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The Summer I Turned Pretty's Lola Tung Shares Her Berry Lip | Beauty Secrets | Vogue

Jul 14, 2023
foreigner and I'm going to guide you through my skincare routine and a fairy lip makeup look. I'm starting with this portion of good molecule in my brightening toner and I just use my hands, then I go in with this herbivorous lavis oil and I take like four drops and if my skin is very dry I'll do more than that as I grow. I mean, I felt like it started after I got the stuff in high school, but I started getting really bad, like breakouts on my forehead, I would wash my face and use it like the slightest moisturizer would make my skin worse.
the summer i turned pretty s lola tung shares her berry lip beauty secrets vogue
I really started to learn how to take care of my skin properly, probably well. I was filming the Summer Debris season and then I came in with this Cloud moisturizing pink herbivore. Next I used Westmin. Atelier, when I have those dry spots and it's hard for makeup to sit on top, this is just Save the Day and I've tried to create a skincare routine and a makeup routine that is completely cruelty-free. I feel like there are a lot of brands now that I've moved in that direction and it's always been something that's been important to me, so next I use this cocoa sunscreen.
the summer i turned pretty s lola tung shares her berry lip beauty secrets vogue

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the summer i turned pretty s lola tung shares her berry lip beauty secrets vogue...

My mom was very adamant about my sister and I using it when we were younger and reapplying it throughout the day. I was always the one kid who said, "Everyone's applied their sunscreen, but I like it. I'm going to say that next. I'm going to use this Ilia lip balm, it has a cooling effect, it has a mint type scent. I love it." ". It moisturizes my lips before doing a bold lip because I feel like it makes application so much easier so I use this Rose hibiscus herbivore spray just for The Vibes so I love these lip tinted eye masks that we got sent a bunch to the set. and we use them all the time and I love them so much that I bought them for my mom.
the summer i turned pretty s lola tung shares her berry lip beauty secrets vogue
One thing that became a little difficult during filming was self-care. Surely you know that you work long hours and when you are not there. set I guess you're sleeping or not necessarily like we were hanging out all the time, which was amazing and wonderful, but I think that's what I had to realize was like, oh, I have to sleep and take care of myself in order to have energy. to give one hundred percent on set, this is a time of self-care. Next, I'm going to grab this Urban Decay eyeliner that I've probably had for too long and I'm just going to lie while I'm letting these guys sit for a while.
the summer i turned pretty s lola tung shares her berry lip beauty secrets vogue
I like to make like a really small wing and just blend it out a little bit. Sometimes it's unpredictable, it's already a mess and I take it like a little smudged brush and just put a little bit of eyeliner on it and you're going to apply it with this revitalizing cocoa eye cream and it has this lovely applicator which is also very refreshing, so I grew up in New York City, I was born and raised and growing up here has definitely influenced my style. and my makeup and I are part of the artistic community here and everything has influenced that too, but I'm going to jump in now with this Merit Beauty Minimalist Concealer Stick in Doom.
I love this stuff and then we used Thrive mascara for this


. The sponge is from Beauty Bakery which is a really great brand and is also cruelty free and vegan. I think clean products have definitely affected my skin and probably changed it for the better. I mean, this was all new and probably hormonal like last year. but I will say that even I had a very different skincare routine a year ago and I look back at photos from that time in my life and my skin was


unpredictable and I feel like I haven't had any crazy breakouts in a long time. uh, Halo luminous setting powder growing up, I spent a lot of time with my grandparents, my mother and grandfather's parents were Chinese and my grandmother was Swedish, so I'm very grateful to have had those connections with my Swedish and Chinese heritage.
It's been really great Also being on a show that centers on an Asian American family and working with amazing Asian American actors and creators and I'm so grateful for this experience it's been the best so let's do some eyebrows let's do it next. take this Merit eyebrow gel that I love. I really got some of the sweetest, most thoughtful messages and, you know, I also had some of the best in-person interactions with fans who are so happy to see an Asian-American. The family on screen and those who just opened their hearts to me know what the show means to them and as a human being, I mean, there's nothing more you could ask for than that and then I'm going to use this uh.
NYX Freak Control Eyebrow Gel, this is also a chef's kiss. I'm going to use this uh Merit blush in rasp


Berlin and I love it and it goes with the


lip that we're doing today. I'm going to use this Merit lipstick. So it's just that bright light moment where I've been working with Coach a little bit recently, which is very surreal and they're great and now, with this Branch Coachtopia, their commitment to sustainable fashion is like nothing I've ever known. . seen and oh hello very little I had the privilege of going to the uh Taylor Swift concert with the lovely creator of our show Jenny Han.
I had so much fun shouting those songs and it took me back to every era so we had a couple of Taylor Swift. songs from the first season of Summer performer, which was unreal, the teaser came out and Taylor posted it on her Instagram and Taylor Swift my face was on her Instagram and I thought, what is life? It's wild and wonderful. I have this NYX butter gloss that I had a lot of. many NYX butter cups, this one is on brownie drip and I'm going to put it over the edge for a little longer so we have some new cast members this season oh my god Kiera Cedric and Elsie Fisher I can't believe it.
I work with both, they are wonderful. I am often asked the classic question which team are you from, and you know, I will always be with my answer team. I think it's up to her and no one else tonight and me. I can't even tell her what to do, I should follow her heart. I think we're done. I'm going to flip the hair a little to get the full look. This is it and I think it's the perfect look for


if you want something natural. and bright and easy and a little touch of color on the lip.
Thank you very much for joining me on this journey. That's fine thanks.

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