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The True Story The Hunt For Red October

May 30, 2021
The Hunt for Red October, the Hollywood


of a rogue Soviet commander who steals a nuclear submarine and heads to the West, but the film is not pure fiction in 1975, at the height of the Cold War, a Soviet naval officer started a mutiny in real life just as ambitious and equally dangerous, instead of a submarine called Red October, she stole a state-of-the-art warship called century that was basically going against the Russian military machine, she could destroy you the second she took out the ship from Soviet waters and There was a risk of triggering a third world war.
the true story the hunt for red october
Now, using secret radar images, we can reveal the extraordinary full


of a mutiny that was covered up for decades. We see targets moving dramatically faster and investigate the all-out assault mounted by the Soviet army to stop the war. renegade ship I'm sure there was a split second when you knew World War III was over. This is the incredible


story of the mutiny that inspired the Hunt for Red October one winter afternoon in 1975, an elite group of Soviet Union Baltic warships. The fleet gathered in the port of Riga, it was the 58th anniversary of the Russian Revolution and the celebrations were in full swing, but one man had other plans.
the true story the hunt for red october

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the true story the hunt for red october...

Political officer Valery Sablin was the second in command of the new anti-submarine frigate structure. The boy of the century Sablon, 37, was about to commit an act of almost suicidal audacity. He planned to start a mutiny among the crew and take control of the Century, one of the Soviet Union's most advanced warships. Sablin seemed like a new and unlikely Taniya, a committed communist. and the ship's political officer his job was to maintain the revolutionary ideals of the crew one of the men with Sablin aboard the century that night was Victoire bata died a 21 year old midshipman lutely his mission was an interesting man although he was an expert and good officer God was here two degrees you could continue sharing things with him if something happens at home or you need to leave go to him and explain the crew the lucky buddha Sablin was deeply disillusioned with the Soviet leadership under Prime Minister Leonid Brezhnev, he was convinced that "The Soviet system, the communist system would triumph anyway, but what you saw everywhere was this incredible corruption within the party.
the true story the hunt for red october
You saw the party elite lining their pockets with oil contracts and diamond mines and the workers being "I assumed that the Revolution would benefit us." They were living very much as they had during the revolution and I think he regarded Leonid Brezhnev as the figurehead of all those problems. In November 1975, Valery Sablin had had enough, it was time for ordinary people to rise up against the corrupt leaders who at that time around 6 p.m. Sablin told Anatole Pitoni, his friend the ship's captain, that some of the men were drunk during the service, he asked the captain to discipline them and led him into the bowels of the ship, then seized the moment and locked the They smell an unused warehouse with the imprisoned captain.
the true story the hunt for red october
The first stage of the brothers' plan was completed. The first Westerner to mount a detailed investigation of the mutiny of the century was US Navy academic Gregory Young in 1982, who was writing a PhD on morale in the Soviet Navy when he came across a newspaper article that mentioned After months of secret phone calls to Russian emigrants, he pieced together the incredible story of the deceitful young man that was archived in the Navy library, but the story wouldn't go away. I got a letter from an insurance salesman in Owings, Maryland, that said, "Wow, I'm an insurance salesman.
I'm writing my first book. I'd really be interested in using some of this stuff about the serous voice mutiny. Can you tell me a little more about this? And we began this correspondence. The insurance salesman was Tom Clancy. and his book The Hunt for Red October became an instant bestseller: it told the seemingly far-fetched story of a rebellious Russian officer named Marko Ramius who steals a Soviet submarine and heads to the West in the real-life mutiny aboard the century that was the The political officer, not the captain, would rob the ship with the imprisoned captain Valery Sablin now had to persuade the ship's officers to join him.
He called a meeting in the middle of Shipman's dining room. Funny, you might say, Mr. Burrell. The clerk who set up the poker table was truly the speech of a lifetime. He began to talk about the failures of the current communist leadership to adhere to the ideals of the Bolshevik revolution. Simo CBS: our orders the nationalist civilization FCM described his amazing clan the Sentry. It was due to leave Riga the next morning with the rest of the fleet, but when the convoy turned south for its basic ball test, the Sentry would continue sailing west and cross into international waters before turning east for the final leg of the 500 mile journey to Leningrad Miyazaki is the other ships Carol sees, yes of course, in Leningrad.
Sablin planned to broadcast a radio message calling on the people to overthrow his corrupt masters, but you're slippery and slimy, so you speak for the other too. His call to arms found support among many of the officers, including the young midshipman Viktor Borodai, somehow only the whiskey police present a service. I agreed with him 100%. We knew that everything he said was absolutely


. Something had gone wrong in the country. He wasn't as good as the newspapers described him as ether back then. I started by saying that yes, I was here, but some of the officers, including Lieutenant Boris Gindin, thought that stealing the century was a suicide plan.
He probably didn't realize what he was up against and was basically going against the Russian military machine that could destroy you in a Secondly, even talking about a mutiny or being involved in the mutiny should be punishable by death. Sablin ordered the officers to vote using checker pieces. White Foley turned black against. It's interesting at this point to think about this: this is a front-line Soviet warship. We have 16 career Soviet naval officers in a room, they are going to vote whether to mutiny or not. The 16 officers present were divided down the middle. Georgia, eight in favor and eight against.
The vote was divided, but there were no four Sablins among the mutineers. pushing back those who voted against the mutiny, including Boris Gindin, they were basically taken away one by one, the entrance was very narrow, it went down to that compartment and the compartment was closed, the mutiny in the century had begun, a 37 officer years was prepared to face the combined might of the Soviet army in November 1975 a mutiny was occurring on the Soviet frigate the century in which the captain had been imprisoned by the rebel officer Valery Sablin, who had taken command of the ship, although he He would assume like a child, but now he had to persuade.
Sablin revealed his audacious plan to lead the overthrow of the corrupt Soviet regime and launch a second People's Revolution so popular among the men that Sablin had already entrusted the details of his plan to one of them twenty years ago. -old recruit Alexander shame radio I never met a more decent man in my life the problem Sablin convinced the sailors that they would be the heroes of a new revolution I'm looking at my seven that's why when the General Assembly of sailors ended they felt he stood up saying that we will be the first to act.
Sablin had enough officers and men on his side to carry out his plan, but a crisis was brewing, the ship was still a tanker and one of the officers, a left-wing tenant, fears that Sauve may have only voted for mutiny. . In order to choose the moment to escape, the sauce of fear escaped undetected, determined to raise the alarm, the crew soon discovered its escape package, it was a disaster. Sablin had planned to leave Riga with the rest of the fleet and Dawn escaped from the convoy once. They reached the open sea but now agents of the feared secret police, the KGB, could appear at any moment.
Sablin had to rethink his strategy. There was only one possible course of action. The century of 3,000 tons would have to sneak away from the docks of Riga and under the cover of the night Now there was no turning back, like Captain Marko Ramius in the Hunt for Red October. Sablin was stealing a state-of-the-art ship patrolling the Soviet first line of defense. Unlike the Red October submarine in the movie, the Sentry did not carry nuclear weapons. but he was only 18 months old and carrying the latest in top-secret military equipment. A Reva-class frigate with a maximum speed of 32 knots, she was packed with torpedo missiles and 276-millimeter guns designed specifically to combat the American Polaris submarines.
The Cree class fascinated the Western defense. experts who knew virtually nothing of their capabilities, my 1975 prime minister, Leonid Brezhnev, had spent vast amounts of money whipping the Soviet Navy and ships like the century with the military crown jewels of the superpowers. It was said of Brezhnev that if the Americans had them, then the Soviet Union. It should have it too, the fundamental factor of American strategic power was a superpower Navy, so the Soviet Union had to have one too. Sablin may not have intended to hand over Soviet secrets to the West, but he had organized a mutiny, a crime punishable by death.
His only hope of reaching Leningrad unscathed was to put as much distance as possible between the century and its inevitable pursuers at 1: 00 a.m. The ship was sailing at full speed through the narrow channel of the DAO Java River. The crew had to navigate without lights to avoid being seen worse. They could not even use their radar to navigate since the signal would give away their position, sailing blindly. They always faced the risk. present of hitting rocks or falling to the ground, but somehow the sentry managed to get through them with the we managed to navigate the river ourselves we did not run aground or hit the rock we were probably lucky enough to be useful fate had given sablon another stroke of luck in Riga the lieutenant's fear resolves the officer who escaped was having trouble raising the alarm on the dock The guard did not believe his wild story about a mutiny on board.
The Sentry now had a valuable lead after three hours of difficult and dangerous sailing. Savan and his crew reached the Gulf of Riga, but it would be another 20 hours before they could complete their mission. voyage to Leningrad and conveyed his message to the people where the lower deck was the captain is helpless in his windowless prison guarded by sailor Shane the officers locked in a different cabin were terrified of what might happen when the Soviet top brass discovered the betrayal that we have locked up In his compartment we were very scared because we know for sure that the Russian governor would never let us go anywhere or do anything more than what we would have to do as soldiers five hours after the century sailed, sobs of fear, finally the account of the mutiny was reached. the top brass of the Soviet Navy until Ronica Krishna Vice Admiral Kossoff, chief of staff of the breech fleet, called Sablon on the radio of the centuries.
Oh, this Kimura Mcteer ordered the ship to stop and drop anchor. I understand the kakatiya, but Sadler. I could stop listening to his superiors. There were times when I listened, I heard there was a proposal, everyone will be forgiven, just stop and we will discuss everything. Sablin refused, something caused us, look, do you want me in a tiebreaker in the Kremlin Marshal, Gretch Co, the Minister of Defense received the news when he realized the seriousness of the situation. Gretch Co faced the unenviable task of waking up Soviet Premier Leonid Brezhnev. He told Brezhnev that a 37-year-old political official had organized a mutiny and was heading to sea with a state of A state-of-the-art warship for the Soviet leadership there was one inescapable conclusion: Sablin must be defecting westwards on his course. current.
The ship could reach Swedish waters just 140 miles away in 5 hours, which was an unthinkable prospect for the secretive Soviet regime. At least two problems for the Soviets involved in the escape of this ship: first, she is a terrible slap in the face for Soviet prestige; secondly, the fact that this Creve AK-type frigate, which the West clearly does not fully understand, could Well seen by Western intelligence agents, the Navy sprang into action by mobilizing ships from the Baltic port of Riga and Lipe. Alexander Bob Rakov was a missile ship commander stationed at the Lipe naval base in Latvia.
His orders were clear:


down the century and stop it. to reach Sweden Ritchie Moyes dunya Mali netiquette I was ordered to put to sea with two small missile boats and if it does not stop before the 20th parallel then destroy the boat that with a missile should command an atom gibelewd The Soviet patriot Burakov would not hesitate to sink the century with 118Navy comrades on board if this kept the ship out of the reach of the enemy watching you the quality you are vaguely but you escaped all the codes would have been revealed for the missile warheads no spy could obtain such military information as this was Full of secrets, Pinch Deck Sees Clearly The Navy also sent two of its Aleut 38 reconnaissance planes to help with the search, but finding the sentry wasn't going to be easy.
Sablin had turned on the radar transmitter to avoid detection and locating her by Surveillance in the middle of thousands of square kilometers of Baltic Sea was almost impossible at 6:00 a.m. m., the sentry was just two hours away from leaving Soviet territory and entering international waters. If the Soviets failed to stop the Sentry before that time, then the incident could have been detected. Being seen sinking one of her own ships in the spotlight of the world's media was almost unthinkable for the Soviet regime. It seemed that Salmon could pull it off, but then a setback the ship encountered thick fog.
I have searched Easter multi NASA three wars it was my dream it was a terrible dilemma Sablin knew she was about to enter a busy sea route without radar she risked a fatal collision with another ship she can sin but if she turned on the sentry radar it would emit a signal that would reveal their position in Soviet radar screens across the Baltic Sablin decided that the risk of collision was the greatest threat; Within minutes, the Navy picked up the ship's signal. Reconnaissance aircraft The Soviet High Command finally managed to locate the renegade ship in a frying pan near Riga.
A waiting squadron of Tu 16 fighter-bombers was armed and ordered to take off on its mission. of sinking the century in the cold war film The Hunt for Red October Soviet forces pursue a rebel submarine commander who attempts to defect to the West in the real-life mutiny that inspired the film. Renegade officer Valery Sablin claimed that he had a very different goal: he had taken over a Soviet warship during the century to lead a popular revolution against the Soviet government. regime that is lucky to reach Leningrad where Sablon planned to convey a message to the people: he would first have to sail west, in international waters, six hours into the journey, which meant that the ship appeared to be heading directly to Sweden in the island of Gotland, the Swedish island.
The army's early warning system detected a Russian warship on its radar three hours away from Swedish waters and a flurry of military aircraft activity, but the Swedes had received no warning of naval maneuvers from the Soviets. I see that all this sudden activity must have been deeply disturbing to these two Swedish surveillance systems after all the warning time for Sweden was not very long in November 1975 the Cold War was at its peak the world was facing the constant threat of nuclear annihilation as the Soviet bloc and the Western alliance faced each other with tens of thousands of nuclear warheads each, in this knife-edge situation there was the possibility that someone, intentionally or perhaps unintentionally, could do something that To the other party it would seem like an attack and the world could end because people didn't know what was happening. taking a wrong step in this global game of risky and neutral Sweden could be caught in the crossfire Swedish radar operators recorded on their screens what they saw that day real stories have had access to this extraordinary material that is being seen in the outside Sweden for the first time, well, here it is approaching six in the afternoon, a calm winter morning in the Baltic, no one expects anything to happen, the day before was the day of the revolution in Russia, the first sign that such Maybe all is not well is this contact who is flying up and down looking for Skipper, probably an Il-38 reconnaissance plane that we know was sent to try to find the errant Soviet ship.
Suddenly many planes appear. It's a lot of planes and they fly in their attack patterns looking for something quite clearly. looking for something the radar had detected the tu 16 bomber squadron sent to synchronize the century armed with long-range missiles were a mainstay of soviet air defense during the cold war the center of attention seems to be in this subtriangle here what the swedes They thought it was happening God knows the radar operators reported the unusual activity to their superiors at first the Swedes must have been horrified here is the entire Soviet Navy and a large part of the Soviet naval air force was going out to a small part of the Sea Baltic I'm sure there was a split second when you know that World War III began 8 hours after the century left Riga, the chase plane had been within firing range of the ship on which the TU 16s were equipped with first generation Soviet cruiser. missiles designed to destroy lone aircraft carriers in the open sea and that was problematic: the primitive targeting device aboard the missile could only guarantee that it would reach the century if it was the only ship in the area;
In fact, she was about to enter a busy shipping route. IKEA What happens when a missile is launched? Its aiming device opens and begins searching for a target within an area of ​​approximately 10 kilowatts. Maybe there could be 10 ships with another one, how do you choose? I thought so or I might even make another such drastic mistake. we would have run the risk of starting a nuclear war if there had been, say, a major Swedish or Western power warship hit or destroyed if a merchant ship or ferry had been hit there would have been a really major crisis the sentinel was now just half an hour away leaving Soviet waters international waters offered Sablon and his crew a chance at safety here the Soviets could be seen attacking one of their own warships a serious humiliation for the ruling regime only unlocks Japan, but the The Soviet regime was not willing to let the plant escape.
After the Navy's Tu 16s failed to stop the ship, they mobilized the air force. We see the air force base leaving here dramatically. Here targets that move much faster. These are much faster planes. These are the 20 helpers and they all look like it. To concentrate on this particular point here, a squadron of 18 yak 28 ran towards the century. Each was armed with four or five hundred and fifty pound bombs, ideal for close range attacks at their maximum speed of seven hundred and fifty miles per hour. They were able to reach the ship in 15 minutes the deputy chief of staff of the regiment alexander symbol off is speaking publicly about his role for the first time his silly wills nor store when we found out the ship was being hijacked there was only one thing we suspected they were taking the ship to Sweden our mission was to stop the ship the sentry was heading west at full speed Admiral Gorshkov radioed sablon to tell him that planes and ships were approaching for the attack he ordered him to stop while the ship would be destroyed but sablon were at minutes from reaching international waters he refused.
He knew that instead he broadcast a tape over military channels declaring that he was not a deserter, that a revolutionary patriot recruiting his pursuers to the cause could dissuade them from attacking the ship, but unfortunately he did not divert the Yaak. bombers, their orders were clear, stop the traitor Nikka Key Quattro, the pilots did not question the ship, it was Soviet, but it was being kidnapped by criminal individuals, it took it 12 miles west of the 22nd meridian, the Sentry crossed into international waters, it was no longer under the territorial jurisdiction of the Soviet Union it seemed that Sablin had achieved it but if the renegade commander thought they were out of danger he was wrong.
I think the Soviet authorities were looking for the least worst option and the least worst option was to sink, you could always say. It was a much worse exercise for things to go to Sweden and for the West to get a very close look at one of the Soviet navies that was only a year or two old. The century was now just two hours from Swedish waters, but the Swedish military was at crisis point, could they really be witnessing the first stage of a Soviet attack? So here was kind of a knife that, you know, Dewey Dewey mobilizes, unfortunately, if you start to mobilize, then it looks like he's looking the other way like you're going to.
The war was a very difficult situation, the Swedes decided not to launch a military response, but incredibly took no action to raise the alarm to other Western governments, meanwhile, Captain Baudricourt's patrol boat now had the ship within range of his SS. twins and their two missiles. a Sablan radio an automaton, yes, the guy said, please stop the boat. I was given orders to destroy you, but before I could fire, yak bombers appeared on the horizon and flew low over the ship. I was very scared when I saw planes approaching. groups of three with their bombs ready to be dropped with an imminent attack Sablin led the crew to the battle stations now the officers imprisoned below deck heard the sound they have been fearing the fighter-bombers came if the ship was bombed it could sink in minutes and have no chance of escaping from Elijah because, thinking about it, I knew that would probably lead us to understand that in that compartment in the forward hold, captain pitoni was desperate to escape his prison, the first yak Now he had the century in sight.
Magellan First, they had machine guns on the port side. There were walkways all along the port side of the ship. The ship was armed with automatic anti-aircraft guns, but Sablon retreated from the edge and ordered the crew not to fire at their fellow Russians, but at the pilots. I didn't have so many scruples Celia the first bomb hit the ship the rest fell on the left side of the ship yes, uh, uh, I couldn't see the ship behind the column of water when she disappeared. I understood that bombs must have fallen. repelling a bomb had hit the century in the stern and was taking on water below deck there was chaos a second wave of planes was just minutes away ready to deliver the killing blow around the crew realized the game was over If they didn't surrender immediately then everyone on board could die just go to the people were scared because no one wanted to die, especially with the one hundred and fifty young people on the crew, what's the point of drowning so many people?
Finally, a group of sailors couldn't take it anymore and hurried away. to free the imprisoned officers before the yaks could attack again the door was open and the vendors were shouting at us they are out of there help us because something bad is happening the freed officers ran into the bowels of the ship to free the captain no one could be It was good to run again for aah when you had to be Chad, but there was no smell. Verona Sablin was still on the bridge transmitting to the ship when patrolling Captain Anatole arrived. The table fell, but Tony tried to get on the radio to announce everyone. that the mutiny was already over, I'm doing this, yes, scare our boy, captain pitoni, he told the higher ups to stop the fire, captain, but you will need Nazario as a hostage, I guess we understood everything at once, The regiment commander made the decision in an instant and ordered all the crews to stop the compact problem, Major Mark Aditya, the captain had saved his crew just in time, there was no water, so that was what the ships Pursuers surrounded the century and a squadron of marines boarded the ship, surrounded the mutineers and joined the tag.
The officers above and the midshipmen were against the wall and then I was standing like a doll against the wall when they told us to mate, but other police debris began interrogations almost immediately. The mutineers faced the death penalty. They immediately separated everyone trying to establish who. was more active and who held more was terrifying, especially when you are 20 years old and have not seen much in life the king the mutiny lasted more than a century was finally stopped in international waters still 400 miles from Leningrad but only 53 miles from the Swedish territory The unprecedented attack was followed from the beginning by the Swedish army for hours.
They had observed a Soviet firefight in the neutral waters of the Baltic, but never raised the alarm to the rest of the world. In the murky world of Cold War politics, the Swedes had good reason. to keep the entire incident a secret when the Soviet planes landed the renegade warship the century the Swedish military had seen the whole thing on their radar screens but they were also listening to a blow-by-blow commentary on the incident that the Soviet pilots had taken They left in such a hurry that many of them forgot to turn on their scramblers, were talking to each other in a clear, uncoated language, so the Swedes, by virtue of geography, were listening, but it is interesting that the Swedes were initially unwilling to confirm this reason.
Because their silence lies in the secret world of Cold War arms deals, their listening equipment was purchased in the United States through a secret slush fund primarily to monitor Soviet military communications, so admitting that they had monitored this activity was not so much that they cared about it, but then they were forced to admit the purchase of this equipment. If the Swedes had made public what they knew about the Sentry incident, it would reveal that they possessed state-of-the-art electronic listening equipment that could only have been purchased in the United States. It was a vitally important part of their whole neutrality policy that they stayed as quiet as possible and also you don't want to publicize it too much because you don't want to poke your finger. in the eyes of this powerful neighboring superpower, so let's keep silent about it, but while the Swedes stayed silent, the Brezhnev regime launched a massive cover-up, dragged a target barge into the vicinity for the next few days and said wow !
We regret that we did not announce that we were going to have an upcoming targeting exercise here and, sorry, we did not inform you that on the home front imprisoning the 118 mutineers would risk magnifying the events in the public eye, causing history to spread everywhere. the Soviet Union at a time of great economic difficulties could have become a powerful focus of public unrest; Instead, all of the ship's officers, including those who voted against the mutiny, were demoted or dishonorably discharged. Even lefties fear solving the man who bravely escaped to raise the alarm. Most of the recruits were sent home.
All were forced. to sign an undertaking of secrecy ilka that was the agreement: you would remain free and you would keep your mouth shut it was a state secret and any revelation would mean a prison sentence to show you the coup Sablin' is the young accomplice, the 20 year old recruit Alexander Shan , whose job it had been to protect the captain, was sent to prison for eight years and prohibited from revealing his crime, even having to tell his family that he was in prison on a secret mission. Well, the State had to cover up what happened, actually my parents didn't know anything about it when they used to come visit me before, but for the leader of the riot, leniency was out of the question.
Valery Sablin was accused of attempting to defect to the West. tried for treason and found guilty in May 76, six months after the mutiny szabla n-- he was sentenced to death by the supreme court of military appeals they had bypassed all the lower levels of the court and we believe he received a nine millimeter bullet a Makarov in the back of his head borås Gindin who has since emigrated to America and wrote a book about the mutiny thinks that Sablon risked his entire life for a dream he could never realize personally would call him Valery Sablin as a truly naive person who decided the time was right to carry out this mutiny without even thinking about the consequences it would have, but Viktor Borodai believes that in 1975 the Russian people were ready to change the countable, the stupidity that was happening in our country at that time could not continue forever something had to change with me another new brain just wasn't right in 1989 fourteen years after the mutiny the Soviet Union was entering its final death throes a demise dramatically symbolized by the destruction of the Berlin Wall which now In retrospect, I know that the Soviet Union was breaking up as well that if you like, the mutineer was the first little canker in the middle of the Soviet fruit that would eventually lead to its shocking collapse, but of course no one expected this to happen at the time.
Ironically, the hero of the movie The Hunt for Red October, Marko Ramius, was a deserter trying to leave his homeland for a new life in the West, but for Gregory Young the real-life mutiny in the century is just as big. . the most inspiring story, the true story of a political official, a true fanatic, an idealist, perhaps naive, who did not leave his homeland, but decided to change it, bring it back to the true ideals of communism and was willing to risk his life for those ideals. It is a better abyss. history

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