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The Try Guys Bake Pie Without A Recipe

Feb 27, 2020
also. - Mm-hmm. - Is that on top salt instead of sugar? - Uh, no, that's sugar. Yes. - That's salt, though. That's like a slow burn. - It's salty, I'm feeling it now. - It hits you a little later. - I try. But you see, that doesn't stop me. - Oh, I'm still going. - Like, I'm still going, so I think that's a great compliment. - I also tried putting some lemon and apple cider vinegar inside to balance out the sugar a bit. - The filling turned out very well. - Yes. - I think it would make my in-laws proud. - What about creativity, though? - I think the pi sign is a strong point for creativity there.
the try guys bake pie without a recipe
I really like that. - Is this cake? I'd like to di-- - This is cake! - I mean, it's cake in two ways, come on. - This is definitely cake. - It's two cakes! And it's pi. Very pastel, yes. - Thank you judges. - Well done. - Good work. (applause) - I'm excited to see what this is like on the inside. - We have our next cake, by Eugene! (Applause) - I'm so nervous! Here we go. - Wow. - I call this the drunken berry Asian cake. Because I was very drunk and Asian when I did it.
the try guys bake pie without a recipe

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the try guys bake pie without a recipe...

It smells less like alcohol, so maybe some of that started. - What is the thing in the middle? - I made roses out of dough-- - I was going to say, is that a rose window? It looks like a rosette! - But then I didn't realize they would just mix together like Play-Doh. - And your lattice work is beautiful! - Thank you! - Good work! That's complicated, right? - I think if I went to a


ry, I would like to eat it. - Wow. - Will you see the bottom-- - Oh, wow! Oh that's some heavy cake!
the try guys bake pie without a recipe
Oh my God! - It's juicy! Oh it's juicy! - How many pounds, can I feel it? - That's a six to seven pound cake, not including the pan. - Probably - Wow, Saturday night! - Oh, this crust is good! - Very good crust. - It's very sour. - I put lime in it because I put... Maybe half a bottle of bourbon. - I feel that part of the back of my throat, a little unpleasant. - Oh man, I'm a fan of this. - I added scraped ginger. - You said he's Asian! - That's where the Asian comes in! - Yes, you have to have ginger in there! - So it's a gingerbread, lime, bourbon, and blueberry cake. - I think if the flavors had come together, the flavor profile could totally work.
the try guys bake pie without a recipe
I think they just needed to cook together a bit more. - (laughs) From the profile of a drink, it's delicious! - In fact? - Yes! - Oh, there's a lot of alcohol in that. That's a cocktail! - So my cake competition turned into a great cocktail party. - Oh my God! - I think it's great! - I think it is very creative, it is not easy to make latticework and it requires an artistic vision. - You put bourbon on the menu, and it's dessert, and you have lime, they're all unique. - Final question: is this cake? - It looks like cake, it doesn't taste like cake, so I don't know how to make that decision. - It's 2018


, what's the cake already? - I agree. - That's true. - That's true. - Dare I say it smells like cake!
Does it taste like cake? We'll find out! - Zach! - Zach! - Get it out! (Applause) - Hello, judges. I hope you're having a great time so far. - Oh! - Introducing Zachy's World Famous and Unforgettable Pecan Pie - Ooh! - Just what you wanted. - Very brown. Very brown! Oh look at the edge! - A bit of crimping action. Maybe you took one of those little wheels? - I did, then they told me it's for ravioli! - It's a ravioli wheel! - I like the crimping a bit, it's something interesting. - Here's the thing, if I could tell children one thing, always believe.
In Myself. Because I always win. - This is like a project. - What's going on? - Yeah, what's going on? (Laughter) - Alright ladies, here we go! An interesting smell comes out. - It's okay! - Check it out! - A nice, clean slice. - Ouch! - It smells like brownies, that's what I was thinking. - Yes. - Oh. - There might be some chocolate in there. - Oh, wow! - A good wow? - The feeling in my mouth keeps coming back to me. - All directions only. - Yes, I'm processing. - Two by two! - Have those Beanboozled-- - Oh, no. - Jelly beans? - No no no. - So the Beanboozled gummy I'm thinking of is the one that's dog food. - Yuck. -So, um---You can't feed a dog that has chocolate on it, he would totally die. - Yuck!
Mm-mmm. It hits you in the back of the mouth. - It's rude! (Laughter) - It's bad. Oh my God! I'm sweating! -No, he also made me sweat. - You know what I want? - It really made me sweat! (laughs) - I'm so sorry, I really wanted to like it. - So you don't like it, you love it. - I mean, it's an experience. - I'm glad you did it. - I also! - It's a meaty, smoky flavor coming through! - Hmm. - Right? That's what we did. - Hmm. - It's a question mark. - I mean, that's my favorite thing I've ever had. (laughs) - You're a liar, and you know it! - Aah, you are a saying of the truth! - Yum Yum Yum.
There is not much here. It's a lot of sugar-- - I need more sugar in this. - If you mix those sugars with the egg yolks and let them sit there, you're going to burn the yolks. Burn your yolks. Burn your yolks. - This was full when I started, right? Oh yeah, there's the vegetable shortening. - That. - Yes. - That's the sauce, though. - Oh-- - That's that-- - Cornstarch! - That's that funky flavor. - My struggle in life is that cakes unfortunately give me diarrhea. Today I presented something that turned the tables. (Laughter) What if I told you that this is the second... third time I've


d? - Do you want to lower the bar?
Okay. - Ok. (laughs) - Eugene told me to stay optimistic, Eugene really supports me today. I can't appreciate him enough for that, he certainly was very depressed. I feel like I had a real cooking show moment, you know? I had to gather my scraps and still do something, and I did! I'm doing it here! Merry Christmas, Happy Hannukah, Pie! - We have our next Keith cake! - This is my patched-up pumpkin pie. - Oh! - Regarding the presentation, I feel that the crust is... - Homemade? - Rustic? We call that rustic. - Yes, very rustic. - You have a nice soft top.
I like that. - Thank you. I think it will come out as one piece. Is it, is it, is it? This! Check it out! Well done! Mm-hmm. That's pumpkin pie. - (beep) yes! - What a built-- - Wow! - Repressed emotion! - I'm very nervous, so I was very excited that you liked it, or at least called it what it is. - The crust, am I wrong? It is also salty. - It's moving to the biscuit side of the crust. - Like a cereal taste in the crust. - It reminds me a bit of shortbread cookies, which are mostly butter. - I'm Scotch-Irish, then. - I like that you go back to your roots-- - I can taste that, I can taste that. - That's very clever. - You had to think on the fly, because you had a big mishap while baking, and that requires creativity. - Yes, pumpkin pie is very difficult to bake.
There are a lot of things that could have gone wrong with this, and you didn't fall for any of those traps. - She's very good. - Yeah. - It's, like, so basic. I wouldn't call it creative. - Yeah, you know, this is very vanilla, as far as creativity is concerned. - I used vanilla. - But I give it a zero in creativity. - Thank you. - No problem. - Is it cake? - 100% - Yes! - This is cake. - This is definitely cake. ♪ Christmas, oh Christmas tree ♪ - Wow! - So now is the time to judge from best to worst.
Let's start with Ned's. There was a lot of crust, not a lot of filling. - And lots of salt. - Something creative with the foot foot. - Yes, I'm not creative yet. - Especially next to Eugene. - Yes. - It even looks like cake. - The most creative is right here. - But this, we agreed that it was not cake. - That's true. - But it's like the best possible mistake. - Yeah, it ended up being great. - How about Keith's very, very sure pumpkin pie? There were honestly no surprises, which is what you want when you eat. - Yes, as we learned. - Yeah, Zach's cake was an adventure. - I don't even want to look-- - It was a ride. - It gives me chills to look at this cake. - Yes, it was a walk.
Then we agree? - Yes I think so. - Absolutely. - Perfect. (dramatic electronic music) - So


, we've come to a decision. We are grateful for the journey you have given us, but it is time. Fourthly we have the dangerous delight that is this cake. - I respectfully disagree, judges. Thanks. - Thirdly... - The apple pie. - (sighs) - It was good when it was the only one we tried, until we tried the salt. - We still taste salt. - I'm surprised. - I'm so surprised. - I'm very, very, very, very sorry. - Wow. This is...
This is horrible. - (Laughter) - This is very sad. What am I supposed to tell my father-in-law?! - It's okay. Gentlemen, you did a great job. I'm proud of you two. These were not easy cakes to bake, but unfortunately we have to have a winner. Keith, it's your pumpkin pie. - Oh my God! My God, this is the best day of my life! I'm so excited! Thank you very much, judges! Oh the judges! - Oh! - Keith. - Wow. - You won without a prescription. - I win! - How do you feel? - I feel like a king!
I feel like the greatest man that ever lived! - Do you know what I wish for these holidays? - What? - More episodes of this show. - (gasps) - So join us next time-- - No prescription! (Applause) - Dance! - Dance! - Dance, Keith! - Dance for your cake! - Dance, Keith, dance! Dance for your cake, Keith! - Dance! Dance for your cake! Dance for your cake, Keith! (upbeat Christmas music) ♪ Jolly jolly, Jolly jolly, ♪ ♪ Old Saint Nick. ♪ ♪ Jolly jolly, jolly jolly ♪ ♪ Old Saint Nick ♪ - Happy New Year!

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