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The *RANDOM* GREEN GOD BOSS Challenge! (Fortnite)

Apr 07, 2024
I've been playing a lot of Battle Royale and doing a lot of quests and I bought 100 levels but I'm at level 32 so that has to mean something that means if I didn't buy levels I would be at level 212 which is nice. crazy, I'm just here so I can do these


s sooner, it makes sense, okay, let's get moving. I'm going to use Flow Berry Fizz as my Mobility. It's actually really great for mobility and I highly suggest you take it with you. It's a lot of fun, good for the whole family. You know, all you want to do is explode like five at once, especially if you're at full shield.
the random green god boss challenge fortnite
Where is this person with The?Medallion probably here somewhere oh there they are what are you doing? What are you doing? Give me those medallions, you don't get any of those and I'm going to take the AR Forge assault rifle, one of the best in my opinion. ARS that we have ever seen in


. Now I have all four medallions. I'm absolutely screwed. Isn't anyone going to get me out? Where are they seriously or are they really hoping not to get hot? You better run and reload. This he did he shoots at his own wall, how unfortunate for him, it's time we go back to the mythical Lamborghini, wait, my God, there are more shock waves.
the random green god boss challenge fortnite

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the random green god boss challenge fortnite...

I love shockwaves, yes they can be very cheap but it's so fun to use them first. sending my Lamborghini into the crack and now I'm going to the crack bye oh someone else just Rift wait I think my car hit the crack again that's really funny I didn't expect that's okay well let's hit a crack I see a car over here what What are you doing there, bucko, oh God, what is this? This guy absolutely Wombo combo, bro can you relax, you need to calm down sir, you got it holy, that guy was aggressive, you didn't want him to win this game, well you gotta do it. be smart, calm and confident, you know if you do that you could win, well I lost a car so let me get into another one, actually wait a second, can I hire another one?
the random green god boss challenge fortnite
God Emis, wait, oh yes, I can hire you, perfect, come. Why are you looking that way? Okay, keep with the whip. Now we are a duo. Oh, she just improvises later, she just improvises. She has a good time. I like that we vibrate. Does she scan everyone in the area and show me where? people walk through walls that's what I need that's what I want when that's what I need more shockwaves dear God, Gra's dreams come true, don't they? Oh, she scans everyone. I love her. Oh, there are some fights here. Oh my God. I think we're chilling oh he didn't even know where to look honestly or what's going on everyone foreshadows so much loot everywhere oh my god coming up oh man you just hit me with it where's the last one ? boy i see you oh my god absolute domination


glow super stye full GG
the random green god boss challenge fortnite

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