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The Scariest Night of our Lives.

Apr 19, 2024
radio at a fast speed and you start asking questions, you could make out one word and that's the answer to your question, here we go, so this is what you're supposed to do. it sounds like this and then when you sweep like this we'll plug it into a speaker because it's low volume but you start asking questions and then if you hear one word that might be the answer okay guys so let's go. We're not using the Estus method right now, we're actually just going to try to communicate through the Spirit box with the speaker so you guys can try to hear some of the words in case we miss them because it's hard to make out the words. . but sometimes it is very clear if there is any spirit in this house that we can communicate with, let us know by going to the reverse house, what is your name, they do not like to cooperate if there is someone here in this house with whom you have made some of our ghost teams explode.
the scariest night of our lives
We are just trying to ask him his name clearly they are not cooperating with anything else we ask them should we do it in your room because look nothing has happened since 10 15 minutes probably we moved into my room we literally couldn't hear anything with this, you can usually pronounce the words easily, so we'll put all the equipment here. I'm also going to set this up in front of the door careful someone calibrate without you there again they are here look they are here oh oh my god oh my god please step away from the device now walk in front of it it's time to start the S this method right now now same okay, okay, now we know why we stopped any activity in the living room because they came here for anyone who doesn't know what the Estus method is.
the scariest night of our lives

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the scariest night of our lives...

I'm going to sink in with these noise canceling headphones and they're I'll be plugged into the Spirit Box so I won't hear anything around me. They will blindfold me so I can't read people's lips. The REM capsule has not fired. She stops when we walk towards her. How does this work? Does it make any sense, I'm going to place it, man, it's right in front of it, okay, if you can move towards that red dot that I just placed next to the coffin-shaped device, it won't hurt you if you go towards that antenna, the ghost is literally right next to the door yeah okay mom is going to throw them because the cap balls aren't in that range where they should be shooting constantly so let's wait for that Polish cat to stop that silence it's crazy with the one you have become very well known for. the music box, if you are still here, let it be known through the cat balls or the REM capsule.
the scariest night of our lives
I never asked anything and he did it for me. I never just don't understand, it doesn't sound anymore, he got caught. I'm still getting distracted, I don't like the attention. I feel like, oh, now I'm letting you know that I do like attention. Can you make something other than the music box play, like the cat balls or the REM paw, yes I think? we only do the Estus method, so with these headphones on when I connect to the Spirit Box I will only hear the Spirit Box, not any questions you ask. I won't see your guys lips move because I'll be blindfolded and we'll see if my answers correlate with your questions, OMG I hate this part.
the scariest night of our lives
I've never done this before in my life, ever, and you don't want to start right now, no, you don't want to watch. Great, in front of the viewers, you can hear how loud it is, right, oh wow, no way I'm listening to what you guys say. They are ready? Yeah, oh, and he's blindfolded too. You can't listen, you can. I don't see it, okay, Brian, can you hear what I'm saying? If you can hear me, who is my favorite basketball team? Okay, is there something here with us in this house? Oh, oh my God, holy, Jasmine said, holy, I'm not even lying.
The question is is there someone here in the house with us and that one just when he asked and then I can't feel the bottom of my life, they said just move, no, in a demonic voice, I'm not even lying, I thought you heard that. That's how they took them off. I can't hear anything guys so the camera overheated right when we started the Estus method and that started beeping non-stop once the camera turned off bro. I don't know what to do, that's so scary. Oh, what the hell, we're waiting for the camera to cool down and then we'll continue, but Jasmine says, I don't want to lie to you, but I was saying jazz.
Should I die now? Oh my god, did you like it? You listened? that we don't even have it up there that's what I'm saying is that they use these devices to also respond whether or not there was a sound up there and we don't have enough series that's the ceiling up there there's no good camera now I'm going to go back in, it's okay guys I'm turning it on are you still here with us in this room? Ask me, what do you want them to take you? Where are you taking you? We are crazy, where were you kidnapped at the door of the real world? the door right now here oh my god, are you the same person who was here that


My dog ​​was barking. Are you a nice ghost or do you mean unknown harm? Are you here for us or for the previous owners who lived here? your feet brother, where are you now? Keep in mind guys, Brian can't hear the questions we're asking and we're still getting answers. Why are you here? Reserve Booker, my dog, I call him reserve all the time. Have something? with my dog ​​it's my dog ​​who are you here for wait said attack did my answers make sense yes we said we said like who are you here for what you said it said book no no yes and then uh by your feet and we said where are you and then you said here brother .
I just hear a fit when I hear things like that. I feel like I have to take them off. Do any of you want to try this? I'm good personally brother. I want that to go horrible. literally non-stop, it's crazy that when we stopped this, we turned it off, that hasn't activated, okay, when you're ready, if you ask questions from this close, you might hear, don't be far away, I need to touch you good. Okay, hold my hand like this. I already asked many questions. I think you should do it. If there are spirits in this house, let us know if you are here right now.
Are you a boy or a girl? Sometimes it is difficult to understand the words. I don't care that you're walking in front of the music box all the time. Are you here for Jasmine or Brandon or my dog ​​Booker? Good morning, are you a good spirit or a bad spirit? There is no way out, no, no, no, no, no. no, no, you're stuck, run, no, I said, run two, no, yeah, are you stuck, okay, camera overheating again, it's like the fourth time, I know this kept ringing so I moved the cat balls on the bed right there I'm just going to set up the rampog where the music box was like over here and then I think I want to put the music box in front of the bathroom and the doors open so let's see I'm sick and tired of hearing that jingle, okay, for more answers.
Go back to the Estus method again Jasmine, what was it like the first time? Scared. I'm going in. Well, honey, we don't have a name yet. Can you please give us a name or why you are here? Are you still in this room? Here with us, can you make the music hurt? Are you in pain or do you want to cause us pain? Holy, wait, wait, wait, breathe clearly, like wait, just as the walls creaked, no, in the room, you hear the sweep. I heard him, he was silent and I listened. and I said: are you in pain or do you want to cause us pain?
Anyway, there's nothing up here, there's no stairs that we don't have up or anything, so all the sound we hear is very strange, okay, here we go, are you a good spirit or a bad spirit do you need to close something 15 es that your age is 15 years old yes oh you are 15. What happened? Why did you die at such a young age? Earlier Brian said you can't. run now run hey brother we hold on wait wait wait constantly saying run now now it's okay brother every time you put it on it says Rob we should get out of here did they answer us?
I mean, he's 15 years older than you. he said taken and what if he died because he felt like he was kidnapped we said boy or girl he said something he didn't say and he didn't answer the name but I'll say it when we move the music box away from the door it hasn't made any sound so I don't know that's it weird, right? Why does she say Jasmine? That's weird though, maybe it's a girl, maybe the name could be Jasmine, or sometimes they pick on you. All I know is that we're not. Sleeping here while we finished the Estus method, something strange happened to Jasmine so we finished the video and I was packing up and then Jasmine's finger started bleeding.
I never started bleeding, you didn't hit him with anything, no, I just came in his mouth. just as I thought the


was over you won't believe what happened at three in the morning when I was sleeping my doorbell keeps ringing Lola is crazy right now and it won't stop ringing like she listens I have a security guard at my house and I called him because it was ringing non-stop and he told me that there is no one at your door, friend, what do I do? She rings non-stop and I hear the ringing non-stop and I ask him, brother, what's going on?
I thought people were spamming it. What the hell bro? What is wrong? It has to be oh, wait, okay, stop, oh my God, I was so scared you don't understand, but it makes it even scarier that there was no one even at the front door. a good night oh that was scary well at least everything is okay guys this was an intense investigation there were so many scary events that happened in one night let us know in the comments below if you saw or heard anything that possibly we missed it, make sure to like and subscribe and we'll see you in the next video

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