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The *RANDOM* NPC Challenge in Fortnite!

Jun 01, 2021
let's do that, and now I need to assassinate John Wick, now it's this. It's even possible or I die here like he has unlimited health and can't be killed, oh I guess not, it's not, it's not John Wick, right, he's the reaper, let's see what he has. Arkan Gray Ar or maybe Tack Ar oh. he has a sniper, what do you see? Well, they all have different distinctive weapons. We have a sniper and a gray gun. Sorry, it's a little better than the detective with the sniper oh you know what I'm willing to do okay john wick play ball this will probably be the last game so of course if You guys are going to enjoy this unique video, let me know.
the random npc challenge in fortnite
Hit the like button below if you want to see me do it again, maybe because there are so many different people to host, so let me know we could make it happen. There's been a really fun video to record, oh no, my goal was eliminated, oh. oh oh he's not responding please don't come with four night service locked so im dying now buddy these io guards don't miss my buddy wait what is this guy doing doing nothing? That's what well, yeah, I had to bring it back because my game literally crashed, that really sucked, but we got a cheeky little snipe, so it's all good, we'll get this, we'll be on our way to sweaty sands, yeah, dab, we actually have a contract too, oh there is, but there's another earpiece and I can't hear my car gg, okay little, uh, wick, bouncy, bouncy, surely we can do this for John Wick.
the random npc challenge in fortnite

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the random npc challenge in fortnite...

We have the gray pistol we almost did it with and we get the sniper rifle. Balance load. I thought I would get a fit. or a combat shotgun, but I think combat shotguns are well shot, oh I have a hundred rounds to cool down, I probably don't have many mats, you'll start to realize that soon, come on, oh no, not to the max, I have to play this. smart I like it I don't have mats I missed I have no bullets left oh no wait what oh no John Wick doesn't like you okay we got bullets we got bullets oh the biggest question is the other guy pushing us I do not think it is. oh honey, don't come back here you probably broke it how many does it have how many shields does it have we're literally outmatched mechanically oh we're so good john wick i mean the reaper like chapter one season three this is john wick okay?
the random npc challenge in fortnite
I don't understand if you want to be there, okay, give me all the mats and the medications and you can give me. Come on hoarders, they just have a lot of mats, so I'm betting and doing this outside, which isn't incredibly smart, but sometimes. you take risks and I allow myself to use bouncers because why isn't it okay top ten baby you can do this let's make it bounce you're right about me bloggers oh hold still boy oh what hitbox you are trolling can't you? Believe it, it's okay, although we still play harder than ever, you have to land with a gun, I think this other guy is broken.
the random npc challenge in fortnite
Well, that was my reason, the reason I chose that guy was because it was my contract. I still can't believe that snipe, oh, let's go well, John Wick, we can do this. I have more snipers than a real gun. Elims. I'm pretty sure who's following this guy who's going to attack. a snipe for sure oh it looks like it hit me there's one that's where I do this omg actually wait it didn't even hit me dude that was clean Mandalorian and make sure it's buried so they don't use me in against. I don't even need to heal because I did it perfectly but it seems that the other person on the map died it's a 1v1 john wick v1 I'm going to john wick v1 he's not the refi I don't care what anyone says john wing and there's my prey for the head, just like baba yaga would, come on gg, that's the




, the boogie man is here and the boogie man is gone.
I hope you want to enjoy, I'll catch you. next time peace

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