consumers see that. they throw the box and then I really appreciate it, it's not like they have to write, I think since I'm the owner Evan, we were personal, our feelings were involved, hey I'm getting sicker and sicker, you're my stop, a good start and Flicka I braced myself for smoke, but the fog gets bigger.
the ugly side of the beauty world
I'm trying to talk you out of my supplies of your brain. You can't do something like mine, but you had your receipts and what's your passenger seat under your friends five. Don't believe it I'm a jump ship now before I sing slow Why do you make me shake? You can find at the same time letting go of the astronomical and each choice. Can you have a beer? It's like wow, I feel like I feel like I don't know. I think you guys will probably have some really sick packaging too. Hello, I feel more and more stupid.
Special thanks. Wow, there are ten chambers here, so this is the introduction to the vault organ. Morgan, welcome to the beginning. This just ruined my summer I don't want to see palm trees Its height is sold in countries I still feel like a zombie The playlist would be elitist I hate this song Could you please turn it off? Well you even got me spilling Blowing out chunks, the in


hasn't had a show in months and you're sorry if I didn't and you show it, if it's over let me know from the beginning because I feel like the packaging on these for us gets every time more like.
I just like having to translate and I might have issues sometimes those things like don't get out of your brain and I'm like, oh my God, it's actually like oh, but you can't lie. I didn't like it either. I was waiting. for your response then I was going to tell you that I hated it okay yeah this happens all the time it's just that things don't always translate well she's done a lot and so far she's been killed but some things don't They translate, okay, so, really, I know. We all love makeup but makeup can be very crazy and the makeup community is twisted, just like the


community in general, sometimes it can be very samey and obviously I have no idea what it's really been like. going on or what have you guys talked about or what's been happening since Hawaii, did you feel like you were one of them or did you feel like the optimist like I was the one that came out?
They could tell that my similar base wasn't the one on my neck, but it was strange like it wasn't even Beauty. people on the trip, so I guess all the beautiful people gave up because they are so bad Andrew, yeah, we did, we did. I think all of yours have a reason like it's a triangle, sunrise, wrap it up, that's right. Emic but we are not doing even a little bit what distinguishes it. What are the people like? Oh, I have to get the new coffin. I love this box, but it's like a marketing gimmick. You know, I was surprised you wanted it last time.
Yes, at that time. I haven't played with that many palettes now I know so many things like I'm sure they look at the time and change my reactions to the brown swatches like so good I didn't know that I mean, yeah, yeah, I think it's okay. I was thinking now that I look at it I leave it like it's itchy, that's so good. Now I know more. There's a box list like it's embarrassing me. All those girls are like trying to get into your head and lots of fillers. of things that I like, well, things like that they like, they want me to do fillers, but they also like to make your Instagram look like this, you just need to take pictures with photographers, you need to do all these things with your videos and I told him.
What if he said don't do that at all? My head hurts, so I just feel like my brain has like a floss, okay, another hand there and because there's just something like that, I don't want to push something, right? pick this, I was actually a little surprised, okay, yeah, it feels good, this feels like the right size, they're fit, okay, because I'm telling you guys, it really shook me, he picked it, yeah, I thought It should be something crazy. or something else, but I don't want to like push or kill both, take me out of a clip, literally, we know each other very well now you could say that's bad just because it's not bad at all, in no way, it's just not.
You shouldn't listen to those kinds of people, you don't have to put on padding and get all this stuff just because they told you to, obviously they both had things done to us, I know they took things from us too, you know, I mean all of them. Jokes a


, I had my lip filler surgically removed because I was wrong and why did I do what everyone else was doing ten years ago and here I am now like having it removed, you know, so I don't know, I think a lot of those people who They get those things because they are trying to mask whatever was really inside, so it's definitely not you, it's like on a soda can, it's like the name, are you HOT in the spiritual seas?
It's not like that, it was just established as the fact that you have no false teeth, a bunch of filling and all this crazy stuff and you have success, you can't imagine it, a five hundred percent return. I thought it should be a Trunk Pyramid from the beginning, but I think doing a Trunk Pyramid genius moment could be really sick, we can try it. I think maybe we just see like: I know we're older, but it's like seeing two people who've been around for a while, oh my God, Mike, oh, isn't that a little drop of confidence?
Sunday April 14 at 8:00 yes, Shane gave himself the thumbs up, what were you saying about yourself? I'm kind of mad that he should have pushed for the pyramid sooner, we're glad it's not too late to settle for something. What I want to do well is not do it and push it, but if we have the ability to try to get one more idea out at the last second, well, I'm sorry I have to have a cable, but it's like who. looking for someone from the art department to come tomorrow and who can give us a line this is like what are you doing? what will I do tomorrow? so it's a cool panic, yeah, we need some options, okay, next meeting for final polishing, so I'm I'm angry at myself for not having pleasure.
I just like it, okay, maybe I think it's too literal. You know, literally, next time send my face. I'm sitting. You're like sugar in front of the camera right now. Look, I thought we were already there. I'm sorry, you know a very good answer, everything is necessary to get all four of them. Oh, delicious daddy, shall we adopt you? That's my job girl if you don't love it there's no reason for us to do it you know if you're on the fence about it it's not good enough and we need to find something better and that's how it works but in that sense there's schedules that we must take into account.
You know, we want this to be published whenever we want. to release, you need to make decisions, so we've been brainstorming pallets, so we got an email about an hour after we got back from Anna and she said, "Come to this in a factory. I have all these boxes." They're my new ideas, literally, she did it like an hour was great and we really liked the idea. I think that occurred to you or can you come back to us? I have a drawing or something, wait, yeah, that's no one, then. she told Sir Andrew yes, we're going to keep working on this and then she said let's do it.
I just hope it doesn't get fixed. It was like hey, this is our idea. I don't know if you'd like Geoffrey to be down. for those, I can't betray us so much about


, now I'll leave it out, he was always there to do my makeup every day, ah, it's the Masters launch, yeah, half the


thinks Shane, phase two in his last photo Coachella, it's that crazy, I love it. people can't, I think people think about it about your skin, it's like really: okay, update. I just did my first official full beat where I shaved my face and did all the stuff.
I feel like it looks pretty good what you're not. lying he watches hours of videos a day and spends hours on his face every effort so good I like it because people made me think if this is a joke he's serious and he's like Oh Bob like every week or two. I think it's like exchanging better and better. and people are getting a little scared, okay, big reveal, but you haven't done it either, wait, well, if you put on a wig like, oh my god, the best thing I've ever done in my life, that's really a crazy, it's great, he's so excited, it's so crazy, he thinks. that started with a red watch, well, this is for the good, yes, I was going to hide it;
I wasn't going to post anything when I put that in like, oh, maybe I should have people, well, I designed a series that's starting to roll out, people aren't. over me instantly, yeah, it seems like hey guys, oh, you don't think I've seen anything, yeah, wow, yeah, wow, I feel like flight 2.0, we're ready, we're running on paddles next to each other, oh, that is such a pharisaical controversy. Can I tell you what I've been thinking? Well, sick kids, a couple hours later, I think she's here. I mean that saint of you in Geoffrey, oh my gosh, yeah, it's great when you look at something like you want to be proud of it.
I want to be excited because you know what I mean, not that yes, I think it looks good, it's like a fox ass, oh my daughter, but that sentence is not lipstick on a big pig, yeah, that's me , wait, we wish you didn't. t I don't know how to work for them oh you're just going to put them on the tree but she stands out yeah she looks great yeah oh my gosh you know contact Oh No she's going to live are you kidding me ? is 10 over the trademark, well, the only thing would be if Michael Wise had his hand in it.
Oh, it all happens in a Mexican prison if he tries, yeah, I'm buried there in Vogon solitary confinement, you hear me, anyway.

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