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The Problem with Escape from Tarkov...

Apr 03, 2024
Okay, let's do a Tarkov raid or two just to see how it feels and then that's it. I do not know what else to do. I don't know how to kill an hour. I don't want to sit down. here and talk for an hour, although I could easily, I could just watch videos or something, but I'm just going to run around Daisy or run and talk and shoot some scavengers. I don't know, no I won't. I'll play Tarkov with anyone because I'll literally only be active for an hour. I'm literally going to play one or two raids.
the problem with escape from tarkov
That's it, let me guess my scav won't be active for 14 minutes. Hell, okay, we just need to, we just need to raid to get the kind of feel of something. I haven't played this in a long time. Why don't you have anything here? What is this? Nothing, let's grab a U-lock, let's grab some contacts. Let's see how much slicks cost nowadays 800k, well damn that's what I like to see right there, that's what I like to see. Uh, we're not going to move a slick just because I know I'm going to die, not that it matters that much. money anyway, but isn't there some level five armor you can buy now or some oh yeah, this thing you don't have some of the items oh, this is five, yeah, this thing is decent, um, give me a platform, Blackrock will do, friend, why?
the problem with escape from tarkov

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the problem with escape from tarkov...

Aren't you going to fill in what's going on here? Okay, uh, mp7 magazines boom boom boom boom bp goes here sorry, it's been a while, it's been a while, I've been playing for quite a while, I'm like all over the place, uh, oh, medicines, that's it. what I need is that good it's good enough for me let's grab uh let's grab a ghost and uh some aviators and uh yeah it's good enough for me it'll do I think we're good I've played so long my backpack why I'm I'm going to need a backpack you think I'm going to be looting you think I'm going to be looting okay I don't know if any of my settings are correct uh no no idea I'm just going to feel take it out and see what happens someone's covering where it's going right always play exchange?
the problem with escape from tarkov
There's really no point in hiding where you're going if you're always going to play the same map, you might as well show it at that point. Now if you're going to change it, fine, hide it, confuse people. You will always go to the same map. What is the point of describing this game? Because I don't know this game. You shoot things, you lose things, you move. Going into details in this game, which is too difficult, you shoot things, you loot things, you move, okay it's been a while, oh man I feel so heavy, why do I feel so heavy?
the problem with escape from tarkov
Is this armor? What kind of statistics do we have? It's not that. bad I mean I guess it's a little slow I just feel fat I feel slow I can't wait for this game to have more motion reviews oh oh it's missing by the way the reason why oh well , uh, the reason why I don't really play this game much anymore because you get to a certain point and then all that's left to do is fight people and I don't really care about fighting people, really I don't like that to be a goal. mine, so I like to wait for my wipes when it's nice and cool.
I saw the guy to my right. He was face down. He was literally face down at the spawning ground. Just sitting there. I saw the laser. I looked to the right and then I died. I don't remember which bullets are good, which bolts are bad, I don't remember, oh I didn't bring extra bullets, wait, this has no scope, uh, I really can't wait for this game. to be what it's supposed to be, I just can't wait for any of this to show up at the same time, knowing where all the spawns are, none of that, I can't wait for it to just be a progressive type of continuous gameplay throughout .
I hope he gets there, really, do you see yourself mating with Tarkov again? I'll play it. I will play it a lot in Wipe mode. I'm not going to play it now. I will play it a lot in white. I'll be playing Streets of Tarkov a lot, um, look what's new, that's it, it's a very, very difficult game to play well, it's an easy game to play, but also a little difficult if you've done it a lot. I played this game somewhat decently and it's hard for most people not to cycle through the entire game as quickly as people who play this game eight to ten hours a day do if they want to.
If you play this game so much it will start to get tiring and boring, and like any game Tarkov will never be open worlds, I think they could do it, it will probably take them another 10 years, but yeah, Tarkov is a lot of fun at first, it's not , it's just good to take on people who don't have meta weapons, it's good to go up and have a makarov and upgrade to an aksu or something once at this stage of the game it just spawns in a weapon, look through where the spawns are , do it again, it's hard, it's very hard, let's get God, really the same place, oh God, it's dark, whatever it is, this game is 100 better in uh 100 better in spawn. or the start of the white uh I didn't realize it was going to be that dark so I may have to wait or just have my after effects settings.
It's dark, what is this? What's going on here? What's that? there's like black smoke I feel like I'm being followed I have that feeling I have that oh what's going on here that guy here you here I'm like quietly scared to go out this door I think they were going to ruin me oh I see the stutters haven't changed come here scav yeah I'm bleeding come here wait what oh that's not a scab it's one person it's two people I'm dead it's two players scabs wait what scabs spawn it's not at the beginning that's crazy unless it's just like a little gang like a bunch of little Bambi's running around, player scouts show up at the beginning, all those people were player scavs, what a joke, why, why, why do they show up at the beginning, that doesn't make any sense, it's crazy.
How is it fair that you're on the raid longer than you think? I was on the right for five minutes five minutes you're telling me those scabs were generated in two or three minutes that's not that that's not that that's not good that's not good they had to fix they had to fix the exchange the same way because the exchange was exchange and reserve, they both worked the same and now it looks like customs works the same too, so they will have to fix the customs you just received at the same time. btw, so early, a scav, a scav, the purpose of a scav is to be a scavenger, not to come in and start rushing, the pmcs, that's so wrong, it's so wrong, they'll fix it, it takes time, wow my Boy, well, I'm going to go for a run. him, look what happens, he'll either want me or I'll give him a hit, it'll probably be me, hey, I'm trying to make a run for that loot, it's a team of three, they're about to run into another team.
I'm a bird, oh, that guy's punch, they didn't like it, God, those grenades sound so good, what's his plan? I think his plan is to go here. I could use another grenade other than the grenade I'm looking for, okay? I'm going to try, I'm just trying to see if I can see him through these windows because I think they're behind this building or they just decided to run well, he's healing, what does my hp look like? Okay we don't have an arm and they're bleeding which is evil oh oh oh oh oh guys in my building I think oh no I heard it though oh man I can't see out this window at all well I'm coming that that's good oh I'm bleeding so much you can jump out of those windows now oh that's cool oh man I'm sorry I'm sorry he was protecting the body.
I had the feeling I killed one because I only saw two, so I ran away. I was thinking, okay, I'm going to get better. I'm going to go find the body real quick, try to get an extra bandage for the gun. It made their lives very difficult, yes, so annoying, it's so annoying, I feel for that team that you feel for you.

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