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The Presidents Rank The Kirby Spinoffs

Jul 02, 2023
Holy guys, did you see how well the tier list video did? That shit is crazy, they even want us to continue with the list, yeah, yeah, look, yeah. I saw it got a lot of views. I was shocked to see that I guess we can go ahead and continue if I want it so bad, let's do it, so this time we'll cover the spin-offs and we'll only cover the ones we've played, so I'm sorry to all the Kirby's Block Ball enthusiasts out there, but we cannot do it with confidence.


a game we haven't played in chronological order and blah blah let's get this right first is the Kirby's Dream course and I think this is already a very solid start to this list, a two player golf game with Kirby elements that It is easy. to learn, but it has that extra layer of depth for people who want to master it like the main Kirby games, there's not much more to say about it, it's just a really fun time whether you're playing alone or with a friend.
the presidents rank the kirby spinoffs
I personally don't. I think the game is, but I beat the hell out of my ass in this game, so that gives you extra points, Donald, you're lucky. I was tired that day, when are you not tired Joe? Okay, we just started this list, calm down, I think that's the level. It's good for this game, it's definitely a solid spin-off. Well, we're already


ing the best Kirby spinoff of all time, so help me, God, if they don't put this on S Plus, I'm going to lose my fucking mind. I let that slide with 64, but there's no way this game isn't the perfect S Plus multiplayer spinoff.
the presidents rank the kirby spinoffs

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the presidents rank the kirby spinoffs...

It has City Test, obviously the best mode this game has to offer and of course there are other things to do, like regular races, but City. Proof is where it's at the soundtrack is also excellent and the graphics still look good today. If it is an S Plus then you will not only get it from me but also from the comments so choose wisely I mean yeah as much as I hate this guy he is right. I love playing this back in the day and just chilling and vibing with friends. You make me feel great. I personally think the game is a little overrated, but I still enjoy it.
the presidents rank the kirby spinoffs
Also, I'm not trying to get my comments added so I'll put it on S Plus, yeah that's what I thought. Well, next we have Kirby Canvas Curse and honestly, I really like this game. I'm sure it was on DS so it just had to have touch screen controls. but I think the game was fun and has very good music. I disagree. I disagree. Lines to guide Kirby and you can increase your speed by touching him. The only good thing is the music, but the game itself was pretty mediocre for me. I think the game is. It's okay but can get quite repetitive at times, still a good entry with some nice submodes but definitely not s-tier.
the presidents rank the kirby spinoffs
Next up is Kirby's Epic Yarn and this is also a game that I think belongs to s and is also not the chaotic four player one. The experience is obtained with air travel, but exactly the opposite: a very relaxing game for two players that is just fun, a simple platform, very pleasant to play if you just want to chat with a friend or have a relaxing time playing a game of Kirby who is not so chaotic. It's good, there are some side mini-games you can play and you can even decorate your own room to cry out loud.
I think it easily belongs in S Plus, yes I think this game is very good, Donnie and I played this in the past and of course I had to take him through it, shut up Joe you didn't. I don't even know how you managed to die so much in this game when it practically plays itself anyway. I don't mind putting it on S Plus since It's a very well made game. Next up was Kirby Mass Attack personally. This wasn't my favorite game in the series as it can get a little crowded at times, that's the trick after all, but I don't know, I never enjoyed it.
It's too much, the subgames were a lot of fun so I'll admit, yeah this shit is more like Kirby's attack to be honest Eva, even the music didn't really catch my attention, the only song I can consider memorable is the main theme, the rest just sounded good, definitely not my favorite either. I think the game was pretty good and Obama, damn, he always has to be contrary shit, he goes to the end of a level, okay, I guess I'll go myself next. we have


and the rainbow curse and i think this automatically goes above the canvas curse for one reason only.
Four-player co-op is pretty fun in this game, even if the three non-Kirby people are just stuck on Bandana d a. A very solid game that's pretty much what you'd expect from a Canvas Curse sequel. The music is nice with some really good remixes and the art style is pretty good if you didn't have to look at the shitty gamepad screen 95 percent of the time. Time is Kirby, yeah this game is pretty fun with friends so assuming you guys have them I'm willing to put it up a notch. I still think Canvas Curse is better since it had real abilities but I'm outnumbered so next I got Kirby Battle Royale and I don't know about you but this game is the worst spin-off in my opinion it's so idiotic compared to the others which isn't even fun, it's a collection of minigames that is quite entertaining for the first 30 minutes. then everything is going to know why because there are only 10 of them.
Damn, this game is literally just mini-games and they couldn't even add a decent amount of them. The single campaign is nothing special either. It's like Mario Party where you just play the minigames and that's for sure the game is online but somehow they managed to do that too because you can't even make a space for friends to join so you're forced to play with random players like The game itself is okay, but nothing special, so it will surely go to level B. Yeah, honestly, I'm not even going to stop you. This game is a steaming hot dog.
It has some charm with the skins you can buy for each skill. but that's it, the music in this game is nothing special either, the only song I can remember off the top of my head is the theme song, if a Kirby game has forgettable music that's how you know it sucks Yes, I like the game. the first time I played it but I fell asleep after the 30th time playing the same minigame so I'm okay with this placement. Oh Battle Royale, you can actually create online lobbies with friends, so it doesn't matter that the game dies after two. weeks since you can always jump into the game if you have friends.
I like how it's similar to Fall Guys, but I'll always play this on Fall Guys on Switch because damn, that game runs like an idiot on Switch, yeah, I like it. I also like this game because it is a simple game but it can get chaotic. With Friends, the character customization option is also very good, even if it is purely cosmetic, it wouldn't be my first choice for a four-player cooperative game. Since air travel will always be my goat, but jumping into this game every now and then is always fun with friends. Yeah I really enjoyed this game too, the level up system kept me playing just to see what I would get next and I had a great time unlocking everything, the controls take a little getting used to but if you stick with it you will get the hang of it and The music in this game is also very good in general.
I think the game belongs in the s tier for Sure, yes I would say it's the best because although I think the Kirby's Dream course is a little better, this game is for four players and I enjoy the more chaotic nature of the game compared to Rainbow Curse, yes, that's valid, I agree here, the first of us, that's all. Well, that's cool guys, looks like we're done with the spin-offs we've actually played. I know some comments will still ask about the rest of the game, so we've decided to do more of these. I don't want to finish this list.
Obama doesn't care, we are already in too deep of a pause. Also, there are still some hits we haven't talked about that I know you guys touched on, so tune into this channel for more Kirby tier lists coming soon. and subscribe to kaliwa or I'm going to drone attack your house, eh, okay, but only because it's news, I mean, because I love the Kirby series so much, yes, because we love Kirby so much, am I right as a screenwriter of all modes? That's beside the point, okay. I'm going to go eat my pizza rolls that Michelle made for me, so we'll continue this list later, good night friends.

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