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The Tour - A Day In The Life with Holger Rune

Apr 25, 2022
I have always had a passion for sports, what is my goal and it is to be number one in the world champions. They don't stay in bed all day. Nobody is going to give you victory. You have to earn it yourself. this hard work and a really nice guy, yeah it's been an extraordinary year, all those match wins at the 2021 Euro Open. I played against Norway Chocolate to play with this guy and winning a set was a big confidence boost for me. I started the year 475 and he is right at the top of the top 100 in the world.
the tour   a day in the life with holger rune
This is an amazing place here in Monaco, where you have all the facilities, great physical stuff, the forecaster should rain a little bit, but yeah, we have a great place to practice and also a lot of the guys that come like me, musetti felix, too there, it's a perfect place to do pre-season, so first we start with some stretching and mobility and prepare the body for the day and the next part of the day goes. be like this, so this is probably the only time I'll lie down. I'm trying to be as flexible as Novak, you know, sliding into every corner in every rally.
the tour   a day in the life with holger rune

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the tour a day in the life with holger rune...

Okay, I'll do that bravo with my right leg. I have a very clear idea. My goal is where I want to be in the future, so I try to tell myself that I want to be the best in the world and I often enjoy pushing myself to the limits because you know this is where I can feel myself really improving. Come on, yes, I think if it starts to rain now it's better to leave, I think we have to go do a puzzle because now it's starting to rain and up there we'll surely have an hour on the court, down here we might not be able to play. not at all, I guess we'll go there and then, uh, probably in the afternoon everything will be fine and we can extend the training a little bit here, so I could have the longer break, so I could go to Francie, but you have to call Shotgun .
the tour   a day in the life with holger rune
Shotgun My trainer is Lars and it's actually a funny story. We met the first time when I was six and seven at the club I started and we've been practicing ever since. He knows my game inside and out, so he obviously knows when. I'm at the top and when I need to improve and when I need to try harder and when I'm, you know, I'm just struggling or whatever, so I think that's a good thing, so I can't hide anything anyway, don't judge anything . Everything happens, we have a good relationship and a good team that we are building as a team, as players and as people, so it is a good dynamic, in fact, we don't have much time because we just moved from the country club to here as it was .
the tour   a day in the life with holger rune
Raining always step by adjustment step also because it's quite cold to try to warm up, we actually only have ten minutes, it was quite intense but short, super cool, but yeah, that's a good woman, warm up the legs and now be ready to step on the tennis ball to do it. what we love that's that's perfect as long as the ball is a little bit wider try to cut the angle okay, come on, cut the corner that's all that's what I'd like to see never mind never mind you're doing the right thing I'm practicing with the Lorenzo Mister's team.
We both know what it takes to get close to the top and it definitely takes a lot of hard work and that's why we're here. Okay, maybe you can go further. We are trying to do it. go and get the ball a little early, so I want him to intervene all the time. come and move forward on the backhand side, I especially wanted to take a few more steps into the court, maybe you could take a step further up the court. the backhand 5 10 centimeters higher and I would like to see it now on the top so don't let it fall at all on the top on the top that's what warms you up a little I'm quite warm here I can't feel them cold, so it's good when you're more tired, you get less tired.
Yes, I hear you, so try it and you don't have to shout so much, just give me some sound until the end, okay? Don't give me any sound, okay, who's going to die first? Come on and give me some height. Come on, so everything that's on the cable now, come on, play it on the chord. Everything is asked and, how do you feel right now in your lungs? You know I can feel. I'm alive, you're alive and that's a positive thing here in


, yeah okay, thank you very much, it was a pleasure talking to you, thank you, you're hired, if you guys weren't here he'd go crazy when I did something.
So, you know, sometimes I enjoy the pain, sometimes I don't, but I don't have to so I can be 100 for the next season and the work starts again. Know? I'm already begging for it, so now it's time to get in shape for quick shots. Yes, I would rather do this and lie on the couch. Which is my goal? It's being number one in the world. And you know, champions don't stay in bed all day. I can't do this, it's almost impossible to compete with the guys at 1200 because you know everyone can do it and I think for me too the way I play is very important for this, you mean, for, but you're. move ah, this one was hard on the legs because of the resistance for everything what camera angle oh, what should you do better?
Well, I should do better. I am very light on my feet. I could go lower with my left knee. There is always room for that. to improve, that is something good about tennis. You know, I actually played like I did when I was young. It played like Star Wars. You know video games and you reach a certain level. Then you are perfect. You are good enough. You can do it. I can't get better at tennis and all you know in this job is that you can always improve and that's the good thing you see, you even know Novak five years ago, he's still world number one, but now he's much better. over five years ago, so, you know, that's cool, guys, see you at the gym.
I started playing tennis when I was six at a club where my sister started and I thought it was a lovely sport and I continue. Fortunately, even from a very early age I always had a passion for the sport. I remember when we would go on vacation and I would always tell my mom, let's book a court book deal and we would go down to practice and my sister maybe she had it too. She had a great passion for tennis, so we always played. She had a big stick. I actually still have it, but I tried to control it, so, you know, I would throw out all the records if I lost to my sister, but you know she was good. me because she was obviously better she is four years older so it was a good push for me ready for more torture I am ready for more torture 50 hero well we know each other and we played many times we did everything junior careers together we shared many things and now we are sharing those moments Even in the preseason he won a lot of matches a great battle he gained a lot of experience playing on the ATP


I'm very happy for him because it's hard work and he's a really nice guy, not because he has the camera, they're both young guys who are going to improve.
I think those guys are the ones that improve the most in the offseason. I think they will benefit the majority of the offseason they have to go through pain they have to go through suffering they need to learn to enjoy that they like tennis, you know, you can see that they enjoy working, you can see that they want to improve, it's great to see. I'm going to play some points, so let's play some games. We will focus less on the result than on what we are working on mentally. We will try to play the next point to win.
I am a perfectionist and I want you to know that everything will be perfect. but also in the same way I know it can't be perfect so I have to take it easy sometimes, if it's slower I just have to move more even on the practice court, when I go out and compete I really want to do it . win every time work on the surf rhythm so hello yes I feel a lot of emotions I can get angry something is wrong 103 in the world right now I'm not the best in the world so of course there is room for many errors. so it's just about, you know, trying to get into the brain, don't think about winning or losing, it doesn't matter at all, play the right way and don't think about anything else, very good when I'm angry and I use positive anger in my game to get more power in the shot.
It really helps my game improve and play better for 2022. My goal is to get into the top 25 and obviously that's a high goal, but I think I have the game is one of the things I learned this year: being physically able to play 100 on each point and mentally no one is going to give you the victory, you have to get it yourself, win it yourself, I think I can do it.

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