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The UFO Phenomenon | Full Documentary 2021 | 7NEWS Spotlight

Nov 10, 2021
This story will test your understanding of reality. I have never had this public conversation. It literally changed the rules of the game. The mainstream media wouldn't touch it. We are at a turning point in human history. The right of people to know that there is a real


here. There's no doubt about it, it's the biggest story that ever really was, isn't it, it absolutely is, there's no, there's no doubt about it, it's just unbelievable, the pentagon has admitted that something is in our sky, a unprecedented admission, so extraordinary that you are interacting with him, is there a video of that fleet? this affects the entire world this is a global


something quite unbelievable all governments will lie to the public the interior of the car lit up you have to come with us this is a very real phenomenon this is coming straight from the pentagon this nut of this earth we have no idea their intent you know that was absolutely mind boggling you don't know where these things came from we are beyond reasonable doubt high level officials are acknowledging this they are focused on our nukes highly trained spotters i was stunned by the circular radar of my core of nuke pilots combat such extraordinary iranian ufos at the same time in the same place the object knew where they were going i want to know the truth ross this is real there was something under the water and then all of a sudden bam it disappeared this is the biggest story ever the story, there are other images that would make people's jaws drop if they saw them, it's absolutely bizarre, it's the most i question important of all for millennia humans have looked up to the sky and wondered if we are alone in the universe well in a few weeks there will be reports coming to congress that may provide at least the beginning of an answer we are in a really interesting time in the story here where I think for the first time since WWII the US military is openly admitting that there's a mystery that they can't explain what we know is that there's an aa uap task force, a group of unidentified aerial phenomena work that incredibly has been operating secretly inside the pentagon apparently for years investigating the phenomena of UFO flying sources to consider the possibility of non-human intelligent life for the first time on this planet ross Coldheart has been on an investigation of a year along the way recording every moment every revelation in a book and on camera searching for the truth through of unimpeachable eyewitness and expert evidence on a subject that was once ridiculed but is now being taken very seriously, I am in fact fascinated by the fact that for 50 years it has been a taboo, a deliberate stigma, to ridicule the subject of UFOs people laugh a bit there's a kind of wry smile that comes over their face and they immediately start talking about tinfoil hats but the reality is when you dig there's a ton of evidence there to prove that There's something very real at the bottom of all this in the middle of the New Mexico desert just a stone's throw from Roswell Historian David Mahler has been compiling a trove of top-secret files spanning more than half a century, but it's what he's been happening most recently admissions by multiple high ranking US officials about unexplained aerial phenomena or uaps what has you most excited recent admissions by the govt not from the united states has literally been a game changer regarding the issue and regarding the public perception of the ufo issue why well for decades the air force fbi cia all official agencies had a denial policy deny the issue dispel the issue debunk the issue much of that culture of denial changed with the leak of these dod or defense department tapes in 2017 infrared images captured from aboard the united states most sophisticated fighter jets and navy ships, we have the detection apparatus for detecting objects and as we found out from the recent dod videos we are detecting objects and they are highly anomalous in nature and not any known human technology that we are aware of we see this hyper acceleration with complete absence of a sonic boom we see that the objects they have the ability to hover and then rapidly accelerate in the blink of an eye.
the ufo phenomenon full documentary 2021 7news spotlight
From one eye, we used to be We hear these stories within UFO circles by UFO madmen, but we are hearing this from credible high level government and military officials basically telling us the same story and to what end, why would they lie? So, who are the most credible Officials by reputation that you think have said some interesting things in the last few months? I must say that Chris Mellon Christopher Mellon was a very high-ranking official Deputy Assistant Secretary of the United States Department of Defense United in the Clinton and Bush Administrations You've heard of the Stephensville incident surrounding George Bush's ranch, but more recently it emerged as the source that published in the New York Times those Now Famous videos, so let's look at it very care


the ufo phenomenon full documentary 2021 7news spotlight

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the ufo phenomenon full documentary 2021 7news spotlight...

Are these objects intelligently controlled? the performance of these these vehicles is so extraordinary it's so radical that we don't even understand how it's possible and so it's hard for us to imagine how our ground rivals could master that kind of technology in April of last year here at the pentagon the Department The US Defense Department made an unprecedented admission: It acknowledged that the videos taken by its fighter pilots of unidentified objects are real, so if they're not ours, they're probably not Russian or Chinese or any other potential adversary. , does that mean they are? alien, I think we need to consider that possibility, now you realize it's mind-boggling in its obesity, the implications of that are extraordinary we're talking about the possibility of extra-terrestrial life visiting this planet and it's mind-boggling, it's hard to process, it's hard to swallow and yet as a matter of scientific integrity we have to be able to look at the facts and follow them wherever they lead us where they lead us next is this man my name is luis elizondo i am a former officer us government intelligence for years all lines of investigation led to him the person the us government put in charge of a secret pentagon unit called atip the advanced aerospace threat identification program what did he determine all right?
the ufo phenomenon full documentary 2021 7news spotlight
I think it's very clear that our organization determined that the reality of something is in our sky. We don't know what it is. We do not know. how it works we have no idea of ​​its intent and we've only seen some of its capabilities and there's not much we can do about it right now and I think that fact has been established that this is a very real phenomenon now it's still unknown what It's that phenomenon, but by definition any technology that's superior to yours in the US military is a threat, isn't it? It's a potential threat and for that reason it's a national security issue if there's a technology that's somehow gotten ahead of us that has the ability that we're seeing instantaneous acceleration hypersonic speeds low observability transmedia and antigravity travel and has the ability to fly unimpeded over our controlled US airspace at will and there is nothing we can do about it yes that is the national security imperative that is a problem that is a potential threat if there is a threat to us and in fact, to the world, it has been kept a great secret for many, many years when we look at the decades long denials by the us government and military regarding UFOs they denied they denied they denied then in December 2017 everything changed one of the world's great Test newspapers, the New York Times, revealed the existence of a Pentagon unit that he was secretly investigating UFOs and, even more extraordinary, he had the videos to prove it. water surface leslie yes real ufos of course leslie kane was the journalist who broke the story after successive governments revealed long buried secrets to her. lobby was a big gathering space in a lobby and whoever was there chris mellon was there and of course the purpose was for me to meet lou elizondo so he was there. they showed me these documents which kind of shocked me what were the major revelations in that story that made people probably for the first time ever sit up and say well UFOs are pretty cool I think there were two the first revelation was there was a program secret inside the pentagon that had a ted star in 2007 that had been studying these objects so this has been secretly being studied for 10 years now you don't have a program that studies ufos if there is nothing for them the second revelation was the case nimitz that happened in 2004. there is much more to that case than we were able to report, but we released that case to the public on the day in question, November 14, 2004, the USS Nimitz was conducting drills off the southern coast of California Prior to his deployment to the Persian Gulf, another ship involved in the exercise was the USS Princeton.
the ufo phenomenon full documentary 2021 7news spotlight
Managing the radar aboard the Princeton, it was Kevin Day. It was a very important day for him. Given the chance to play war games we were going to do some hifi air defense training we threw the good guys out of the nimitz look how emotional the bad guys come out of the beach and go after them but it wasn't the bad guys on their screen what caught his attention, but a formation of unidentified flying objects. I didn't even know we were there the only reason I worried about this is because the limit of the air defense exercise comes down to comments sir you know we've been tracking these objects for days if we launch a plane and hit one of these someone is going to ask you and me why we were so curious it is a very persuasive argument what did the captain say he looks at me sternly you are right main chief intercepting vid visually devise and commander forever became top gun airborne train boy and as he started to close the gap, the ticking recognized and started reacting to his movement, he sees and recognizes it as a fighter pilot engaging him and so he spirals down like this, he walks up to him and he's in a dogfight and he's yelling at his colleagues that I'm engaged so he's responding intelligently he's absolutely intelligent responding to his actions that's very impolite orante is not not a dummy object right and he began to take evasive maneuver to counter and keep distance between his plane which by the way was approaching an f-18 at the time super hornet one of the most aircraft major on the planet at the time and this thing had no problem keeping up with what it's seeing whatever this object is yeah I've seen it on radar so you're picking it up on radar I see it do the intercept and as soon as it's in the meltdown graph that object would go from 28,000 feet to the surface of the ocean in 0.78 seconds and then all of a sudden bam it's gone bing it's gone instantly five seconds later may doing the math one of the radar operators radios to the f-18 and says sir you are not going to believe this but the object is now waiting for you at your cut off point the cut off point was an air rendezvous point 60 miles away distance known only to a handful of pilots and naval personnel ina they are going to their limit point it is a secret that no one should know this outside the information room of the uss nimitz they arrive at the point cap an d what is waiting for them the tick tock is there it is waiting for them knows they are coming the limit point the point of I meet in the air you know where the planes were going so obviously there's some kind of intelligence there I've had people explain this to me some of the fighter pilots involved and some of the defense officials who have investigated this have said it's the fact that that he was pointing at the most sophisticated and well-trained weapons systems in the US military, he's literally prodding he's sticking his tongue out at them he's saying I know you're there I know where you come from your technology is hopeless against mine he was showing his superiority over the most powerful country on earth that was the decisive turning point for the united states army the accelerations that were observed would destroy five or ten times more than any craft we can design or build today no visible propulsion system no visible propulsion no obvious signs of lift no wings no rudder no control rotating surfaces no ailerons no elevators no cockpit no rivets oh my gosh don't go against the wind the wind is a hundred and he pointed from the west there were radical maneuvers that are simply impossible for us to perform and conceive of i mean i just don't i don't know how anyone can do that i just don't get it there have been successive disclosures statements made by active and retired members from the intelligence and military community the release of the three dod videos and the acknowledgment that the phenomenon is real I wish could bemesmerized and come back you know what i mean i really think something is telling me to move on i feel like he was there to do his thing and when it happened i didnt think it was happening to me fate ex mouth western australia on our way here it feels less like another country than another planet, a strange landscape where visitors from another world are supposed to have paid special attention to us, dear sir, i hereby wish to report a very unusual sighting when it goes away how fast does it live probably 10 times the speed of a jet plane oh very very fast very very fast planes can't fly like that it was definitely solid definitely solid an oval the size of a car i have absolute clarity of that memory what we saw was out of this world under the watchful eye of the city's flightless guards ross coulthart has arrived here to investigate the strange activities of something that has been flying for enc ima from ex-mouth down unders very own roswell was god city god was really god city i mean ex-mouth is pure paradise for many years a tropical outpost of the united states on the edge of the australian outback so every morning we would say god save the queen and then we would pledge allegiance to the flag to the american flag in australia in australia hidden in their starry skies some very dark secrets we saw an unidentified flying object and the us military wanted to know what we had seen they wanted me to shut it up whatever seems to be interested in this place on the outskirts of town a heavily guarded military facility once run by the americans and only a few miles away one of the strangest structures in Australia built to transmit nuclear strike orders by radio directly to US submarines in the event of all out war l, you couldn't pick a more remote part of australia to locate this top-secret military base that communicated with America's most dangerous nuclear submarines at the height of the cold war, it's one of the last places in the country to see the light of day every day and a dark night. 30 years ago a young australian woman who lived here named annie had an experience that would change her life forever it's about 8pm. m.
I called a taxi they hailed from my house and they picked me up and we headed straight into space and we're following that route now yeah right how far is the herald's cellar base about three miles so it's too far far to walk its a good way to walk especially in very very dark circumstances and absolutely no lighting at all you are the age at the time i was 25. its just me and i would go out to catch up with good folks the good old guys here on the US base outnumbered the women 25 to 1 so any chance to mingle was cause for celebration it was a brilliant night it was a really good night we didn't drink too much se they had a great time and then it was time to go to one of the protective service offices he was with that night he said we were going out on patrol so we'll pick him up and take him back to l to town in the car that night in 1991.
It was Annie and two Australian Federal Police officers. The gentleman driving has her window. down is starting to look out and he looks at the other federal officer across from me on the left side of me and he says he's back grab my camera he's back he's back i'm asking over and over again what's back what's to the back and then he looks at me he lowers the camera and grabs my hand at the back of my head and says look up so i lean forward and look directly over the vehicle what do you see? I see a ship I see a diamond shaped ship literally floating directly above the vehicle are there lights yes there are lights on the bottom how big is it I would say two or three car lengths any noise nothing there was not a single sound coming from this what color gray like it's a deep gray within seconds it shoots up into the skylight faster than you could look and then it comes here just like there a minute and then there and then there and but still even I can show you with my hands but it was still faster than that so they dropped me off at the edge of town literally throwing i got out of the vehicle and went back and it's just that in the end no good i thought it was i thought it was home annie was shocked struggling to make sense of what he witnessed but their strange encounters were far from lasting a few days then another unwelcome My visitor knocked on the door and suddenly two military police officers from the base appeared, only there was an air in his voice that you have to come with us willingly and if you don't come willingly then you know something else could go wrong there two military men the police asked him to accompany them to the base as we arrived before Before we got to the gate, the gate was opened for us and they, who stepped aside and let us through, then we indicated to go to the upper security section of the base and at the time we indicated for that section of maximum security i was thinking wow this is really serious also being held for questioning were the two men who had been with annie that night she was in the company of two australian federal police officers who were then known as the protection service but are now part of the police federal and those police officers and she were interrogated by Americans on the base in the days after the incident, the center of that room was sitting in th The two federal offices there were three chairs, the middle one was empty and the two federal officers were in the other two chairs.
I was escorted into the room and asked to sit in the middle chair and I have several witnesses to what happened. I have no doubt that it was a secret investigation by the Americans into what Annie says she saw and they didn't. I want her to talk about it. Do you think the purpose of that event was to try to keep you quiet? ah sure sure I think it was a surprise for them I think I surprised them and I think they don't know what to do, I think his story has been consistent throughout, he has an excellent memory, he is someone who has a very solid reputation in the works that she has done within wa public service no one can put a glove on her i think in terms of credibility and more importantly for i have other good reasons which i cant discuss here i am very sure what she is telling me saying is an accurate representation of what happened that night can you draw it for me forever etched in my brain as we saw it that night? it was kind of like a very elongated front, kind of very pointy, it went down almost like a diamond shape, but the end part was taken off, it had lighting, as I would say on the spine and then on each wing, so when it went down to the left side of us and I looked at it what I saw was it was long but then it slowly went up into a shape like that and then it came back down but in this everything was cut almost like ridges into it um like a 3d effect almost the mystery of what it was that object that was seen floating somewhere between this hill and that remote secret base still remains unsolved.
I find it fascinating, as do many other people around the world who have long been baffled by the riddle. of unidentified aerial phenomena is something ng that has also been ridiculed and covered up for so long, so we have decided to go on the trail to follow in the footsteps of the americans here who took their secrets with them. We are going to cross the entire continent and the Pacific. From the ocean to his home country following the trail of flying saucers, can I show you a picture that I'm sure our friend Danny absolutely drew? there are some slight variations, but what is interesting to note are the lights you see here.
One of the interesting aspects of these triangular reports is that the lights are not small anti-collision lights like we see on conventional aircraft, they are usually described. like big circular disks, if you like it that way, I've signed legislation that will outlaw Russia forever. We'll start shelling in five minutes. US intelligence urgently requested signs of an impending Soviet attack. i think something extremely anomalous and unusual is still going on in the northwestern cape i dont want to sound like a conspiracy theorist i have no idea what it is but there is an anomaly that has been identified and witnessed by numerous people and i know because i have seen the files , it has also been seen on multiple occasions by people in our department of defense and some of those sighting reports are in our national archives every night when the sun finally sets on the ex mouth it becomes one of the most dark. on earth, but that darkness was pierced one night in february 2015 by a strange blinding light from the road that made the young driver nikolai gordovich reconsider everything it was very early in the morning there was no one else on the road i was all alone and i saw this light on top of a hill it was pure bright white light the only thing i could think of was if it had to do with the military i am absolutely clear on that memory sorry why didnt you stop i think something was telling me that move on and now exmouth is a place where it seems to happen when i was doing my preliminary research when i went there the first time people approached me at the table when i was having dinner one night they told me are you the journalist investigating your dishes flying and it went well for me not at all but I'm seeing the phenomenon it went well for me well because we've all seen it adrian arnold is another ex-witness of the mouth adrian finally finally with hey hi ross it's nice to meet you we met you it was in 1973 when i was 12 years old and i was watching a movie with friends at the local drive-in between a break and filming i looked up and when i looked up i saw three dots moving in weird patterns they they were moving straight in one direction very fast um and then they stopped and then they moved in another direction it couldn't have been a plane a helicopter probably not where it was um planes can't fly so there was no way a heli The helicopter could move at the speed that these three points left behind, so they are in the shape of a triangle in a triangle, and sometimes when they moved, the triangle would distort and change shape, but it would go back to being flat, it was almost like a three-dimensional. a triangle a diamond on top it was three dimensional but no windows it just appeared to be a solid metal object annie's sighting was in 1991 but her recollection of what she saw is as clear as yesterday that's very interesting we don't have many side views of them although most I get are when they are on the baton or relatively high in the sky it's not often we get a view like this it literally came and hovered next to the car as I was driving along for 100 kilometers per hour so we're talking about an incredible feet above the ground that's interesting one thing i'll tell you talking about proximity to earth with many of these reports i don't have an account of a triangle landing we are still transmitting on behalf from the Americans from the northwestern cape and what happens there is covered up in secret when we try to go there and film around the base the department o defense kicked us off channel seven taking pictures they told us we were not allowed to film Certain aspects of the base remain highly confidential to this day.
In fact, I think we had to retreat to a hill about 10 kilometers away. Is there a link between nuclear weapons and these ships? correlation between nuclear storage sites of nukes and ufos no doubt they are focused on our nukes and you think they are trying to send a message i think the message is to get rid of your nukes a world away from western australia in In the southern California foothills, retired US Air Force weapons operator Robert Salas is on the lookout for reports of ships appearing in the skies over nuclear facilities as a former mouse in the 1960s, when he was the commander of a facility ICBM nuclear missile launcher, had the ability to independently launch nuclear missiles against America's enemies.
Bob was literally the guy who pulled the trigger but he realized someone else was playing him and it was t the Russians in 1967 with the US and USSR involved in cold war madness of mutual assured destruction , the then 27 year old was in charge of launching nuclear warheads from montana had he been given the order he would have launched those missiles essentially we are talking about the end of civilization as we know it was an order he hoped never to receive and on 24th of March 1967 I was underground in the weapons silo sitting by a phone that I hoped would never ring but it rang on the line it was a guard upstairs telling rooms that he had seen a menacing light in the airspace over the atomic warheads thatthey were in charge of yelling at the phone he's very scared extremely scared he's babbling yelling uh finally i count he knocks him down and he says there's a red orange light a big light hovering over the front door and it's a pulsating light you've got all the guards out there with their weapons and wanted me to tell him what to do of course it crossed my mind that we were under some sort of attack and all of a sudden we heard bells and whistles going off with really loud horns and that happens when a missile goes down for whatever reason simultaneously o one by one one by one across the board something shuts down system with armory inoperable wards ordered guards back underground what did they say? they saw they saw ufos they saw these lights hovering over the facility you're scaring me bob i mean this is this is scary the point is these objects knew and do know exactly how our systems work and can interfere at any point so you are clearly describing a non-human intelligence vastly superior technology yes interfering with the most powerful weapons at our disposal that's what I'm describing um yes you think it was alien what we saw was not of this world of course there may be another plausible explanation for these sightings that what people like Annie saw was not out of this world but out of this world, in other words secret US military technology no one was meant to see. show you something remember 1991 was around the beginning of America's stealth program look at that it looks exactly like what we saw except the top was cut out like it had more cuts in a three dimensional shape yeah and that makes me feel extremely anxious because that's what we saw except the tail part got cut off at the end what's really interesting about this is that this is a stealth ship called hopeless diamond so you're saying this could have been fine for americans if he was human.
Built, it suggests that perhaps the Americans were testing some kind of advanced technology over Christmas. I feel like I'm panicking. I feel angry. If that's the truth why would they have buzzed and followed that car knowing


well we might see that and then try to shut up that doesn't make any sense to me and it's infuriating why it's infuriating because I mean it's done so much for me life for many years and I like the fact here I don't even want to be identified you're worried about being ridiculed oh absolutely if this is real why would they take us to the base and question us like they did and insist that I tell you Let's tell people we saw a weather balloon? that looks like a weather balloon to you because you and two policemen had stumbled upon if this is true probably one of the biggest secrets in the us military testing an advanced prototype plane or craft why would you be so foolish as to do ring the car? know 1989 the f-117a stealth fighter the b2 stealth bomber this was hovering the stealth bomber does not float no stealth bomber does not float this thing also showed hypersonic instantaneous hypersonic speed and with that there was a b sonic oom no it was also very quiet there was no noise of no propulsion system at all the vast majority of these triangular reports are silent there have been people directly under one of these who look up and say if you didn't look up you would not know it was there.
Why would these objects, these ships, be interested in a place like Harold Holt's naval communications station? Well you know these ships have demonstrated the ability to disrupt communications and therefore if it got to the point where we had to use communications from that facility they could have disrupted those communications I think this is simply a message to us humans to deactivate all of our nukes and basically go in another direction and also learn to live together in peace I have spent far too much time going through national archives documents but they make for a fascinating counterfactual story to the story our defense department has presented to us in public for The last 50 to 60 years ago, the Australian government has thousands of reports of UFO sightings going back decades, many of them once classified as secret or top secret, and it might surprise a lot of people to learn just how seriously those sightings were. taken by military investigators even though some of those sighted Mysteries describe crazy things like hover ships, flying fountains, black triangles, but there is a very secret report that I know exists because I spoke to someone who saw it being made, which is not in these files and should be perhaps the biggest UFO mystery ever.
Australia. melbourne in the sunny vibrant suburbs 1960s what a time to be stuck in school westall high school a college of about 600 students in south east melbourne i was a very young man in those days i was teaching i was teaching a year nine i think it was class teaching science before morning tea the door was flung open a girl ran in mr greenwood mr greenwood there is a flying saucer mr greenwood mr greenwood there is a flying saucer the bell rang and i remember running to the oval looking up into the sky and seeing these things and just standing there absolutely transfixed when i looked up i could see this object in the sky it was directly over the other side of the oval i have never seen anything like it before in my life i haven't seen anything like it since i tried to absorb what we were seeing because it was something so unusual it was his classic cigar-shaped object that looked like gray metal that's What it seemed like we got some of the key witnesses to silently and independently draw what they saw and draw clear and consistent images of the same type of object.
What I want all of you to do is try to draw as best you can what you saw. day and without looking, the movement was incredible, up, down, all over the place, what is that, a reception? it's under here around the edges it's very interesting that you're all describing roughly the same way of seeing there they go they're going to hold up I mean that's amazing I mean you all give a pretty clear description consistent with a classic. saucer was a gray almost cylindrical or cigar shaped object that moved with some degree of precision in the sky flying saucer i'm not going to say flying saucer that's emotive language but it was the shape you would see if you had a saucer tilted slightly to one side the amazing thing about the west all of history is that it's like it never happened it's being effectively erased from history and yet right down the road from this suburban rsl 55 years ago students teachers local residents looked up to the sky and saw what only can describe yourself as a UFO, a flying saucer and those people, those witnesses are just as sure today as they were 55 years ago about what they saw, aren't you, yeah right now as you look at this?
What is the reaction of the children? Lots of exclamation calls and darts. There are a significant number that then took off over the oval because it had moved and flown down. Apparently behind some pine trees. a place called the Grange which is an area where we used to do our cross country exercises and we ran to where we had seen one appear to come down and land you actually did see one of the objects later yeah well I didn't see it land but I did I saw on the ground in front of me. I could feel heat and heard buzzing and could see purple lights around it.
I know I soon got there and I would say within a minute it just got up. the ground kept going up very slowly to probably about ten or four feet, maybe a little bit higher, and then it turned on its side and almost disappeared, it just went up like that and I looked up at the sky and I could see the other two for what seemed to disappear This is first person evidence from people who say I saw a ship, an intelligently controlled mechanical object hovering above me. That is good evidence. I think it is evidence that deserves to be taken seriously within 40 minutes of sighting. trucks that were there did you see this oh yes yes military showed up sure are you very sure about that yes definitely yes and exactly what did you see men in uniform yes yes I saw yes um yes and actually uh they had uh what was like century guards at their different points, um, you know, um, keep people from going into the farm, but you have to remember that that was our backyard, if we wanted to go in there, could we sneak you in?
Oh later yeah I did and what did you see um it's circular um the area look um you know the trampled grass uh and uh there were guards around and there were people there with uh with equipment what do you say to the fact that officially there is no government report on this matter, well, because they buried him, you know they beat him 14 days later, two men on official government business visited Mr. Greenwood at his home two weeks later, I knocked on the door and when I opened. um there were two people there one in civilian clothes and then the other a senior an air force senior obviously senior had a lot of rings up his sleeve and they told me I was wrong but they hadn't seen anything um and when I tried to explain to them that they were not there, I was there and I knew what I saw and, well, I think the first suggestion was that it would not be advisable for you to continue saying that because you were clearly drunk on duty and that will have to be reported to the education department and, for of course you will lose your job they threatened you oh absolutely they threatened me you are describing our government officials trying to gag you from telling the truth about what you saw which is quite interesting when you realize that officials from another government um 12 months later they begged me uh to talk about it the president's office um saying let's be clear here this is the president of the united states yes the president of the united states president of the united states the president had authorized the establishment of a board of inquiry or an inquiry to look into unidentified flying object issues and that they were sending someone who i think turned out to be a gentleman i think might have been a professor james mcdonald james mcdonald thats the one he was officially working for the united states navy but in his spare time he is reviewing many australian reports of UFOs and comparing them with American reports his goal is to see if the reports agree in summary where UFOs constitute a phenomenon global in melbourne who brian king is talking to listen donald what have you found here that has been helpful to you i have investigated about 50 or 60 cases since i arrived in new zealand and australia extremely interesting ufo sightings essentially similar to those in the usa what are the main similarities? very high credibility people reporting unconventional objects discs cigar-shaped objects often at very low altitudes hovering over urban areas sometimes on cars following cars i came across this professor mcdonald we basically did the same thing i'm doing with you now , we just went over the story and he treated you with respect oh absolutely absolutely here is a recording of the interview you saw there was a hovering motionless when i saw ok he did various things hovering at different times seemed to be able to speed up and out of sight and then someone i was seeing it in another part of the sky it moved a considerable distance very sharply and then regressed my recollection is that it was a lot he asked some leading questions huh and that's it basically for me to speak well this is something we just do i don't know , not faded too while you trust to look at it.
No, he made one of these. You know excellent accelerations and no one can take it back. Clearly, there is a report somewhere. What really surprises me is that 55 years after these people. they are very sure of what they saw and it makes me believe that in australia we have never had any official investigation and flat out i think there has been a cover up i really think someone has buried the supply department report that i know exists this is the largest group sighting of a ufo this is the largest in the southern hemisphere and it has all the credibility because it's not like only one person saw it, there were more than 200 people who saw it but there is one thing that you are very sure of that someone was trying to cover the center oh yeah and that's what I find most interesting of all that they definitely told me to shut up something just passed over us i hate to say this looked like a long cylindrical or object , it almost looked like a type of cruise missile moving very fast over the top every once in a while in journalism someone will tell you something and you just don't know what to make of it, this is one of those times.
This is what I have been told here in the United States by multiple intelligence and defense sources, two former senior officials and one serving. Enough, you're also talking about alien bodies for years. I've been interested in a lot of these crazy-sounding cases of us military secretly retrieving alien spacecraft from parts of New Mexico, Nevada, and Utah, so I've met and interviewed them.a while ago from my book. scott and suzanne ramsey scott found out by accident about the local navajo indians talking about the crash site and as a husband and wife couple they have done some phenomenal research. well, on March 25, 1948, oil workers discovered a lenticular craft lying here after they were called in because of a forest fire and they went up and found this large object about 18 feet tall, just under 100 feet wide, now they are testing me here.
I'm saying an alien craft was discovered here with several dead aliens 16 yes that's the way it is when we started this process it was negligible whether it was positive or negative the results we wanted the truth and it has led us in the direction that we strongly believe it occurred so , what's going on? They discover a ship. How many dead individuals? I can't believe you're saying these aliens are aboard this 16 16 eliots 16. They were between three and a half and four feet tall. they had perfect teeth they looked like children they had overalls that were like powder blue in color they were charred blue uniforms nothing that could mean eh rank what really fascinated me was that there was a claim that there was a certain vessel, whatever it was, there was We hit another plateau along the way and were privileged to meet the granddaughter of the man who saw the boat hit that hill, a woman named Krista, and test her claims that she very kindly agreed to come with us to the top of a 7-foot plateau. 500 feet, which is an expedition I'll never forget.
We went to the top of the hill and she pointed us to the rock that in her family folklore was hers her grandfather. he said it was the rock that the ship hit this huge ship hit and then moved on after it hit that object that rock he said it was that it was wobbling and when it hit the rock over here it was wobbling and before it hit the rock, why what was obviously out of control was absolutely out of control wherever they went they and their ship ended up right here in fact you have spoken directly to people who saw this object absolutely yes and you absolutely believe them i do and so john our videographer set up his drone and for the first time we got drone vision and pictures of this mark on this piece of rock and i don't know for sure what it is i'm not a geologist i'm not someone who would qualify to look at rocks but it looks like something g's hit that rock and whatever it was, it was very big and very strong because it seems to have gouged a hole out of the rock. that's my opinion so let me check this out, you have witnesses who say they have worked on a recovered alien spacecraft and the us government is trying to redesign that technology to at least understand how it works. i think the us military somewhere has recovered extraterrestrial materials i think its a strong possibility that it has and i have talked to sources who have basically said yes and i trust these sources the question is who or what exactly is it and that is the big question, could it be something that's always been here that's as natural as you and me as natural as that and we're just not at the point as a species where we're starting to gather the information an and be able to interact with this riddle requires data requires courage to ask the hard questions and ultimately what we should really end up asking ourselves is what it means to be a nervous and scared human being about it and what are the implications of this I don't think everyone wants to face that.
I am absolutely sure that this is a reality. Eventually, all of us will have to face it. not an option this problem will test your grasp of reality and your notions of reality i think it is possible that the us military is in possession of materials from a spacecraft or from the ship itself that is the bigger story and that's the last thing i think about what do we need to know more about it it's amazing it's hard to process it's hard to digest if there's an alien civilization waiting to show itself to humanity if there's some kind of consciousness that's been with us that's not it's human being aware it's always been here whatever it is and yet differently oh my gosh yeah we got uh 31 knots to stay there upper side 40 gusts focus splash mark variable range we may be on the threshold of getting some answers within our lifetime i think we are at a tipping point in humans the story is absolutely real there is a real phenomenon here there is no doubt about that hi i'm ross coulthard coming to you from a quarantine hotel in sydney cbd our filming for the


you just watched just wrapped up in the usa last week the situation was evolving in washington dc so quickly we at


thought it was important to bring you the latest and most comprehensive report we could in record time we know that sometime this next june there is a report from the pentagon coming to the united states congress that is supposed to reveal everything it knows about ufos we may be about to find out if there is a civilization more advanced than ours in the cosmos if you want explore this further you can pre-order a copy of my new book at a glance there is a pre-order link on the screen now we will keep you posted in the


about any breaking developments in this story as last Sunday's featured episode occurs the phenomenon drew a huge response from all over Australia and indeed the world we have been inundated with extraordinary eyewitness accounts of UFO sightings but perhaps the one that stood out the most to us came from a national household name, in fact it is an old friend and colleague of mine.
This week the former sunrise meteorologist who denies grants ran into Ross Coulthart, who also has some amazing developments on this story, so the grant denier reached out to us this week and told us he saw unidentified objects floating about nary warren in south east melbourne when she was about 19 years old she describes the same type of objects that literally thousands of people who have contacted us describe objects that are doing hypersonic speeds literally spinning instantly with no slowdown or motion and as she told me, no can you explain there's no explanation that I've been able to find of any kind of human technology that would explain this and you're open to the possibility that it's not of this world grant me take me back you're a 19 year old lad what happened well , I was driving down the highway at night, around nine o'clock at night, I noticed a couple of very strange lights floating do in the low sky. the sky and they were too bright to be stars or planets as bright as a plane but they weren't moving um not moving at all just about five dots they were just sitting there in two groups satellites not satellites not A satellite would not be as bright and would be higher in the sky if you could see it.
This is in the south east suburbs of Melbourne so there is quite a bit of light pollution around so you wouldn't really see the stars or a satellite anyway so these were bright lights but I was wondering and curious why not they were moving and planes should be moving, a helicopter should be moving, so I just sit there and then one of the lights went out. it started at supersonic speed towards the other group and then it stopped dead in its tracks and i know there's nothing in this world that can do that so i thought i just saw something i can't explain wow i think what i saw was a shape UFO and while I sat on it for a long time and didn't really talk to a lot of people about it because you know you sound like a nut and even now you're on TV. and by telling this story you know people could go well you're crazy well I don't care I saw it I saw it I think there's been a taboo around this subject for so many years and I think when the people saw the Pentagon even the US Department of Defense admit now that this is real I think people realized well I can talk about this and one of the people I can't name him but one of the people who called me this week was a very important federal politician and he told me that he had an experience with his girlfriend where he had seen a flying saucer hovering over him on a beach and I said well leave the record well you talk about it and he never went on your nelly and he's still worried about that ridiculousness but a lot of people most people are. very happy to talk about it because they realize that there is no stigma anymore in talking about the phenomenon because you have the US department of defense very high officials in the pentagon and the US government admitting that this is real you have seen that it was is real it was real but i saw it was real there was about five lights and when one left the group and joined the others they just hung there for probably another i don't know 10 seconds and then all the two groups just came together and they disappeared.
I think I have a reasonable mechanical understanding of how things work. I race cars. I drive at 300 kilometers per hour. I know those dynamics. Now I fly a plane. What are the things in your airspace that you should be aware of? That's nothing that's in any textbook I've ever seen. What many of us have a hard time understanding is behavior that, to put it better, cannot be explained. There is something strange about candle mutilations there are unusual incisions and mutilations that have taken place with cattle and other animals going back decades many people attribute this to UFOs we have been living on earth our entire lives we never ever encountered with something like this before the area is where it is it's not even where people can easily access it mick and judy cook run a 14,000 hectare cattle station in an isolated part of north queensland there's only one road and one driveway two years ago , Mick was in a remote part of the property when he noticed something very strange early one morning.
I was in the uh as we call the river country and there was a cow there dead and as I walked past her I saw that her son had been surgically removed no blood or anything but very well removed I took some pictures to show my wife more than anything they also removed a part of a joule and an ear basically where it was cut no blood on the skin no blood on anything and i don't know anyone who has been able to get their house another one without blood everywhere and not only that there is no fight where the cow died there is nothing just well placed there no fight marks no blood nothing since then they say 15 of their cattle have died in a similar way the most recent was eight months ago who is responsible very good question it is foreign to us I am a little nervous that you will laugh at me and laugh because there is this phobia to deal with this topic I will ask anyway if there is any link between the UFO phenomenon and the mutilation cattle ones do you think i have talked to people who have looked into that and credible people and i have seen the photographs and i know they have analyzed the blood and it is really undeniable that something is going on there and the cuts are often surgically precise organs are being removed specific inside the body often no discernible external wounds yeah it's not like they were just shot and have a gunshot wound or something they're laying on the ground there's been some surgical cuts and it's usually the same cuts over and over time and often the blood drains and it's weird it's really bi Zarre it's a genuine mystery and I know people will want to laugh they will want to ridicule them but let them reality is real because the United States FBI when I was researching my book, they told me there are 10,000 unsolved cases of cattle mutilation. in the United States in a swath of the United States it became such a problem that congressmen demanded investigations by federal law enforcement and never got a response, never could properly explain what happened to these poor animals .
It is a real mystery. I think for the first few weeks I was a little hesitant about walking outside at night but you can't do anything about it if they're that smart, yeah, and a couple of times I was like, geez, I've got a chip in my head or something. . so i know i had those kind of thoughts but i said no i'm still normal i hope when you listen to mick and judy cook they be honest as the day is long meccan judy sounds like an honest honest aussie a couple but those cattle mutilations is interesting we started looking into it and there are people all over Australia who have experienced strange precise surgical cuts on their animals who died in the most horrendous of circumstances and have often refused to talk about it because of the ridiculous factor, great for you , yeah, being able to talk about what you say, I think you know I come from a long line of farming families, so I know what kind of pride and reputation is at stake, you know? those areas you know we've been on the same farm for 113 years now we're still on that property and i can tell you that um and a neighbor were out on the tractor at night and in the middle of completely nowheredark the brightest of bright lights just reached the top of the tractor and hovered there for a while.
Imagine that they exist, okay, they match, but we don't know their intention. only in ca Yes, we may need to come together to deal with this situation as a unified group. You're crazy if you don't ask questions. This is how evolution works. I am very lucky to have had the experience. I feel like it opened up. my eyes and it's good to know that I'm not the center of the universe but maybe there is something out there that is bigger than all of this so for you it was a positive experience yes yes I liked the fact that I saw what I saw. because I was like, there's a big picture at stake that it's not just me in this world and I like that idea I like the curiosity of thinking

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