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The Quick 60....Rifle Training on the Range

Jul 08, 2023
Hi guys, I'm lina mitchell ik and today I'm going to do a sixty round


practice. I did a 50 round pistol practice and will have the link below made with that video. Also feel free to shoot him with a


, maybe he'll add a bit. a little distance and with this sixty round drill you can also do it with a pistol. I'll do it today with this cool little rattle. In fact, Alicia fired 10 bullets through him. I just quoted it so I feel like this is going to be more or less the perfect exercise in the practice session to get me more associated with my cool new Blackout 300 first of all and as always earmuffs and earplugs because we don't want to be deaf, at least we are trying not to be a fun fact if you use only earplugs, many things that have compensators and a little more boom, the concussion still goes in like the bones of your ear and damages your hearing if wear only earmuffs, the ones that rate on them is for a perfect feel, so if you are wearing glasses, hat, hair, that rating goes down, so I use both, so no matter what my ears don't get hurt and if you are a new shooter, realize that we all react very violently, you know, to loud noises, you jump when you hear loud noises.
the quick 60 rifle training on the range
So the more we can get into our own little world with earmuffs and earplugs, the less natural reaction and the less natural flinching we'll develop while shooting, so there's a little tip for you, it's there, so. I'm going to load, I have 60 rounds, so three boxes of ammo split between my two magazines, it doesn't really matter here, we'll just pick one and get started. The first three exercises are one-shot exercises, but each. one of them is practicing a different starting position, so I'll show you those three starting positions. Starting position one is going to be what's called ready low so you can get into your good stance, grab everything you can get on the target and then you're just going to lower your gun, really your safety should go on every time and as soon as you're done shooting you should get used to putting the safety back on first thing so that it is safe in safety outside of firing. turn it back on and then you'll put your gun down and you'll do it again and that's low ready the second starting position is port arms that's your butt touching your belt this little runt looks like fun so we're going to be here and then we're going to practice just getting up and shooting.
the quick 60 rifle training on the range

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the quick 60 rifle training on the range...

The third starting position is from the table, once again you start with your hands wherever you want. I'll probably give up off the table in my pocket, we'll see and then. It's just going to be practicing how to pick it up, establishing our grip, finding our view and going from there, so we've got three, three, three. Today we're moving some super fancy targets. I have some envelopes of bills and mail. Fold them in half stapled to a box I cut once again no excuses just if you have a


and a place to shoot realize you don't have to have fancy targets you just have to have ammo and safety gear and they they'll want to shoot, so we I'll come here boo-boo I also have a stopwatch, you can start it.
the quick 60 rifle training on the range
Once again, I won't do it. Feel free to whatever floats your boat today. Oh, we'll settle in. 3-1 shots from below, done. Wow, and I'm only going to shoot this drill one time, so the hits that I get or the hits that you guys will see like I said, I hope you shot this gun ten rounds, the first one I pushed it in and then I fired. the edge, but you know, whatever we're learning should improve as we go and from the port arms, so the seat belt in contact with the stock is activated and we're ready to go there, finally we go one in the middle, now we're going to move on to the table I'm going to start with my hands touching my ears the table screams off the edge and I'm going to touch my shoulders because why don't we go?
the quick 60 rifle training on the range
Okay, there are three single use exercises, now we're going to move on to the second exercise, so I still have the same magazine there and next time we're going to work on some movement. You can see I have my envelopes in kind of a diamond pattern, so we have our horizontal line and our vertical line, what we're going to do. He's going to fire three shots on that horizontal line twice and then we're going to move to that vertical line for two separate series of shots, one shot in each, so for this first one I'm just going to aim for one, two and then three and then we'll probably change it up a little bit.
I'm going to go from what position we're going to do it low, ready. I'm still getting to know this gun. Okay, let's go now. I'm going to change. Go up a little instead of going from left to right. I'm going to go center right and then left for these three rounds. Here we go. Now I'm going to move to my vertical line so I'm going to make two chains that I'm going to start from the bottom and work my way up if you ever shoot targets in a top to bottom chain realize that you'll always want to try to start from the bottom because then you'll be able to see where you're going.
If you start from the top, try to work your way down, your gun usually blocks the target, it ends up a little harder to see and we're going to wait for my dog ​​because he's misbehaving and got out of his way. Letty, come here, what are they? You, come on, come here, what are you doing? Lie down, okay, now I'm back and I'm ready, so we'll go back to that vertical width. I'm going to start from the bottom and I'm going to work my way up, now I'm going to do pretty much the same thing I did with the last rope.
I'm going to go to the middle, bottom, top, just to change it for these three rounds, there we go, okay, we have a little bit of transition again. and now it's time to move on to the next set of exercises. The next exercise I have is five shots at a target. What this will do is it will actually make us see where our gun is going and how it recoils, like on that gun. practice when we get to those higher round counts. I really want you to focus on your dot or iron sights and see where you travel between your shots.
We want to go back to where it was and if it were just like that. of floats and it stays somewhere else, you realize that you need to adjust your grip, your posture, something to get it back to where it was. I'm going to go ahead and reload. I'm not really out, but I just want to reload because I don't want to run out and we have two five-round series. I'm going to shoot them at the middle target and start off the table just because I want to get my stance right and we're ready to go.
I'll tell you what I saw. I said I had good stance, but I didn't have my weight forward on my toes and I felt like I was swaying a little, which when we swing a rifle a little back it usually moves. tall and straight, so I was looking at this and I wasn't recovering like I wanted to, so that's what I'm going to apply this time and make sure I have that weight on the balls of my feet and on my toes. Tighten up and I want to see that point come back to the Center, okay, we'll come off the table again, here we go, there we go, that was much better, that's what I wanted to see there, okay, moving on to some weapon manipulations because Probably we've burned through about half of our ammo now, so now we're going to have two reloads, now you'll let me check my cheater notes here, yeah, we'll do one shot, we'll reload one shot, we're going to do that.
Three times I'm going to go with the far left target, reload a shot at the far right target for this turn. Now, how do you place your chargers? I'm going to work off the table, so what you want to do is what you want. Have your magazines with the bullets pointing down on the table so that when you pick them up it will be facing the right direction. If you did it like that, it would be a little st


to probably fall like this when you grab them. there, you'll be facing the wrong direction, so forward-curved bullets face forward for this reload.
I'll just show you some alternatives to recharge. They can keep the weapon on their shoulder when they drop the magazine and reload from here if they have a heavier weapon, which is a fairly light small weapon, you can drop the magazine. Put the gun under your armpit and then this is a fantastic work area if I were shooting my regular AR or anything else that's a little bit heavier. If you go to this position, this is also a fantastic position to have your weapon while running. This is kind of like my I'm ready for you to meet Skadoodle.
I throw it under my armpit so you can laugh at my words. Skadoodle brother. Skadoodle is an official shooting term. I'm going to take a shot, reload a shot, I'm going to go from the port arms, here we go, we'll see I need to practice reloading, but that's why we're here, so I'm going to do it one more time, so I went to the outside edge . I kind of got hooked, so I need to turn my gun a little more. I'm going to do the same thing this time, but okay, I'm going to shoot the right target, reload and then the far left target, here we go, oh no.
I guess I need to get that out, take it now. I'm going to reload the bottom lens and then the top lens. Oh, I shot over that top target, but it was a good reload. He was praising me for hanging in there that time. Don't get distracted until you're done shooting, that's an important skill. Well, we're going to reload the bolt, so I'm going to completely empty my gun. I'm going to download one of these magazines up to a single round. I mean, if you want, you can put them in this magazine, but I don't like to do that right now, so we'll just leave them on the table.
What we're going to do is reload from Bolt Lock, so I'm going. To take that magazine that has a bullet in it, I'm going to load it, so this time when I fire this bullet, my bolt will lock to the rear. I'll reload it from the table again and then drop the canister on the side. oh, look what a clever stop, I'm going to press my bolt release on this side closing the bolt and I'll do it three times until I realize: if you have a belt for your magazines and magazine pouches, do those reloads since otherwise you have a table and you are just standing, recharge from your pocket.
I've done a lot of reloading from my pocket, but I have a nifty table here, so I'll use it while I have a position. here I'm just going to shoot the middle target reload drop my beam shoot the middle target again realize you can do whatever you want guys whatever makes your soul happy I want you to be happy so do it right I'm going to start with my hands on my ears and work from the table, there we go, now I'm going to leave the bullet in the chamber, take the empty magazines, reinsert it into the gun, place my other magazine with more bullets on the table and you're ready to go again.
I'm going. This time I'll do one from each starting position just to change it up, so I'll go from the port arms. I'm going to go towards that central objective once again. let's leave that bullet in the chamber reinserting my empty magazine placing my other one now I'm going to go from the bottom ready let's go to that and prepare for the next exercise very well now I'm going to take all those bullets I left them on the table. I'll put them back in my charger. It would probably make sense to do that with a bolt drilled right at the end when you're about to run out of ammo, but that's not how I wrote it. my notes, so that's not how I'm doing it.
Who doesn't need some practice? Loading a magazine. Well, it's loaded now. I have two sets of five shots, but it's one shot in each square. You choose the pattern you think it would be. the fastest or the most efficient remember that it is always faster well, here are some entries remember that it is always faster to shoot from the bottom up and there is a right-handed shooter from left to right, so if you are left-handed your weapon will naturally recoil until boo- boo-boo the left has a right handed shooter your gun will naturally recoil to the right too if it naturally recoils up and remember what I said about shooting a line allows you to see where you're going and your targets will never be covered by your gun so that knowing these two facts, I'm probably going to shoot the far left, the middle, the bottom, the far right, top and we'll try it, who is also a slight memory exercise.
Make sure you don't shoot at the same target. a goal I'm going to leave the table again and I'm going to go mm-hmm-hmm touch my knees because who has ever started like that I don't know there we go there's a moment now I'm going to do it again and I'm going to do the opposite , so I'm going to go way to the right, in the middle, down, way to the left, up, we'll see how it goes, touch my ears, there we go, there's my ten rounds and boo boo, next exercise. I should have four rounds, so let me get my rounds together and see what we do next.
One, two, three, four, five, six, seven. Alright guys, we've got the last seven rounds left. I'm going to take four of them, put them in a magazine. These will be the last four we shoot, so I'm going to take these three and put them on a Meg. Now I have my gun empty. I'm going to close the bolt and practice loading my gun from empty. with a closed bolt, that means I'm going to insert my rag holder and then fire. Remember all this time all these drills my Stacey is starting and as soon as my last shot is fired, I'll put a safety on it.It is, overall, one of the most important things that we are practicing here because we know that the last line of defense in security does not depend on other things, you have to do it manually and know it, so close that lock. the safety is still on, you know it's empty, and as a skilled shooter, you want your gun pointed in this direction because if it's this way and I'm going to pick it up, how am I going to do that?
It's going to be very uncomfortable, so we're here so I can establish a grip, we're going to shoot that middle. target again we're going to get off the table hands in the corners unload take out my round take out my bolt put back sent round and do it again once again you see how when I pick it up this time I am tucking it under my arm and not going directly to my shoulder to carry because this weapon is very short, if I tried to stack it here it would hit me in the face, something I have forgotten and which I accidentally did with many other guns and it's not fun, because The stock is so short that I'm going to pull it out of my armpit, so worst case scenario my hand slips.
I just hit myself in the chest and not the nose and my eyes fill with tears as I try to shoot. Not that once again that happened, well here we go again last time, so teachable moment, are you ready? I didn't back it all the way so my gun wouldn't be loaded. I failed so you can learn, so learn from this, learn from This mistake I'm going to reset it again. Look, I didn't even delete it because I just came here. I thought it was a short shot, but I did it being optimistic because you know I'm the professional here.
It's supposed to be super. Well, but you know, learning, we all have to do it, so we'll put our hands back on the table and set it up like we mean it. I'm so spoiled, too big, the charging handle, okay, and once again, here we go. Alright, now we're done with almost everything. We have four rounds left. All you need to finish this exercise is a quarter and a pin or marker and I'll show you what we're going to do last to finish this practice. session, okay, for those wondering, I have this at 15 yards. I have quite a few out of my little envelopes, but I mean, in practice, no one will be perfect.
I'm going to take my coin now for my last four rounds. to swoop in, circle, and color that bad boy as best he can. What are we going to do with our last four rounds every time I'm practicing with the rifle. I like to leave the scope on precision because I get a little nervous. here I mean, I know, that's what I like to do, so I like to force myself in my last rounds to be as precise and controlled as possible because being in control and being slow is not really my strong suit, so let's do it now and I'm going to force four shots as close to the center as possible.
Now I will point my gun here. Remember if you are shooting a rifle depending on where it is quoted on mine, quoted at very approximately 15 yards. I'm going to aim right in the center of this black one and I'm not going to change my grip even if I'm holding here and it hits down here. I don't care, I'm going to continue holding in the center, so don't chase your shots trying to get your bullets to touch because you realize that you may have one side over the hole offset, so even if you aim here it could be hitting Hi, Lola, right, Bob, blah, it doesn't matter, just keep the center of the circle black. for the four rounds and it's about how close we can get the four shots together, not necessarily where they are exactly, so let's go back there and try before we shoot these last four rounds.
I'm going to dry fire so my gun is empty. The lock fell off. I'm really going to focus on feeling my trigger, accepting that wobble and that movement and squeezing. I don't expect to be able to hold it in that little black dot, maybe it's in that black. point for me 40% of the time I'm up there at best so this will teach you to accept whatever visual image you can handle, realize that if this is your target and your guns are firing try to direct it gently . In the figure eight is a fantastic pattern to try to move the point to help you get in there, so that it's not just this spontaneous shaking and keep pulling the trigger after seeing a few shots, it's almost all pulling the trigger, although your look they may be there.
You can go a little off with this and ruin everything, so I'm really going to focus on pulling the trigger, keeping that point as close to the black point as I can and seeing what happens when I go in a little bit. tune in with my gun trying to calm down we'll see how it goes oh last one I got a little impatient let's go down and see and that'll be the end of this practice session guys these were my first two shots fired one . shot two shot three shot four very patient still patient losing patience I lost this but it's okay remember that practice is what you make of it if you're trying to get perfect you won't actually learn failing is the only way to success think about each goal as if it were sitting on a giant mountain of your failures and that's the only thing that gets you there, so if you're afraid of failing, you'll never reach those high goals, so when I'm on the field and I'm practicing .
I always remind myself that if I'm doing what I can already do, what's already within my capabilities, I'm just out there patting myself on the back saying, oh, look. I'm so good that I can do what I was able to do yesterday, but that's not what I'm there for. I'm there to go beyond my abilities, so in my practice I want to be failing or just outside my abilities about 90% of the time, so my practices aren't pretty, they're pretty ugly, but that's where the problem lies. real progress, so go out there, have fun and don't worry, have fun, hopefully the 60 round workout will get you out.
This will help you get a little more in tune with your rifle. This definitely helped me with that little 300 outage and I'm excited to do it again, so I may have to get another 60 rounds in and then give it another go. a


recap of this little gun I was shooting this is the Sig Sauer rattlesnake this is on a 300 blackout today I chose this 220 grain subsonic ammo I have a Romeo 4 dot here with the little scope kit except that one I broke No don't tell anyone, oh yeah, I need to put the other ones back on because like I told you, they're just in my pocket, uh, and most importantly, this is my dog ​​Letty Lu, look at her, isn't she being adorable?
I know you saw her running in the background of the filming and the field is her favorite place, so know guys, the field is a place for friends, family and pets, we go there, we go for walks and hang out, so no they exaggerate so much. Seriously, bring any weapons you have, bring your dog, bring lunch, have a picnic, that's what I do. I'm going to take out my hammock, in fact, the next time I go and take a nap, I'll fall asleep to the sound of gunshots.

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