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The Truth About Fenty Skin

May 29, 2021
aloha everyone welcome to


care with hiram if you don't know who i am my name is hyrum and i'm passionate about teaching you how to perfect your


care routine so be sure to subscribe to my channel and hit that notification bell to that I can I watch my videos every week. Fenty Skin is here oh my gosh guys I've been looking forward to talking about this for so long and honestly it's so relieving to talk about it but honestly I'm terrified and scared to death. getting ready to get canceled as usual no i'm kidding but i've been pretty nervous let me give you a little back story obviously if you're here


skin needs no introduction rihanna needs no introduction um if you don't . like rihanna please come out to the right we don't want you here i love rihanna i love her so much it's not even funny actually i was watching some of her music videos the other day and i saw someone say that she is a part of the illuminati and i was like honestly if s he is in the illuminati where do i sign up because i want to be there with her she is just iconic talented brilliant amazing amazing i look up to her in so many ways not only was she an amazing musician but who managed to become ultra successful? businesswoman and being an entrepreneur myself i find so much inspiration and how many companies she has launched and her attention to detail inclusive marketing she is just perfect i could go on and on and about a month ago i was contacted by the


skin team asking to send me the products you know Even how many laps did I walk around my living room?
the truth about fenty skin
I did a good exercise. I was overjoyed with excitement and received all the products in the mail in a beautiful PR package and every time I hold this it's like holding the baby from Bethlehem I mean just pause look at this beautiful packaging especially this God I just can't get over it and i just want to say thank you so much fenty skin for giving me this honor never in my life would i have imagined that i would be selected to try your new skincare line oh my god oh it's like an out of body experience i'm still not over it I will say as much as I was excited I was extremely nervous to receive these products because you know I'm all about the ingredients and ingredients don't lie I always say that on my channel ingredients are the standard for me and if I don't do it as a ingredient list, there's just nothing I can do about it, and of course, because it's Rihanna, I have very high expectations, I mean, everyone does. on rihanna's side so i can't even imagine the pressure she's feeling i have so many thoughts the good the bad and the ugly and i want to share them with you if you're not familiar with my


about videos i like to talk. about brands go through the products and t he ingredients and then talk about the brand in general and let him know if i think it's worth it or not and just getting into this i mean real quick i know my thoughts don't really matter but i feel a lot of pressure for this review because rihanna is fenty beauty is fenty skin they represent a lot of what i absolutely love but at the same time i have my own personal skincare standards things i am very picky about you know this if you see any from my videos I don't mess around when it comes to my skincare standards, so when I get into it, I hope everyone can see my true intent.
the truth about fenty skin

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the truth about fenty skin...

I am very grateful for this opportunity to have the brand send me products, but I have to do it. follow my standards no matter what brand it is you guys are smart you know this video reflects my views and my opinions I just don't feel like it's necessary for all creators to be like that it's just my opinion because I am like yes I do i know but i just want to say as i walk into this video a lot of people are going to disagree with me and that's ok rihanna's line is going to kill it it's going to be so successful it's going to explode in the market what does my little opinion matter but I know many of you watching do have the same opinions when it comes to skin care and since fenty sent me the products, I feel it is important that I provide my perspective on the products, formulas, ingredients, pricing and more. if you disagree with me or not I don't like my opinion That's totally fine That's the beauty of the skincare world We all have different opinions It's how we can help products and brands get better There are many other creators that have made videos on this topic and I just want to say very quickly thank you so much to the fenty team over the course of the last six months I have made an active effort to find more black skincare and beauty creators because we need more representation in the industry and i noticed that t The Fenty team reached out to a lot of small black creators that i have been following for a few months and it made me really happy to see these creators getting the recognition they deserve because they honestly deserve a lot of support and i will be linking a group below so you can see their videos you can support them so we can have more black representation in this community but I just want to personally thank the Fenty team for considering that instead of you only sending PR to the biggest creators as well So without further ado, let's get started, so I'm not going to introduce the brand.
the truth about fenty skin
I'm sure you already know all about it. Opinions Some of you are about to get really mad at me, but it needs to be said, but I want to touch on an individual point that I think really sets Fenty Skin apart from other skincare brands immediately when I received the products and saw the bra. Finding out that I can say that this is a skincare line really made for people of color which made my heart so glad to see if you guys haven't seen my video I just talked about including skincare skin and the need for black and people of color representation within the industry you can check out my video below or a video I did years ago talking about racism in the beauty community this is an issue that is very close from my heart and it's shocking that even in 2020 brands are still not being inclusive in skincare it's not even makeup it's skincare of course we are familiar with the breakthrough success of fenty beauty and the way it it changed the whole industry towards inclusiveness and honestly I'm so happy to see fenty skin do the same thing of course with this review videos I do I always try to see it from my perspective with my opinions nes, but for this video specifically, I really try to open my mind to put myself in the shoes of people of color and black and look at it f From that perspective, I can understand the intent, the rationale for the formulas, and the brand in general, because Guess what, it's not all about me, it's not all about white people and you'll see what I mean when I get into the specific products, but I do.
the truth about fenty skin
I just want to say that and also think of fenty skin for being inclusive as always, but specifically with the skincare content creators that have been approached and partnered with it, it really warmed my heart to see that it's doing well, Let's get into the products as usual. I'm going to be reading these from my least favorite and ending with my favorite beginning it hurts to say this with hydrovisor invisible sunscreen moisturizer spf 30 now let me explain before you all attack me this product is a moisturizer with uv chemical filters and one thing that is so unique is the packaging lemme tell you real quick i love the packaging it's a refillable unit so you don't have to buy that ging outer pack again and instead just buy the refillable units afterwards which I really appreciate fenty skin for doing this.
I have long wanted skincare brands to use refillable containers, but from a manufacturing standpoint it is very difficult and very expensive and extremely impractical and I am passionate about environmental sustainability and reducing waste. packaging waste as much as possible so to see Rihanna prioritize environmentally sustainable packaging is just we love you even more and I think this will definitely pave the way for more brands to start following suit. and doing the same thing another thing i love about this product is that it came out with a sunscreen for the first launch which is amazing some of you might not realize it but most brands when they first launch their products time they don't come with sunscreen.
And the reason is that sunscreens need FDA approval before going on the market, which is a process that can sometimes take years. and expensive and very rare to see second of all like i said before this is the brand that is meant to be used by people of color and black people and it is very encouraging for me to see sunscreen being prioritized early on unfortunately for some reason i don't know why the industry has lied to people of color and black people and told them they don't need sunscreen who said who is spewing those lies everyone needs sunscreen this is a message i am constantly promoting on my channel no matter what skin tone you have sunscreen is an absolute must not only to protect yourself from burning and redness but also to protect yourself from premature aging uva 90 only if sun exposure from the storm it is necessary for everyone to protect their skin from the sun and even watching promotional videos of the brand, I am very happy to see that rihanna is promoting that message among your followers and i hope that because of this we can see more people with darker skin for nes using sunscreen now as for the ingredients i like the second ingredient is glycerin a great moisturizing ingredient that works to draw out moisture air to the skin, but also conditions and softens it.
Safflower seed oil is the third ingredient, which is honestly amazing. skin moisturizing ingredient, it's also a great antioxidant to protect from free radical damage, which is a type of ingredient that's important to have along with a sunscreen because free radicals thrive in sun pollution and really damage the skin and they make it age faster and the fact that it's the third ingredient is really impressive because it's a very high quality ingredient and honestly I've seen some brands tout it as their miracle ingredient and charge a few hundred dollars for a product that its not good so to see fenty use it in such a high concentration is really impressive to me its also formulated with niacinamide my all time favorite ingredient when i saw one of the promo videos and rihanna talking about how she really wanted to use niacinamide in your formulas i was like oh you have my heart reread i love niacinamide with all my heart i speak constantly I give you that on my channel it's my obsession good kinematics it's an amazing ingredient for so many different reasons it can be used by every skin type fades dark spots controls oil and sebum production within the skin soothes redness and sensitivity works along with the active ingredients it's just ugh i could go on and on and i was so happy to see that it's formulated in this one it's also formulated with hyaluronic acid, a humectant that draws moisture from the air into the skin and hydrates it, as well as watermelon extract , a good antioxidant and gluconolactone which is a pha that helps gently exfoliate the skin without the sensitivity you see from other exfoliating ingredients like glycolic acid lactic acid and others but from the ingredients I don't like them unfortunately and this is a sunscreen chemical uv now if you are not familiar with my channel i have talked about how i dislike us chemical uv filters for a few reasons di I live here in Hawaii and see the impact sunscreen use has on coral reefs here locally.
I have spoken with researchers and scientists who have specifically studied the toxicity of certain UV sunscreen filters on coral reefs and I will just say which is a very complicated subject, not all UV filters are exactly the same, some are more risky for coral reefs, some are less risky, the specific ultraviolet filters it has are avobenzone homozolate and octasalate. I am now very thankful that this sunscreen is not formulated with oxybenzone, which is best known for its toxicity to coral reefs now due to my research. and where i live i have chosen not to use any chemical sunscreens from the usa due to the risk associated with them and also because compared to mineral uv filters the chemicals can be much more irritating to the skin and because i am a ways to talk about skin sensitivity and make sure you're using ingredients that aren't going to over-sensitize your skin i choose to avoid them all together that's just me that's just my opinion just my stance whenever i talk about people in the past getting angry a lot because they think i'm trying to say you're evil if you use chemical sunscreens how dare you? you're killing the earth no,i am not calming down this is just my opinion and from where i live what i have seen and yes i choose to use spf non nano mineral sunscreens because of the skin benefits they have and their lower chance of harming coral reefs, but here's the downside mineral sunscreens have a downside, they usually create a white cast on the skin which specifically excludes anyone with darker skin tones and i've talked about this on my channel before even doing a full video talking about sunscreens for people with darker skin tones and i don't normally recommend mineral sunscreens because most of them can't be used by all skin tones many times if you have very very very dark skin still you go i saw something a shade of white and as soon as i realized fenty skin was coming off the sunscreen i knew it was going to be a chemical sunscreen the benefic The only thing about chemical sunscreens is that they can be used by every skin tone because a lot of them don't have a white undertone and while I don't like chemical sunscreens, who am I to say that other people with darker skin tones they should be excluded from being able to wear sunscreens simply because a white shade like that isn't cool and that's why in my sunscreens for darker skin tones video I recommended a lot of korean sunscreens that use more modern uv filters that don't have any shade white however rihanna's line has to be sold in the usa it's really inclusive of everyone it has to be a chemical sunscreen so even though i don't like those specific ingredients i understand the reasoning i understand the intent this It is solely my opinion and yes, it is controversial.
I understand why people disagree with me, but based on my research and knowledge, I choose to avoid all chemical UV filters mainly due to skin sensitivity and the risky tutorial reefs they present. However if you are a person of color or a black person I am in no way judging you for using a chemical sunscreen everyone deserves access to sunscreen this is just my personal opinion oh my gosh I have never had to say this is just my opinion many times in my video but i know i have to repeat it over and over because people are going to come for me i know the other thing i don't like about this product is that it's formulated with fragrance no oh , my heart hurts when I got the product in my mail and I was opening the box and I was thinking to myself please no fragrance please no fragrance please no fragrance and I put it on my skin, I lifted it up to my face and immediately smelled a ton of fragrance. fenty skincare products have the fragrance of a book. my opinion is now besides the undisclosed fragrance it's the most fragrant of all it's also formulated with citroel limonene and linoleum all of which are fragrant components now if you're really not familiar with my channel I'm just not a fragrance fan.
I think the fragrance is bad, it's bad, it will ruin your skin. i would have had access to your products if they didn't have fragrances i don't like fragrances specifically because they can be irritating to the skin now every ingredient in the world can be irritating to the skin that's the nature of skin care everyone has skin sensitivities skin but my frustration with fragrance stems from the fact that fragrance is not needed for a formula, it is added solely to create this nice scent experience that sm Ell's really nice fragrance offers no skin benefits which means if added to a formula, it only increases the risk of irritation.
Now, the number of fragrance allergy cases is increasing every day, and most dermatologists I've talked to generally recommend fragrance-free products. and i share the same view, my mindset is if your brand is going to introduce a fragrance product, at least also introduce a non-fragrance version so that the entire demographic of fragrance-sensitive people can't have access to it. I'm telling you the thousands, hundreds of thousands of people who comment on my video saying, oh my gosh, thank you so much for recommending fragrance-free products because my skin is very sensitive, there's a huge demographic, and I think one of the main reasons why that brands like cerave, ordinary lines and other fragrance free lines have been popping up so much oh sorry this video has been light years in the making and I'm so nervous I'm shaking and sweating so I needed to change into something a little more cheerful.
Did I mention I was nervous? I understand that the intent of the fragrance is to create a pleasant scent experience, this feeling of luxury and I know a lot of people who watch my videos are going to be so sad that they can't use fenty skin care products because of the fragrance they are with. that are formulated now in one of the promotional videos rihanna was saying that all the products are formulated with less than one percent synthetic fragrance and while that sounds good i will say that there is not much difference between synthetic fragrance and natural fragrance, many companies specifically within the clean beauty space you will be led to believe that synthetic fragrance is evil, toxic and harmful to the skin, but clean fragrance is ok, clean fragrance is like essential oils for example, but actually both are just as irritating as the other and there really isn't a huge difference between the two bot It can irritate your skin and immediately when I tried this product and it s others was like wow i can definitely tell fragrance is a big thing to rihanna she wanted these products to smell but i have to be honest i dont like products that have fragrance in them i actively avoid them on my channel where i can and although i agree i agree with one or two products in my skincare routines that have fragrance because it significantly decreases the risk of irritation on my channel i really try to promote fragrance -free message as i feel it is the most inclusive to a larger audience, oh, do you see my hand?
I'm literally shaking because I'm so nervous talking about these things because I know people are going to get really mad at the comments. I'm not ready for this. I feel like I need to preface this entire video with that's my opinion. My thoughts on this product. I think it has some very impressive moisturizing antioxidant ingredients and I will say this is the least product I use of all because of the chemical UV filters but the experience is wonderful it soaks into the skin so well there is no tone at all white it makes the skin glowy but it's not heavy at all and i want to show you what it's like with swatches on darker skin tones so my roommates are here to help illustrate what this sunscreen looks like on darker skin tones dark ok im back here with my roommate mike hi whats up this is mike he has a youtube channel too. guys you should go check it out mike esl teacher he makes english teaching videos but with a little bit of flair a little bit of humor a little bit of a lot of it a lot of it so im going to show it on his skin . he has not tried this product before but i will also ask him to describe the consistency of the sensation so they can get an idea of ​​how it feels on someone other than me oh that smells so good. no i just don't like the fragrance my bad i do is it's ok even though it's strong like it's mild ok yeah and after one really bad application you can see there is no white cast at all.
His skin definitely looks glowy, like you know that kind of glow after moisturizer glow, but there's no white. throw it at all and describe how it feels like it's my first time wow it's ok honestly it feels a little effortless like it didn't really feel like it was there it went smoothly it was nice ok ok well, wow, we have a rave. review of this one that's great what a review ok thanks for coming i appreciate it you're welcome also riri if you need a backup dancer ok i'm sure she'll be watching oh my gosh no No, I was kidding. i was talking about round number two and i'm here with tony or antonio say hello hi can you follow me on instagram or tick tock on oconee phoenix have used this product in the last few days after i got permission from the fenty team thank you fenty so you have used my omg just touched my hand oh my god you have been able to use it in the last few days what is your opinion? um I really like it it's a really good sunscreen moisturizer try using other sunscreens I'm not going to name names but they usually go a really bad white castle but this one is so nice it shows you were telling me you liked how light it was it wasn't like a heavy consistency on the face yeah and i like the smell i mean personally i don't have a problem with the fragrance because my skin isn't super sensitive i'm actually kinda obsessed with it that, I told him he could use the rest of the bottle after me, so thanks frog, you can see it on him. skin as well as there really isn't any white tone similar to mike it's like a glow you get with any moisturizer there isn't any white tone you can't see it on the skin which of course is great considering they both they have you know darker skin tones at least one skin tone darker s than me and thank you so much for coming to my channel i appreciate it thank you so much tony and mike they are great they are amazing i love them the next product is refining toner serum water fat poor track that's a mouthful i will say the title is very true to consistency.
This is like a toning serum. Serums are great but can be a little heavy on the skin, but toners are usually more watery and super light. This is a nice middle ground for refining the look of bright pores and dark spots and even out skin tone and I have to say oh my gosh the coloring on the packaging this one has a click top so it's all in one component and it just drips so cool i love it ingredient wise i like the The fourth ingredient is niacinamide it comes with that high concentration of niacinamide. I love watching him.
Green tea extract. One of my all-time favorite ingredients for reducing redness and sensitivity on the skin and also for its potentially anti-aging properties. It has cacti f. inferior extract something I don't often see a great calming ingredient as well as acerola fruit extract which is a very strong antioxidant a great source of vitamin c and beta carotene and polysaccharides which is going to be amazing not only for its antioxidant power but also for brightening the skin and preventing aging and damage honestly as far as good ingredients go though this is the most impressive product in the line it has so many great antioxidants it's really what you want for a day serum to help prevent damage What we see. everyday these are such great ingredients i never see in products and one thing i love to see in this brand the real innovation as they are coming up with new skin beneficial ingredients i also have to say using this on my skin i loved the consistency it was very light soaked into the skin almost immediately which is great for people who have oily skin like me because i really struggle using daytime treatments that are not going to make my front looks like a grease factory but the two things I don't like about this product is that first the second ingredient is witch hazel now if you don't know my opinion on witch hazel I don't like it because witch hazel is not astringent and astringents they work by removing excess oil and sebum from the face that's why they are so fun to use because immediately after using them you're like wow my skin looks so matte even no shine no there is oil, it looks great, but the problem with astridges is that they can be too dry for the skin and over time can lead to further dehydration of the skin.
I'm not entirely mad though as the rest of the formula is quite moisturizing and unlike ingredients like denatured alcohol which really strips your face, witch hazel is a much better alternative but still an astringent so that you might see some drying properties and then the other thing i don't like about this is that it's formulated with a lot of fragrance now it's ok to use it in my skincare routine because the rest of my products are fragrance free and I'm fine, you know, supplementing on one or two products that have fragrance and I want to keep using this because the experience is so nice, but because of the witch hazel and the fragrance I'm probably not going to continue, but I still like the ingredient less than that. the sunscreen because of the amazing antioxidant properties it has and i also have to say the price with this one because of how rare the ingredients are is really good rihanna could this r charging an arm in the leg for this formula but chose not to which we liked, of course, of course, and then the final product, my favorite from the line, the Total Remove It All Cleanser.
This was the one that excited me the most.when i first got the products. er and makeup remover in one and that it works for all skin types now I sometimes get a little nervous when I see that it's a cleanser and makeup remover in one because it usually means it's formulated with really strong cleansing agents but on the contrary , this one is formulated with really great mild surfactants that are not going to strip your skin too much, but will still give you a nice cleansing and lathering experience. I'm pretty picky about what cleansing ingredients I like and I was pleasantly surprised to see all of these meet my standards it's also formulated with green tea a great ingredient to have in a cleanser to reduce redness and roughness which usually brings a cleansing experience cleansing as well as fig a good antioxidant ginkgo biloba extract one of my favorite antioxidants and a great calming agent again its wonderful to have in a cleanser and yes overall a great stellar formula and i also have to say i love the packaging , it has a twist off cap which is perfect Great to have in the shower because sometimes with cleansers they are a little tricky to operate when you're all slippery and wet, I also loved the experience because it starts out as a really nice cream but turns into a lather not it dried out my skin but it definitely cleared my skin like it worked great left my skin feeling super smooth and you just need to use a tiny bit like i'm surprised how little i used over the last month and how long this cleanser will last and considering the cleanser is 25 like this is a really good deal the only thing i don't like The thing about this formula is that it has fragrance but you guys know I'm okay with fragrance and cleansers because it's a wash off treatment you just leave it on your skin for max 30 seconds instead of leaving it in the products where you go on your skin for about 16 hours the sensitivity you might experience due to the fragrance isn't going to be very high i mean my all time favorite cleanser people use one has fragrance i'm ok with that and honestly i have to say if you're going to buy a product from this line buy the cleanser this is amazing it's great for your money it's a really nice experience it has amazing packaging good soothing ingredients that don't strip it re I really like this one and will definitely continue to use it, omg it's good.
Two hours later I'm going to talk about my overall thoughts on brands, the pros and cons, and then I'll let you know if I think it's worth it or not, the things I love about the brand first of course like I said before. . I love that this is an inclusive line, that they partner with black creators to promote it, that the core focus and marketing of the line is towards people of color and black people, and that this was really evident when the brand was introduced for the first time. What is very rare to find in most skincare product launches is that it covered all the most important basic steps of a skincare routine.
If you've seen my videos before, I constantly talk about skincare minimalism and how you only need four steps in a skincare routine, cleansing treatment, moisturizer, and sunscreen, and she managed to cover all four with three products: it's got their cleanser, it's got their toning serum and it's got a sunscreen moisturizer and I think that's pretty awesome for a brand it covers all the bases in its first initial launch and it's really encouraging to me because if I saw anyone across the line I'd know They certainly have all their bases covered. I love that rihanna has chosen to include really unique ingredients from around the world that you never see in other skin care products like barbados cherry quince kalahari melon even niacinamide an ingredient that should be much more popular in rihanna skin care USA and it's not gluconolactone ginkgo biloba extract just so many great ingredients that are honestly really hard to find in western skincare and you can tell she and her team put a lot of thought into developing the formulas.
I am very happy to see that the line is relative. Very affordable these products are sold at Sephora she could be charging an arm and a hammer for the wait arm and the hammer is the baking soda company an arm and a leg for these products I mean I honestly expected that these products were around 45 to 55 each and I was very encouraged to see that they are between 25 and 35 dollars because for Sephora that is a really good price and very accessible to a large audience. I share your belief that skincare should be accessible to everyone and I'm constantly talking about affordable options on my channel so no one feels left out because they can't afford it and finally I love the focus on environmental sustainability and their recently refillable systems. introduced I think it's innovative I think it's creative I think it's a necessary step that the skincare industry needs to take and I'm very happy to see that at the very least there's a full attention to it in creating the line and then through the Two things I don't like that I've already read about and covered in this video because I talked about them for 30 minutes each, first of all, fragrance.
I don't like that it's unnecessary and excludes another graph of people. However, she does talk about how fragrance is very important to her for the sensory experience and while I don't agree with that, I understand and hope that in the future she can bring out fragrance-free versions of each of these products because I would buy them. and would promote in a heartbeat no questions asked finally like i said before i personally don't like her using ultraviolet chemical filters; However, I do understand the purpose and intent and drive for the inclusion in the use of those ingredients, so it's not something I'm super upset about, however I won't be. wearing that sunscreen, oh my gosh my heart is still racing after two hours of filming.
I've been very nervous about this, but I have to ask what you think. I want to hear her opinions. I want to hear her thoughts. Please, p. rent be respectful and understand this is just my opinion how many times have i said that is that number eight number nine thank you very much fenty skin for sending me your products i am very honored to be included in the list of people who came to try it in advance and they i wish you and rihanna the best of luck on your release, thank you all so much for watching and if you haven't already, be sure to subscribe to my channel and turn on the notification bell so you can see my videos every week and the I'll see in the next

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