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The Square Temple! | Learn to count 1 to 100! | Maths Cartoon for Kids | @Numberblocks

Jul 17, 2023
one two two main cars the double Dungeon of Doom should be right here no one can get in but maybe two could double one plus one equals two two main cars one two two parts which way should I go you go left I'll go to the right makes a life not alive rubber the worst kind will have to be careful one two one two one two one two managed to get this way we need someone Legend says that this


holds the secret to finding an even bigger


than 16. bigger than me there is no possibility I am a very big


oh hey that is me and that is me with air those two oh there I am and I a wall of squares one four nine sixteen oh no the pieces have fallen oh so We'll have to work and see for ourselves.
the square temple learn to count 1 to 100 maths cartoon for kids numberblocks
Can you spot a pattern? look a lot of one makes a square two lots of two make a square three lots of three make a square four lots of four make a square then what comes after five then this image should be a square made up of five lots of five, let's figure out five rules with five tiles in each row, eh, now there's something you don't see every day, an alien, up, oh, that's where you live, up, up, Don't worry, space buddy. cadet, I can send you a rocket home Hold on tight ten nine eight oh, I think he's building a tower oh um, I think you'll need more blocks than that, I have tickets, let's build a tower.
the square temple learn to count 1 to 100 maths cartoon for kids numberblocks

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the square temple learn to count 1 to 100 maths cartoon for kids numberblocks...

My turn, that sounds like fun. I didn't even know it. Could I make that shape Can I play one two three four five six please make me some building bricks the twist of light cheese bread cheese bread cheese sandwich cheese cheese cheese octoblock pose one two three four five six seven eight cheese that see my turn very well Oops, sorry, sorry, cheese, I don't sneeze, why do I always sleep? Sorry, here's an idea, oh, that feels so much better, no more sneezing, I'm cured, wait, this isn't right, we're having hiccups, okay, good day, that looks unbeatable. has lost a wheel, let's look at that again in slow motion ten wheels minus one wheel equals nine remaining wheels minus one equals nine 10 is out of the race as nine takes the surprise lead.
the square temple learn to count 1 to 100 maths cartoon for kids numberblocks
Good day for it and what makes it really surprising is that there is nothing. last place too well next to the last key paddling an automatic block race one two three four five six seven eight race and it's in trouble those two Roblox are about to go oh eight turn your hands seven eight nine that's the difference three one two three you can fill in the space that is the difference one and if the difference does not come to mind you can now


the gloves instead one two three four five five the difference is five so what is the difference nine minus six is equal to three that is the difference three? nine minus b equals one, that's the difference nine minus four equals five, that's the difference five will break the difference and everyone will see what the difference is between you and me oh, I'd love to be you, but I'm too big .
the square temple learn to count 1 to 100 maths cartoon for kids numberblocks
I need to lose something, but I would love to have some of your talent, what makes you two and others don't. I can walk through a door, oh that's the difference, I could get into bed, oh that's the difference, and if the numbers don't. get in your head, you can


the extra blocks instead wait where is five, we can't start with a five and friends dance without five, huh, why wait? Just look and you'll see that five is here as part of me, ready five and one one five. who has a five in me I also have seven I have five and two five and two I have eight one five and three five and three and four and I have ten I have five and another five five and five hey look five five hey wait there's a lot of fighting here now but we are a six seven eight nine and ten we can start the dance until all my friends are here and let's go find them wow, this must be the two palms and look five five oh, what happened there? um the blocks are red like me so maybe I should go first red red red red red they are all red bad red pattern red unlocked colon oh my can Orange uh-oh the second one is red uh red orange red orange oh continue with the pattern oh red orange red orange red orange red orange finally find me yes yellow oh no, welcome to the big big the three labels are a ten twenty Thirty Thirty balls wait there's more I'm three tens, which means that too Wow, if you like it , you'll love this next ACT for which we need another 10.
I'm 40 years old and I'm a big squirrel. You're not a square, oh no, I'm not. I am a rectangle. I love rectangles, oh. Would you like to see my collection? I have many different ones, tall, wide, I even have square ones. Squares are a special type of rectangle. You see the four sides. Thank you. I will jump into the unknown. Great welcome. Are you the legendary table sign of the times? The first time with me and you'll see that I like those who are like me. You'll find out what I do. It's not an X, but it could be a clue.
You can search but never find a tag. I can see I'm one of a kind, a table oh wow, I've never seen a table that could fly before, well that's because I'm no ordinary table. I'm the fun multiplication table one in a wonderful world of wands when it comes to fun I'm the one with tons so sing if you can have fun we're the only ones in the multiplication table time please and I'm told we can see a little bit of this morning's tanned friends training session. in the rhythm find your ten friends go go go that's it make those tens ten friends one and one eight and two seven and three six and four five and five I'm friends the same friends so once you meet your tanned friend you can do 10 jumps that's the trick is to find your friend ten along the way come on six let's show them how to do it equals 14 extreme let's see that once again in slow motion eight plus six there are two eights ten friends who have done the ten hello ten fans two came from six to leave four tummy tuck Square flop oh two rays and two The riders wanted what would ten do oh two can ride two rays of course and the friend of two is eight another even number and I have 10 more than ten so I can be 18 and two two five nine two rays and go away either if ten can be eight and two then I can be eighteen and two oh twelve and eight change from four to three write the lift up and away find four dice inside this cup level four four better go up four fours I would need to be the luckiest number in the world of numbers that's all I need a seven if ten can be seven and three then I can be seventeen and three or three don't say it I think this is more yours something like that seven pretend I'm not here one oh what's going on where am I two two birds Hello birds hello drops welcome to toland another falling also there are two of us two or four two two make a square another two and now I have six two lands they must be playing a bad trick two four six only even numbers how strange I mean how even I like this game I think it's great bye six and hello eight hmm it's raining tools activate defenses automatic lock umbrella please tell me what's happening in two lands my friend where every number is two more than the previous number I like things that come in pairs I like ears, elbows and knees I like pairs of gloves they are like wings and wellies and water skis When you count slippers or fins or shoes, this is the method you will need to use the table for twos one two are two two two out four three two are six are you keeping score? four two are eight five two are ten six two are twelve are you ready team there might be enough, but why should we stop now?
Get to the top now ten two five twenty it's time for footwear work boots and wellies, flip flops and slip-on jellies and sliders sturdy spiked shoes shiny black tap shoes slip-on bubble strap shoes for bicycle riders super fast with velcro and laces let's keep the rhythm and count all the shoes and two by two one pair is two two pairs are four three pairs are six now eight of two tens twelve fourteen sixteen eighteen twenty Evans even beats the demons odd blocks one three five seven nine bars tens probabilities odd blocks count it tens and ones 10 20 21 22 23 24.
I wonder if we will ever find out my q22 oh can I help? I love exploring numbers and know my place in top positions. width and height and more change rotate change rotate Hello friends, welcome to the rectangle Retirement seeing what rectangles a number can form really helps to solve them completely when I discovered that I make a 2 by 11 rectangle I knew once that it was a matter of two halves Twelve turns out well, you can make many rectangles. I am a super rectangle. I can make different rectangles throughout the day and it takes the whole day at that pace.
Some of the super rectangles like to go a little faster. How rectangular is that answer? What you are looking for is very rectangular, in fact do you think you can help 23 and 24 find their rectangles, whatever shape you make with your blocks the pattern wall will be copied, oh no but I can help you, a surprised cow, but now let's loosen those blocks and Make some crazy shapes now let's find a clean piece of wall and see what we can make octoblock Press one two three four five six seven eight tessellation let's try it Square cross Square cross Square cross Square cross right, let's explore some patterns you're guys doing a tens and ones pattern right now like this yeah ten ten one that's a good first step it helps you see where you fit into the pattern of counting numbers oh yeah I'm between 26 and 28 and I'm below eight and eighteen now I see what shapes your blocks can form.
The rectangles are the signs that you can do this. 26. Look deep inside yourself. um, I can make a team of about. How about a dance number? Can you form a team of two? I think so, one, two, three. four five six seven eight nine ten eleven twelve thirteen of them that's a lot to remember it was fun good luck out there thirteen two 13 two I'm 26 and I can do whoops what was it again oh yeah don't say it two thirteen well I liked that's my chair two tens two three next 26 thank you hello 21 are you there? maybe she took the elevator wait a minute agent 15 here you might be just the number I've been looking for follow me the talent show is just to cover the real work continue down here big numbers first to give them a chance to run and hide , see how many different blocks of numbers they can tag to 24.
The bottom 20 become the teams, there are 12, the first of the Hunters looking to tag to 24. you need to stay away from two, three, four and six, yes, numbers smaller ones starting to look for an early tag at 20. and wow the team of ten gets a 10 second freeze and 20 safe, for now just Eva five, the team of five is off to a fantastic start. there they only need 15 to complete the set and here they come four nine for two two spokes and Far twelve for two super dummies Hug I can't ride five spokes but I can go on three yes, but the only weird track is actually shorter A race of no way we go up more than one six five three three we go up and go straight, what clue can you take the ring three or the win rate 24 the Ray actually seems shorter, that's the tip of 24x1 and three five six four by six better get my skate song see you later crocodile our team Focus blocks my turn to roll it's not my turn I win and you lose Power square two by two three by three naughty me not so fast Dr. naughty what are you doing taking you for a ride oh octonaut now? in 3D you will never escape my dimension hmm hmm what is that?
Maybe someone needs a big bucket like me to come. Wonder Cube anyone? What is this? Who are you? I am 27 years old and I am. If there is anything better than a picnic it is a square Club. picnic here one go with the old blocks picnic I'll be there soon Club picnic day is a busy day for me tell me we both have the passing squad picnic later you two 21 see you there three wow I've never seen it like that many clubs it is the 29th day of the club picnic. Finding your clubs helps you discover what you have in common with other number blocks.
Do you fit in with the odd blocks? Are they pairs? Come and find out the rule is when you're standing two blocks wide if you have an odd block up you're on the odd blocks I did it. I fit the rule. I fit in with the odd blocks. I thought you might finish in nine. You see? and any number that ends in nine is odd. like me and me welcome to club 29. I like the helmet, it's nice to have something to show. I will remember. Are there more clubs I can join? We are going to explore.
Everyone knows Square Club. Oh hello. I thought it might be fun. start three, you're early, I mean, you can't come, but it's the three club meeting, yeah, but beautiful day, why don't you go bird watching first? I love bird watching, great, see you later, oh oops, I forgot my trinoculars, try the binoculars, oh some. some kind of fifteenth party she told me not to let her come in I better not let her see me two three that's six thank you six you arrived early yes only me definitely not three remember what you do nolet three in Authority how exciting but we're not supposed to be here let's go before it's six hide quickly oh three three it's nine hello nine 49 starting the rainbow test flight all systems checking seven by seven wish me lucky oh yowzer didn't get that high but I just invented the rainbow square I guess you have to try to get lucky there you are like that I have a lot to show you I'm 64 years old and I can be a strong square a chess board a super rectangle eight octoblocks or even us super Cube but today I want to show you a little trick I call binary boosters using the power of doubles to send any number flying first.
I divide myself into 32. I have 16 and eight and four and two and one and one more to press the big red. button then you choose who uploads one of me and none of me and one of me and one of me and none of me and one of me thank you foreigner

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