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The Show Must Go On - Jesse Linares - Razored Bob - 2:30 PM Eastern

Jun 26, 2022
As a community we come together because our goal is the same, which is to improve the lives of others. I think what makes our education stand out is that we don't really represent ourselves or our own level of taste when we offer education. the people we want to develop as their own style their own flavor we are interested in helping you be the hairstylist you are and improve them the way you would like to improve we are just going to provide content and material to help you get there whats up everyone? I'm Jesse Linares with the San Via art team, here to talk to you a little bit about the razor this afternoon.
the show must go on   jesse linares   razored bob   2 30 pm eastern
Many myths and mysteries around the razor. Lots of feelings about the razor but when we realize it's just a blade on a stick there's so much more we can do with it just removing that connotation reinventing the tool to become something else a lot going on this weekend thanks for joining us on the



go on our first live interaction tive hair


it all started when we had to quit abs chicago it's one of our favorite shows and we really like chicago so we were bummed and decided ok they say no we can guess what we're going to do anyway.
the show must go on   jesse linares   razored bob   2 30 pm eastern

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the show must go on jesse linares razored bob 2 30 pm eastern...

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the show must go on   jesse linares   razored bob   2 30 pm eastern
Thank you Redken for all you have done for us and me personally so we got a lot to talk about here we are going to get a lot of feedback as we go please ask content related questions so I can answer them we will pick a few from time to time when and we will give you those answers if urgent please expose it we want to talk so let's consider razor balling you today. Why did we choose the Bob just because it's a basic haircut? All this you may need to do this and be able to do this to work behind the chair so I'm going to show you a very simple section with a slight disconnection and detachment nothing very noticeable oh you may notice there may be a little bit of float on this , but shedding and razor cut is not something that just flies into your face and says look at me it means we have a lot of myth and mystery about the razor that terrified me and I didn't even know why until my mentor put me one in hand and he told me to do it so we're going to talk a little bit about a protected razor today we're going to use ours this is our sam via razor it has an amazing chrome body so it's very scratch resistant stains and corrosion it has a twist lever that way you can keep your finger locked into the ring if you want and then move the razor to where you'd like to use it so now why razor cut we haven't seen or one in a long time you know there really hasn't been a razor cut that's dominating the industry and dominating the trends right now and in business if you've been in it long enough you know if you haven't heard from it a minute get ready because you're about to be breathing down your neck so here's a way we can do a basic haircut with the razor and just talking about it's fund emphasis on fun and then get into a bob cut very easy so n Now you can see what I have done here.
the show must go on   jesse linares   razored bob   2 30 pm eastern
I've already started a bit on the first two sections of the mannequins. Sometimes hair is a bit finicky when it's shorter, so I wanted to go ahead and cut those two sections off. and blow-dry it, but what we're basically going to do is work with a little bit of inspiration from the fundamental breakdown which, if it's in our first segment this morning, we talked about is basically a way that we can go into it from the head, break it down into its main parts and then make our haircuts more organized and easier to get to you, just as we talked about the breakdowns above – there are simply paths to an end result that you know you can choose a different breakdown depending on the kind of cut you want to do so we're going to take inspiration from our fundamental breakdown here and we're going to work primarily with the two partings that happen at these horizontal transitions or the so-called back corners on the head we're also going to take a center parting that you can see we already have it and then the rest of the configuration is like our previous cut, the parting down the center back will continue until that connects to the natural part at the front of the guest's head, so once again don't go dead in the middle like we're sometimes taught, but then work around the natural parting that the guest has given us here there is a question if that razor uses the regular feather razor blade refills these are actually proprietary blades made by us.
In a crack, I've jammed a feather blade in there, but the spine is made of metal and then our handles are made of metal. nice and long they are double sided allowing you a chance to rotate the blade when you are done with it our blade overall we were going to prefer one end of the razor over the other personally i tend to live a little. towards the front, so when it starts to talk a little bit, you know it makes the sound, then I turn the blade around and put it back there. Some blades don't give you that option, so it's good to definitely recommend our blades. working with the partings that occur here at the horizontal transitions or so-called corner reverses, we will place our comb flat against the side and then take our hand or another comb if you prefer to make it flat against the side of the head the back of the side where make that corner that intersection we're going to draw a vertical line right there from that vertical line we're going to bring it up to the crown of the head and that will bring us there lemme hand it over and take a check yeah that looks pretty good make it turn clockwise right so once we have this first section that leads us to the top we're just going to save that initially before this pre-cut that the line just got all the way to the tom bot there and then we work our way up there which is to About to show you Linda has a question.
Do you change the blade every cut? Yes, sometimes twice and I make sure to do it in front of the guests as an aside. You know when I choose. this thing pulls out the old blade and puts a new one in there you know it sends a very quiet but effective message to guests hey this is sanitary this is just for you and i'm not skimping on the unit cost of the blades after taking into mind a box becomes a little less than a buck a plate so she or he's worth it go for it change those blades i'm going to complete that section here on this other side right here finding that corner . and bringing that parting directly up once I have those two areas I'm going to push these sides aside one more time just for the moment and there's that step here real quick I put a clip on this so what we've done so far is cut These first two sections that I'm going to move out of the way and you can see r Right here, we start at the hairlines and then we work those diagonal hairlines forward.
The stripe is designed to mimic the intended path of its perimeter. Let's put it like this a little bit so you can see how when that line moves forward if I lower it. here that will be the line that we write for our perimeter so your sections will be parallel to that idea it just keeps us organized as we go across the head so we're going to take our first parting here we'll take about a one section inch, those two sections we already finished one and two very quickly and then we dried them in place. The advantage of that is it will allow us to see this haircut a little bit better as you go up sometimes when that cuts it off and it starts to air dry a little bit on the mannequins if you cut it too short the hair can get a little bit picky and they don't want to stick their head out a bit so that just keeps us from having to see that the first two sections away we're just going to use one clip or both in there now then we're going to continue this part forward following the same line and there we go, now we're on the sides of the head, this little lock of hair, you know? that's what I love about our fundamental breakdown is that it puts this strand of hair where it actually lives which is the side of the head which in the past I always referred to as the back many times in my bobs that I found myself I myself directed this hair back to meet a cut line I designed at the back of the head when actually that hair belongs to the side, so eventually I began to realize that the excessive direction was leading to a weight accumulation behind the ear.
You know that big bad guy we always have to go back and deal with back here or we put the hole back in there or we're too scared to put the hole back in there and we pack on too much weight and you always end up taking our blending shears. go back and take care of it so that we're going to deal with it where it actually lives on the head side okay the first few cuts we're going to follow this line that we've created the angle of our finger and the position of the finger or the rotation of the finger , if you have it that way, it will be parallel to the party what I don't want to do is stick my fingers in and this happens very often you can see the line that we created right there the fingers should be parallel to that line if I'm not paying attention to Sometimes I can actually drop when this happens to me is when she has her shoulder there I'm wearing the shoe that it is and I'm trying to get it over that shoulder to make room for myself I'll end up twisting my hand a little bit just to get the blades up there and when that happens , I'm going to get some unwanted elevation at the ends of this section, so when we bring our elevation up, we're going to use 90 degrees to the head shape, which means wherever it's on the head, they're going to go 90 degrees. s from that point so it will look something like this down here the elevation was lower it's a vault boy thanks for noting the consequences 3 90 degrees here 90 degrees here and as we head up we'll see 90 degrees mirrored in different ways so 90 degrees above the head I'm going to make sure my first cut is slightly apart or slightly disconnected from this.
Here's my first long that happened at the top of that subsection. If I bring this in and mix it up then I'll start to perfectly mimic the round of the head as I move around it won't pack that length and weight like this so with just a little bit of detachment I'm going to allow it to elongate a little bit more and increase your weight this way instead of rounding your head nicely a little more moisture here we have prepared our lady today mrs. Lydia here with some richens one United one of my favorite super primers I call them it's not just a foundation it's not just a leave in conditioner it's a lot harder to categorize ok so the first section is the other guy that I had before I landed out there.
I'm going to want to come out maybe an inch past that keeping my elevation at 90 degrees here comes the razor now I'm going to bring this up vertically as I'm cutting to my left so in my right hand I'm going to work this like this which is the blade angle perfect? That's what no one can tell you we know for sure it's going to live somewhere in that range of about 30 to 45 degrees depending on the unique movements of your body and your razor so just know it's somewhere in 30 at 45 degrees just find that big spot you're looking for the hair just melts in front of you doesn't feel like I'm really having to work too hard when I'm razor cutting chase that feeling just looking for that good feeling where it gets removed the hair and it feels great there goes my guy i'm going to let about a one inch blade come up vertically parallel to the hair notice if the section moves like this the blade is coming straight against it perpendicular so i don't want to be on top of it, to be put on at graduation or later.
I don't want to be under because that's going to undermine. I just want to take the weight off. long with nice D in strokes you know medium stroke for me on this one and sam spends about an inch taking a lot of volume off the ends there but not so much that it starts to look stringy so that's our first section now. we're going to turn this around and chase our way to the side we're going to take a little bit of the hair that we just cut that's right there move thisaround this way get this out a bit i'm going to try and turn just so we can get in there a bit someone told me they couldn't see very well so there's my guide and i'll get on top of it one more time keeping the low shoulder making sure the blade goes in perpendicular to the section and working about an inch more than that you know you turn your finger up as you go and that will close the gap between your fingers and allow you to get what you want.
Mr. Phillip Barwood calls the finger Mohican, he is from Australia. Amy says what kind of hair you wouldn't do this on. Well, I'll give you a personal opinion. I don't like to believe in absolutes, so you know say you just can't. do this or you just can't do it as soon as you say absolutely no one is going to do it and make it a success story what i will say is this um be careful read the canvas or the cloth. the one you're working on if it's very fine hair then you might want to make your strokes a little shorter and not so long you know as Sammy says ends need friends so I don't want it to go there and take off so much here that it starts to looking stringy with really thick hair it gives you a little bit more permission to go a little bit longer a lot of people say that at the ends of the hair and that i would avoid that the way i have done this kind of thing i have done in almost every kind of texture and I would say with care and love do it you know I'm getting older and a little more experienced like behind the barber's chair I'm starting to realize you know it's actually a lot of the rules I used to believe in I really don't believe a lot if you can find someone who will say yes if you want to do it you know we used to make up so many rules about things and then things like hair raising and other organizations that are kind of young man who are just shredding all our ideas. about what's prim and proper and the haircut, so never say never work vertically, perpendicular to my section.
I don't want to go all diagonal because I'll be putting gradations or layers in the hair instead of just removing the length and weight for last. section on this side and I'll go over a little bit and then perpendicular to that section and we can see the shape start to settle in there a little bit we're not going to use the blow dryer for this segment just because it makes a lot of rack et and so just use your imagination with me and we'll see the benchmark again but let me put this in place Marilyn says how did you prep the hair?
Shoot hair always stay wet once again let me tell you I know there is no absolute rule for this today. I used wet hair for many reasons. Wet hair on camera only shows the sections a bit cleaner. With razor cutting, the moist air will definitely ease and make it easier to trace what I mean. it's on dry hair what to do with it on dry hair if you hit it wrong this thing is going to shave the cuticle so wet hair it's like cutting with scissors or a razor it's just more flexible it's going to give in to that blade a little easier I reckon that this is true, especially when I'm working on a longer stroke, just that fluidity and then a bit of the right prep product, whatever you think it might be. dry not so wet that t Hair behavior is no longer recognizable but not so dry that I feel like I am using a cheese grater on my hair when I put my razor on and it says what do you say to the client when they freak out? when you pull out the razor well most of my clients don't freak out if they start asking you questions then there are a few things you can say that will help you earn that right one of which is you could say what ever I mean is I'll tell a guest that if he shows any apprehension he might say oh I don't know I had a really bad laser cut once and I'm like okay tell me what do you remember that was bad that's why nine times out of ten it's a blade blunt i mean literally nine times out of ten tell me if you remember that cut i just looked like it was pulling my hair i kept hearing this terrible sound well those are the characteristics of a blade that needs changing so that if they start freaking out, I just explained that you know this is something I'm passionate about something that, um, you know he's good at, not very good at, but you know well enough to use the razor and then I started telling them what will happen if I use the razor on her hair, usually when I say things like that, you know what I love about the razor because of its particular texture is that if I use it on the razor it will take some of the volume out of those hands, it will give us a little more freedom within the form, you know whatever terms you want to use to sell yourself that way, but it's never happened to me that if I approached someone with good information and self-confidence, they'd tell me they just can't do that , never been told to me now in that way, hope answers your question, thanks for that, ok, really it's about communication with guests and how we present our ideas to people. things also this is what makes me different than and then set yourself up for success ok well it was interesting that i just went ahead and set up my next two sections here so i'll stand here i'll get under here and look at our section previous, we will have two places. where we can check ourselves out the previously cut section will show us where we last landed so we can make the decision to go a little further than that if we want to if we continue going through we will continue towards build that wait this way where is the point reference?
You can definitely see that in it where the weight builds up you know we don't just round with the head that there's actually a ridge to the layers there where they start and then start tiling underneath so wherever you want the layer to be first section I'm going to raise it 90 degrees take a little bit of my previously cut section with me when you see that guide there I know if I want to start blending it and make the layers shorter than I can c leave it there or if I want to keep increasing the weight I'll do it a little quick now here's one of those Nonna cardinals and Jesse says it's okay if you're using a guarded razor there really isn't much you can do to yourself so don't be afraid to put it in this business and if you're going to cut yourself a bit there are other razors i would say you should think twice if you make a fake move with a bare blade couldn't have been a trip to the hospital i got one that p i use there twice i love it but it makes me bleed is it necessary to use a bare razor on your haircut um i will say this probably not you know there are certain end results you can achieve if you use a bare razor but is it absolutely necessary to create cuts that look like razors?
I don't think so, the guard razors we make now are so buttery and so smooth and the learning curve is so short that really anyone who picks this up is going to be qualified to use it now I'm going to cut perpendicular to me a little bit I took a lot of classes shaving in recent years yeah take your camera and tilt it slightly down so you can see a little bit more of the head oh sorry guys I missed that yeah I'm 40 so no I can have the mannequin up here, I didn't realize it was so low, how come? get out of the picture so everyone will be thankful awesome you can move your camera however you need to show them what they need to see good job ok sorry everyone keep going i get excited i get excited sometimes i forget what's going on so here they are now on the side of the head and now we have two places that we can check ourselves look we have the pre-cut section that's on the same row that we're working on and then below there we'll have the pre-cut section from the bottom you can see that difference in length right there on an image for one to land there this comes down a little bit on top of it so we're building a little bit more length and weight out and away from the head so 90 degrees up from the head there I see my cut above section I'm going to go in through the top but I'm going to hold the plate like a pencil and like I'm kind of writing a love letter to it s haircuts dear haircuts I really want to meet you so when we put it there perpendicular to the hair one more time and then just work your way and a nice middle stroke continues down 90 degrees with a little bit lower on the hip now as you can see and that will take us here once again going in through the top like a pencil blade perpendicular to the section good medium strokes used to be very afraid of razor cutting like i said what raids are they using i see santa bay and me Cynthia does three times ok this is the truth just one type the handle is the same for all but we see I meet you with three different blades so this is the standard cutting blade or what we call the straight blade and then it comes with two different variations of sort of a slicing blade or a channel cutting blade which are pretty awesome not for all cuts but when you want to do something a little bit effect os specials there you go the reason we send you all three at once is we have some badass riders that want to have all three blades set up at the same time so they can have all of them on there when i bought a pack for my trio it was like buy one for me buy one for me as a backup give one to a friend so whatever works for you someone's going to win one here today so work on my next section let me switch her up a bit y'all there we go there's a bit of my previously cut section right there ninety degrees off the head and then just working that blade perpendicular to the section right on the next section just take a little bit of the previous cut section as a guide right there I make sure the position or rotation of my finger is parallel to the parting blade that comes perpendicular to the subsection and then I started cutting and we'll just shape this and see what happens a little like I said. we're not going to dry it out because it kind of kills the audio but let's see where we're cooking as well you can see here are the things that obviously don't belong on the right we left it there just because we're going to go back and clean it up at the end probably we'll take the tip of our razor or the front of the razor and just push that in a little bit to make sure that Dylan looks super solid and remove any links that we don't need to get a good look at these last two sections on top I twist or so that you can see this is where we are this is our little interpretation of the fundamental breakdown a center line parting and then those partings in the horizontal transitions that work their way out there two little sections that I'm finally going to raise 90 degrees and cut right here In fact, that may seem a bit big, why don't we just split them into just two more about an inch sections for ca give one? a very easy haircut to follow in the salon that's one of the reasons I like it because I didn't have a salon I get very involved with my clients what's wrong with them I want to hear their voice let them talk about their life a little more 16 years behind the chair I really have a special relationship with my guests and I like to hear them talk so I love having haircuts under me in my sheath here that will allow me to get to them without too much fuss let's get some of this from the bottom so here we are going up one more time 90 degrees from that spot on the head there is my previously cut section I'm going to choose to move that up just a little bit the reason I move it up is I want to continue b Build up the legs and the weight away from the head and don't round towards the crown, just the end, bring the tip up a little bit and make those cuts. just turn on just kidding okay or my next section 90 degrees from that spot here we go there's the hair underneath I'm going to choose to run that through a little bit and take it off yeah that fits the shape nicely working this one more way click stop in that so that's those two sections there and now we're going to work as if we had a couple more sections on each side could you use scissors and maybe cut this haircut to get the same effect if you can't use the razor in your clients hair, well I'll answer you two different ways, firstly yes, and firstly no, you won't get exactly the same result if you use scissors and a blender, could you? emulating that effect and taking it pretty well where it would absolutely convince anyone that you can swipe the cut from the inside to mimic the razor effect and then definitely use a point cut with your blending hopper to mimic that effect as well to reduce the bulk of those ends and give them room to breathe okay just bring it in we've got one more section to do on this side here we move about an inch in and that will leave us with about one more section here before we get to the natural separation right there so that's been one of my big mantras behind the chair in the living roomUltimately they are letting everyone have their natural goodbye and letting that become part of the action plan. and resection of the fringe and do something completely different so let it be in the mix and a horizontal cut like this where we're doing the setting of the parting and then cutting so that it really resolves the very natural asymmetry that we'd like to see happen in that shape you know because the asymmetrical parting or the guests chose to wear it a symmetrically is to make the haircut we could have cut symmetrically asymmetrical if that makes any sense let me say H sentence which again is that we cut a symmetrical shape in someone as soon as they move that parting from the center line they choose to wear it symmetrically so this is one way we can create the asymmetry for them that way they don't have to make the haircut look lopsided cute medium strokes but definitely need to get behind the razor guys and bye I mean ladies and gentlemen make sure. that you're in the mix because it's only a matter of time before someone gets a razor cut that we all want to be able to do.
I remember the last haircut that I feel really set things in motion. One thing like that was Victoria Beckham's fancy little bathroom that used that thing that was truly unique for its time and then also created a lot of invitations and education, which which is good for us, okay, yeah, making sure we stay 90 degrees to the head. it's very easy when the shoulder has to get involved for us to get a little lazy so make sure you know I might have to buy myself a little box to stand on to try this next time I have this mannequin here. on my toes making sure i stay at 90 degrees here comes the razor perpendicular to this section and nice medium strokes push that down into shadow very nicely we're working our way up to the top here we go the last few sections here at the crown and these go going up now that's going to be your 90 degree position from there so I'm going to extend that past the guide which as you can see falls off from time to time I'm going to hold this like a pencil but I'm going up and then i do my strokes good tension required i called for this move if you have a lot of slack in your hair it will pull away from you so i did about half the cut and then the tension between my knuckles eased a bit so i am going to do a resection to be able to do it. last little bit and let's make it perfect the same one here now this one I want the blade movement to move like that so I'm actually going to go under like this and point to where the blades move up so I'm going to lower my body making sure my finger position is still parallel to this part lower my body get under perpendicular to the section and then do my cut and I lost focus there here we go we're perpendicular to your section right there that way you I'm taking length and weight off and not reinserting layers or undercutting which would mean we're going a little too far this way or this way Lori says I think it's hard to do a five to six week trim on a razor cut which ones are your suggestions? that's a good one because everyone i raised our cut is not a razor cut every time i sometimes admit i work behind the chair.
I'm having a little fun sometimes my hand gets a little heavy and I could text his eyes. a little shredded factor on someone they still love me and will be back for more next time i see him i can go after that with more of a coin cut slider cut idea or using the combination she is like someone mentioned a little while ago you don't have to do the exact same thing every time No, so the guide on the back determines the length around the face. about how important that detail is for our model here to know that the dream situation we created for her is that she sits, looks in from the pivot point, rolls, does whatever, so she'll say guys do whatever you want but if someone comes in and says I just want you or take half an inch off my length and I wanted to lean like that then you might want to go in and set that perimeter first and then your sections would be very easy to see where they belong because the implied perimeter line is already set we were using those sections imagining the way it would go if you already set it there first there would be no mr.
So go for those awesome questions guys thanks a lot the last section here on the left hand side I'm just going to split the chunk to control a little bit I have a little bit of the previously cut section here as a guide elevating this once again 90 degrees from that spot will be here and I'm still going to go past the guide a little bit just to make sure we're building a little bit of length this way like a pencil blade going up and then I bring it all up. the way down, working a little lower on the head.
Now I'm at the vertical transition and a little lower, so I'm bringing this up like this. Let me turn it around so you can see this cut. we go 90 degrees from this spot there we go one more time there we go and the blade goes up losing tension right there so I'm going to do a resection for the final little cut right here okay now this side of the head is complete because we worked our way to the natural parting, let's just look at the side of this for a second, so we can see, can you show a close up of how you're holding the razor? now look at this line that we can see on the bottom side we're going to turn it into the light a little bit you can see where that implied line is there we can see what we're going to want to take in a bit we'll take this to the other side just a few so many more cuts to make here looks like we're getting it right at the right time thank you very much for your questions i don't know if you've ever tried talking to a computer and working on a mannequin and in the privacy of your own home but it's daunting and I'm a nervous guy to begin with so the idea of ​​talking to a group of people I sometimes can't see.
It makes me nervous, what's wrong, Andrew? Hey, she was really asking you to just hold the razor up front, like, while you're cutting, can you just show them what they look like? because that's the guy technique you use is kind of unique, can you just hold your whole hand in front of your well? In fact, I'm going to split this up and see if I can get it right. on camera for you sweet here let's wait i'm going to try this might get a little weird okay so working from the back here and i'm going to be under a little bit now so to me i'm not a very cool guy to put my finger on in the hole, I could grab it a bit, but when I feel it slide down and hold it like a fist there, I don't really feel like I'm in control.
I don't feel the razor is very sexy. I don't know if that makes any sense, but you know when I put it on my hair I wanted to have some fluidity in a nice movement and I wanted to feel like it would slide only if I have so much of a clamp that I feel like it forces me to use a lot of my arm so that working this way I like to see the analogy I use when I'm on the road is one of how I am I think of the little kid who would hold the pencil and move it like this and be like oh my gosh look it's ending so you really don't need a lot of tension to control this the blade is razor sharp no pun intended so it will do the job quite easily the place where you put the most tension believe it or not is the hair if you can put that on the hair then it will give you a sweeter result without having to work the blade is hard so you can see a lot of tension here no she will burn that up there we put a lot of tension on the hair and then on the blade I just hold it like this.
I let that little one rest. the little crook in my hand there, you know, whatever you want it to be, I think he's got a really nice buy, like a really nice grip right there, and then I can turn the blade where I want and work my way. I hope that answers his question, the man got it right, we put it down, we just discuss what's up. The meaning of the spiders on the arm just asking is a long story that I would love to tell but I would feel bad wasting time here with such a short story.
I have become a bit animistic in life and so on. spiders started out as a bad story but ended up being something about, you know, just noticing how we assign the importance of life according to their size and so chewing on that a bit catch me next time we're at the hair fair buy Give me a beer and I'll tell you everything, but thanks for asking sir, okay turning this up to 90 degrees and now I have to put myself in a bit of a weird position. I'm too short, so I'm here and the blade brings the plate. on top like this and i work my way up like that there is no wrong way to attack this really whatever works for you whatever makes your guests smile and come back for more i'm glad you're wondering about about spiders it's a talking point when i first got my tattoos i wasn't thinking about it every time i'm like oh pastor fall it was the auto section at walmart someone's going to smack that arm and ask me what's wrong you're sliding your fingers as you cut to Christie good point I'm trying not to hope I don't but maybe I'm a little sorry last couple they walked an inch more you'll have to forgive me.
I'm going to lower this a little bit and drop it. I'm literally going to have to stand on a box here. to lift it up and drop that head down, do you have a front hairline guide or not? I know I wanted to be longer in the front and I know that but at the end of this cut I'm fine I was going in and taking a little bit more off the bottom so it's very forgiving if you do this cut to someone in the front lounge. and you're trying to do it like we did today without setting the perimeter first I would say leave it maybe a half inch longer than you think you should because I'm with a lot of razor cuts usually there will be a bit of clean up at the end, some little debris or intruders that need to be taken care of especially as you work your way around the hairline I do this in the salon all the time and that's always a fan via Argentina I promise you that if we show you something online or on the go it's something we know works because we're using it ourselves and monetizing it in the salon.
I know that's true for Ana, Andrew, myself and Sam, so just know that the field-tested customer approved it to work, we go back and blend in at the end, maybe a little bit, but not too much. I know a lot about what makes the razor cut so great and so unique is that it has a bit of a feel like on your face. In this case we just wanted to create a classic shape in a way that allows for a little more looseness at the end if you're trying this Working with me at home you know if you're not used to using the razor that cut is easy to do it produces a good result and it will also make you more familiar with the razor, most of the razor cuts I am teaching these days. they're designed to get people familiar with the tool because as an industry we're not a lot of razor connoisseurs and so at that moment I hate that moment when a guest happens to walk in with a trendy cut or some image on Pinterest or what-you-have and she says you can do this and you look at it you know it's a razor cut and you say I can do it with scissors I can do it like that you know and it's not that you can't reproduce the results for the ghast or the client but I know it's about the feeling we had at the end of the day we went home defeated she asks for this I couldn't do it and then there's that critical point where I'm okay with just accepting I can do it I won't do it now Fake it until I make it or we get up and we try to master these techniques not only for our own gratification but also for true discipline in the meaning that is I am how to delight our customers who are the ones doing what Let our world happen so that's the idea folks you know so we've got a little bit of cleanup work to do back there what I love about it is that where that cleanup needs to take place it's pretty obvious there's no belongings there and you can see where that shape just bends over and gives it to you, so picking up the reference point again. hit that spot with it yesterday and this was the only difference between those two cuts is I took the razor and just worked the front through there nice and tight and vertically just cleaning up that line and setting up a nice loose perimeter that has a little bit of movement for us we flip you inside out if you're a fan of that natural pivot point projection idea there you go this is what it looks like and you can see each section is slightly cropped from the last and that it's what gives us this nice weight buildup without seeming too fussy and too disconnected because the sections we were working with were small enough thatyou can get away with a small amount of disconnection and that was the idea you might have seen me do. a haircut like this on the go using just the blending scissor another fun way to create texture, but at the end of the day guys remember that whatever tool you choose, as long as it's making someone happy with it, you're making a good job don't let anyone boo about your work because only two people's opinion matters to you and the guests so make sure you're doing good job and thanks for letting us help you in any way we can what's up Andrea hey buddy we have a winner, who's the winner?
Is the trio of razors okay? So the trio of razors in the red pen pack goes to you our friend I apologize if I messed up this name you idiot Fergus from Oklahoma nice awesome congratulations keep two for yourself give one to a friend yeah , and i wasn't kidding, that red can shampoo, man, that biotin bleach repair system. me a goose girls feel amazing i mean the hair is already amazing but i cant stop stroking it. energy and i like your natural comedy you bring things so my life is a comedy ok couple things before


is done here we didn't have a fitbit update in the morning i think they figured out that we were having a challenge with the code if you're looking at ng for pivot point website discount it doesn't actually read the code anymore you can just go they just change the prices on the website so don't worry Ernie to co-create discounts on the pivot point website for Jesse to be asking about the head sheets, so I think if you're okay with that, we'll do is end this.
We have a video of our friend Suzanne sperm from Redken that will play right after the video. She could leave him. your head up for maybe a minute or so so they can take some screenshots or whatever they want yeah what I'll do is I've got a couple from this morning as well so I'll do like 30 seconds each page and then delete them perfect that would be awesome yeah closer we'll go ahead and play that video of susan on the sturm right now so stay tuned for that and then right after the video we'll have


put it on focused on Jesse's poster so you can get some screenshots thank you all see you tomorrow hello I'm Suzanne Sturm vice president of education redkin us and there's a quote that sums up but what we're all going through today is from Einstein out of the disorder find the simplicity of discord find harmony and in the midst of difficulty find opportunity and we at read can know that this is the most difficult time for all of us in our industry and we want to be that opportunity so we want you to be one to our education so we can all know what to do when it's time to get back in business remember we are here for you and together we can get out of this and be a stronger industry remember Redken loves you and I love you well and bringing you closer if Anyone want to see your fundamental breakdown first?

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