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The Try Guys Wear 1800s Bridgerton Dresses

Jun 06, 2021
- Just a warning that you will hear a lot of terrible English accents. - Mrs. Whistleyang! - Oh, are you Lady Whistleyang? - My God. - Okay, uh-oh. - Today we will try on historical women's


from the Regency era. - Which is apparently different from the Victorian era. - So this is like Jane Austin's times? - Ripples Look at the waves. - Where is the help? - Oh! - Is this correct? - Beautiful. - Also known as Bridgerton


. - Hey, excuse me. Not while the lady is getting ready. Do you like average? - Yeah - Ew. (upbeat music) - We dressed up as ladies from the 19th century. - Today the boys are going to try on dresses from the Victorian era.
the try guys wear 1800s bridgerton dresses
No, not Victorian dresses, from the Regency era. - Bridgerton is very trendy on Netflix and social media right now. - Becky saw him in one day. -My wife has been watching all of Bridgerton. It is a very exciting look. -We weren't quite sure what exactly the Bridgerton era is. Many of us refer to everything as Victorian, whether Tudor, Regency or Edwardian. And I think a lot of us just write off a Victorian style without knowing exactly what the years are. We also had a wonderful designer who rented these costumes from a costume studio in Hollywood. This is such an authentic complete look for a Regency era woman that we have access to. - I really don't know what we will do today, but I am excited to become an elegant British lady. - Today is my birthday. - Okay, let's get started.
the try guys wear 1800s bridgerton dresses

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the try guys wear 1800s bridgerton dresses...

I guess we start with socks. Like me, I start every day completely naked and in socks, I don't watch many old British TV shows. I didn't see Downton Abbey. I didn't, I don't, I wasn't even British? I don't know. I did not see it. - I was surprised that we didn't have baggy pants or anything like that. -When I watch British period films, it is the women's dresses that began to make me understand that this was more from the 19th century than the 15th century. - Oh. Look at these. These are the longest socks I have ever seen.
the try guys wear 1800s bridgerton dresses
These are, these are pants. I don't know much about the 1800 British ladies. I have avoided that art and that literature my entire life. I just don't care about Pride and Prejudice. They're just a bunch of people with accents saying, "Oh, Mom, do you think the prince will like me at the ball?" - Britain is quite cold, you know? It's pretty high up, it probably feels good to keep your toes warm. This is an era when the most important thing in life was who you were married to. That's still the most important thing to me. I am married to my wife. - We're making Try Guys videos now, honey, it's okay. - So far these feel like high football socks Bam - They kind of fit like boots. - I actually have some shin guards.
the try guys wear 1800s bridgerton dresses
Let's see how they fit together. Oh yeah. Oh, those slide really well. (laughs) - I have never seen socks so long, first shame. - Hell yeah. I'm ready to go, honey. Are you seeing this? I'm like a football player from the Regency era Hey! - Alright. We have a tip about Eugene here. He says the Regency was a period from roughly 1811 to 1820. That was before the Victorian era. That's how it was before in Victorian times. - Do I feel like it's nine years? That's not that long. It's like the flapper era. - Oh. It is considered to have been less morally strict than the prudish Victorian era, as evidenced by women's clothing. "Oh, today we're dressing up as sluts." - So even though it was earlier in time, it was actually sexier.
So the Victorian era is like a reaction to it. - And ankles were not considered too lascivious. -Ah, so Zach will love this if he can show off some ankles. He would have prospered. - I like this time. You can show your ankle a little. Small tip: ankles. That's all. The more you know. - Next the corset and the camisole. - Corset and chemist. I used to be a chemist. - I mean, I say chemise, because I think it's a French word: Chemise. - Very good, let's do the Chemsip. - This is probably the shirt? - No, that can't be the Kemise.
That is the inner dress. - Shirt? - I like how light and silky it is. It feels pretty good. - Maybe this is like under


. - Oh, look at her. - Look at me. Oh, my breasts are out. That's horrible. - Well, let's be honest. The shirt doesn't fill it out. -It seems much more scandalous than if he were simply naked. - I mean, I love the ripple. I feel like if I jumped into the water I would drown. - Wow. It is very light and very soft. - Okay, here we go. It's corset time. - Now I know they never


corsets. - Oh, this is going to be complicated.
This is a tight corset. - Today everything was going smoothly. - Shall I get into it? No. I'm stuck. - Where is the help? - Oh, my butt. Get out of there ass. He is trapped in the corset. Of course it is, huh? - And I'm going to get the Duke's whim. Guys, the Duke of Bridgerton is very hot. It's crazy how sexy she is. He's like, he, he just acts like that. He just moves his muscles a little. He goes. -He is one of the most attractive people I have ever seen in my life. He is. (kiss) - "I am the Duke." Very hot. - I need to get servants.
Mate! - I would like my back to be girded a little. - Would you do it?! - Now I can see why ladies of this era needed help getting, oh! - I've had a lot of coffee. - Oh yeah. Well well. Oh! - Defend, is it a corset for a girl? - Oh yeah. Okay, think pretty. - I need help from several ladies. - Ugh! Oh! - Well, these are going well. - Oh! - Do you feel pretty? - Yes. I've done this before. - Is that good? -Does it make my tits look good? - You have to take them out a little. - You do?
My chicken breasts. - Yes. - Oh, it's very difficult to tie things to your back. - In the 19th century, they would be tying this up a lot more. - Oh, but tits look a little more like tits. - Do I have a little chest now? - And you also have to like putting them together. - Good? - Well. Thank you servant man. - Marriage was of utmost importance for women at this time. They have very little say in the choice of husband, since most marriages were arranged at this time. And her dowry was commonly considered a means by which a responsible family compensated her husband for the support of her daughter throughout her life.
During this time there have been many runaway marriages since parental consent was required. Alright. - Hello? - Hello, I'm becoming a lady. - Hello - Hey, how are you doing? - Good. Good. How are you with your test? - Oh honey. She looks beautiful. -Lady Featheryang, I need her help. - Well. Tell me what the problem is. - Oh my God. Right now I'm bent over, Eugene, facing the camera and the corset is pushing my breasts up slightly. - I am tight-fitting, except for my stockings that fall freely around my ankles. - Oh, oh. You know maybe you could use the elastics for that? - Oh, that makes a lot more sense. - Yes. - First of all, I guess, what is it?
The chartraise? Bed? - Shirt. - The shirt, I put it under the corset. Is that correct? - That's right. - (beep) yes, miss! - Where did you put the corset? Is it over or under your camisole? - It's over the shirt. - I think that's correct. - Oh thank God. Because I couldn't do it again. - What should I wear for shoes, Lady Yangledown? (laughs) - Lady Whistleyang, what should I do with the shoes? They didn't provide it to me. - If you don't have a low heel. Because that's not going to be entirely accurate. They liked to wear ankle boots. - Hey, booties? - I can't wait to see you at Lord Zoomington's gala tonight. - I can't wait to see that libertine duke. - The next step is to get dressed.
The great umba-gumba. - Resistance part. - Oh, this is so exciting. - Oh my. - Oh ma'am. Excuse me, ma'am. Excuse me, ma'am. Wearing this dress is a rite of passage. It's like a Bar Mitzvah, but instead of misreading the Torah portion, they auction you off to get married. - Hello Sirs. - I like the Empire waist. I think it's a signature of this era, period. It feels very feminine, but also very light and frilly. - This looks good. Wavy. - Oh, wow, wow. Look at me. - Look at me, oh, it's so beautiful. - Showing off my collarbone, quite sexy.
Showing off my scoliosis and my farmer's tan. Very hot. - Could you help me? I can't close the back of my dress and I've been like this for hours. - I have these little tassels that you can touch to request service. - You still have room in this corset. - Could. If I had to do it myself. The Regency era isn't about tiny waists, Becky. It's about having a sexy body. - My good sir. Can you give me this dance? - The incredible Lady Spider-Down. Dad! Dad! (imitates Spider-Man) - Oh, are you a Prince? - Another fact is that every year a small group of aristocratic families arrived in London. - During the approximately six months of social season, when dances, concerts, dinners and other lavish parties brought together eligible young men and women. - Women were under pressure.
The real goal was to bring together rich and influential families and keep money and power within a fairly small circle of society. Controlling the group of suitors. Oh my God. - It still happens today. Keep money away from others. - Just classes, honey, still classes, honey. Aristocrats keep doing shit. The poor remain poor. The rich get rich. Tax the rich baby, tax the rich. - Especially when you watch things like Bridgerton, balls are of utmost importance to make a great impression. - I'm fully dressed. I feel sexy. And now it's time to be the British lady that I am.
Right over here. (indistinct) Oh, my nose Maria. (sniffing) Oh, it's lovely. Very bright. The lettuce is coming in very well. - I heard Lady Habits-Down was the dark ride with a rogue. - Oh my. It's such a hot day for a lady to go out, maybe she should have a glass of champagne. - Depression is simply this pleasant feeling that I have in mind at all times. - Hello? Are you that scared? I'm just me. - The duke is here. He is here. The duke is here. - Well, time to do a zoom call with my kids and see how their day is going too.
Greetings. (Classical music) - Are we all here at Lord Zooming-Tons' ball? - Oh, I'm so excited to see you ladies and see what you would look like. - Just because. - Do you have tea with your tea, honey? (slurping) Mm. - Lady Konwaddle, here I am. - Oh! - Lady Fullbottom is here. I'm ready to attend the dance. Ha ha, hello ladies. Oh bravo, is the duke here? - Oh, you look stunning, dear. - And now here comes Lady Whistleyang. - Oh! - Oh yeah! - I'll go in and put on a wig, you look great. - Because I have this wig, honey.
Lady Whistleyang at her service. You know, I learned that there are very different time periods in British history. Regency, without a doubt, is one of my favorites. - I'm more uncomfortable than ever. Wow, my entire abdomen hurts. I'm very sweaty but I look very modest. - The light is quite aggressive on your face. - No no no. It's pretty good. Yes. I also learned from the tensions of the dresses. - I can't wait to get that money. Give me the dowry money. Give me that big boy's dowry money because this ass is worth it. - I don't think you'll get the money, Ned. - That? - Yes, it's basically what they are paying your husband to maintain your lifestyle. - That?!
Do I have to pay money? When do I look like? -Zach looks dapper and Ned looks handsome, and Eugene is really engaged and Keith is romanticizing every one of his desires. Yes, all these men are fish. That's a drag reference that says we're super (bleep) attractive.

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