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The Skeleton Coast Adventure

Nov 12, 2021
Octo-Agents, please report. -Explore! -Rescue! Protect! Octonauts! Far beyond. The Octonauts and the Adventure of the Skeleton Coast. Adjustment, I need a little more engine power. You got it, Captain! Thank you. Hold on tight everyone! We're being tossed around like a ball of wool in a sea of ​​cats! Yeah! Phew! Dashi, can you check the storm tracker? Does this storm look like it will end soon? I'm afraid not, captain. Now there is a huge wave heading directly towards us. Uh oh! Octonauts, prepare for impact! Octonauts, is everyone okay? Report please. It was a wild ride, captain. No one was injured at headquarters.
the skeleton coast adventure
Cap. Come quickly. Our drinking water is leaking. Octonauts, grab a bucket... or a boot. Grab what you can and let's save our drinking water. Above! All that water in the ocean and we can't drink it. Ocean water is too salty to drink. It would make us sick. And there's a desert on the other side of us, so every drop of drinking water is precious. Water. Helicopter. Things are definitely looking up. We're not the first to be shipwrecked here on the dreaded Skeleton Coast, my friend. The "Skeleton Coast"? Is it really called that? Actually, Kwazii is right.
the skeleton coast adventure

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the skeleton coast adventure...

It's called the Skeleton Coast, because of all the boats that get stranded here after a storm. Oh no. I hope we are not stuck. Don't worry. We will return the Octopod to the water. Come on. Good job, Octonauts! Now that we have set up a water station, let's get to work on the Octopod. Well, Cap, the good news is that I can fix that crack in the side faster than you can say "buncha munchy..." Ugh, sandy carrots. What is the bad news? The bad news is that I'm still not sure how to get the Octopod out of the sand and back into the water.
the skeleton coast adventure
Don't worry, Tunip. I'm sure Tweak will reconnect all the pods. Or maybe we won't put the capsules back. Or at least not yet. Cap, if he could turn these arms into legs... We could take the Octopod from the beach to the ocean. Exactly! First, I'll fix that leak. The rest of us will tie ropes to these arms so we can get them into a walking position when you're ready. Octonauts, let's do this! -Yeah! -Good idea! I wonder which of these is the home button. Now, connect these ropes to the arm of the game module. Vegimals, start with the garden pod arm.
the skeleton coast adventure
Kwazii, Peso, we'll take care of... What's that? It's the Gup-H and someone is at the controls. Arrest! Please give us back our gup! I'm sorry! It's an emergency. Hey, I'm getting used to this. Yeah! Stop, you filthy thief! I'm not going to steal your helicopter, I'm just borrowing it. The name is Paani and... And you take our water! It's not for me, I'll take it to... Do you know how to fly this thing? Not precisely. You? Not precisely. But that has never stopped me before! The Gup-H is still tilting down! Uh oh! Maybe water is too much of a burden!
Get ready! You crashed us! We were already colliding. I made an emergency landing. You are injured? We're fine, buddy. Captain Barnacles, Peso, this is... Where did he go? There is! This is Paani, the scoundrel who stole our water. Alright, Paani, tell us what's going on. Now I have to find another way to get this water to some thirsty animals. They won't survive without it. "Thirsty animals"? -Why didn't you say it in the first place? -You never asked. We are the Octonauts. Our job is to help all animals, wherever they are. Well okay. Everyone comes to this waterhole in the desert.
Doesn't a water well already have water? It should, but it doesn't. At least not at this moment. Oh darling. But why not? The water well needs rain to fill it, but it hasn't rained in a long time. Then there is nothing. Not a drop. Animals in the desert travel a long way to get water. If it's dry, they may not be able to find water anywhere else. No animal can survive long without water. You are an expert in this water crisis. Oh thanks. That's what I do. I am a hydrologist. A hydrolo-what? A hydrologist. A scientist who studies water.
Exactly. I let myself go. Water doesn't stay in one place. Oh no. It can appear here and disappear there. Right now he has disappeared just when the animals really need him. We are happy to share our water. And we will help you deliver it. I appreciate your offer, but how can you help? You are shipwrecked. And crashed your helicopter. Emergency landing. We are the Octonauts, Paani. We always find a way to help. Octonauts, to the water station! Octonauts, meet Paani. We need to help him bring water to some thirsty animals and we have to travel through the desert to do it.
We don't often cross deserts, but I think I know the right person for this job! The Gup-X is my hardest gup! Tough enough for this desert? To tell the truth, we have never tested these treads in hot desert sand. We will have to do our best. Kwazii, Peso and Dashi, they are with Paani and me. Tweak, the rest of the team is with you here at the Octopod. Octonauts, to the desert! Oh darling. What's that noise? We have some sand in the gears, but so far so good. This water we are bringing to the animals will help, but what we really need is a little rain to fill that water hole.
Let's check the storm tracker. Good idea, Dashi. Maybe some rain is coming. I guess that storm that crashed the Octopod into the sea didn't reach the desert. No, nothing. I'll keep an eye on the storm tracker, things can change quickly. It seems that the water well is ahead. And a good thing too, because it looks like the Gup-X is about to fail, Cap. If you're looking for water, you're out of luck. None are found here. Not even a little bit to wet the beak. Don't worry. We brought you some water. In that case, it's a pleasure to meet you.
We made it...barely. We sure are thirsty. We haven't had water for days. We have more than enough water for some little birds. Your worries about water are over. Uh-oh, drink up, boys, because here come the elephants. "Elephants"? Elephants! Are we there yet? Almost, little one. I can not wait! This is my first time at the watering hole. I'm going to take a big drink of water, then I'm going to splash around and wash off all this sand, and then I'm going to cool off in the mud, and then... Why do we stop? here? I don't see water. -Mabel! -Paani!
It's so good to see you again. -These are my new friends, the Octonauts. -Hello! Nice to meet you. Any friend of Paani is a friend of mine. Mabel and I go back a long time. I'm so thirsty! Wait, give me a moment. What is she doing? Desert elephants can smell water hidden underground and then dig for it with their trunks. It's a clever trick. Oh my god, this area is completely dry! I don't smell any water hidden underground. Well, thanks to Paani, we brought you some water. But I'm afraid there's only enough for everyone to have a drink.
That's better than nothing. Everyone form a line! And only half a trunk per elephant, please, so there is enough for everyone. You go first, but take it slow and easy. You are still learning to use your tongue to drink. -Perhaps you would like a little help? -I can do this alone. First, I use my trunk to suck in the water, then I use it to pour water into my mouth. Just look! Oops, I missed my mouth. We are still thirsty. We rest a little and then we will have to continue looking for water. But we've been walking for days.
I'm too tired to move on. I'm tired! Everyone, please calm down. Follow my example. I feel dizzy! Being too thirsty for too long can make you nauseous and dizzy. You need to rest, we'll get you some water. We also need to find more water. But being thirsty exhausts us a lot. Ha! Tell me about it. I know how to smell and dig. I will find water for everyone and do it all myself. Captain, Paani, something new appears on the storm tracker. Look! Rain clouds. These don't seem to be going away. It seems like it will rain there but not here.
If the water does not reach the animals, then we will simply have to take them to the water. But how? They are too tired and thirsty to go that far. -Barnacles to touch up. -Hello, Cap. Tweak, is the Octopod up now? Yes. But, Cap, I can't guarantee this will work. We won't know until we try. Attention everyone. It seems that the rain is not reaching us. So we'll take them all out into the rain. What is big enough to transport a herd of elephants? That. Flappity fins! Am I seeing what I think I'm seeing? Yeah! It's a beautiful sight, isn't it, captain?
Of course. Hello, down there. Wait, we're missing our little one. Oh no. Are you sure? I'm sure that! But where would I go? These look like his footprints and lead to the desert. Oh no, he's walked away. I have to find it... As soon as I get over this dizziness. You need to rest. Captain, I'll find him. If you don't mind me telling you, I think you should go on without me. These animals need water and fasting. Agreed. Find the baby elephant, call us on the radio and we will pick you up. Good luck, Peso. Here, have this.
There are only a few sips of water left, but it's better than nothing. Thanks, Paani. I should better go. There is no time to lose. Don't worry! I will find your little one. Oh no! The wind carries the elephants' footprints. There is! Hello! Hello! Hello? Stay here. Weight to Captain Barnacles. Go ahead, Weight! Captain, I found the baby elephant. Good job, Weight. We'll pick you up as soon as... Sorry, captain, we've lost you. It's probably because of the sand. Understood. Keep trying. Captain, are you there? Captain? Oh no, the radio doesn't work. Flappity fins! It's a sandstorm!
Wait! I'm coming! Or you could go down. That works too. Oh! I'm getting sand in my eyes! There. That should protect your eyes. Thanks, that's better. This should work for me just fine. And drink some water too. All we have to do is wait for the sandstorm to pass. -Here, hold my fin. -Thank you. Captain, look! It's a sandstorm. Steady while moving. Cap, I'm not sure how stable it can be under these conditions. It looks like one of the legs is stuck with sand! Then I'll go and unclog it! Paani, any ideas on how... Paani? Where was he?
Kwazii, do you... Kwazii? Oh. We have to remove all the sand! There! You could have asked me for help! I didn't think I'd need it, but thanks. Kwazii to Captain Barnacles. Paani has the Octopod fixed and I have Paani. We are ready to go. Excellent work. Let's move! We did it, Tweak. The Octopod gave it its all. Good news for everyone! We have reached the water well. Hurrah! Looks like these clouds aren't going away anytime soon, right, Paani? It should rain any minute. But where are Peso and my little one? I'm keeping an eye on him.
Dashi, keep trying to get Peso on the radio. -Captain, look! -Mother! My little! First Peso found me and then he protected me from a sandstorm. And then I thought he smelled like rain, so we followed the smell until we saw the clouds. And so we found you! I'm so happy you're back. Thanks weight. We were a good team. He is a very brave elephant. Finally it's officially raining! Well, Paani, it looks like there's a new water well in the desert now. These animals would never have made it this far without your help. I couldn't have done it alone.
And we could never have done it without you, Paani. That's why I think we should work together from now on. I appreciate the offer, but I'm not an octanaut. I like to let myself go and follow the water on land. Of course, but what if you could call us whenever you found something bigger than you could handle yourself? Now, that would be helpful, I have to admit. Well, Cap, we sure have our work cut out for us fixing the Octopod. And I have an idea that will make our work even bigger! Octonauts, welcome back to the Octopod.
Tweak, you have made it like new. Oh thanks. Ah, it's good to be back. Captain, I'm ready to explore! Rescue! Protect! And to help us achieve this, we added eyes, ears, whiskers and paws from around the world. Ready to try the Octo-Agent alert system? Ready, Captain! Calling all Octo-Agents. This is Captain Barnacles. Report please. Paani here. Pearl here. Tracker here. Min here. Natquik here here. Ranger Marsh present and accounted for. Calico Jack is here, folks. And Pete too. Wait, captain. This is awesome, but where is Dashi? Good question. Activate the Octoray. I'm on it, captain. No matter who needs us, from the beach to the desert, from the bottom of the ocean to the top of a mountain, we will be there.
Octonauts, let's do this!

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