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The U.S. Navy Just Admitted They've Created Something So Advanced & Said It Can't Be Stopped

Jul 12, 2023
Every year, foreign scientists, researchers and ordinary people make incredible discoveries that help us better understand the world around us, so today here at Unexplained Mysteries we will take a look at interesting discoveries: The US tested a laser weapon that can Destroy a plane in mid-flight. In 2020, for the first time, the US Navy successfully


an aircraft in flight using a directed energy weapon; in this case, a laser. In May 2020, the Navy issued a statement describing lasers as efficient and effective ways to defend against enemy drones or small armored vessels. Until now, this laser technology has been only about defense, not attack, and has been successfully tested.
the u s navy just admitted they ve created something so advanced said it can t be stopped
Understandably, the Navy's specific Fleet has not revealed where exactly this laser weapons system was tested, only on May 16. In 2020 it was tested somewhere in the Pacific, despite vague descriptions, images and videos were posted here showing the USS Portland transport ship using the high-energy solid-state laser to shoot down a drone from the air. under construction since the 1960s and are now being put to good use, although only time will tell. Directed energy weapons, the technology behind the Navy's aircraft-killing laser and the Army's future force field, are a series of electromagnetic systems that convert chemical and electrical energy. into radiated energy, this energy is then focused or directed to a specific target, allowing damage to the target, in this case neutralizing the enemy weapon, while for now the hopes and aspirations of this particular directed energy laser are those of Defense, who knows what this technology will do. be used in the future a huge sinkhole in China has led to the discovery of a world-class geological wonder a second expedition to a huge sinkhole located in China's Guangxi Forest has revealed compelling details of a world-class geological discovery that connects the sinkhole to a massive cave system that was first discovered through an expedition to Hong Kong that gave it the name Hong Kong Hainting Hall.
the u s navy just admitted they ve created something so advanced said it can t be stopped

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the u s navy just admitted they ve created something so advanced said it can t be stopped...

The most recent expedition in 2018 examined its volume using 3D scanning. The sinkhole was discovered to be 328 feet wide and 656 feet long and as With a depth of up to 387 feet due to its enormous size, geologists have considered the sinkhole cave complex to be a cave complex, as the World-class images from the Expedition show the interior of the connected cave. stone pillars and cave pearls the cave room is also connected to an underground river that flows into the panyang river. This 2018 expedition was led by a 19-person multinational team from China and the United Kingdom headed by Zhang Huang Hai of the Institute of Caste Geology and Andy Evis of the British Caving Association, the team used only a 656-foot rope. long to descend into the sinkhole.
the u s navy just admitted they ve created something so advanced said it can t be stopped
From there,


used 3D scanning to map the cave complex. Researchers hope to use this technology to discover the origins of the sinkhole in the future. Sinkholes occur when an underground cave collapses, often due to water erosion, these sinkholes can reveal unexplored underground cave systems, such as Hong Kong's Magnificent Hall of Hate. The lost cane island has been found, while some islands are disappearing from the face of the Earth never to be seen again. There are other geographical features that are suddenly being rediscovered. In 2015, a team of archaeologists from several countries found an island on the Turkish peninsula that


managed to identify as the lost city of Kane.
the u s navy just admitted they ve created something so advanced said it can t be stopped
This city was the site of the Battle of Arganusi in which the Spartans were soundly defeated by the Athenians in 406 BC. C. and constituted one of the three ancient Arginist islands. Now only two of these islands remain and they are now known as the Garop Islands. The ancient city of Kane has been referenced in several ancient texts, but no one was mentioned. able to definitively say where it might have been until recently, the discovery was made by a team of researchers who analyzed underground rock layers on a peninsula along the Turkish coast, which revealed that the tip of the peninsula had previously been an island that had been attached to the mainland over Thousands of years of sediment accumulation as the land bridge between the tip of the peninsula and the mainland consisted only of loose soil and rock.
When they realized this, the team immediately suspected that it might be Kane's lost island and set about analyzing Pottery. fragments of architecture and historical artifacts in the surrounding area to try to gather clues to the island's ancient history, they quickly discovered that the mystery of where the ancient reed island once stood had finally been solved and that the land mass had been


under the noses of archaeologists throughout At this time, this is an important discovery for historians and archaeologists, as Kane was an incredibly important ancient city that played a major role in many important events of the time, located in a critical location in the Turkish coast.
Kane probably acted as a stopping point and weigh station throughout. trade and travel routes of the time, especially those heading to Lesbos and Adramatian in the north and Delaya and Pergamon in the south, its location was probably the reason why it acted as the scene of the aforementioned Battle of Arganusay during the Peloponnesian conflict, now that its location has finally been identified. More definitive archaeological investigations can be conducted to try to learn more about the historical events that likely occurred there and how the people who called Kane Island home lived. It's not every day that historians can claim to have recovered a long-lost island and there is no doubt that researchers will make the most of this discovery (element found in bones and teeth detected 12 billion light years away), although it might seem that Human beings and the planet on which we reside do not have as much as the limitless expanse of the cosmos that extends infinitely and supposedly for now lifeless beyond our atmosphere, this is not entirely true in fact because the cosmos forged our Earth, traces of all the elements still exist within our bodies scattered throughout the solar system as Scientists discover these small traces of elements and can get a better idea of ​​how the universe was formed and the overall life cycle of the body. resulting light blue.
Recently, researchers working at the European Southern Observatory discovered fluorine commonly found in our bones and teeth in a large mass of gaseous clouds in a galaxy about 12 billion light years away, meaning that light from this galaxy What we are looking at is 12 billion years old and is giving scientists a picture of what the universe was like at the young age of


1.4 years. billion years ago this discovery is significant because it is the oldest example of fluorine in a star-forming galaxy within the universe because fluorine is


within the core of stars and is emitted when they finally fade away and these faint clouds of radiation from Fluorine points were discovered at fairly early points in the universe's timeline, scientists theorize that these early fluorine-producing stars lived fast and faded young when it comes to the relative lifespan of the cosmos, which is almost 14 billion years old, a fading star young means it probably only lived a few million years at most, scientists speculate that these early fluorine-producing stars, where massive wolf-rat stars burn up rapidly in supernova explosions, appear to create fluorine through the expiration of these stars is probably the reason why fluorine exists on our planet.
Scientists believe that these wolf-rat stars produced massive amounts of the element that is now so common in our bones and teeth during the early days of the creation of the universe, however, what they don't know is how early fluorine came into play. Chiaki Kobayashi, a professor at the University of Hertfordshire,


it took only tens or hundreds of millions of years for this galaxy to have levels of fluorine comparable to those found in the stars of the Milky Way. The measurement adds a whole new constraint to the origin of fluoride, which has been studied for two decades, so it seems we can thank the early wolf raid stars for our excellent dental compositions as scientists continue to explore the outer reaches of the universe to discover other fascinating clues like this astronomer finds one of the oldest stars.
One of the most fascinating aspects of space is the fact that most of the traces of light we know as stars are hundreds of millions of years old like the star in question. It is light years away and may no longer exist; However, despite constantly staring at the light of incredibly old stars, night after night, astronomers believe they have located one of the oldest stars found to date, not only that, but it appears to date back to the second generation of stars that formed after the original creation of the universe. The paper announcing this exciting new discovery stated that we report the discovery of S Plus j21040049, an ultra-metal-poor star selected from its narrow S Plus band. photometry and proof-of-concept observations confirmed by medium- and high-resolution spectroscopy are part of an ongoing effort to spectroscopically confirm low-metallicity candidates identified from narrowband photometry.
Basically, this means that this new star was discovered using a new process that measures light intensity to identify stars that had previously fallen under the proverbial radar when observed with other methods; Furthermore, its ancient origin could be further verified by analyzing the unique chemical abundances of the star, which appeared to be composed only of those components that would have been produced as a single first-generation star was born and faded. While it is incredibly surprising that researchers were able to locate such an ancient star, this chemical information and techniques learned in the star discovery process may lead to the eventual discovery of one of these.
First generation stars, none of which have been located, no matter how you look at it, the discovery of this ancient star is nothing short of a scientific breakthrough when it comes to our knowledge of how the universe formed and the circumstances under which it formed. which stars were formed. Probably appearing in the blink of an eye, much of our knowledge is guesswork based on what we have been able to observe about space so far; However, we have not been able to look far enough into the past to take a look at how things really looked and their differences. could have led to the formation of the first stars until now, for example, in the early days of the universe, before the first stars appeared, the building blocks of the world were mainly restricted to hydrogen and helium, while other elements were they


through thermonuclear fusion within the cause. of new stars we can follow this trail of elements through the cosmos and hopefully it will eventually lead to the discovery of one of the first stars to ever exist.
Discoveries like this can help us develop a more complete set of information about the circumstances of what the universe looked like when it was being born, which will then inform our understanding of how these circumstances interacted to create the infinite, expansive space we are now orbiting. , but what do you think of these recent discoveries? Let us know what you think in the comments section below and help us grow this community as we work to solve these unexplained mysteries. Thanks for watching and don't forget to subscribe for more videos.

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