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The Road to Baby Ace

Dec 24, 2021
weighing more or less So, four pounds, five ounces, roughly, and that gives me an expiration date of June 1 or thereabouts, okay? - Yes, I said quarter past four. - So four pounds, four ounces is a very good estimate. That's a good size. - Hey, raise your hand if you think you should have Floyd in your name. (the family laughs) - I'm dead. OMG this is hilarious. - You're supposed to be on my side by now, man, you can't tell me this now. Oh man. (R Kyle Lynn laughs) - Your first ultrasound. - Hmm. -How was the? -He was fine.
the road to baby ace
I'm excited. I'm ready. - You were wearing the perfect shirt. - I put on the perfect shirt. - Looks like me. Just say it once, come on, come on, just say it. - Hey, he's got your mouth and nose so far, but that doesn't mean... - He looks like me. Just once. Let me hear it. - You have a penis. (family laughs) -I'm so glad today's ultrasound went exactly as planned, and Zach is still happy to finally see his son. I want to put one of these as a frame. I just need to find out which one, but I can't figure out how much, - He looks like me. - No, Zach, he looks just like me. - Let's see. - No, go straight.
the road to baby ace

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the road to baby ace...

He has your mouth and your nose. Everything is fine. And he's going to have my eyes, okay. -He will grow up to look like me. He'll be fine. Thank you for today. It really meant a lot. You didn't have to work to do it and make me happy. Not just me, your whole family; your mom, your dad, your sister. This was, I don't know. This was great. I honestly feel like I'm aware of all the things I missed. - Reached now? - Yes, I feel like I'm fine now. I'm glad the


is healthy. The weight of him is, you know where he's supposed to be, so... -Have you got your fix? - I definitely have my solution.
the road to baby ace
I saw her little feet, he slipped, he was joking. -He is a cute boy. - Yes it is. - Did it make it feel real? -Yes he does. He definitely does. He is simply perfect. - Come on, look at this little face. -I'm excited to show Ryder the photos and see what he has to say. - I know, me too. -And let her see his bear. -You know, being able to show her and include her in some way makes her feel more excited, so... (Ace's heartbeat is heard)-she's going to be scared if she hears this at night. - Hell yeah.
the road to baby ace
Ryder's going to be like, - "Ma" - "Ma the bear." - High five? - High five. Thank you for today. You deserve a kiss for that and a hug. (Zach kisses Cheyenne repeatedly) - Ew, (laughs) we're in the


's bed, gross. - Everything's fine. (transition music plays) - Today is our baby shower, and even though I'm excited, I'm still looking forward to how the venue will look. I just want it to be perfect. I just want to see. - I know you're looking forward to seeing him. - I just want to see. (Music continues) Honey, it's so cute. - He is so cute! - Hello!
It looks so good! -Girl, he did an amazing job. -I had the worst anxiety this morning, and he looks. (music continues) - Wow, yeah. - This is where we are going to take the photos. - Oh, and this is our favorite place. - This is where we're going to keep the balls in the ball pit, Ryder. I don't want to see balls everywhere. - Breast! - This is so cute. - It looks, it looks very good. - Big. - Yes. Hello, it looks very nice. - Thank you, I'm very glad you like it. (upbeat pop music plays) - What's up baby? - (indistinct) - Aw, look how beautiful.
Everything is so beautiful. - Thanks. - Hello, Cheyenne. (upbeat music plays) ♪ Because the world doesn't stop for me ♪ ♪ We don't stop for anyone ♪ (upbeat music continues) ♪ Are you ready to have a good time ♪ - Oh! - Ryder, remember, we're going to keep the balls in the ball pit. - (indistinct), Go ahead. ♪ Come on, are you ready? ♪ - Hello everyone! We are about to play a game. Who can drink faster? - If you win this, it means you've been on the nipple longer. - Oh. - Five, four, three, two, - Wait, can we take the lid off? - one not!
Let's go, Let's go, Let's go, Let's go! (guests shout) - You win! You did it! We have a winner. - That was hilarious. - Alright guys, our next game, we need three volunteers to change a baby. - I'm going to light the candles and blow out the flower petals while you're doing this game, so after this, we can start saying, "Hey, we've got a surprise for everyone." - Well. (guests cheer) - (groans) (blurred) My heart is pounding. My heart races. - Come on, oh, the poop. - You have to clean up all the poop, remember that.
Go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go. Oh, come on. - I don't know who won this game. - All right, give these ladies a round of applause for participating. (guests cheer) - Zach and Cheyenne, we have a surprise for all of you. We know they only asked for diapers and baby clothes, but us aunts and mommies divine couldn't resist giving them a real treat, so we're going to blindfold them all and then take them to their parent reveal. gifts. - What, my makeup. I don't want a blindfold. - It's silk, you're fine. - It's silk, it's silk. - It's silk. (laughs) Thank you, Ry, thank you.
I feel like my lashes are going to straighten. - Okay, come on, get up. I will hold your hand. - Well. - Oh, I got up too fast. (music playing) (Zach laughs) - You're fine. - You are well. No, we clear the way. We clear the way. - So where's Kyle? - We're going too fast. - All right, we'll slow down. - Oh, that's nice! Oh my God! - What is? What is? - My God, that's so beautiful. - Are we okay now to take it off? - You are well. - Well. - Ready, set, reveal. - My God, who did this? - Wait, come here.
Where are you going? Give me this, get this out of here. - I thought it was a crib. (Guests laugh) - 12 years later and I have you right where I want you to be, and best of all, this is right where I know you want to be too. Making the decision to bring life into this world right here was the best decision we could have made. I know you'll be a great mom to Ace and I'll be the best dad I can be, I promise, but I feel like we owe it to ourselves right now, you know, to get married and make our lifetime commitment. (guests scream) - My God...
Cheyenne, will you marry me? (guests yell) Wait, wait, wait, please, wait. Please wait. Ryder, come here. - Oh my God. - Now, you know, I just called your mommy, right? That means it's a promise to me to be with her for the rest of my life, so this is my promise to you that I'll always be there for you, okay? (guests cheer) - It's the same ring! -It's an exact replica of your mom's ring, and you can change her size. - Oh, my God, what the hell. - I love you Ry. (Laughter) (guests cheer) I love you guys.
Love you. - Love you. My God, it's beautiful. (sentimental music plays) (transition music plays) - My doctor scheduled an incentive in five days (sighs), but I'm still waiting for my labor to start naturally, so I went in for a checkup. She said that her head is completely drooping. She said, "It's in position. You can go into labor at any time," so she did something called a membrane sweep. They think it releases something that can start labor naturally, so she said if I start cramping, I can go into labor at any time. - Okay, are you excited? - Highly strung.
It's just going to be an emotional wreck. I know I'm going to cry. (Zach mocks Cheyenne's crying) (Cheyenne laughs) ♪ (indistinct) and you have to brag, sing it ♪ ♪ Na na na na na na na, na na na na na na na ♪ I started having contractions as soon as I got here home and I'm in a lot of pain. (beep) this, (beep). - Now come. Oh, he cursed me out last time with Ryder and my mom and me. She was cursing, like, for an hour. We keep saying, "I think she's in labor." "I can hear you guys," she was yelling. - Shut. (Laughter) - Shut up. - I think I just want to cry.
She was so uncomfortable (sighs). - Is it like a long contraction? - This is like the longest I've seen you spend so far. You know, the crazy part is that you can have this for a whole week and you'll think the baby is coming, but she's not really in labor. Ah OK. - Ouch, (beep). - It's okay, (beep) it's okay. - Breathe, don't hold back, breathe. (lively music plays) - Since my contractions stopped, I'm going to go to the hospital to be induced as scheduled, but I feel very nervous. - Today we know that we are going to have a child here.
Isn't that a trip? - Chey, what are you thinking? Where is your head right now? - It's like, what the hell did we do? (laughs) - It's going to be great for Zach. No. (laughs) - I'm like, "What part, Terry?" - Hey, that was fun. (uplifting music plays) - Okay, give me a hug. I have to go - Ah, right now? - Yes. - Ace out? - Yeah, we have to go get Ace out. - Love you. - Very good, I hope you're ready. - Okay, bye mom. - Love you. - Love you. - You are my favorite mom in the world.
I do not want to let you go. - (indistinct). - Daisy, good weather. - Yes. - Mom, I'll see you at the hospital. (Continues uplifting music) - This is hot. - Well. (sentimental music begins) ♪ I'm here ♪ - Can you believe you're about to be a dad? - I definitely can't. - Oh. You are nervous? - Yeah. - (Laughs) This is so different from when I had Ryder. It's so weird to do it like this. - Like what? Oh, as an incentive? - Yes, as planned. This trip with Ry, when she was in labor going to the hospital, I was like screaming the whole way.
This is better, but now it's like my head is racing and my anxiety is all over the place. (yelling) Oh, what did we do? - Party time, honey. Here she is. Epidural. We have R in the house. Mom, special guests. They let him in. How you feel? - I'm fine. - You are well? - I am getting tired. - You look great. - Why don't you close your eyes? (instrumental piano music plays) - So give us an update. How are we doing? - Expecting. - Oh, look who's here. - Oh, we have a movie star. We have a star.
We have a star here. - Hi mom. - Your contractions are every two minutes. - Oh that's good. Are you pain free? - Nerd? Well. Zach, where are you? You're supposed to be talking about breathing. - I'm here. - (indistinct) - Alright, well, glad to see you there, man, cheering, and... - Thanks for the update. - Love you guys. - Bye, everyone. I love you all, bye. Her contractions are about every two minutes right now. - Yes, I'm ready to go. (sentimental music plays) ♪ Red, first dried ♪ ♪ Stockings on the table ♪ ♪ The sun will rise and fall and still ♪ (family cheers) - Good job, Chey. (Cheyenne cries) - My God, you did it. (Ace cries) (family claps) - He made it look so easy. -She's opening her eyes, my God. - Oh man. - I'm an aunt of two. (Cheyenne and Ace cry) - Hello, Ry. - (indistinct) - Are you okay? - Yes. - Ry, it's your little brother. - Hello Dad. - I want to see. - Hello cute mommy. - Be nice, Baaz. - Okay, let's sit on the couch, okay? - Yeah. - Yeah, try stuffing that into yourself.
This outfit is so cute. (indistinct) right now.

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