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The real reason Daniel Ricciardo's making a shock F1 comeback

Jul 12, 2023
Daniel Ricardo is




return to the Formula One grid replacing Nick DeVries as Alpha Towery with immediate effect, but Ricardo won't be content with driving again for the Rebels sister team and his


for accepting this will be because he has something much more big on Note that this news broke on the day that Ricardo got back behind the wheel of a proper Rebel F1 car driving his 2023 rb19 in a tire test at Silverstone and the Australian's


Target is clear that this is big news from F1 and if you want to keep up to date with all the big F1 topics and discover the key details behind the headlines.
the real reason daniel ricciardo s making a shock f1 comeback
Then consider hitting the subscribe button anytime while watching this video because we'd love to see you here more often. Ricardo is back in La Roja. Bull retires this year on a forced sabbatical from racing after leaving his contract with McLaren early and discovering that none of the available seats for this year interested him as Rebel's third driver. His work on the court is limited. He mainly deals with business matters and driving in the simulator. while acting as a reserve driver in some grands prix, but this time he offers a rejuvenated Ricardo who was desperate to get back on the grid and what he


ly wants is a top car again, ideally it would be Red Bull and Ricardo recently admitted that desire publicly, but Max Verstappen's place is fixed indefinitely given that he is the star asset of the team and Sergio Pérez has a contract next year, so Ricardo is looking for a long and long route.
the real reason daniel ricciardo s making a shock f1 comeback

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the real reason daniel ricciardo s making a shock f1 comeback...

Instead, the Silly Season has taken its first casualty inside the Red Bull Camp, as has Nick DeVries. He lost his seat at Alpha Tower, and Ricardo has pushed for that trip because it is his best chance to emphatically prove his worth to Red Bull. You might think it's strange that he's going back to where it all started by apologizing to HRT and letting his career come full circle, but Ricardo recently admitted that he'd be willing to do it if there's at least a chance he could drive a Rebel Proper drive; Ultimately, it's the right mindset. Ricardo has to be an F1 car to impress, whether it's Red Bull or someone else, now it will be for everyone else. of this season starting with the Hungarian Grand Prix, but Ricardo is really looking towards 2024 and beyond with Rebel in mind.
the real reason daniel ricciardo s making a shock f1 comeback
What Ricardo must prove this year is that he is not a lost cause after McLaren, which had already started with encouraging work in the simulator for Rebel and has apparently continued a good run in Tuesday's tire test. Rebel has insisted it is not planning Ricardo's return, but chose him to replace DeVries rather than give the reins to its junior driver, Liam Lawson, for one


: Ricardo is a great trade option, he is better known than Lawson. , who is impressing in Japan, where he is fighting for the super formula title, there may be more to be said about Rebel's apparent lack of faith in his own emerging talents, but it seems that what Rebel thinks can come out of Ricardo now It's a relatively low risk, high reward replacement for a driver who underperformed and maybe just maybe gave Ricardo a hint that if he does exceptionally well, daughter Rebel Racing won't be permanently closed, but what Red Bull has in mind for Ricardo's Alfatari move and what Ricardo will try to achieve may not be the same at this time.
the real reason daniel ricciardo s making a shock f1 comeback
All that matters to Ricardo is that he is back on the gridiron. What he does with that opportunity will be a huge factor in what any conversation about the Rebels' driver lineup across their two teams could follow and Ricardo's prospects must inevitably involve Sergio Perez. The timing of Ricardo's return to the grid couldn't be worse for Perez, given his current form, he is struggling and has failed to reach Q3 in five races. a row as Verstappen continues to dominate in the same car, which is clearly the class of the field by some margin. Checkout's recent ranking setbacks have been particularly bad.
Three track limit violations in Q2 in Austria, losing all three laps and having to start the Grand Prix. 15th prize and being eliminated in Q1 at Silverstone after doing a poor job in a penalty shootout at the end of a lap after a red flag. Rebel's frustration was obvious in Austria, marking a clear change in the way he previously shrugged off Perez's poor results, although the public's confidence votes have endured on both weekends. Rebel Racing team boss Christian Horner said emphatically that it would be wrong to suggest Perez could be replaced. After all, he has a contract for next season.
Indeed, in Austria, Horner made it emphatically clear that any talk to the contrary is out of place. Mark later at Silverstone reiterated that Perez had the team's full support at this time. Perez isn't costing the team anything except a few extra trophies and a few more points. Verstappen keeps winning and both championships are already secured, but in the long term Rebel needs to be sure of this. does not continue, but the British Grand Prix, where Pérez made a quiet recovery, said he knew he had the backing of the rebel hierarchy and could not care less about any speculation about his future and whether Ricardo was a threat, but the Los Bare facts are that Pérez is only second in the championship with the best car by some distance and now has only one podium in five races.
Ricardo will inevitably see his current struggles as possibly opening the door to a Rebel racing seat again, meaning the only reason he will have accepted a Towery Drive alpha halfway through this season is to get back into a midfield car. lower seat who has been woefully uncompetitive after having said several times that he is only interested in a higher seat. Rebel has abandoned or exchanged drivers between its teams. four times in the last seven years, with DeVries being the latest victim, Rebel contracted the race to partner Yuki Sonoda at Alpha Towery in place of Alpine-bound Pierre Gasly, but he was not the team's first choice, the REITs they only emerged as an unlikely contender after The Rebel discovered that IndyCar race winner Colton Herter was ineligible for a super license, at the same time DeVries made a surprise points debut at the Italian Grand Prix, where he was called up to replace Alex Alban at Williams on Saturday morning in that performance.
He impressed Rebel Motorsport advisor Helmut Marco so much that he basically decided at the time that the Formula 2 and Formula E champion was the man to sign the likes of outgoing driver Mick Schumacher or any of the Red Bull Juniors. It was an irrational hiring and a Rebel clearly regrets having behaved so impulsively based on a single race, it makes no sense and is quite ridiculous that a modern F1 team can make such key decisions determined in this instinctive way; Greece was not a mystery in the F1 pit lane. He had been in the junior ranks for some time and had completed many tests in various cars;
The fact that no one had ever picked him after his F2 or form titles suggested that the general feeling was that he was not up to the level required for In F1, Rebel ignored all that and signed DeVries almost on a whim. It was bad enough, but leaving him out mid-season is baffling, regardless of the fact that Rhys has fought Sonoda. Rebel has nothing to gain if he follows him to the end. end of the year and maybe replacing him with Ricardo then anyway, but the lack of a serious opportunity to turn the tide means DeVries has been in hiding and nothing more important, what if Rebel or Marco thought it was going to happen?
How out of touch with reality he was. the process or expectation that a rookie, who is certainly the second best after third-year Sonoda, is so bad that he deserves to be fired before summer break. Al-Fatari team boss Franz Task believes that a driver needs several years to properly adapt to this. The decision is being made against his wishes, just like the decision to sign DeVries in the first place, and again that interference comes into focus. This saga has also exposed once again that the Rebels' vast array of junior drivers are not worthy of a junior team seat in F1.
At least in the opinion of those responsible, Rebel has twice overlooked his own younger talents for a spot on his sister team. Lawson was snubbed a year ago and again now, and even if this case is a result of Rebel wanting to leave him. see his super formula title bid or because he feels Ricardo needs a closer evaluation, it remains a vote of no confidence in the junior program to some extent in Years Gone in these mid-season replacements would mean an early promotion to F1 for a promising Red Bull. Junior Lawson was previously rumored to be ahead of Ricardo in the queue for any sudden vacancy and will be hoping his chance comes in the not-too-distant future, but both elements, the interference and the fact that Red Bull's driver transporter Belt has stopped, these are serious problems.
How long has it been since the once-revered Red Bull Junior program brought a genuine superstar to F1? Ricardo's return is a great story and we will follow it with great interest if this works. it will be for him and the Alpha towers and maybe the Rebels will benefit, but Rebel needs it to go much better than the sorry Saga that his last controller decision created. Thanks for watching this video. We really appreciate those of you who stay with us until the end. wrap up if you haven't already, be sure to let us know what you think about Ricardo's return to F1 and Rebels' treatment of DeVries tonight.

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