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The REAL Wolf of Wall Street Story: Jordan Belfort

Jun 05, 2021
how big a question is how long it takes another question is part of your brand, meaning it could happen in six months or it could take three or four years, but I got out of jail mmm- Hmm, everyone said you guys are going to be rich again and I said, yes, that's true, but it could take me five years, yes, because I'm not going to take shortcuts, it's not an operational sacrifice, my ethics, yes, I'll do it right, I do. every step, how did that feel, you got out of jail, you had seen it all, you still had yachts, you had had, you know, private jets, you didn't even care if your yacht had that much money, you didn't care if the yacht it sank down.
the real wolf of wall street story jordan belfort
How do you feel? Because a lot of us, a lot of people looking at you, you have to start over, so you get out of jail. What is the emotional feeling? Are you a little scared? I'm completely sure how you were. What is your mental state? I think you know the idea of ​​fear, the saying that I am, you know when I met my wife, who is not the love of my life and the best thing that has ever happened to me seriously, she doesn't change my life and someone was. Here today, she is also here in Austin.
the real wolf of wall street story jordan belfort

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the real wolf of wall street story jordan belfort...

I'm not just saying that because it's the truth and one of the things she said to me the first time was: I can't believe it here. Li, you like bravery and I said no, I'm afraid. and I can't let that stop me, yeah, so there's a big difference between you, you're all scared, yeah, okay, that's what the courage to come back without this love for you is all about, there's no courage, okay, the In other words, of course, I was afraid, of course, I felt terrible. What was your greatest fear? My biggest fear is not being able to support my family, my children, my wife, I love my children, my wife, I mean, in other words, I want to be able to keep the love that blows, that is, my baby can't keep the people than me loving and not being able to take care of them is the worst thing that could happen to me in my life, yeah, in my life, okay, and we're all different, look, that's my thing, yeah, not knowing that is powerful, so one once you know that's part of your why and once you know why you couldn't do much you always say most people don't know what motivates them yeah that's my wife so you were in your darkest moment, digging into the darkest moment, you said, I'm afraid, but I'm more afraid of not taking care of my family my darkest moment was in jail at night in my mistake only my thoughts didn't break the money discredited Barris he lost everything well and I quoted people he says how you wrote learn to write I got out of jail you know I did it when I close my eyes at night I saw the faces of my two children hmm and I said, I have to do it right, so I have to go back lady and there was no way I was giving up on them, we will always do more for someone we love unconditionally and we will do it for ourselves and that's where you get your power from your self motivation of why.
the real wolf of wall street story jordan belfort
Why do I want to be successful? Why did he want Richards? You know why people do crazy things for


religion. Because if you believe in something else, God, you are not yourself. Yes, we got this far on your own, but you're running through a


of fire. for your child as a loved one, very different, but there is a soul, so that was what drove me and also the fact that you know I was honest with myself. I knew if you don't want your job you know they conspired against I later said I was guilty, yeah I took a great thing, forget the idea of ​​something $5 sucks, it was a great idea that wasn't illegal in itself, I took the straight line system, which was the most powerful persuasion system ever created. it's by far nothing that can compare to that right it's not


ly like that and I took that system and I thought I taught it to people so they could go out and create if that made it it yeah now there's nothing bad with the system, this is how I applied the system, it's like an empty bed, it was a pitbull, it was so powerful that it had turned in the wrong direction.
the real wolf of wall street story jordan belfort
I told myself, "I'm going to go out and prove myself and my family to everyone I love." I'm going to do this the right way and I'm going to get out. I don't know how I would do it. I never thought in a million years that I would write a book and the book would become a movie. I hope you think about it. that the chances of it not happening are 1 in 10 billion qualified people, come on, it never happens, right? You know, for every movie that gives women 10,000 that don't and if every book that is published is millions that don't write, yes. an office for the first time, oh, but it happens, but when it happens, here's the most interesting thing in the whole


, so when I sold the book it was a bidding war between Leo and Brad Pitt.
I chose that Leo was Leo's right and he had Marty. Scorsese also included Terry Winter, the famously incredibly brilliant screaming Scrivener. He wrote the script in 2007 and the first draft was brilliant. Usually four or five tracks are needed. I was right. Scorsese read it. I loved him. Warner Brothers loved it. they closed a deal 2007 ready to go I can't sign my book here I'm like they're going to make a movie this is going to be great I'm going to be rich again right, the writers hit hits oh wow they I can't finish well Leo and Molly don't want to make Shutter Island.


strays. It takes him seven years to come back to life. And that day he was so upset, what did I do? I cried? I won't know what I did. I took that time. My wife and I met at that time and made a decision. Since the GFC, it's been terrible. You couldn't make money writing and I said, let's get into the speaking business. we built a business together and we started a business together we built this huge business all over the world speaking and consulting straight line coaching and when the movie came back I was rich Utley said what the hell happened?
You were broke. Well said, here's a look at the straight line of Marty's


, oh my god, we have to change the movie, the original movie ended with me in jail, they fixed the third act to reflect what happened in my life, like this that I changed my own life. story as it was happening Wow, hard work, perseverance and vision, and that's what I could say, whoever was watching us doesn't know where you are in life if you're willing to put one foot forward, but you have to have the skills. Yes, it doesn't happen without skills, but it was writing a book.
If anything you do, this is always going to be a certain set of skills that you have to have a very high level of to get what you want, the result you want, one of them is always going to be persuasion, yeah, Tony, listen, study straight lines worked anything yeah so for everyone listening watch Tai Lopez comm slash


will take you where you need to go to get the straight line system as well as we wrap up. I just want to remind you how the wolf Jordan Belfort is this third book. I read it. We need eight hours to read it.
In fact, I'm going to record a special little off-air module for those of you who are on some of my shows as well because I want to talk about this objection thing real quick, yeah, that's, by the way, one of the best aspects of the straight line, yeah, how to get over it, because that's it, yeah, you're going to sell something to see, bro. buy it later or I don't have enough money or you know me well let me think let me call you back that time of year is the right day it's Christmas you know leap year there's always no reason and and the thing is that What trips up most sellers It's that they don't really understand which objections are correct.
No, no one says it just stops, okay, that's true, or smoke fees, but what's the point really, so here's the truth, what objections really are objections. they are smoke screens for uncertainty yes when someone remembers those three dozen yes they must love the product they must trust and connect with you and they must trust me connect with the company well guess what when you order by first time, let's say I don't really trust you Yeah, what are they saying? Sorry, try to trust yourself. That's very rude. I know the world if you're processing lists at the moment.
I do not trust you. In the middle with you, your product seems good, a seven on the certainty scale and the company I'm going to work for, so make me more sure of the right people. They're not even that logical, they're just crying, you know, you've noticed that everything is packed with all the services they want to be, so it's a circuit breaker, yeah, say you know what it is, in a way kinda light way, let me tell you, let me. End with this: I think that sounds good, tell me, let me think about it, yes, now the salesman who makes the knobs will say, "You better be nice now because this way I can get a call and hopefully close them later when the fact be." I'm just not sure, so how do you handle the judges well?
First of all, I want you to hold this. Let's record a specification. Let's stop the live camera. Everyone who wants to hear this, go to Tai López. We will have the links to get the straight line system to get the video. We'll do a little module on objections and it will have a link to Jordan Belfort's bail for the book. So this public interview. I know you have a lot of courage, I want to give you a special lunch for the people on the


, this was really great, yes, we will put everything, put a discount link on ty López, calm down, wolf, I'm going to tell you that this It's one of my favorites.
He interviews me too. This is good.

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