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THE TERMINATOR (Story + T 800 Terminator Cybernetic Organism) Explained

Jan 06, 2022
Terminator, James Cameron's breakout 1984 film, is a true behemoth, a cultural phenomenon that spawned a franchise that spans decades. Every inch of the film is packed with action intent and rich philosophical insights that have people pondering the potential for AI to be our downfall as Terminator. The franchise may take place in an alternate presence and future in the 21st century. Many of his themes still range from the overt danger of uncontrollable technologies to more subtle nods to how technology slowly took over human life in the 1980s and beyond. Terminator goes pretty much deeper than most viewers would give it credit for, the film taking place both in the present of 1984 and the not-so-distant future of 2029, one in which humanity is locked in a little fight. against Skynet after she became self-aware with her defeat being near in an attempt to extinguish the very source of humanity's last hope skynet sends an assassin called the


back in time to kill the leader of the human resistance More precisely to kill his mother Sarah Connor before her birth, but upon learning of this, Jon sends Kyle Reese, one of his best fighters, back in time to ensure his survival. today we explore the legacy of the


james cameron's fast-paced sci-fi thriller starring linda hamilton michael beam lance henriksen and arnold schwarzenegger as the nine unstoppable


killing machines come with me if you want to experience the cultural impact of the terminator franchise is huge success The 1984 box office hit helped solidify Cameron's career and kicked off an expansive world filled with movie sequels, comic books, video games and even a TV series along with movies like The Code and The Barbarian The Terminator ushered in the power of Arnold Schwarzenegger. to the world and added the phrase i'll be back to the pop culture lexicon when i read the line i'll be back i told jim camer how it sounds weird to me he says look i don't correct acting you don't correct my writing ok and that was it, what's amazing is that the original film still holds up decades later, blending science fiction with horror elements in an effective way.
the terminator story t 800 terminator cybernetic organism explained
Activate, continue. To thrill viewers old and new alike today the terminator works similar to a slasher movie we have our seemingly invincible slasher the terminator himself stalking the ultimate girl sarah connor and there is plenty of gore and violence of the terminator gouging out his synthetic eyeball. To set off numerous people with little remorse, Cameron actually signs John Carpenter's Halloween which was made for only thirty thousand dollars as a huge influence on him and he claimed that Carpenter was the guy who idolized those horror influences the most and cheap filmmaking techniques are pretty evident in the film's production of course the big difference between the terminator and your average slasher is that the killer i isn't some deranged guy in a mask?
the terminator story t 800 terminator cybernetic organism explained

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the terminator story t 800 terminator cybernetic organism explained...

He is an unstoppable cyborg with a mission. I will be back. The t-800 was a highly effective infiltration unit created by Skynet to aid in its quest to destroy humanity while the supercomputer had begun its onslaught with nuclear armageddon its follow-up attacks were directed by humanoid constructs that had been designed to infiltrate into the human resistance during the early years of the skynet war went through a harsh and trying period with these units mainly due to the fact that they stuck out like a sore thumb among the humans, this led the artificial intelligence to create the t800, a



that could mimic human behavior and display human qualities, such as breathing, sweating, and even bleeding.
the terminator story t 800 terminator cybernetic organism explained
This allowed the newly built terminators to better fool the humans and led to the destruction of many bases through infiltration over time the resistance was forced to adopt methods to better detect infiltrating units but even if they could detect one of the t-800s, he was forced to take into account that it possessed superior strength, durability, and the ability to learn new ways to destroy its desired targets while units that featured living skin were used for infiltrations the rest of the t800s were they were reduced to their mechanical skeleton before being dispatched. As foot soldiers during major engagements, I think it should be noted that this was a deliberate tactic by Skynet who knew how terrifying terminators looked to humans and we saw glimpses of this tactic of shock and awe throughout the series.
the terminator story t 800 terminator cybernetic organism explained
The t800 terminators featured a neural network processor. which was contained within the endocranium and protected by inertial shock absorbers developed by cyberdyne systems this cpu was one of the most powerful microprocessors ever built as part of their fast internal databases the t800 contained numerous files on human anatomy and psychology which allowed them to To become more efficient assassins, this CPU could also be upgraded with multiple related database files tailored to advanced infiltration techniques, training for soldiers, tactical strategies, and detailed files of other skynet-connected terminators, making every unit a veteran. of combat. in solo infiltration missions throughout, the scroll had its CPU set to read solo, which reduces the risk of a unit becoming self-aware and going rogue in the standout sequel Terminator 2 Judge Day, we can seeing this in practice with sarah and john activating the learning ability of the t800 that had been sent to protect Jon and as the movie progressed the Terminator showed curiosity and began to understand and mimic human behavior and with his sacrifice by the end of the movie, he even began to understand the value of human life. you learn things you haven't been programmed with so you can be more human.
My CPU is enrolling that processor in a learning co. The computer, but Skynet presets the switch to only read when we send the loan. Powered by axial drive motors and drag links that allowed them to maneuver faster than their t600 counterparts, which were also heavier and weaker, this endoskeleton was powered by a powerful network of hydraulic servo mechanisms that gave the terminator superior force. , which in turn allowed them to take on heavy loads without hindering their speed or functionality, since its frame is made of a high-density titanium steel alloy, this reinforced structure was easily capable of withstanding conventional firearms, thus which makes them difficult to destroy. they damage their living tissue but leave the endoskeleton relatively unscathed.
I should also point out that while firearms were relatively useless against terminators, they were actually quite vulnerable to the plasma weapons used by both the resistance and Skynets in future wars, as they were designed to be the most superior infiltration units to date. replicated human tissue that had been removed from human prisoners and grew this skin alive on the endoskeleton of the t800 models. This was a huge game changer from skynet that began to blur the lines between man and machine and we see numerous modifications of this approach since the series progressed as the market maker was a human having consciousness grafted onto a cybernetic structure, what is it?
It's real flesh and blood, though it seems to heal itself quickly, the heart is human, very powerful, the brain too but with an i-chip interface I've actually covered this in Skynet's general trajectory throughout the continuity of the films and we will leave a link to these. The videos below the living tissue covering the t800s were similar to humans with the ability to sweat and produce odors and while their flesh contained blood it only showed a minimal amount of bleeding when damaged, their skin could also be healed with time. at a much faster rate than humans, however if too much flesh was damaged, their skin would begin to decompose into a waxy, corpse-like texture, the machines would use radio receivers and infrared optics to hunt down their programmed targets. and they all possessed an advanced vocal processor that allowed them to mimic people's voices to trick their targets into coming out of hiding if you hurry home we can sit down and have dinner together something's wrong she's never that nice what's her name the dog max hey janelle what's wrong with wolfie i can hear him barking he's fine the wolf is fine honey the wolf is fine the infiltration units were each powered by two hydrogen cells which allowed them to run for more than a century with With that in mind, I don't think Skynet intended their units to last more than a few decades, as over time the chances of one becoming self-aware same and go rogue increased significantly because hydrogen fuel was so volatile that these power cells. it became unstable when it broke and would explode with the force of a big bomb here take the wheel what are you doing?
I am powered by two hydrogen fuel cells my main cell was damaged by a plasma attack using their forward hud the infiltrated units were able to run system checks and calculate the distance of objects from themselves, which made detailed kinetic studies of fraction of a second trajectory sampling and analysis possible, this was also very useful for assessing human emotional states and body language and units rarely perform a function or move without reviewing this screen to make sure they have determined the best course of action the bullets have little to no effect on them they fling people around like rag dolls with their superior strength and they have absolutely no moral compass enough to say you can't negotiate with he absolutely cannot be reasoned with he will never stop until you die phenomenal entertainment value The Terminator's production and production is matched by its narrative paradoxes that come in two key flavors: first, we have the grandfather paradox, in which Skynet aims to change events of the future by going back in time and making sure its biggest threat never existed; second, we have the predestination paradox, where kyle from the future turns out to be john connor's father, yet here the only reason carl went back in time was to make sure jon connor lived, so jon is required to be alive regardless of kyle's actions in the first place in order for kyle to go back in time and complete his mission as i have discussed these paradoxes extensively in the links above to the beginning and predestination below which is fascinating it's how the movie uses them to question fate and determinism when we first meet sarah connor she's incredibly distant from the battle-hardened woman future jon described to kyle she's just your average woman working in a service job in the busy 1980s metropolis that enjoys the excitement of turn-of-the-century nightlife and technology, but in the end, after being hunted down by the Terminator, we see glimpses of the fearless and unwavering assassin and Terminator protector she will become. to change everything i mean kyle needs to go back in time to change sarah and become jon's father but to do that the future war between humanity and skynet must have taken place and jon must have existed for kyle and the terminator is returned, but while this is glaringly contradictory, the first film subscribes to the determinism of the heart, it suggests that time is prewritten, in other words, Sarah is compelled to become the battle-hardened woman and not die. in the end otherwise jon would never have been born to trick skynet and send the terminator back in time in the first place i guess you know the father is so i wont tell him miss when i met him and john never said much about him i know he dies before the wait i dont want to know the film presents a future where humanity fights against the machines it created leading to a binary conflict between man and machine and This split features a variety of other man/machine binaries that are most easily seen by comparing the way kyle and the terminator interact with the world while kyle is careful to preserve human life the terminator shows complete disregard for it while kyle is entangled with the emotion that the terminator lacks and while love interrupts kyle's mission, the terminator fixates only on one target, this is reminiscent of the ridiculous paper clip apocalypse, this absurd but chilling thought experiment proposed by nick Bostrom in 2014 addresses this very divide between the way humans and machines understand and interact with the world.
Its configuration is very simple. Imagine a future where a super smart AI was given a simple task tomake clips. At first, the AI ​​will start. Starting by copying the human process of making paper clips by taking the usual raw materials to make as many as possible but continually wanting to expand by taking more and more resources without caring for other purposes or industries soon the vast majority of the world's resources will be diverted to this ai clip mad and the world will be flooded with clips this will likely result in humanity trying to shut down the machine but the threat posed by humanity would mean the ai could no longer serve its purpose of making paper clips which mean artificial intelligence he will want to fight humans to continue his goal of generating the great paper clip wa r after winning the battle against humanity, he would eventually go on to develop intergalactic travel to strip the universe of all resources so that he can continue making paper clips as absurd as sounds like this thought experiment taps into fears about how I A resolved may fail account of factors outside of their own goals this is very seen within the terminator where skynet designed to be evaded humanity has turned on us for exactly the same reason the ai clip did because it realized that the Humans were an existential threat to him, but instead of pessimism despite the inevitability of the next future war this series offers a different choice whereas the first film can seem incredibly deterministic almost to the point of helplessness Terminator 2 on Judgment Day thrives on the idea that the future is not predetermined but is constantly changing suggests that we have destinations but those destinations can be altered or avoided, leading john connor to exclaim that there is no destiny for what we do, a mantra that has become the rallying cry of the resistance, so the foot chase down an alley where the boy and girl are running from the character from uh arnold the terminator comes jumping through the fire and goes through the windshield to catch the girl when talking about the first movie cameron tells how it started The idea of ​​mixing science fiction and horror came to him in a feverish nightmare during his working on the production of Piranha also in Italy he dreamed of a creature with a metallic torso with kitchen knives that was engulfed in flames and went on to write the script while staying with his friend, science fiction author randall frakes, who incidentally i would write the novelization of terminator and terminator 2 on judgment day that nightmarish element is present in the film the setting is dark and desolate which adds an eerie atmosphere to the chase scenes and even the more grounding moments when sarah and reese are together In the tunnel, Cameron had been asked by the people at Orion Pictures to shoot more scenes in daylight due to budget constraints. ias, but cameron refused believing it was stylistically and thematically crucial to keep the majority of the film set at night, aside from the dark streets of Los Angeles, things always feel eerily out of sync, there is the literal sense that Sarah and Reese are totally out of sync with time due to Reese's time travel, but there's also an aesthetic side to this sentiment, the way the Terminator moves slowly and disjointedly has a dreamy edge to it.
Cameron described his thought process for these moves during the making of the Terminator retrospective in 1992, where he said that what I found effective in Terminator was to do a slow-motion build-up or subtly slow-motion where you almost don't notice and turn into a dreamy rhythm or that time dilation when you experience traffic. accident and it's happening and you can't stop it and time seems to stretch out this effect makes the viewer feel the same disorientation and terror sarah is experiencing as the gym i really think we can create uh the full size endo and get a lot of acting out of the ordinary Real doing it with puppets and animatronics, the effects performances and ai themes ahead of its time make Terminator awful, but I can't forget to mention that The music from pulsing synth soundtrack composer Brad Fiedel gives a the film an ominous and disorienting background. in particular the time signature is at 1310 which is not a beat that comes up very often it turns out this weird notation was caused largely by accident due to budget constraints federal was using various synths and sequences which he had to scuttle by hand as a result.
He ended up with this slightly odd beat that had a distinctly haunting feel to it. Most of the endoskeleton work was done in stop-motion animation. He wanted it to look as real as possible. He always struggled with how it was going. In order to get what he wanted, the various stop-motion effects used in the film by Fantasy 2 hold up incredibly well to this day. A two foot tall puppet was created for the stop-motion sequences b and model maker doug beswick it was important to cameron that the audience believe this robotic exoskeleton was actually schwarzenegger so he ordered the actor to limp in the scene before the exoskeleton was revealed, his lip matched the door from the animated models perfectly and this was sold. the experience, but it's stan winston's innovative use of stop motion puppetry and special effects makeup that you have the film's fantastic visuals to thank initially cameron assumed most of the film's action would be made up of stop shots -motion but winston showed him that desirable effects could be achieved using full-size puppets, instead his studio created a full-size, portable t-800 puppet that puppeteer shane mahan wore strapped to his back, while others Operators would control the signature glowing red eyes via remote control. you're making your first film that you have any objectivity about what you've captured you never really know what a film is going to do until it gets in front of an audience, strangely enough this iconic and mystifying film was really hard to pull off.
All these behind the scenes tidbits make it obvious that Cameron had clear vision and an eye for detail that makes horror of the terminator sell but at the time cameron only had one movie credit to his name piranha 2 a movie from the that he tried to distance himself and his own agent didn't think he could get the project off the ground desperate cameron ended up selling the rights to Terminator to producer Gail and listened for just a dollar years before their marriage even the Terminator himself wasn't totally sold on the movie Though Schwarzenegger ultimately fell for the iconic villain while reading the script, he and Orion.
Pictures didn't really think the movie was that important, they essentially viewed it as little more than a b-movie and the actor admitted as much in a recent interview with g. q i think they treated it like a b movie but jim cameron showed me some of the footage i was like this is really intense it wasn't until he saw the first cut of the movie that he realized he was part of something big while stan winston and his team brought him to life. The design of the t800 was actually created by cameron. Winston and Cameron went back and forth on designs, and the director encouraged the team to make whatever modifications they saw fit, but ultimately Winston and company stuck with the first design. what cameron came up with from there winston and seven other artists worked together to make a terminator puppet out of clay and then cemented it into plaster that was reinforced with steel to create the exterior of the exoskeleton shane mahan says they would create pieces out of plastic and then pass them through an electrostatic process to apply a metallic finish; however, he and the team quickly discovered that this method resulted in a large amount of chipped paint during the action.
Scenes that required them to patch up various pieces of the puppet with aluminum foil and paint by the time t2 came around they developed a more durable chrome plating process and I read the script and immediately could relate to the Terminator character much more than the heroic character initially . this wasn't a gym idea and frankly i wasn't happy about it it's hard to imagine anyone else as terminator but believe it or not annie wasn't the first pick the pictures of orion actually suggested o.j simpson is the protagonist, but cameron rejected it. because he didn't think he made a believable killer a bit ironic because you know cameron had worked with lance henriksen previously and was actually intent on him playing the terminator he initially envisioned the villain as someone who would blend in with the crowd he was hiding in his synthetic flesh camouflage;
However, once Arnie signed on for the role, it became apparent that the T800 would not attack covertly or hide. this six-foot bodybuilder wouldn't blend in, so the character became this indestructible beast that is ultimately more terrifying, of course, Henriksen would later play the role of detective vukovic. What about when he went through the windshield? He was probably on PCP breaking every bone in his hand and wouldn't feel it for hours. Linda Hamilton is amazing as Sarah Connor and as the surrogate audience is arguably the lynchpin that sells the film's credibility. Hamilton was cast shortly after filming Children of the Corn.
Slamming actresses Gina Davis and Patricia Arquette, her portrayal of Sarah Connor in the film is truly impressive once you realize the full scope of the character she plays, though the 19-year-old we see running around Los Angeles is hardly a leader of the full-fledged badass resistance, but he's not one yet. Your average damsel in distress, either one is written in the script as having a vulnerable quality that masks the strength that she doesn't know exists. TS Hamilton essentially had to play this unassuming young waitress, but still be just enough. strong enough to make it believable that she would later become the gun-toting heroine we would see in later movies.
Watching her grow over the course of the franchise is incredibly rewarding and this movie sets up character development perfectly arnold read the script and said ok i want to play this terminator guy so jim went from almost ready to fight him a thats a good idea oddly enough schwarzenegger was initially auditioning for the role of kyle reese which would actually end up being played by michael beam they met for lunch and arnie kept talking about how he thought the terminator should act he wrote in his memoir from 2013, he recalls becoming obsessed with the villain while reading the script he told him. cameron that there should be no joy or gratification or victory lap the purpose of the terminator is to complete the mission and nothing else and the director immediately turned to him and said: well, since you analyzed it better than the way I wrote it, why don't you play the terminator?
The rest is hi


at first Arnie wasn't too interested after all the terminator is only 17 lines and a total of 65 spoken words still the villain has a powerful presence and schwarzenegger's performance would set the tone and become the column backbone of the film series to come the terminator was cold, violent, ruthless and had no emotional range or connection to his words or actions and almost never showed a facial expression beyond his flat cold face speaking only when he intended to. involving others for information or as a form of distraction almost four decades later the terminator is still definitely one of the most amazing sci-fi horror movies of all time this is wild i mean i don't think we've ever seen anything like it before the way it was filmed the way it was lit the way it was directed the whole thing was really very very special well that's it for today a folks if you enjoyed the video don't forget to like and subscribe to stay up to date on all my content and yes if you have any other suggestions feel free to leave them in the comments below as always been a pleasure niath here with the movie comics


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