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The Tragedy of Shaycarl

Feb 27, 2020
You're filming yesterday and I found an old entry? What is it? It's Valentine's Day on Wednesdays. Our relationship has been complicated. Our lives have been complicated. And that is the truth. I want to say that I feel sorry for my wife. to all of you, so a little story here. I've been on the internet for quite some time and in that time I've been involved in many different communities, some a little weirder than others, but I think the weirdest experience. I had access to the internet a few years ago when I used ifunny, yes I know I didn't go to many parties in high school.
the tragedy of shaycarl
It's ok, I use ifunny. from a group chat with some of the other users whom i got to know pretty well we were all very close until one day we added someone new whom i will refer to as jane for privacy sake jane told us she was 27 old single with only one daughter at home and we all liked her she was great at fi First i want to say she was fun active and some of the guys even found her a bit attractive one guy in particular will call tom again for the sake of the anonymity tom and jane eventually became so close that they began dating and for about six months or so did. a seemingly healthy long-distance relationship online, they lived in different states so they never got to meet in person, which is probably for the best because about a year after they broke up, we found out she lied about everything, literally, everything that was not. 27 she was almost 40. she didn't have a kid she was four and she wasn't single she wasn't married either this was a huge shock to all of us i mean one of her kids is actually older than me to give you an idea of ​​how jarring it all was this because here we were talking regularly with this person we thought we knew when he was really leading this crazy double life all the time.
the tragedy of shaycarl

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the tragedy of shaycarl...

I don't know why she did this because it seemed to me that she had everything figured out a stable family job everything but somehow that wasn't enough she felt the need to become a completely different person online in a strange attempt to escape the life I had when the screens were off, but things like that happen. all the time, especially on the internet, you have someone who is not happy with the cards they've been dealt, and instead of working to improve that aspect of their life, they turn to the internet in an unsuccessful attempt to change things almost a bit. . like hitting the reset button in a way that is sad when it happens to a friend and sad when it happens to a creator you admire and one of the first youtubers that comes to mind when i think of this is none other than shay carl i'm not apologizing.
the tragedy of shaycarl
I don't know if God forgave me. I don't even think my wife has been able to forgive me yet. Now, Shea Carl was like the kingpin of the vlogging community with over six million subscribers across three channels. Shea and her family essentially pioneered the youtube vlogging scene with their trademark safe for work daily content uploaded to the shaytards channel this channel would not only amass 5 million subscribers but a staggering total of almost 3 billion views, already you know just a fraction of the world's population nothing big the formula was simple each video would document the life of shay carl butler his wife colette and their five children whose names really aren't that important shea would then bring to the extended sides from his family to the spotlight also with his brothers casey carly and logan have their own youtube careers at this point youtube is like the butler family business from about 2008 to 2017 almost every second of their day would be streamed to a audience of millions, in fact, shane's youngest son has been noted as the first child raised in that kind of environment, as his life has been literally documented in youtube since its birth it was like the t roman show but real that's how vlogging was back then it was different than what we have today maybe that's a good thing maybe that's a bad thing no this is not fun i don't know i haven't yet decided but things have definitely changed quite a bit since 2010. the vlogs you see nowadays are usually in-your-face bullshit full of unnecessary and overproduced parodies that are really just meant to entertain preschoolers because that's what which makes money but when shay carl was in the reigns things felt a little much more authentic its content had heart the depiction of a family doing regular family things appealed to audiences of all ages which is one of the reasons why the shaytards were so successful that they were the first to try it with other channels like bf vs gf and sam and nia following suit up close and personal documentation of their lives mixed with the consistency of the uploads created a seemingly unbreakable bond between the viewer and the vlogger to the average fan, shaytards were more than just youtubers, they became an extension of the family, almost when someone shares a significant portion of their lives with you there is a connection starting to form even when she is only on screen they may not know you but you know them extremely well or at least you think we do have Nina on the line um Nina how do did all this happen exactly?
the tragedy of shaycarl
Basically, I was taking a flight and I woke up really late and I got a private message from Shay and I was basically freaking out. I'm like, omg, Shay Carl messaged me on February 12, 2017. A 22-year-old cam girl named Arya Nina revealed that she and the 36-year-old butler had been involved in an online relationship in the past. three months shattering public perception of shay carl forever now this relationship wasn't exactly as substantial as you might think as our friends tom and jane never met in person but that doesn't mean they didn't get down to business on the dms i did oh god ok no i don't think so uh i can read this out loud i'm already on thin ice right now with uh lovely susan just the way she is yeah i guess yeah i guess we'll take a shot to the right we'll take a drink of water and i tip you oh yeah yeah there it is as you can probably imagine once this information surfaced fans were horrified some of them didn't even believe it at first but once that Shay confirmed the legitimacy himself and after arya went on dramatic alert to light things up, the nature of the situation became abundantly clear in that shay carl had betrayed his own wife by sneaking around with this girl in the dms for several months and i think i just liked one of his tweets but anyway then he got very sexual and then he got very rude and last night he was super super rude to me so i decided to post all the dms of deal with arya shea had first contacted her on twitter thanking her for her support you know pretty harmless talk before things got really heated arya said that shea mainly saw her as an outlet for her own sexual desires because of the way she who described it. keep going keep going don't stop don't stop alright um i suck you and stick my tongue deep in you hold my arms to the side as you wet yourself and ride my face harder you grab my hair and pull my face closer to you let me breathe a little but you just but you just can feel my warm breath between your legs according to him however he was tempted to send those messages and only succumbed to sexting after she reached out to him first whatever what that means.
Shea then posted a statement on Twitter admitting to his apparent problems with alcoholism and stating that he was trying to get help and hasn't been himself in recent months. He sent me. I mean, how did I force him to send his witness? Wait, wait, wait, so you have pictures of Shay Carl's dick. I have video of him growling. I mean it could have been the excitement or it could have been the fact that he had an addiction, he has a family, so you wouldn't exactly expect someone in his position to send this kind of thing to a cam girl at three o'clock. the morning. tomorrow clearly there was some kind of problem so what happened well the characteristics of a man who cheats on the mother of his own children can vary from case to case but these qualities can range from poor communication skills to a desire for revenge or just flagrant insecurity.
It means that if someone who already struggles with self-esteem meets a person who can dismiss those insecurities, it can serve as a great mental comfort, as well as an ego boost, plus he wasn't exactly young during this time. can b Those who approach the big 4-0 or 5-0 are more likely to find some sort of alternate meaning in their lives with another partner. tragic but it happens a lot and because of technology the temptation is there literally there are so many easy ways to cheat on your spouse nowadays it's ridiculous back in the day parents would have to venture into the real world if they wanted to get with someone else but now all of that is at your fingertips it's easy just enough for some parents to want to cheat especially someone like shay carl who has clout arya even said she was a fan of him which is one of the reasons i guess it went on for so long now that the situation blew up everywhere the shaytards needed to act fast ironically they had already been planning a year long break starting on shay's 37th birthday probably because they were so immensely removed from the arduous task of vlogging every day like god man i managed to upload twice a month maybe on that i cant even imagine so its safe to say i definitely er A proper break was necessary for everyone to take time. internet and letting things cool down a bit and also rebuild ties within your own family which I think is a good thing because at the end of the day nothing on YouTube matters as much as the irreplaceable connections you make on your own in your life staff sounds stupid. i know but its true and that goes for almost any job i would say the only difference is with youtube everything is shown to an audience so your every move is judged and analyzed by hundreds of thousands yeah not millions of people, which is just one.
Of the many downsides to vlogging, I think that over the years, vlogging has become a whole different animal. Vloggers have come and gone. bf vs gf was an extremely popular channel that took off about a decade ago. My friend gianna gianna this is the deal time to get some serious revenge sorry gina gina why is it spelled that way? videos in total documenting their day to day life which is insane it actually got so strenuous that they decided to put their whole relationship on hold and take a break from blogging because it was ruining their lives that's just one of the many side effects that come along with broadcasting your life to the public is like a big brother you are under constant surveillance at all times by the people who look up to you which is as comforting as it is terrifying and the results have shown time and time again that it's just not for everyone and it can leave lasting scars on a relationship or family now obviously in shay carl's case it wasn't his public exposure that led him to cheat on his wife but it didn't do him many favors that's for sure.
The scandal was one that didn't really need to be publicized if you ask me, sure it gave Keemstar some extra shekels, but ultimately it was an issue that should have been handled privately between the parties involved, but because both Shea and Arya are public figures. it was bound to come out at some point, which would lead to the family publicly shaming and reflecting on themselves in ways I don't think they expected after the hiatus. Shea returned for a final video to address the claims before going ahead and trying. to get back to a normal career, the fact was that Shea had been wrong and their reconciliation depended on the devoted fan base that he had amassed over a decade and you know what some of them, if not most, were willing to do. forgive. him since the scandal the shaytarts have been vlogging semi-regularly keeping his channels somewhat active while also maintaining his family life and i have to say i hope they're happy at least they seem happy i'd be lying if i said his viewership hadn't dwindled , but what can you expect after not only a year-long hiatus, but also a massive scandal that rocked the entire community? carl cheated maybe he manipulated and lied to his wife for several months maybe he had a drinking problem but at the end of the day you have to admit it could be worse i'm a pedophile a fiddler a sexual predator i'm just a hardworking pedophile on and on

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