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The Truth About Having ADHD. Dry Bar Comedy

Apr 04, 2024
here chuckling this funny case I hear my mom crying I said you? I think this is funny, well, give me the other shoe, boy, let's have some fun. It seems like these days what bothers me is that every child has a condition. You know, when I was a kid, we categorized things a little bit. different that kid is smart that kid is dumb that's good that kid is bad that kid can pay attention that kid can't but now everyone has a condition, you know, just in my family over the years we've had to add cable for ADHD because ADHD is just adding in your squirrel face so we've had that Asperger's syndrome with ADHD and autism running around my house sometimes yeah my Wife and I finally realized, hey, it's easier and cheaper to just medicate ourselves, you're kidding, we're taking all kinds of pills. and we are happy all the time the kids break things, start fires and hurt each other, we are just happy that the kids play well together, we are raising great kids.
the truth about having adhd dry bar comedy
I have to add if you haven't noticed yet, folks, I'm surprised. I won't do the program to the octopus. I like octopus. Yes, I have Add. Does anyone have a DD? Yeah, oh, that's the worst thing I was diagnosed with when I was five. I remember my dad. My dad didn't believe him. You know, I said that, the doctor said I have a day, he says no, you're just an idiot, I said no, dad, the doctor said I have atd because look, I don't care how you add it up, you're a, I said dad, Seriously, the doctor said He could have been one of those idiots for months and he's doing fine, he has half the correct diagnosis.
the truth about having adhd dry bar comedy

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the truth about having adhd dry bar comedy...

We argue a lot about political correctness. Some say he has gone too far. I say not enough, especially in the names we still give to certain diseases like. I feel like it's so offensive to people with attention deficit disorder that we thought we had to abbreviate it to add the doctor who came up with that saying, look, you have a disability but you won't be able to pay attention long enough. so I can tell you what it is, stop playing with my stethoscope, friend, concentrate, it's funny, he has ADHD, I have ADHD, the other side of that coin, if you have ADHD, you are very creative, we are both very creatives, he, he, he.
the truth about having adhd dry bar comedy
Surprisingly, according to his report card, not only does he have ADHD, he also has a couple ADHDs that need algebra, he does it because he wants to be an engineer. I'm jealous of kids today, what a great time to be a Kids have so many cool things now that I wish we had when we were little, like the Internet and attention deficit disorder, who knew my behavior and bad grades were just a cry for medicine. I had to discover that I needed medication on my own. when I was 18 they took you out of class they hooked you they sent you back to first grade like a delirium last month I was on a cruise I said attention deficit disorder on stage a little boy in the front could have been over seven years old he got standing In the middle of my show, he says it's not attention deficit disorder, it's attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.
the truth about having adhd dry bar comedy
He sat right in the middle of my show, like we had to take his pills or something. I looked it up on the Internet, the boy was right. He was at a casino in California, RancherĂ­a Jackson, this Indian casino, and this lady just wouldn't stop. He could have done it and he is a 17 pound miniature Australian Shepherd. It doesn't look like typical service. She kept asking what it is. Is it cancer? Is it diabetes? Is it diabetes because I know they can smell the insulin changes and she just wouldn't stop, but I saw her with this serious face, I swear, I said the dog's name is ritalin, I added it and that dog helps me concentrate, she puts it ? hand on my shoulder she says my son has your condition she says tell me if the dog really helps I didn't answer right away I thought about the consequences of my answer and how it could affect his family life and everything yes, bring your puppy it will help him do the task well, that lady deserved it, right?
Well, I'll tell you a little about myself before we start, which is fine, I'm looking at the clock. Okay, I have something called add. It's okay or ADHD, right, millennials know what's true. I wonder if he takes Adderall. You can study all night. Okay, so no, I have dd or ADHD. Okay, which means, you know. Okay, because he just doesn't get any of this he's okay it means uh attention attention attention I like your bracelet it's very shiny right basically it means squirrel okay and I'm glad sir that you're sitting here in the front row uh what's your name sir trey really trey? because I've been in Utah for four days and I know people like what's your name Gideon Abraham?
I swear to god. I met a kid yesterday, I'm not kidding and we were talking about names, he said, yeah, I'm one of four kids. and tonight he has matthew mark luke and fred okay so no but when I said add that's not a joke okay when I said add you were like I saw the look on his face I never had that In my generation, I mean, you never liked it. At no point in your life did your mother ever say what's wrong with your friend Tim. You're like oh oh, I don't know mom, I think he has attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.
You never said that in the past. I think his mother dropped it on its head, but no, there was a study that came out good about adding and it's true that his generation never had it and a study came out, it was a 25-year study, it's fine and it was the am. It was on the ama, which is the American Medical Association, it was on the Internet, so you know, it's true, that was my winning joke, oh wait a minute, half the crowd turned on me? Look, I'm a comedian, I'm a comedian when the election came out, I'm like, you know, I'm watching, it's like Trump Hillary, I didn't care who won, 'cause I thought I'm a comedian, I'm good either way, right, no, because Trump, all he has to do is tweet something, there's my next show, right, and if Hillary was president, it would have been amazing, right, she would be there giving a speech, you know, going to America and regardless Whatever he said, Bill would be in the photo in the back and he would be. like I'm back honey anyway I gotta concentrate okay squirrel okay so 25 years of study I gotta remember okay and it came out and the reason why sir your generation never had an addition and it's actually linked to his parents and his generation, okay. listen to your millennial okay the reason they never had ADHD is because your parents had a belt okay so break it and spank it we're late for church okay so I think Add actually shows that God has a sense of humor.
I really do it with anyone. Here you have Add or ADHD, there you have it and that's why I think it proves that God has a sense of humor because most children, most people, most probably over 80 percent of people with Add or ADHD actually have an above average IQ. I know, yeah, look at this guy, this guy here is like I didn't really know, but they do it well, so for me, that's for me, I think the cup, there it goes, okay, let's give it a coefficient very high intellectual. and then something they'll call a learning disability brought him together, yeah, okay, look at that one, he's my favorite.

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