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Jun 25, 2023
The youngest


ers in Irish history were actually so young that they went to their own trial for


at the hand of their mother, but when you hear the crimes they were convicted of you will understand why their identities must be protected for the rest of their lives. So today's video will be another real crime case solved. Today we will talk about an Irish kiss. A very infamous and recent Irish case. Today we will talk about the murder of Anna Kriegel or Anna Creagel. I've done my best to find the correct pronunciation of that name, so I'm sorry if I'd like to switch between them through this video because I've heard them both in different interviews and I like the videos I've seen and stuff. and I totally forgot to mention that this will actually be a two part, so this is part one, part two will be out in a day or two.
the tragic murder of ana kriegel
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the tragic murder of ana kriegel

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the tragic murder of ana kriegel...

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the tragic murder of ana kriegel
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the tragic murder of ana kriegel
There are some content warnings, as always with these videos, so if any of the next things I'm going to say are things you don't think you can see right now. I completely understand that these are very heavy topics and you need to take care of yourself, so click away from this video if you can't see it, I'll probably find you again in someone else. period, I'm sure what I want to say, please come back, I want to see you again, but the topics of this video are: sexual assault, manipulation, bullying and poor mental health, such as the deterioration of mental health in mental illness , so if any of that is something you Don't think you can look at like I said, click No hard feelings, but with all that being said, let's jump into it.
Anastasia Creational was a 14 year old girl originally born in Russia on February 18, 2004. Not long after Anna was born, I think she was around one or two years old, her mother gave her up for adoption and that's when her parents adoptive parents found her. geraldine and patrick creagel geraldine was an english woman and patrick was a french man and they were both so desperate to have a child but they couldn't have won it by themselves so they really wanted to adopt and as soon as they found Anna they were delighted. After adopting Anna, the family moved to Ireland, specifically County Kildare, where she was now raised. the rest of her life and although her adoptive parents, Geraldine and Patrick, had no ties to Russia, they wanted to make sure that Anna always felt in touch with her roots throughout her life, as she was growing up, they put a lot of effort into maintaining their culture.
Russian and her heritage as part of their identity, as if they kept her name Anastasia. I think Anastasia is actually a Greek name, but it's also very popular in Russia, so they kept that name, they didn't change the name, they wanted Anna. be very proud of her roots and where she came from when she was older, they would never hide the fact that she was adopted, they would never hide the fact that you know she was from Russia and that she had Russian parents, they wanted her to know all that about herself and be proud of it, but anyway, Anna herself was a very carefree child, she loved to act, sing, dance, she loved to put up little banks for her family and stuff like that.
I have a quote here from her. mother that she said that she spent hours in our living room listening to music and practicing her movements. Anna even started a YouTube channel when she was a kid where she uploaded a bunch of random videos of her as a kid. In the videos she danced. She did my makeup, some were more like vlogs about her day. She just liked YouTube and wanted to make YouTube videos. She really didn't care what they wore. I think she just loved to entertain. I think that was the guy who generally loved acting, she loved entertaining, she loved making people laugh and smile, but as she got a little older, Anastasia seemed to become a lot less carefree and a lot more problem after problem.
The girl went through such a difficult time in her life that she suffered quite a few physical illnesses over the years. I don't really know all of them to be able to name them, but I do know some of the different things that she suffered. At one point she developed a tumor behind her right ear that actually blocked much of her hearing. She was almost completely deaf in that ear. They had to undergo a six-hour surgery to remove this tumor and were left with a huge scar, oh wait. No, the scar was actually from eye surgery because she had very poor eyesight.
Some of the sources I read actually linked the tumor behind her ear and her poor eyesight, saying that the tumor could have caused it, but yeah, she had to have surgery after that. her eyes to correct her vision and that was what the scar was about. She had a pretty big one, I think on the back of her head, so she was struggling with some different physical problems, but overall she was a happy girl, but when Anna was around 11, she had to finish primary school and go through to the high school, which is a big school, it's where all the big kids are and his teachers were a little worried about how he was going to go to the big school, in fact, they were so worried because one of them called his mother Anna to tell her that they were worried that Anna might actually be a target for bullies at the high school.
She was already picked on a bit in elementary school, although she wouldn't say it was like bullying. To be fair, I don't know if I wasn't there, but as sources say, it was more of a joke in grade school because Anna was always tall for her age and tall for a girl in general when she was 14. . She was five foot eight and to put that into perspective, I'm 22 and I'm five foot four, my sister is 30 and she's like 5 foot, so I mean she was a really tall girl. She was Anna, I mean she was 5'8 at the time. she was 14 years old.
I actually don't know how tall she was at 11 when she was teased about her height, probably taller than the other girls anyway, Anna didn't really like her height because it made her different. , made her stand out. from everyone else and she didn't really like to stand out, she didn't have much confidence in herself, probably because of the teasing and the teasing and all that, she had a hard time socializing, she was quite socially awkward and that's why she didn't make very good friends, no. I know, he really had a hard time at school to be honest, he just seemed vulnerable, he seemed to lack confidence and you know how kids are at school, they also like to smell fear and anxiety in other kids and then get upset with them. , but there was also the fact that Anna was so desperate for friendship because, like I said, she struggled socially and making friends and she wanted to have friends so much that she really wanted them, but she didn't know it. how to do it and her teachers were worried that this desperation to have a best friend or a group of friends could lead to other kids taking advantage of her in the big school and when Anna finally entered high school, her teacher's concerns were raised. they came true.
Anna really struggled to make friends, she didn't really have that many, the other kids left her out of a lot of things, but the saddest part is that Anna was a genuine girl, very, very nice, she was harmless, she was so kind. She was generous, she wanted the best for everyone, but she just lacked social skills, so she was a wonderful person, but no one was going to find out because she couldn't talk to people long enough for them to get to know her, but at this high school Anna in the She was bullied relentlessly in elementary school, like I said, it was just more teasing and teasing from time to time, all the boys did it to each other in elementary school, but now, in high school, Anna was a target with the that they got into. her for many different things her height was one big thing her social skills were another but also the fact that she was adopted because she knew she was adopted everyone knew she was adopted and they always used to tell her that she had fake parents which is just horrible but Much of the bullying that was directed towards Anna was actually online through cyberbullying on social media.
She also experienced a lot of hate comments on YouTube and I don't think they were from the school kids they could have been. who knows you can create an anonymous youtube account but she used to get a lot of negative comments on her youtube videos she was just a girl having fun and there were angry adults in the comments section like that it's so stupid but the comments kept getting worse more and more over time until they finally turned into death threats in his YouTube comments. People said she should be executed. Things like that. It was horrible.
This is a 13 or 14 year old girl. Maybe she wasn't even that. At the time she was like 12 years old and she was receiving death threats online. Many of the comments would also be sexual in nature, which is simply disgusting. This girl is 13 years old and there are men online. And there are men online. That's not what she meant. There are men online. commenting on her and then in 2017 when Anna was 13, at the time I was volunteering at a Halloween event, it was like a kids Halloween party at the local community center, I was just helping to be a good sport, It was supposed to be that way.
A very good night Anna was very excited to volunteer. She loved doing things like this. She loved helping people, but tonight she turned out to be one of the most traumatizing of her entire life. Anna was working when she was approached by four much older people. The kids were like older teenagers and like I said she was 13 at the time so she was immediately intimidated by the girl and these kids could tell she was scared too and I think they enjoyed it, I think they were getting feeding. They were like laughing and shaking each other. One of them even turned to Anna and said, "You're going to have sex with me." Anna and grabbed her butt.
This is a 13 year old girl, right? And this just happened. This one is much bigger. a teenager and she is terrified right now, she has just been sexually assaulted by this man. In fact, I said man, I don't know how old they are, they were probably kids, but still, this is the first time Anna has been touched like that. Especially without her restraint, she had never been touched that way because she was 13 years old. Anna was absolutely traumatized, she ran home crying from that Halloween party and went to her mother and her mother told her that she just couldn't do it.
To comfort her daughter at all, she just had to hold her while she sobbed, which is heartbreaking as soon as I read that, as soon as I read thepark, said the reason he did it was on behalf of his friend, known in this case as Boyar Boy B, said that Anna Kriegel had a big crush on Boy Ear, but she didn't feel the same way, in fact, it was quite strange Because of the crush, it made him feel a little uncomfortable, so on this particular day, boy b went to Anna Kriegel's house to pick her up and take her to the park to meet her. boy ear so he could gently drop her, he said boy b told the police that as soon as he took Anna to where boyar was waiting for her in the park, he decided to leave them both to move on as b.
He just went home, did his homework, and let Anna and Boyar talk about it, so again his story is pretty much the same, as he left almost immediately and didn't see anything. He didn't see Anna leave the park. That night he didn't know what happened to her after that, so the police decided to use a different tactic here to get a little more information out of the boy. They decided to take him to the park and make him walk the route that he had walked with Anna so they started this route and he takes them to the park, he takes them to this bench where he was sitting with her and I think some of them like the bike tracks or something like that where they stood for a while. and then he went and then I went and then I left, so it wasn't much help, unfortunately there were no security cameras in these particular areas of the park where they would like to stop and talk and sit on a bench and things like that, so there was there's no way to confirm what he was saying, so I said something useless, so yeah, the walk in the park was uneventful, but the police now knew that they had another child involved, there was another suspect, well I say suspicious, in At this point they were just people of interest, they really seemed like Anna's friends, who were the last people to see her the day she disappeared, they didn't necessarily suspect these kids, but yes, they had this second child, now they managed to discover his name, his direction and they went down and talked to him too, but again he said the same thing that he didn't know what happened to Anna, more or less he said the same story as boy b, he said that he was going to meet Anna to let her fall gently, the guy b brought her over and sat down and talked to Anna he said for no more than five minutes he basically said he wasn't interested and wasn't looking for a relationship with her and I just said Anna seemed very upset and barely said anything he told her He was giving one word answers, I wasn't talking to him and then he just got up and walked away, yeah he said he took the news pretty seriously and didn't want to talk to him after that and actually He didn't see which direction he left the park, which was frustrating because they didn't know if he had tried to go straight home or if he had gone for a walk afterwards.
That or something like that, they didn't know where he had gone once he left the park so once again there were no new leads and the police were looking at this case thinking "we have to do something" so they decided to take both kids back. to the park a second time so they can get them both to do the route but on this second walk they realized that boy b who had already done this walk once by the way started taking a different route how have you changed? response since yesterday and there was also a section of this walk where one of the police officers looked at the two boys and saw them both exchanging a look, I don't really know how to describe this look because well, I wasn't there.
Clearly they were basically just trying to communicate with each other through their eyes through this look and immediately as soon as the police officers saw this they became suspicious and that was all the police needed to see because now they were seeing these children as potential suspects. They were no longer persons of interest, they now seemed very suspicious and so they decided to take them back to the police station for questioning, but in the meantime a public missing person appeal was organized for Anna Creation. They were making these posters putting everything up. After news and tips started coming in, this was actually a pretty high profile case in the area at the time where people were calling with possible sightings of her, saying they had seen her at a sewage plant or Saying that they had seen her at the airport, the police followed up on each of these possible sightings, but they were all explained and none were Anna's creation, but anyway now the boys were back at the police station and now they were being questioned in a formal meeting. establish as suspects I just want to remind you that these are two 13 year old boys, one of three 13 year old boys and it was in these interviews where things started to become more and more suspicious by the second, so one of the first questions they were asked to both children. in their separate interrogations was how would you describe your relationship with the other boy, boy b said that he actually only knew boy air at school and that they were just acquaintances, they were just in each other's class, while boy a he told the police that that boy b was his best friend so one of his lies and it was there also at the police station where a particular officer noticed something about the boy.
Air was limping and kept holding his arm as if he was in pain, so the detectives asked him. If he was fine, like why are you limping, why does your arm hurt and he said no, no, I'm fine. The other night, some older boys attacked me. In fact, he claimed that he was attacked the night of Anna's disappearance. in that park, Saint Catherine's Park, and as soon as the police heard this, they were very intrigued for several reasons, first of all, if there were two boys in Saint Catherine's Park who were clearly very violent by jumping on a 13-year-old boy .
It also had something to do with Anna's disappearance, so the police were interested in finding these two guys who had jumped through the air, so they went to work on that separately to try to identify these people, but They were also intrigued for another reason: what if he went? lying, what if Boyer was lying? What if he got hurt in another way that he obviously didn't want the police to know about and that's why he made up this story about how he got mugged? I don't know, there was a lot to unpack here and so The police got to work, so they questioned him separately about the incident where he was assaulted and he said he didn't know the guys who did it, he had no idea who they were, He didn't know their names, but he managed. to overpower them at one point and he was very proud of this, he actually managed to overpower these older guys, by the way, I'm sorry to keep saying this throughout the video, he was 13 years old and he's 13 years old and he says he beat these men almost adults and he got They threw them to the ground and started kicking him in the head, so the police are listening to this story and they say: Are you really sure they didn't really believe it?
I mean, at first they did, when He was like two people attacked me in a park and said, "Oh God, let's fix this," but as soon as He said "Yes," I kicked Him in the head and threw him to the ground, the police said: Regardless of the fact that the police hired an artist to create a child-like sketch of his attackers, this sketch was released to the public and was also compared with the CCTV that they had in the park, well I think the little CCTV they had actually had CCTV from maybe one or two entrances, but they didn't have cameras throughout the park, but no one in the CCTV footage of TV they saw entering or leaving the park matched the descriptions, literally no one recognized these electronic tuning sketches, which was a little weird, so clearly this wasn't going to help them solve this case and instead, They decided to confiscate Boyer's shoes that he was wearing the night he was attacked because, you know, he kicked him in the head like he said.
So there's probably some evidence on those shoes, if the men who attacked him had committed violent crimes before, like jumping on people, I guess then his DNA would be in the database and then if they took Boyer's shoe, it probably had his DNA from when he kicked. They and they, you know, took that sample and put it in the database, they would get a match with whoever it was, so they took the shoes, they tried them on and they didn't really find anyone. Police also decided to confiscate Boyer's clothing. and the bee children's clothes, actually, even though their mothers had already washed the clothes they had worn that day, all these things, the shoes, the clothes, everything was sent to the laboratory to be analyzed and it was going to take a few days to get some results on that and meanwhile the searches for anna creagel continued, it was already the third day of anna's disappearance and still no contact from her, she had not returned anyone's textile calls, people were now starting They started to worry that maybe they weren't going to find her alive maybe now they should be looking for a body instead of living breathing and growing and so they started searching in fields and bodies of water in forested areas, but then on March 17, 2018 the police came across an abandoned farmhouse in one of the fields they were searching it was called glenwood house it was an old 17th century farmhouse that had been abandoned a long time ago i mean the roof was collapsing the windows They were boarded up, everything was damaged by fire, no one had lived there for hundreds of years, but that didn't mean it wasn't still in use because it was largely unofficial use, actually it was still technically abandoned, but the teenagers locals used it as a party place, they just realized.
How uncool that makes me sound, but yeah, it was like the place in town for underage girls who drink drugs and have sex away from the watchful eyes of your parents. You know, there were a lot of things that happened in this house. The once beautifully decorated country house. now it's just covered in graffiti empty glass drink bottles all on the floor condom wrappers on the floor it was just blending together it was a horrible horrible building to be honest the police were quite familiar with the Glenwood house obviously because it was like a teenage party. hot spot, so they called the police quite frequently, they knew what happened in this house and they knew it was not good and when they came to search this house on March 17, it looked the same inside as it had always been there.
There were still bottles everywhere and condom wrappers, although to be honest, it was a little difficult to see anything in the Glenwood house because, like I said, all the windows were boarded up, so no light was coming in, so it was really very dark there even. in the middle of the day, which was going to make the search quite difficult, so they started walking from room to room within this farmhouse and couldn't find anything they were looking for, literally nothing, not even a sign. that Anna had been there. but there is nothing in any of these rooms and then the officers went to one of the rooms upstairs, which in this case is known as room one.
When they entered room one, to be honest, it was as dark as the rest of the mansion. but there was something different about this room there was a strong smell of blood in the air, only one officer entered that room and took a quick look around, although it was very dark and he noticed something lying on the floor further towards the window so He walked towards her and as he did so he began to distinguish what that thing on the floor was and said it was a mannequin or something terrible. He called the rest of the team into the room with him where They all came in and lit their torches and that's when they discovered the body of a 14 year old boy and a creature and that's where I'll leave the first part, like I said, the second part will be out tomorrow. or past so be sure to subscribe with notifications on so you don't miss when the rest of the case comes out thanks to nordvpn again for sponsoring this video remember right now if you want to get a big discount on a two year plan plus an extra month free everything what you need to do is go through my link which is not forward slash eleanor it's linked below in the description if you just want to go click on it and use the code eleanor at checkout make sure do both. the things, the link and the code, otherwise it will not work, code eleanor at checkout.
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