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The Truth About Biblically Accurate Angels

Jun 25, 2023
thank you, regardless of your origin, culture, religious greed or lack thereof, everyone knows what an angel is, in fact, we could say that


have transcended the realm of religion, we find them in the entertainment industry, movies, video games, novels, books and even in everyday language. If a friend of yours behaves in a very kind, gentle and sweet way towards you, religious or not, you will probably say, "Oh, you are an angel", however, the notion of what an angel is supposed to look like has been challenged, the basis of the challenge. being the following if we imagined them according to how the Bible describes them Angels would look like creepy monsters hello Nobles welcome back to my channel this is the method of speaking and as is often the case with social media this information became A trend with YouTubers and tick tockers reposting this over and over again, so linguistically speaking, is this true?
the truth about biblically accurate angels
Let me rephrase the question, they are



. Angels are described this way in the original Hebrew texts, not just in the English Bible, which is a product of translation, therefore interpretation. I have a feeling that some people do not realize that before being a question of translation, the Bible is a product of decipherment. I'll come back to this in the last section of this video. Hopefully this video will be a conduit to a more professional and less sensationalist view. data analysis now there is surely a certain level of analytical


in these representations if one wants to be consistent with the ancient texts, however, we must also keep in mind that the videos promoting this type of information are very superficial and, in general, they're done. for the influence of the internet and the shock factor, they have not studied the text, therefore they do not understand the context within which these descriptions are made, they cannot read the language, therefore they have to rely on what someone more is saying now when it comes to Doctrine, will you believe it by faith?
the truth about biblically accurate angels

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the truth about biblically accurate angels...

But their approach is purely linguistic because they say this is what


are supposed to look like based on what it actually says in the Bible. How do they know? How do they know the only person in the English translation than them? have chosen is in fact respectful of what the ancient texts say, well, they can't know because they have no experience with the basic and central concepts of translation. Theory as parallel texts and textual functions. The principles of cohesion and coherence. Affine-based decipherment. how to map the counterparts of unknown words that the Bible is full of in the vast space of linguistic transformation phenomena that commonly occur in the surrounding language, just within Anyone, not to mention that it is also extremely important to have a general understanding of the historical background and cultural.
the truth about biblically accurate angels
Of the authors who wrote the Bible connect that to the complexity of decoding based on ancient language patterns, repeating what someone else said based on one of the countless English Bibles available is not linguistic research as a small disclaimer, There is another video on doctrine or angelology that I make. I'm not talking about what specific religions believe or teach about angels. This is a secular video where I will present and discuss


literal translations respectful of the correct historical and social linguistic contexts of the way angels are described in the original biblical books as far back as the Bible. the basis of such videos, if you are a Christian or believe in any other religion, please note that I am not talking about theology and on the same note, if you are an atheist or agnostic, well, you are still more than welcome, take this as an interesting cultural and linguistic presentation.
the truth about biblically accurate angels
I hereby present what is actually written, providing a reasonable theoretical framework of reference between multiple versions of the script. This will be followed by a complete systematic analysis of the most essential description based on a pragmatic application of translation. With this information, you are all free to do whatever you want, after all, I am just a messenger. So is it true that angels are mostly misunderstood when it comes to the literal interpretation of what the books actually tell us? Well, let's succinctly impact this complex. question and divide it into smaller, more manageable sections what are biblical angels and what is their function let's examine their descriptions related actions and phenomena the English words angel angels come from the Greek angels what are the correct translations of the biblical these words mean messenger in In the The Bible always describes them as physical, tangible entities with very specific physioanatomical characteristics that vary significantly between their different types, as we will see, however, nowhere in the texts are they ethereal or incorporeal


Angels are always physical entities. Angels are messengers. obey orders follow protocols Angels defend limited areas, specifically places of critical military importance or strategic resources, act as sentinels, guardians, protective warriors, also actively intervene to incomplete and battles, instruct and teach and intervene medically, for example, to address infertility now when it comes to One thing that all these popular videos are getting right is that this is no angel; in fact, if you were to consider him to be a biblically accurate angel after having read the texts, it would be a case of inconsistent logical execution; there is no such thing.
Something like a child angel in the Bible, furthermore, the Mala is a figure that occurs in a plethora of very different forms in the Old and New Testaments. According to the reading of the Bible, only the malahim seemed to be here at the lowest level within the very complex orders of the celestials, whatever angelic entities, they sign in their respective domains within a strictly hegemonic hierarchy and even within This greater sphere of the celestials we have many different levels of power that the entities use to interact with physical reality, on the other hand, one thing that was never What is addressed in all of these videos is that there are situations where these malachim are They see themselves identical to humans, to the point that Paul tells us to always practice hospitality and be kind to strangers because you never know you might be one of them, so not all angels are. monstrosities other times however they are instantly recognizable even from afar when you start to see their silhouettes among the desert dunes now here is the trick a fundamental common characteristic of biblical angels is that they are dangerous in fact I think this is the best adjective to describe them , I met one of them and am still alive, we are told that there are several examples where the Angels act on direct orders of Destruction and Annihilation and carry them out without flinching within the military context.
One of the most surprising events is that of the angels sent to annihilate the enemy of the Israelites that night the malach of Yahweh went out and smote 185,000 in the camp of the Assyrians when others woke up early in the morning, they were all corpses when They were given an order for extermination, some angels are so focused on executing it that they usually have to be stopped by God Himself or they will continue until there is nothing left. Seventy thousand men of the people from Dan to Beersheba died when the angel stretched out his hand toward Jerusalem to destroy. then Yahweh repented of the Calamity and told the angel who destroyed the people enough now withdraw your hand once the act of extermination begins they do not stop unless ordered to the first reaction of humans upon seeing a malach is fear and many times the Angels themselves have to clarify that they are not there to destroy them and an angel of the Lord appeared to him standing to the right of the altar of incense.
Zechariah struggled when he saw the angel and fear took hold of him but the angel told him don't be afraid as note for clarity whenever in English you see the word appear in the original text it is actually saying that it was shown. Angels never appear out of nowhere in the original texts and neither does God and an angel of the Lord suddenly. He stood before them and the glory of the Lord shone around them and they were terribly afraid. Glory or kawad is a very controversial topic in translation. I will talk about it today in the members section and then I will make a dedicated video here in the future as additional proof or the concept of fear connected with angels we read that the woman came and told her husband a man of God came to me his face was fearsome like that of the angel of God I did not ask he did not ask me why he came and he did not tell me his name so the idea that the face of an angel is fearsome is common knowledge among the Israelites we are not told much about the seraphim or seraphim in ancient texts we can begin by analyzing their name and its meaning within the angelic chords the seraphim are those who are closest to God remember that the kerubim always fly below the Throne of God while the seraphim always fly above The Throne of God also produces a continuous sound but unlike the kerubim the seraphim never stop their name derives from a Hebrew word that is connected with the concept of burning so their name can be translated as the burning ones the prophet Isaiah tells us that seraphim are also winged but in this case they always have six wings.
It is a type of celestial that appears very early in the Old Testament. These creatures are much more mysterious than the malahim. In fact, understanding what they are is a journey that requires keys. to unlock veiled meanings of very specific words the first biblical case of a mention of cherubs or keruim is at the beginning of the book in fact in Genesis it is when Adam and Eve are expelled from the Gandan or Garden of Eden, then cherubs or kerubim are placed at the entrance to the garden to prevent access and they do it physically and with the help of a weapon that, we are told, can attack in all directions, the kirubima, also mentioned as decorative golden icons on the Ark of the Covenant, are here tells us that they are supposed to have wings when Solomon builds a house of God in Jerusalem.
We were ordered to create several statues representing cherubs within the inner sanctuary. We were told that these tattoos are made of wood, but they were then covered in gold. We were told that each one was 10 cubits high and that the Caribbean's wings were spread, their wings touching each other. in the middle of the house now this Mansion is important because they give us two precious details that we can connect with verses later, the wings touch, they were covered in gold, you will see why this is important information in a second too, as you can see, we are given dimensions 10 qubits high, the exact measurement of the biblical qubits and their counterpart in feet is quite difficult to find as it is still open to debate considering also the Egyptian cubits and the Venetian cubits, but one thing What we can say is that we can give a rough estimate of between 8 and 15 feet tall, these statues were gigantic if you assume that they are the actual height of a carob tree, well there is a reason to think so, as you will see in chapters 1 and 10, Ezekiel has a vision of God in which the kerovine plays a key role as he watched.
Behold, a whirlwind came out of the north and a great bright cloud around it, the fire continued to flash in the middle of the fire, they seemed to be shining metal from within the cloud that figures of full living beings appeared in appearance they were like humans but each one had four faces and each one had four wings their legs were straight and the soles of their feet were like those of a calf their feet shone like burnished bronze I observed the faces and wings of the four creatures their wings touched each of the four creatures had a human face the face of a lion on the right the face of a blow on the left and the face of an eagle behind two wings of each creature stretched above touching each other until the wings covered its body when the spirit desired , so they still didn't turn and after the fire flashed lightning and the living creatures moved back and forth like lightning, now there's a lot to unpack here, come on, we have two. types of information in these verses recurring information and new information we are told that two wings of each creature were spread out and were touching each other this is consistent with the statues created by Solomon the wings of the statues touch each other just like the wings of the Present-day Caribbean Gold has already been mentioned twice when it comes to the statue, we have reason to believe, as you will see in the section on the orphans, that these creatures look the color of gold, so it is reasonable to believe that the height also It is a one to one representation of the Caribbean burnished bronze has also been mentioned when it comes to the color of his feet burnished prawns as a color is also referenced when it comes to the face of Jesus after his resurrection also note that we are now told who have four wings and four heads, of course, the number four within biblical numerology is aspecific meaning, but I won't delve into this one yet, just before its description, we are told about the shiny metal, we are told that they had the resemblance. of four living creatures so they are covered by the cloud then you see shining metal and then you see the creatures to me the most respectful translation of this is that the creatures were made of metal and once again, if we read it literally, it seems We suggest that they seem as if they were living.
Also note that when the word spirit is found in the English Bible, the original Hebrew does not say Spirit, it says wind, so when the wind wants to go, they go, now the number of wings does. They vary from four to six, but the four heads seem to be a distinctive feature that still act as armed sentinels, the karovina mentioned again while they were standing in front of the Tabernacle now, when the man entered the kerawin, he was standing on the south side of the temple . cloud filled the inner atrium and the sound of the wings of the Caribbean was heard all the way to the outer atrium like the voice of Almighty God when he speaks.
Another interesting fact that we received here is that the wings of the Caribbean create a tremendous noise when they move, the Kerwins stood up. The living creatures I saw by the Chevar River had their whole body, hands and wings full of eyes all around to make things even more confusing, they tell us that the kerub can be ridden and when I say ridden, the fact that you can ride it. We are talking about the specific verb in Hebrew that is used to ride a horse. For example, when we are told about the angelic choir or the divine breeze, it always refers to the sound that precedes the arrival of the Chariot of God until it molds towards the noise.
When you say that carob beans bless, for example, it is probably a way of representing the noise they produce and as Ezekiel tells us, when the carob beans stop, the sound they produce immediately stops with them and also the wind present in all the settlements of the Elohim, then the Caribe moves makes a sound Caribbean stops, stops sound keep this information in mind as we jump to the next section and the next celestials foreigner is the Hebrew word that means Wheels biblically speaking it is used in different ways the anime word is used to refer to the equipment on the temple chariot wheels or wheels on the era, but the word anime is also used to describe a type of celestial that flies along with the kerubs and beneath the seraphim and this is when it gets really interesting ofanima . mentioned in Ezekiel as I looked at the living creatures I saw a wheel on the ground next to each creature with its four faces this was the appearance and structure of the wheels they shone like topaz and the four looked alike each one seemed to be made like a wheel crossing a wheel while they moved they went in any of the four directions the creatures looked at the wheels they did not change direction as the creatures moved forward their tires were tall and impressive and the four tires were full of ice around them and then I saw four wheels next to the caribbean one Next to each carob tree the wheels radiating as they shine like diamonds in the sun the four wheels each looked like a wheel within a wheel when they moved they went in any of the four directions but in a perfectly straight line where the kerubim were The wheels They continued straight, the winds were full of ice on their backs, hands and wings, the wheel was also full of ice.
I heard the wheels called Wheels within Wheels, they are wheels at crossed angles, they tell us that the wheels were the color of a barrel. In the Apocryphal Book of Enoch we are told about the celestials and not all their names, but they are directly called those of many eyes, their description fits that of the ofanim and we are also told and around where kerubim seraphim are orphans and These are the ones who do not sleep and guard the Throne of His glory Even though the cherubim, seraphim and ophanim are completely different entities, they have one thing in common, they never sleep strangely, as is the case with the other nouns we have explored so far.
Now, this is a plural noun, but the type of entity it refers to is a bit mysterious, so they are usually translated in biblical texts as Giants, but I'm not sure that the giant is, in fact, the best possible translation. The only thing we can say with absolute certainty is that within the text, they are always hostile towards God and they are always enemies of the Israelites, depending on what type of tradition and what books we decide to follow, there is a certain level of overlap between the Nephilim terms. and the terms are those that are considered the The heroes of antiquity or the heroes of antiquity and one of their characteristics is the fact that they supposedly have six fingers per hand, these are however the same as the Nephilim, according to the Book Enoch's Ethiopian yes, but not according to the Bible, who are they?
The Nephilim well, depending on how we decide to interpret the translator's word of origin, nafal, it could be translated as those who were left to live or not killed, but it could also mean those who descended or fell, but there is another interpretation that is quite fascinating. If it is a literal interpretation of the singular shape that is the constellation of Orion, what these fallen angels are like, then the idea that the Nephilim could be fallen angels who come from the heavens is, of course, speculative when viewed only from the biblical knowledge, but we have the mention of 200 angels who rebelled and were called the Watchers, their leader was Azazel.
All this is found in the Apocrypha according to the biblical account. The last three actually died in battle, so this would be an extinct race according to the apocryphal story. Then, 200 watches are thrown into the darkness without all light until the day of judgment. I personally find the possible connection between the following and the constellation of Orion to be particularly fascinating considering also what we read in Amos, we see the mark of the Seven Stars in Orion and it turns the shadow of death into tomorrow and darkens the day with the night who calls the Waters of the sea and pours them on the face of the Earth the Lord is his name now we will begin the section dedicated to the great names and who is more appropriate to start than Michael himself the name Mikhail means who is like Him the word L is the mysterious word that usually means a traditionally translated as God although no one really knows anything about the origin of this word and its plural of Elohim, he is also described as the commander in chief of the hosts of Heaven, at that time he will rise Miguel, the great Prince.
He is also described as the protector prince of Israel, so Michael is described as a great military commander, at least in Revelation 12. Now an angel or according to some traditions archangels of great importance, it is not surprising that we find many shrines or cult centers dedicated specifically to Miguel. You will find many of these churches and worship centers spread throughout Europe. You will find them in England. You will find them in the Middle East, a very famous Italian one is in the city of Turin, the only thing you may not know is that if you look at all these worship centers dedicated to Michael from above, that is, from the top of a map , is what happens with all of them. align perfectly in a straight line.
Another interesting fact is that some of these centers dedicated to Michael were not built directly for him from scratch, but rather they were built on top of something, there was some sort of pre-existing cult area dedicated specifically to Apollo, this is interesting information because it has been It has been suggested that Apollo, among all the other Greek gods, might have had asymmetrical collagen, although more research needs to be done to confirm this information in regards to the Great Angels, there are many names we are familiar with, however, Michael, Mikhail and Gabriel, Gabrielle are in fact the only two names that are present in the Bible, at least in the Bible, that we have access to, so whether Michael or Mikhail means who it is. like God, but what about Gabriel?
But Gabriel comes from the Hebrew word Gabrielle, which can mean man of God or power of God or power of God. Now, in the sixth month, the angel Gabriel was sent by God to a sitting Galilee called Nazareth to a virgin. engaged to a man whose name was Joseph of the descendants of David and the name of the virgin was Mary so entering she said greetings favorite the Lord is with you whenever you say gavriel or gabriel you are not necessarily always talking about the same thing Angel, in fact you could be using the word that means a kind of position within the military command or hierarchical order that we now have among the angels, apart from Mary, Mother of Jesus, and Elizabeth, mother of John the Baptist, who have seen Gabrielle or Gabrielle there.
There is also another character in the Bible named Daniel who has met one of them, although he is important to the translation. Clarity in how we analyze this passage. This is what they tell us in chapter 9 verse 2 21 while he was speaking in prayer, even the man. Gabrielle, whom I had seen in the vision at the beginning, being blown away quickly came to me around the time of the afternoon oblation. Note that in the original Hebrew verse we are never told that Gabriel overtook Daniel by flying; In fact, the verb fly is not present at all. The only thing they tell us is that Gabriel reached Daniel being very cautious or full of tiredness or fatigue, not flying.
In this case, theologically speaking, you can add what you want but say that the verse says that Gabriel flew and reached Daniel is a complete fantasy, it is not present in the book. Another detail worth noting is that in the original text we are told that the man Gabriel brought to Daniel was very cautious or fatigued or the word man has been eliminated in most translations. It is there in Hebrew, however, so once again the word Gabriel may not denote a single specific type of lying angel, but rather an office or function that can be performed by both a human and an angelic malahim. and the angel answered: I am Gabrielle.
I am in the presence of God now Raphael or Raphael is another of the main Angels one of the characteristics of his name is that it means L heel so God heals but it is important to say that Raphael is not present in the canonical Bible however, Raphael occupies a prominent place in the deuterocanonical Book of Tobit in the book of Tobit Raphael is identified as one of the Seven Angels who stand before the Lord. These seven angels are mentioned without names in chapter 8 of Revelation, as we read. I saw the seven angels. He is one. of them he has admitted in the presence of the stranger Elion.
Lucifer is another one of those entities that is really difficult to identify when it comes to the Bible, but there are a couple of verses that we can examine to try to see where at least the etymology lies. from this word and name come so the word Lucifer comes from the Latin luxifer which means light bearer this is a word that appears once in Isaiah we are told then the possible translations of the original Hebrew word are morning star or a bright one being the word Hellel, curiously in the Latin tradition, the word Lucifer can only be translated with the adjective bearer of light but also with the planet Venus.
As we read Revelation, we find another mention of the word Morning Star, but this one is used in a slightly different context when the morning stars. They sang together and all the children of God shouted with joy, as we said about the seven Great Angels, the only two names that I have biblical bases for are Michael and Gabriel, as we said, the third Angel is recognized as Raphael and the fourth Angel would be, according to some traditions, Uriel the angel. of wisdom once again this is just a brief mention since the video by its very nature as a response only has a biblical basis as another mention that I think was absolutely necessary considering it is the name of the channel we have Metatron Metatron is another one of those angels that are not mentioned in the Bible.
According to some traditions, he is the angel with 72 wings, the only angel who is allowed to sit in the presence of God due to his role as a heavenly scribe, so he is the angel who writes the The Acts of Man Upon Reaching the At the end of this video, we would like to very briefly address the concept of translation methodology applied to the Bible. Every time we read the Bible, we are reading the product of interpretation called the mesoretic code, just like most. Of the Semitic languages, the Bible was not written in its entirety, in other words, it was not vocalized in Hebrew, just as ancient Egyptian was only written with consonants, so the vowels had to be applied and, depending on the tradition that followed, the choice of different vowels would lead. to completely different texts and as mentioned the text we have access to is based on the mesoretic tradition that definitively added vowels to stop interpretive freedom, regardless of this, even using the Maserati code only as the basis of translation that we have today.
Numerous versions are a completely normal aspect of translation that many people do not know if they do not work in the translation industry. You will find adetailed explanation of this method and how translations are born in my dedicated video in The translators and interpreters of my second channel Academia Metatrones have high managerial control over their production. Thank you very much for watching Nobles and remember that Metatron has spread his wings. Bye bye.

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