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THE TREASURE IS MINE in Roblox Egypt Story!

Jun 04, 2021
So guys, today we're playing Roblox Egypt Story and technically we don't know what the theme is. We don't know if if we go on an excursion we will be Desert Raiders. All we know is that we are ready or it is. a party in the desert I just told everyone to dress like they knew they were going on a hiking team and this is what we ended up with you don't want to be sad your eyes were fine so let's do it this we double that in your eyes - light and Drago has this little Drock hat oh you know visors don't protect you from the sun, yes they protect my eyes, but not the top of your head.
the treasure is mine in roblox egypt story
I didn't care about the top of my head that's what the hair is for you know what it doesn't protect your eyes or the sun either I need glasses yeah they're just for fashion they don't do anything let's go well well let's just pick a whoa okay , the middle, the middle because we are here, join the bus, come on, wow, these seats are huge, yeah, next to me, no one was going to sit in front because I'm fine, him? Yes, what a wise man we have here. Hello everyone and welcome to Egypt, here we will explore the depths. hi


of Egypt while I find it expensive.
the treasure is mine in roblox egypt story

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the treasure is mine in roblox egypt story...

I defend the night and venture into a mysterious ancient tomb oh you guys will be searching for artifacts ooh oh my gosh that'll have to go through a quick saying don't get stuck in it or you'll drown okay so the gold dress is the most appropriate, yeah, yeah, we get it, you dress appropriately, okay man, we have to be so far away and she'll drown faster because of all her clothes, she has too much junk. You can keep any of these artifacts. there's no rainbow obviously there's no weight left right or meaning middle middle because it's the darkest pretty job we managed to get through yeah where are we supposed to go now we're trying to wait for these wise men to tell us how we're gonna look for those artifacts try to find five artifacts from these piles of dirt, there are so many doors, okay, split up guys, I want to conjure up more milk jug among the ones I said, divider, I found a paper crown and I think the milk jug, well, Chuck found it , thank you, good job, we found five artifacts, including that artifact, the crown, well, it's just a myth, but according to the residents, one of the artifacts you collected is cursed, well, why did you speak?
the treasure is mine in roblox egypt story
Collected well, it's probably just a stupid joke, yeah, no, I dibs, dibs, I lied, not like no people, new gadget, new nose. NASA's lunar pocket right now is that iPod oh no, storms are coming I don't see any storms oh oh hearts of gold well we can't do anything in this store yeah we can run into either of us come back to the account camp this way, no. Come on, well, so yeah, it's here, this is where the campus is and I don't want my mouth to be filled with sadness, so come on, jackal, what are you doing? come on, let's... everything is to share, yes, gold, share your water.
the treasure is mine in roblox egypt story
I'm thirsty, yeah, look at my canteen, I made it by myself, it's even full of water, don't come into my green tent, my green tent, buddy, I'm choosing the rainbow blue tent, you shouldn't be sitting outside, you're drinking blue damage Ted did well, everyone survived until the storm died down, okay, easy, won't you get into the texture? Yes sir, wait, what is that? Oh, you survived for two full minutes. Do you see that rainbow peeking out? I'm going to your label. It says "I." I'm steering the ship, you shouldn't rush, close the store alone, know your logic, get in the fire you idiot, can you stop the rainbow he technically picked up the cursed artifact, what did you pick up?
I picked up a ruby, oh I'm sorry, oh I'm so sorry. gold hello mr. monster I'm smart come here looters guys the only one who didn't die let's go here time what are you doing so that all the monster can climb to I'm moving I'm not dying I'm not dying look here look in naughty she must blue life what are you making wigs ah oh hey we're some kind of brush head up here no monster can climb that yeah wow all this time we could have stayed in our town oh no he can't play this game stop trying to kill me you murderers know who's going to get killed, use, everyone's going to get killed.
I called for Rocko to die because he's trying to murder us all, come on it's only seven seconds, give up man Rocko, I dare you to play. the monster's touch well it seems guys uh what oh no didn't you tell me you saw a member of our group walking towards this yeah I'll


it there and I'm so dominant I finally breathe it's like a coffin of everyone go to the phobia Oh it's Curious why I'm always going to stand alone, yeah I know why I always get caught. Well, I could pay to escape from 420 robots, but guys, okay, we'll find them, no, wait, is she this way or that way? otherwise guys, there is someone sitting here, where are you? girl, there should be a hidden door somewhere in here.
It's funny, guys, hurry up and find the hidden door. I'm getting small, I hid at the door. Click everyone, be greedy and run to find the truth. What is a fight, I wanted riches, ok leave a like and I will share some riches with you while you do everything to find yourself, oh my god we found the hidden door sir. wise man, can you hurry up something on the other side? Seriously, it's funny, I got my money, the other night in the room and I checked the sarcophagus. Oh sir coffee, yes, I'm your faggus, oh, it's our coffee.
Wait, that's funny, here we go. to fight, oh, we found her, we found the missing person. Oh, what's our name? Why did you get on the team? Because I don't know, someone put me there. I swear, man, the guy didn't explode. Honestly, I have no idea. Let's get out of here, we'll come back tomorrow and investigate, okay, why don't we keep going? Oh great, this tome is cursed, at least I can jump in and see what they're dealing with, at least we found ours, it's funny lol. sir, my name is funny, I'm NOT a missing person, thank you, I'm out of the tool, these creepy Chris voices, it seems like there's someone out there, come on, that giant monster again, wait, there's two ramblings, what's up? passing by, the road and then I told him I just gave him his curry please go back to the camp hello Scott no oh the mud why are we still going through that park oh it should be good wait where is Drago Drago hurry up if you had talked to him yeah, hey, Hey, wise man, we're back okay, strange things are happening stay tonight and investigate tomorrow okay how about we do it once in the night yes I want to go let's get out of here oh wow okay last night what a good dream let's explore good morning everyone good morning good morning yours seems to have disappeared yes I hope we can finish the expedition now without problems.
Okay, let's go. Ah, the creature only comes out at night. Yes, and of course, why would we continue finding artifacts? So what got us into trouble in the first place? Yes, we want to. go find the sarcophagus so gold coins left or right worth it is straight I think we have to go back we have to go back to where the funny one was imprisoned yeah oh okay so this game really drags us back at the beginning and drags us back, okay. I ran a lot in this game, a lot of cardio, oh, oh, where was my head?, oh, I have a secret, there was a secret code when I was at that peak, really.
Oh, what was it? Yes, it was a why it took you so long. That was great. because it was hard to find, you don't like it, check it out, hey, don't you think you know what SAP mistake in Las Vegas the sarcophagus is. The observation of the sarcophagus seems to have changed since yesterday, yes, now it will be closed to us, I don't think. you should stay there, that's really good, the bottom opens up if you jump on it. I know why you keep worrying, wait what's that noise? I don't know all the lights, there is a big hole, reach the exit, right at the end of the hole, at the end of the hallway. down the hall secret way down the hall I think I found the hole guys I see it in the hole where the rest of them are oh I'm walking you have to walk pass it by raivo down here oh I see the light oh my god everyone can you take off those glasses I don't see anything I think the lid on your business maybe oh you're not sure actually acid I don't think it's time for the hole yet oh not stuck oh hey wait let me revive and see what's supposed to go yeah we're supposed to be At the exit, well, it seems we're trapped.
I swear, are you going to make us run back to the subway again? We may have upset someone anyway and open it again, yes. We were like we were there, we have no choice, everyone jump into the sarcophagus, okay, okay, jumping down, this thing I understand, oh, this time it slides, okay, don't kick me, oh, I'm sorry, I sorry, we jump to the sacral sarcophagus. He is in traps. Oh no, it seems to be. something on the other side the same curse oh well yes it is


oh oh dangerous oh oh this is the


that everyone mentions you are evil you must have been protecting this we this could make our trip worth it if we take the treasure oh we want see what's waiting a minute I want to see what you brought us here to steal this okay we'll take the treasure yeah anyway let's get out of here while Medaille's name is rainbow or expedition name yeah rainbow, it's to investigate that.
For research purposes I clearly don't make this lava by chance, it's always too big and long. I think it is something. I'm going to chase us. Look at a rock. Wait. Am I okay and the ladder? Come on, it looks like it's a treasure box. I feel like it's a hit or I see something wait, why don't we find out what it was before we steal it? I don't know, yeah, 'cause we just care, we could load up like rocks, for all I care, yeah, buddy, why do we take the? box complete alright we've escaped alright we can finally get out of this mess who's there you stole it he took it he kills it uh yeah what do you want from us what do you want guess probably


do you really think you could get it away let alone with my treasure yes please let us go we didn't know it was yours oh cool it's not a mummy i have no science you dug your own grave now it was lying in it well we chose the wrong ending don't do it Take the treasure obviously that's in the middle of nowhere it probably belongs to If anyone enjoyed the video, leave a like and Gold will give you a sip of his water.
Don't forget to subscribe if you are new. Thanks so much for looking. crew see you next time goodbye there's no water in my canteen it's cranberry juice

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